Pittsfield High School - Home Coming 1952

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Home Coming 1952 - Queen
Contributed by Pat Ruble

Clinton Goodin, Captain of the football team, crowned Mary Catherine Smith as Homecoming Queen Friday night. With them are Gregg Carnes as crown bearer, DeAnn Fisher and Christine Moore, train bearers.
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Home Coming 1952 - Float
Photo by Democrat-Times
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Event This Year - Pretty Floats in Parade - Select Rockport Girl As Queen
Homecoming at Pittsfield High School proved to be a grand and glorious event this year with Pittsfield winning their game against Roodhouse 40-6. The weather was delightfully warm and pleasant for the parade of floats Friday afternoon and there was a large crowd in town to see the parade. Mary Catherine Smith of Rockport was crowned homecoming queen at the dance following the game.

"Heaven Help Roodhouse" was the theme of the first prize winning float arranged by the annual staff. Neal Chamberlain in a football suit represented Roodhouse, down on his knees before three angels who were Greta Williamson, Rosemary Graves and Lois Winter. Carroll Arnold was a herald. The float was all in white and was quite effective.

Second prize was won by the Saukee Scoops staff. They had a big placard representing a photograph record on which it said "Lets Not Break Our Record." Around the truck were smaller records giving the scores of previous games. Characters on the float said they would keep Roodhouse bewitched, bothered and bewildered, and they were Carole Claus, Kay Frank, Nancy Nicholson and Carolyn Carroll.

Third prize went to the Library Staff who had a very realistic three tiered big 7th Homecoming Anniversary cake on their float, with the caption, "We Knew You Were Coming so we Baked a Cake." The big white cake was decorated with pink and blue and topped by two dolls in football suits, one representing Pittsfield and the other Roodhouse. Riding on the float was Mary Ruth Murphy, senior, and three alumni, Ermadel Brosie Capps, June Kiser and Marcella Hayden.

Fourth price was girls for their float with the caption "We're Expecting." The float was decorated with pink and blue paper napkins, with a pink and blue crib for little Victory that they were expecting. Riding on the float was Betty McKenna, the mother; Alfred Smith, the father; Richard Jennings, the doctor and Nellie Thomas, nurse.

The Juniors prepared a very effective float under the theme of "They're All Washed Up." They pictured three football dummies hanging on the line. Riding on the float was David Ruble who was industriously scrubbing Harley Whitlock seated in a tub and representing Roodhouse.

The G.A.A. made a pretty picture with their float on which the following girls were riding in formals; Janice Hoover, Sue Watson, Nancy Mueller, Greta Barton, Bonita Cannon, Carole Cantrill, Agnes Norton, Maxine Norton, Joyce Faris, Joyce Petty, Mary Lou Campbell, Joyce Payne and Sandra Myers.

The Sophomores arranged a float covered with autumn leaves and the caption "They Don't Stand A Ghost of a Chance." A sheet robed ghost stood over the graves of teams defeated by Pittsfield.

The F.F.A. boys had the Statue of Liberty, portrayed by Delores Long, urging citizens to vote Nov. 4th. F.F.A. boys riding on the truck were Jerry Dell, Bill Doyle, John Webel and Don Rubble.

The Dramatic Club's float was in school colors of red and black with the word Saukee spelled out on the sides in red and white. Sandra Jennings was the Queen of Victory, with Keith Maynard and Delbert Scranton representing the Pittsfield and Roodhouse teams.

The homecoming Queen's float had last year's queen, Mrs. Joan Williams Phillips, riding in the queens chair with the following attendants; Mary Carnes, Catherine Smith, Carole Swettenham, Vada Cardiff, Patsy Paxton, JoAnn Ode and Carole Cook. DeAnn Fisher and Christine Moore, train bearers, and, Gregg Carnes, crown bearer, also rode on the float. In the queens court riding in convertibles were Delores Reinhardt and Marilyn Klinefelter, Juniors; Bonnie Lashmett and Zoe Benson, Sophomores; Helen Lee Winston and Connie Shue, Freshmen.

The Freshmen float featured the "Keyhole to Success" with Pittsfield High school ready to fit the key in the lock! Sue Mueller and Ann Aldrich were on this float.

The Senior float had a railroad track on it with the wording "We're on the Right Track" and Saukee Indian scalping his victim. Tommy Dicke was the Indian and the poor guy getting scalped was David Bagby.

The Photograph club showed an eager photographer taking a picture of the Saukee Indian overpowering a Roodhouse player.

Homecoming was climaxed with the crowning of the 1952 homecoming queen, Mary Catherine Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Smith of Pittsfield. Mary Catherine was chosen by the student body from seven candidates. They were Carol Cook, Vada Jean Cardiff, Joanne Ode, Carol Swettenham, Patsy Paxton and Mary Carnes. The crowning was held in the gymnasium at 10:30. The football captain, Clinton Goodin crowned Miss Smith, whose identity was a secret until that night.

Attendants from the under classmen were Marilyn Klinefelter and Delores Rhinehardt, Juniors: Zoe Benson and Bonnie Lashmet, Sophomores: Helen Winston and Connie Shue, Freshmen.

A quartet consisting of Vada Cardiff, Carol Cook, Shirley Sigler and Lois Winter, Sang "Deep Purple". Sherman Lombard sang "Somewhere Along The Way", and after being clapped back sang "Tenderly."

Carl Landrum's orchestra from Quincy furnished music for dancing the rest of the evening.