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November 2017
Illinois State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859 - Putnam County

September 2017
1841 Marriage Notice: Averhill-Rice, Cushing-Penniman
Putnam Community News from June 28, 1883
Mineral Springs Community News from June 28, 1883
Magnolia Community News from June 28, 1883
The Oxbow Community News from June 28, 1883
Price Purviance, James Purviance

June 2017
1841 Marriage Notice: TODD-BASCOMB
1883 Marriage Notice: Culter-Sparling, Riel-Parkins

Hennepin Community News June 14 1883
Oxbow Community News July 19 1883

Joel Haws, Elizabeth (Gibson) Haws, Conrad and Susan Haws, Captain William Haws, Lucinda (Southwick) Haws, William Haws, Helen (Clisbee) Haws, Mary Jane (Trone) Haws, David Trone, Christian (Philby) Trone

March 2017
George W. Hunt, John Swaney, James Swaney, Nancy (Raley) Swaney Moffitt, George Griffith, Sarah (Kirk) Griffith, Sarah (Griffith) Swaney, J. C. and Carrie M. (Read) Bacon, Emory C., Bacon, Susan L (Ash) Bacon, Henry B. Kays , Rachel (Read) Kays, John A. Kays, J. H. Hartenbower, Anna A. (McCaleb) Hartenbower, Theodosia Holmes (Lyon) Williams, William Hunter Williams

From June 14, 1883 Henry Republican
Oxbow Community News
Magnolia Community News
Quaker Lane Community News
Hennepin News:
A.T. Purviance visits Henry

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November 2016

Crime News: John Shimkus Kills Self and Family, Bank President, Ben Hoyle Foils Holdup Try
Misc News:
Carr Brothers Win Grand Championship at Hog Show, Mrs. Grace Davis Leaves Trust for Students, Granville Sees First Train

Obits and Death Notices:
Mrs. Catherine (Wolf) Ioerger, Bartoli Marchetti, John Wilson, Charles H. Bevins

September 2016

Crime News: Shooting Between Riley Roberts and John Haws
Mineral Springs Local News from June 7, 1883

Obits James Ellsworth Taylor

Marriage Notice: Miller-Bresson, Bruer-Iverger

June 2016
Lake Snachwine News:
Undercliff Hotel (1883)

Abner Boyle, David Boyle, Robert Dugan, Charles Greiner, George W. Greiner, Edward F. Lambert, Daniel Peterson, Isaac Peterson, Amos Wilson

March 2016

John H. Weissenburger, David L. and Elizabeth (Daggar) Whitten, Thorton Wilson, Garrison Wilson,
William W. Hiltabrand, Isaac and Elizabeth (Hailey) Hiltabrand, George Hiltabrand, Benjamin F. Hiltabrand, Henry F. Hartenbower, Christian Hartenbower, Jeremiah Hartenbower


Mineral Springs:
Community News and Local Gossip (May 10 and May 17, 1883)
Community News and Local Gossip (May 10, 1883)
Community News and Local Gossip (May 10, 1883)
Ox Bow:
Community News and Local Gossip (May 10 and May 17, 1883)
Putnam (Village):
Community News and Local Gossip (May 17 and May 31, 1883)
Quaker Lane:
Community News and Local Gossip (May 31, 1883)
Clear Creek:
Community News and Local Gossip (May 17, 1883)
Lake Snachwine News:
Grand Opening of the Undercliff (1883)
1883 Fire in Putnam IL
1883 Marriage Notice:
Birth Notices:
Denning, Wilson, Grubbs

December 2015
Putnam IL Community News and Local Gossip
1841 Sketch of Magnolia
School News: 1841 Advertisement for the Granville School

Marriage Notice: Myers-Whitcomb (1841)

September 2015
Biographies: Milton Cushing Springer, Daniel Axline, Jehu and Rachel Lewis
August 2015 Updates
Newspapers: 1849 Buel Institute Fair Announced, Fourth Annual Fair of the Buel Institute 1849; Hennepin News:March 29, 1883 News (William Weeks Butcher Shop, S. H. S. H. Whitsinger Moves to Washington Territory); April 26, 1883 News (School Election, A. Turner retires, Rev. Denning Looking after Business)Magnolia News: April 26, 1883 Local News (Names: Spencer, Turner, Haws, McIntosh, Dugan)Mineral Springs News: April 26, 1883 Local News (Names: Davis, Kays, Halley, Mathis, Glenn, McClusky, Broaddus, Pool)
Deaths: Death Notice: David Gibbs
Marriages 1831-1869 Marriage Notices: Nash- Pennel
July 2015 Updates
Death Notices: Hiram R. Dunbar - contributed by Donald A. Ubben
Obituary: Bernhardt Leimbach, Emma D. (Kuhard) Leimbach - Contributed by Linda Williams
June 2015 Updates
Village History
1883 News for Magnolia (names mentioned: McGinnis, Coe, Thornton, Taylor, Cook, Haws, Stainbrook, and Hartsock.
1883 News for Ox Bow (names mentioned: Betler, Ransom, Stuart, Glenn, Gardner and Trone)
1883 News for Mineral Springs (names mentioned: Sparling, Stuart, Mateer, Shields, Bettler, Thompson, Glenn, Johnson, Hannum, Allen, Munson, Ransom, Travis, Hiltabrand, Graves, Pendleton and Gaylord)
Death Notices: Mrs. Horace Graves
Death-Obit: Sarah Jane Quimby - contributed by Suanne Nesland
 January 2015 Updates
Marriage Notices: Henderson-Turner (1859), Gurnea-Unknown(1883), Veach-Sharland (1883), Curtis-Spencer (1883)

Obits: Orlando Dent, Mrs. James Philson, Harry A. W. Dumars, John Dinkey


October 2014: News: J.C. Ham's Hotel (1846), New Post Office (1847), Finney and Waugh Administer Punishment to Thief (1847); Deaths: Jacob C. Morrill, Marriage: White-Whitaker
June 2014: Death Notices: Blaine Jenkins, Perry McWhorter, John Hill, Amos T. Purviance, Henry C. Warner, John Martin McEleroy, William Ball, Reuben N. Kofoid; News: Crimes: Reward offered for Ramsey Murder (1870), W. T. Brann Inhumanly Punishes Children (1905)

March 2014: 1883 Pensioners - Transcribed by Jackie McCarty ; News: Magnolia House Robbed (1892), Mrs. Elizabeth Durley Votes in First Election (1895), Swan Lake Club Burned (1901), Undercliff Hotel Burns to the Ground (1914); Family History: CECIL -CHURCH: Cecil and Church Family Photo and History - Contribubed by Nels P. Swanson

December 2013:   News: One hundred People to Immigrate to Oregon (1847), Rudolph Kennig Alive in Putnam County (1853), Frank Turner Severely Injured (1876); Obit: Diadama S. Pulsipher, Mary Elizabeth (Soper) Curry

September 2013: Marriages: McLaughlin-Kingsbury (1845); 1844 Putnam Democratic County Officer Nomination, 1844 Marshall - Putnam Democratic County Officer Nomination

June 2013: Henry Andrews (Probate Notice); Marriage: Leeper-Laughlin, Howe-Robinson

April 2013: Newspaper and News Articles: C. F. Weston's Horse Stolen (The Ottawa free trader. (Ottawa, Ill.), March 30, 1850), Citizens Help During the Flood (The Ottawa free trader. (Ottawa, Ill.), February 28, 1857), The trial of Aaron Sherman for the murder of Samuel Dowhower (The Ottawa Free Trader, June, 1868), Putnam County Musical Convention (The Ottawa free trader., June 19, 1880); County History : 1870 Sketch of Putnam and Marshall County (The Ottawa free trader., June 04, 1870)

March 2013: Marriages: Chritton - Blink (1911-1925 marriages)

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