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Jesse Dailey Cemetery
Coe Township

The Jesse Dailey Cemetery in Coe Township lists 23 people buried between 1840 and 1907.

The Jesse Dailey Cemetery is located in Coe Township, Rock Island County, Illinois at or near the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of Section 5 of Township 19 North and Range 2 East. It is on a wooded knoll on the east side of the Boardman road, called County Road R, one mile north of the intersection of County Roads R and CC and slightly more than a mile south of the intersection of County Roads R and BB. County Road R has now been designated 228th Street North, CC is 129th Avenue North, and BB is 157th Avenue North. BB runs westward to Cordova, Illinois.

On Sunday, September 29 1968, Newell H. Dailey and Hubert A. Dailey visited the cemetery and copied the inscriptions from all the eighteen main stones and numerous headstones and footstones which could be discovered in the course of a diligent search. Unusual names and spellings (e.g. Russel, Hubard, Haraiet, etc.) were carefully recorded.

On Thursday, October 9, 1975, Newell Dailey again visited the cemetery and found it thickly covered with trees and underbrush and vandals had overturned, broken or otherwise damaged all of the grave markers except the massive granite monument of Jesse and Maggie Dailey and the marble slabs of Edward Dailey, Austin C. and Walter B. Dailey and Clarence Brown.

In this listing is alphabetical listing of 23 persons who were buried in the cemetery between 1840 when there was apparently a double tragedy in the Hugh Dailey family and 1907 when Sarah Eggleston was laid to rest beside her husband, who died 17 years before. There is no evidence of any burials since 1907.

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death
Allen Russel   03/25/1871
Barr William   02/23/1870
Brown Clarence   09/04/1884
Brown Donald 1904 1905
Brown Oscar   05/04/1888
Dailey Maggie 10/15/1835 08/26/1896
Dailey Edward   03/29/1867
Dailey Hugh   08/27/1840
Dailey Hariet   08/27/1840
Dailey Edith   02/28/1869
Dailey Phebe   03/05/1870
Dailey Austin   01/05/1863
Dailey Jesse 09/14/1826 11/05/1895
Dailey Walter   11/05/1863
Eggleston Sarah 07/01/1830 04/04/1907
Eggleston Clinton 02/11/1823 01/12/1890
Froud Frederick   04/11/1881
Hubard Eunice   07/21/181
Shook James   07/01/1864
Shook Kate   04/01/1875
Shook Luela   09/07/1851
Shook Alice   08/17/1852
Wood Lucy M.   10/04/1882

 Submitted by: Cordova District Library- Jo Cohrs

Rock Island County, Illinois
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