Clarence C. Thomas

Submitted by Kathy Robinson and Carolyne Conner Puskas.

The will of Clarence C. Thomas, deceased, of Pleasant Hill, has been filed for probate and makes the following bequests:

To children of J. Smith Thomas and Mollie S. Thomas, his wife, viz: Grace Darrah, Elizabeth Archer, Jessie Galloway, and Leslie Thomas $1000 each and to Dot B. Waugh $2000.

To Children of Cornelius and Dell Thomas, viz: Clyde Thomas, Harry Thomas, Irma Greene and Calvin Thomas $1,000 each; Edith Thomas $2,000 and Clay Thomas and John Thomas $6,000 each.

To his nephew, Calvin W. Thomas, 25 shares of capital stock of the Citizen’s State Bank of Pleasant Hill.

To his friend, Leslie Laugharn, 25 shares capital stock in Citizen’s State Bank of Pleasant Hill.

To W. J. Wise, Barry, manager of orchards near Barry in which he was interested, $500.

To Trustees Crescent Heights cemetery association, $500.

To Trustees of Baptist Church of Pleasant Hill, $1,000.

To Pleasant Hill Lodge No. 565 A. F. & A. M., $500.

To Quincy Consistory located at Quincy, $500.

Executors are instructed to erect a suitable monument at his grave in Crescent Heights cemetery.

To his friend, Daisy V. Galloway, is bequeath $1,000 and friend, Mary G. Woodworth, $500.

To his niece, Evelyn S. Thomas, all furniture, rugs and household goods and effects.

To his nephew, Ralph R. Thomas, $5,000 and all jewelry, old letters, papers, books, automobile.

To his sisters-in-law, Etta J. Thomas and Frances R. Thomas, $1,000 cash.

To the Baptist Orphans Home at Carmi, $1,000.

All the residue and remainder of his estate, not specifically disposed of and provided for is bequeath as follows: One half to his three nephews, Ralph R. Thomas, Nelson R. Thomas, and Dwight D. Thomas, sons of his deceased brother, William S. Thomas, in equal parts. One half to his nephew and two nieces, Bryson L. Thomas, Roma Thomas, and Evelyn S. Thomas, children of his deceased brother, A. J. Thomas, in equal parts.

Calvin W. Thomas and Leslie Laugharn are name executors and trustees and he requests they confer with his friend and legal adviser, Barry Mumford. The will also requests that the executors not be compelled to give bond in excess of $50,000.

The executors and trustees are empowered and authorized to convert such portion of the estate, not specifically her-in-before devised or bequeath into cash, etc.

The bulk of the estate which is estimated at around $400,000 consists of bonds and stocks.

The will is dated Sept. 25, 1945 and witnessed by Bertha Baker and Vincent V. Brierley.