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Saline County, Illinois
"Sick List" News Items

Saturday Mrs. T. J. Chochran was called to Equality Ill., by telegram announcing the serious illiness of her daughter, Mrs Dora Rogers of that place.
Crittenden Press., May 03, 1900
Marion Ky (Transcribed by J. M. Kell)

Rev. B.F. Mass, John Williams and Miss Edna Elau are very ill.
[November 27, 1909; "Freeman" (Indianapolis, IN), Vol XXII, Issue: 48; Pg 4 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Harrisburg, Ill, Oct, 4. A large mad dog passed through this city last evening, snapping everything in its way. Passing the little child of Post-master Reynolds on the sidewalk, it tore nearly al the clothes off the girl, but fortunately did not bite her. Samul Hines's little girl and a small negro boy were each bitten on the arm. Others were snapped at. A dozen or more dogs were bitten and a colt belonging to Edward Etricklin was bitten. City Marshal Keorner killed the dog and the mayor has issued a proclamation requiring all dogs to be muzzled. The children are to be taken to Chicago to have the mad stone applied. [October 5, 1905, "Emporia Gazette" (Emporia, KS), Vol 15, Issue: 333, Pg: 8 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Mr. James Truitt has been on the sick list for several days, but is now able to resume work. [June 21, 1913; "Freeman" (Indianapolis, IN) Page: 3]

IN DAYS GONE BY -- Three Years Ago Here:
William Stovall, Big Four Fireman, came near dying as a result of drinking "White Mule", which poisioned him and threw him into convulsions. He recovered. [Harrisburg Daily Register, Friday January 30, 1925, submitted by Beth Sullivan,]


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