Pleasant View School - Derry Township

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Pleasant View School
Contributed by Billie Browning
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Pleasant View School, District #119, was located in Southeast corner of the Southeast quarter of Section 14 of Derry Township. The school existed before 1872 as it appears on the map of that year. A cemetery is located Northwest of the school. Methodist Church services were also held at Pleasant View School. No other information about the school was found.

Some of the teachers were Ora Irick Fish, Mary Grady, Nadine Ruse, Clarence Kaylor, Edna Steers, Edith Irick (Royality), Ada Diamond (Mink), Grace kick, Mildred Coughlin, Viola kick (Barley), Margaret Rafferty, Katherine Hoskins, Fern Carnes, Delores Goodwin, and Billie Jones Johnson.

The school, a frame building, was sold in September 1949 to Clay Kick for $240. It is still standing, in excellent condition, and is being used for the Kick-Scherer Family Reunions each year reports Darlene Arnett.