Rock Island County, Illinois Genealogy Trails
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Rock Island County Military Monuments

Courthouse Lawn


Ventilator Cowl From U.S. Battleship Maine

Ventilator Cowl From U.S. Battleship Maine
Mounted by Siboney Bay Camp No. 2
United Spanish War Veterans
Rock Island, Illinois, 1914


In Honor of Spanish American War Veterans


Spanish American War Veterans



G. A. R. Side of Monument
1861 - 1865
In Memory of the Grand Army of the Republic
 of the County of Rock Island.
Donated by John Buford Woman's Relief Corps. 66

Old Soldiers Never Die
W. R. C. -1956

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Dedication Plaques G.A.R. Dedciation Art Work Top of Monument. Where the names where listed.

In Memory of
It's Patriotic and Heroic Sons Who Served Their Country During the
Great Rebellion and Died That the Nation Might Live.
Rock Island County Dedicates this monument May 9, 1869

Rededicated June 30, 1946
To All From Rock Island County Who Served their Country in the Great Rebellion, 1861 - 1865

3 of the sides list the names of soldiers from Rock Island County.
However, the names are starting to ware off.
The names that I could read are listed below.
? means can't read
(?) after a name means looks like

Here are the names that could be read.

Deceased Soldiers of Rock Island County
Major General John Buford
Christian Shackler
Francis Cannon
Thomas Miller
Amos E. Byerly
Levi D. Cere
Charles A. H?E??ke
Thomas J. Miller
Moses Bell
Russell C. P??lled
Lord M. Rathburn
Victor Fehnstedt
???ellyn William
Martin V. Allen
Elisha Beardsley
Mark Bayer
John Anthoine
Robert Cool
Micheal Cooney
William Crooks
James Cook
William P. Dumm
Christian Henn?
William ??eouatt
Behnk Larson
James L. Skepper
DeWitt Dover
George H. Herns
Samuel Young
Henry T. McClure
George Mead
Daniel E. Young
Jesse Maxwell
Alden A. Hibberd
Wellington Wood
William H. Davis
Jacob Wetzel
Joel Wright
Jacob Williamson
John Taylor
Shepley H. Trovillo
Mahlon A. Stearns
Henry Colburn
Henry B. Claric(?)
Stemple Garton
Robert Griffin
Andrew Hunter
John Kennedy
Emery Lawson
W. F. Little
Sylvester E. ???????
Thomas Mathew
Thomas J. Murphy
William Mills
Josiah Olivers
Joseph Mich??
Lewis Pes??
Charles Sch???
James Smith
Francis Thompson

Side of Monument that has started to crack.
Leroy Ballard
John Tobin
Joseph Daton
Francis Bowers
Thomas Maloy
??her A. Biglow
Patrick Conroy
Robert Day
John Hagan
Henry Otto



Backside of Monument
Alonzo Gitchell
Lawson McIntire
Peter Williams
Benjamin ? Obell or Drell
Eugene A. Lyford
John Hazelton
John W. Muse
John H. Fox
Alexander Weaver
Jasper N. Brown
Noah Byerly
W?? Brandemborgh
Wilder M. Crandel
Robert Cathcart
John Downer
Joseph A. Essex
George W. Allen
Isaac N. Roberts
George H. Hoffman
Thomas B. South
Francis M. Freeman
James E. Hampton
Wm H. Hampton
Patrick Griffin
J. G. Crowell
John A. A. Gidson
Ross Weller
John Johnston
Jeremiah Prescott
James W. Howard
A. Landreth
William Dunlap
William Jacobs
Isaac Linn
Wm. McDaniels
George Klink
David Van Meter
Josiah W. Dudley
Benjamin Marshall
Andrew Landreth
Henry Arcularius
Thomas Martin
Henry D. Cline
James B or R owser
George Mills
Isaac D. Cox
Moses S. Beaver
John Salm??son
Jacob L. Markle
Henry Cough
Lester Seward
James F. Morris
Russell Huntley
John Shannon
Johnson H. Mart??Dale
Franklins Merrill
Porter Templeton
William T. Drury
Michael O'Mara
William G. Thompson
Charles ?. Eberhardt
Andrew Peterson
William Valentine
John ?. Adams
William Stanley
Thomas P. Womacks
Henry Debaum
John J. Williams
Albert Womacks
Charles T. Dabrah(?)
Addison Weaver
Irving Whitehead
George Finley
Elijah Youlin
W??. H. Whitehead
William H. Reynolds
Washington R. Cox
J. Reed



Address by President Lincoln at the
Dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery
Nov. 19, 1863

Dedication of the Gettysburg National Cemetery


Rock Island County, Illinois
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