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Sick List News

Miss Bender, a sister of Mrs. Gust Peterson, of 1721 2nd ave., sustained a fracture of her right arm at the wrist by falling on a sidewalk. [Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.), 26 April 1902; KT]

Tommy Karr is a patient in the Olney hospital.[Source: "The Flora Journal-Record" (Clay Co., Ill.) 12 February 1925]

Agent McKibben, of the American Express office, is on deck again after a short spell of sickness. [Source: The Argus, Rock Island IL, October 2, 1885;  mb, Tr. by FoFG

A.L. Mueller, the well-known bookkeeper for the Peto-Steffen Saddlery company, will return Monday from Milwaukee, where he has been under the care of a leading occulist.  He has been suffering for some time with an affection of the eyes and his sight has been gradually failing.  His many friends will be grieved to learn that he has gone blind and that the prospects of even partial recovery are slight indeed. [Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.), 26 April 1902; KT]

Edward Schalom, of 348 7th St., will be laid up two or three weeks as a result of a fall on a slippery floor and sustaining a severe injury to his right knee cap. [Rock Island Argus. (Rock Island, Ill.), 26 April 1902; KT]

Bailiffs McEntry and Larkin, and Mr. Robertson, of the poor farm, returned from Jacksonville this morning, where they went with a batch of insane people. They report a laughable occurrence on the train. A passenger of German extraction was making himself quite numerous, walking through the aisle of the car and talking to those who would listen to him. He finally came up the the Rock Island delegation and began quizzing them. Mathias Steffes, one of the crazy men, evidently thought the fellow as too fresh, for he hauled off a la Sullivan and gave the verdant son of sauerkraut such a blow behind the ear that he tumbled him over into a seat. This quieted the fellow and he was as mum as an oyster during the rest of the trip. The Rock Island inmates were put to work in the broom department at Jacksonville. [The Argus (Rock Island, Il.), October 1, 1885, page 4]

Off His Base.
John Zeigler, of Zuma township, is off his mental base, as it were, and an order has been issued to have him taken to Jacksonville. He has been at the institution, and was returned incurable, but his malady is now growing on him, and he is becoming a terror to his immediate neighborhood. As his relatives are able to keep him, the county will be relieved from that expense. [The Argus (Rock Island, Il.), October 1, 1885, page 4]




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