Complete Directory Of Sangamon County Courthouse 1901
Submitted by Debbie Quinn

Officers, Deputies, Etc.
Circuit court room, third floor, west side


James A. Creighton, Springfield
Robert B. Shirley, Carlinville
Owen P. Thompson, Jacksonville

Official court reporter, third floor, south side

Thomas H. Cheney, Reporter
Nellie Cheney, assistant

Master in chancery, third floor, southeast corner

Charles A Keyes, Master
Mary Lawler, stenographer and typewriter

Clerk of the Circuit Court, first floor, northwest corner

E. Dow Matheny, Circuit Clerk


John L. Bliss
George N. Kramp
Eleanor Matheny

County court room, second floor, east side

George W. Murray, Judge

County clerk’s office, second floor, southeast corner

Charles E. Opel, County clerk


H.D. Giger, Chief Deputy
Eugene McLaughlin
Edwin L. Hurt
Fred W. Long [probate]
George J. Ambrose

Sheriff, first floor, north side

Charlie M. Woods, Sheriff


John H. Underwood, Chief Deputy
Peter Ettelbrick
Frank Ryan
James A. Raynolds
William O. Guyton
George W. Denton, Bailiff county court
James J. Powers, Bailiff circuit court
Chas. A. Clayton, Bailiff circuit court
Edward M. Cresse, jailer
Dennis Gannan, turnkey
Harry Taylor, turnkey
Thomas P. Galligan, assistant turnkey

County treasurer and supervisor of assessments, first floor, southwest corner

Richard F. Kinsella, Treasurer


Patrick J. Rourke, Chief Deputy
Charles T. Headenburg
Simon M. Rogers, Dept. Supt. Ass’m’ts.

County recorder, first floor, southeast corner

Benjamin Rich, Recorder


Arthur S. Peel, Chief Deputy
Florence A Rich
Chas R. Peel, custodian of records

State’s attorney’s office, first floor, northeast corner

William E. Shutt, Jr., State’s Attorney
Horace S. Miller, Assistant

County superintendent of schools, second floor, northwest corner

Charles VanDorn, Superintendent
Otho L. Caldwell, Assistant

Coroner’s Office

Charles J. Baer, Coroner

County Surveyor’s Office

Allen Enos, Surveyor

Janitors:Jacob Ruch, Chief Janitor
Edward Fossett
James Osby
John Highfield, Night Watchman

Board of Supervisors, 1901

G.C. Edwards, Chm.-Buffalo Hart J.O. Joy - Loami
J.C. Allen - Capital Thomas Mather - Capital
E.M. Anderson - Maxwell J.H. Maxey - Island Grove
A.M. Archer - Cotton Hill Henry Mester - Springfield
Geo. J. Barrett - Capital M.F. Murphy - New Berlin
Chas. Baughman - Curran C.T. Murphy - Auburn
H.H. Biggs - Capital J.D. Myers - Capital
T.E. Brittin - Williams Philip Nelch - Capital
J.R. Burtle - Ball K.N. Olson - Salisbury
J.T. Capps - Capital Andrew Reid - Woodside
F.E. Edmands - Capital A. Robinson - Cooper
Jacob Frisch - Capital M.J. Sanders - Pawnee
Frank Godley - Capital J.L. Shartzer - Illiopolis
G.W. M. Gordon - Capital E.L. Stockdale - Talkington
T.J. Gorey - Chatham Thomas Thornton - Rochester
C.B. Hall - Mechanisburg T.A. Tomlin - Cartwright
O.M. Hatch - Capital John Underfanger - Capital
C.A. Havey - Gardner Rufus Underwood - Divernon
James Herrin - Lanesville E.C. Vandagrift - Fancy Creek
M.J. Howard - Springfield Chas. Werner - Clear Lake


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