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The ladies of the Pleasant Ridge Presbyterian church held their last missionary meeting at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Madge, at Taylor Ridge on twenty third inst. And elected the following officers for the ensuing year. President, Mrs. Jas. Bothell; vice president, Mrs. H. Walker, secretary, Mrs. H. Ohaver; treasurer, Miss Mary Walker. This society was organized one year ago and during that time has raised, by charging 10 cents for dinner at their meetings, over $35 in money, besides having a quilt on hand that they expect to realize from $60 to $75 on. The ladies of this society are worthy of all praise for the able manner in which they have conducted the financial part of it. [Source: The Argus, Rock Island IL, October 1, 1885 ; MB, tr. by FoFG]

It is now generally conceded by all that we are to lose our minister, Rev. Johnson, of Edgington, who has preached for the Pleasant Ridge people over sixteen years in succession. There has been a petition handed to the presbytery asking that a church be established at Reynolds and that the Rev. Johnson have charge of the congregations at those two points, Reynolds and Edgington. It all depends upon the action taken in the matter by the presbytery; if it should conclude to grant the petition, then we will lose our minister, which is to be regretted. It seems as though it would be unjust to allow him to go, as the majority of the members of the church have been taken into the church under Rev. Johnson's ministry.[Source: The Argus, Rock Island IL, October 1, 1885 ; MB, tr. by FoFG]



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