Sangamon County
Foutch Cemetery, Island Grove Twp
located on Peters Farm, County Roads 45 and 16.5 west

Transcribed by K. Torp from materials supplied by Susan Ewing Wolfe

Ellis, Charles R.
son of J.E. and C.S.
d. Sept 13, 1854
age 9 mo

Ellis, Caroline S.
wife of J.H.
d. May 15, 1854
age 24yrs, 4m, 25d

Foutch, William H.
son of T. & S.
d. Sep 25, 1861
1st Lieut., Co. D, 26th Reg. Ill Vol
age 27yrs, 21d

Foutch, Thomas I.
son of J. & M.E.
d. Sep 7, 1853
age 1yr, 4m, 24d

Foutch, William W.
son of J. & A.
d. Oct 17, 1831
age 13yr, 10m

Foutch, John
d. Sep 15, 1848
age 70yrs, 7m, 15d

Foutch, Ann
wife of John
d. Mar 12, 1845
age 67yrs, 5d

Foutch, Eleya
d. Dec 24, 1864
age 3yr, 5m, 7d

Foutch, Ann
wife of J.F.
d. June 12, 1845
age 67yrs, 5?

Foutch, John F.
d. Sept 15, 1848
age 70yrs, 7m, 15d

Harmon, Joel A.
son of E.M & M.
d. Dec 10, 1850
age 2m, 10d

Harman, Thomas W.
son of E.M. & M.
d. May 18, 1865
age 20yrs, 2m, 4d

Miner, Rev. Cyrus
oldest son of Thomas & Priscella
b. Stonington, Conn. Sep 21, 1812
[no other date]

Perry, James H.
son of J.K. & E.W.
d. Sep 21, 1858
age 21d

Rhodes, Nancy A.
wife of A.A.
d. Dec 13, 1866
age 25yrs, 11m, 1d

Wilcox, Joseph O.
son of S? & H.
d. Mar 1, 1856,
age 23yr, 5m, 12d


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