Isaac Williams

Contributed by Mia Fleegel
Box 2006, Circuit Clerk, Pike Co.

Estate of Isaac Williams - List of heirs
Sarah Williams
Stephen R. Williams
Evaline Tunnell
Elmina Hughes
Susan, wife of Philip Morgan
Martin Williams
Alvira, wife of W. Roundy
Cynthia, wife of L.N. Washington
Mary, wife of J.H. Garner
Wm Jasper Williams
Heirs of Henry C. Williams des.

Land Deeds Pike Co. BK 89 pg 606
(This is sale of Isaac's land after death of Sarah to James Garner)

By Almina Hughes of Mahaska County, Ia

By Susan F. Morgan & Phillip Morgan of Pike County, Ia [sic] (1875, B 87, p 215)

By L N Washum & C.H. Wahum Pike County, Ia [sic] (1875)

By W. J. Williams & Catherine Williams of Pike County, Ill (1875, Bk 94, p 319)

J A Crowder S E Mize Susan M (?) Hurlbut Enos H. Hurlbut (ch of Evaline Tunnell) of County of Linn and State of Mo. (1882, Bk 104) "Enos Hurlbut and Susan his wife formerly Susan Crowder and Sarah Mize formerly Sarah Crowder."

By Martin Williams & Amy J. Williams of Shelby Co., Ia (1879, Bk 95, p 438)

By Alvira Roundy & Washington Roundy Shelby Co., Ia (1879, Bk 95, p 437-38)

By Stephen R. Williams and Nancy Williams of Pike Co., Ill.

Distribution of money to heirs in the estate of Isaac:
E. Hughes $120
W.J. Williams $120
C. Washam $120
A. Roudy $120
E. Tunnell $120
S.R. Williams $120
John Williams $17.14
James William $17.14
J.C. Williams $17.14
W.S. Williams $17.14
Mary Garnet $130 (Susan Morgans share)
Susan Morgan $110
S.J. Jessup $17.14
S.V. Williams $17.14
P.H. Williams $17.14