Pleasant Hill High School

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Pleasant Hill High School 1907
Photo from Billie Browning - The Messenger Pleasant Hill, IL.,1907
Divider Line Pleasant Hill Squad
Pleasant Hill Squad -- Unknown year
John Thomas Collection - from Bill Browning
Divider Line 1936 Pleasant Hill 7th & 8th Grades
1936 Pleasant Hill 7th & 8th Grades
John Thomas Collection - Names by Roma (McConnell) Weir
Front Row - Left to Right:
Dortha Hartsock, Louise Sutton, Mildred June Harpole, Roma McConnell, Junioe White, Marilyn Guthrie, Francis Bowman, Mary Louise Yokem, Keith Buchanan, Lucille Settles, Junior Grassley

Second Row - Left to Right:
Irene Schlieper, Russell Foster, Odette Schlieper, Burdette Barton, Donna Jean Freeman, Dale Schlieper, June Galloway, Glenn Galloway, Evelyn Franklin, Jack Springer, Vera McClintock, Teacher - Everett Smith

Back Row:
Emma Bee Robinson, Virginia Windmiller, Ruth DeVerger, Dean Yokem, Helen Harmon, Gerald Shaw, June Willmson, Fred Conner, Anna Dey Schlieper, Paul White Carmen McCord, Adrain Helms, Hyla Neese Divider Line Pleasant Hill Football 1941
Pleasant Hill Football 1941
Contributed by Carolyne Conner Puskas
Front Row: Hurley Sutton, John Miller, Ralph Goodin, Morris Quiller, Michael Fischer, Glenn Galloway, John Kinscherff, Junior Shaw, Jake Conner, Burdette Barton, George Ralph

Second Row: Bill Mooney, Gillis Barton, Kenneth Hatfield, Bean Neese, Thomas Hobbs, Dale Schlieper, Maurice Peecher, Bill Clendenny, Floyd Weir, and Coach Crosby

Back row: Manager Junior Grassley, Manager Bob Weir, Jim Watson, Miles McBride, Jack Lemmon, Jim Wintzen, Lynold Puterbaugh, Lawrence Clendenny and Gerald Witzen Divider Line (From The Weekly Messenger, November 9, 2005 - By W. Sutherland and C. Windmiller)
On September first, thirty boys swung into good hard practice with real spirit. Among these were ten-letterman: Co-captains Ralph and Galloway, Sutton, Quiller, Kinscherff, Shaw, Conner, Goodin, Clendenny and Grady. Conditions looked very favorable for the blue and gold for '41.

The picture from the 1942 Pleasant Hill year book shows the 1941 football team, which won the schools first ever football trophy by becoming the I.V.Y. Co. Champs in 1941. The photo was sent by Hurley Sutton who sent us his school sweater about a month ago. Hurley says, I think it would be nice if the 1941 team be remembered not only for their accomplishment on the football field but also their contribution in W.W. II.

Junior players in that team-Conner, Barton, Weir, Miller, Shaw and Sutter were drafted out of high school. After the war Junior Jim Shaw returned to star at the U of I and Western for four years. Coach Crosby, later in his career, was inducted into the Illinois Coaches Hall of Fame.

Divider Line Pleasant Hill Football 1941
Pleasant Hill 1949
Contributed by Billie Browning
Front Row:
Jack Sitton, Mildred Ralph Ator, Jack Thomas, Bette Smith Barton, Billie G. Browning, Doris Garrison Barton, Dewey Davis

Second Row: Carol Long Travenier, Patsy Howdeshell Wintjen, Shirley Penn Suhling, Pauline Smith Zumwalt, JoAnn Delong Barton, June Thomas Springer, Doris Franklin Wombles, Bernice Ball Hagen

Third Row:
Leona Preston Fox, Twila Ewers Zumwalt, Herval Ball, Ruth Kehart Smith, Dale Gladden, J. D. Yokem, Wilma Reeves Knight

Fourth Row:
Virginia Goodin Davidson, Phyllis Yokem Taylor, Louise Clark Guthrie, Charles Foiles, James Ball, Carl Ogle Divider Line Pleasant Hill Cheerleaders
Pleasant Hill 1949
Clipping from Billie Browning

Three former classmates recently had the opportunity to get together for lunch and a very enjoyable time reminiscing. Not only does the trio share the bond of attending school together, but all three were also cheerleaders for Pleasant Hill High School in 1938. The former PHHS students are, left to right, Catherine Gay Brown of rural Rockport, Charles Bradley of Louisiana MO., and Sarah Wombles Hastings of Nebo.