Divider Line
The Independent Press (Griggsville, Illinois, December 19, 1917
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

List of Griggsville Boys
Geo. Zimmerman, 85 Co. 1st Art. Battalion Quantico, Va.
G. S. Morton, Sergt. Bat. A., 3d Ill., Field Art., Camp Logan, Tex.
Delbert Roach, Corp., Co. E., 139th Inft., Fort Doniphan, Okla.
Ray Lowe, Co. E., 139th Inft., Fort Doniphan, Okla.
C. Phillips, Co. E., 139th Inft. Fort Doniphan, Okla.
Lt. Geo. E. Iterman, M. C., 151st Inf., Camp Shelby, Mississippi
Leslie Vaughn, Co. B., 124th M. G. Bat., Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.
James L. Thiele, Co. B., 123d M. G. Bat., Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.
Emmor Elliott, Battery D, 123d H. F. Art., Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.
Henry Bassett, 74th. Mach. Gun Co., Paris Is., South Carolina
Baldwin Stead, Aviation Department. somewhere in France
Cloyd S. Scott, 3d Replacement Battalion, 28th Inft., somewhere in France
Guy Hildreth, Naval. Training Station, Chicago, IlL
Chas. Shoemaker, Navy, Norfolk, Va.
George Warton, Co. E., 1st Reg. Ill. Engineers, Houston, Tex.
James McHose, Hospital Corps, Norfolk, Va.
Mervin Bradshaw, Co. I. 16th Infantry, somewhere in France
Kitchell Farrand, Sergt. Headquarters company, 129th U. S. Inft., Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.
Chas. Wm. Hildreth, Co. B., 124th M. G. Bat., Camp Logan, Houston, Tex.
Herschel Warrick, 130th Reg. U. S . N. G . Med Dept. Corps, Camp Logan, Houston Texas.
Fred W. Daniels, Q. M. C., Camp Funston, Kan.
Glenn Ferguson, Co. 59, Camp Farragut, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Ill.
Harry E. Newman, Co. 4, Fort Moultrie, South Carolina
Wm. M. Ham, 18th Rgt., Co. I, somewhere in France

Griggsville boys at Camp Pike, Little Rock, Ark.:

Elmer Lister, Co. 346th U. S. Inft.
Earl M. Cook

Griggsville boys at Camp Zachary Taylor. Louisville, Ky.:

Elmer H. Griffeth, Field Hospital 333, Sanitary Train 309;
Lee Gould, Headquarters 325th Art. (band)
William Shaw
Raymond Ehrgott
John M. Miller
S. Everette Dunham