Thomas Richardson & John A. Rowley

Guardianship of Robert & Thomas Snedigar (May 1844 & 1849)
Contributed by Kim Torp
Know all men by these presents That we Thomas Richardson and John A Rowley of the County of Pike and State of Illinois are held and firmly bound unto the People of the State of Illinois in the penal sum of three hundred dollars current money of the United States for the use of Robert Snedigar and Thomas Fieldin Snedigar, minor heirs of Jeptha Snedigar late of Pike County Illinois deceased to which payment will and truly to be made and performed we and each of us bind ourselves our heirs executors Administrators and assigns jointly severally and firmly by these presents Witness our hand and seal this seventh day of May A D 1844
The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Thomas Richardson who has been appointed guardian for the above minors to wit Robert Snedigar and Thomas Fieldin Snedigar minors as aforesaid and the Court Of Probate Justice of the Peace having appointed him guardian of the said Robert and Thomas Fieldin Snedigar shall faithfully discharge the office and trust of such guardian according to law and shall render a fair and just account of his guardianship to the Court of Probate Justice of the Peace for the said County of Pike from time to time as he shall be thereto required by said Court lawfully made relative to the goods chattels and moneys of such minors and effects which may come to hand or possession of such guardian belonging to such minors when such minors shall be thereto entitled or to any subsequent guardian should such Court so direct then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue
Taken and subscribed before me)
this 7th day of May A D 1844 ) Signed Thomas Richardson Seal
I B Donalson )John A. Rowley
Probate Justice of the Peace )
State of Illinois) Court of Probate Pike County SS) Justice of the Peace
March 5th 1849
This day came William Waggoner of said county and State and on behalf of Robert and Thomas Snedigar Minor Heirs of Jeptha Snediker late of said county and State, deceased. Suggests to the Court that Thomas Richardson Guardian of said Minors has not faithfully discharged his trust as such. Guardian according to Law but has failed to discharge said trust in this That said Guardian has sold rails laid up into fence around the land of said Minors for Twenty Five cents per hundred to one Henry Yokum and has failed to account for said rails or the proceeds thereof to said Minors or to this Court and by selling such rails has injured or destroyed the fence and That said Guardian rented the land of said Minors and has converted the rent or a part thereof to his own purposes. And that said Guardian has received moneys of said Wards and has not accounted therefor but has failed therein and has as said Waggoner believes applied said money to his own use and has generally failed to make settlement of his accounts as said Guardian to this Court and faithfully to discharge his trust. He therefore prayed that said Guardian be cited to appear before this court and show cause why his letters of Guardianship should not be revoked.
Signed William Waggoner
Suppoena for Henry Yokum Ira Brewer Chas Guthrie, M. C. Howland, Allen Rowley, Saml Waggoner