Sangamon County, Illinois
Sick List News

Edmund Miller, a winter resident of Daytona and well known here (Daytona), was recently injured at his home in Rochester, Ill. The following item concerning his injury was clipped from the Rochester Daily Register:
Edmund Miller, of Rochester, a well known prohibition leader in this section of the state, slipped on a board at his home Sunday, and as a result fractured a small bone in his leg below the knee. He will be unable to leave the house for some time, the injury being painful, but not serious" [The Daytona Gazette-News. (Daytona, Fla.), August 17, 1907 - Sub. by K.T.]

Unfortunate Accident
Mr. Bennett Newton of Germany Prairie, in this county, one of our best citizens, met with a most painful accident on Tuesday.  In getting over a fence upon his arm, he jumped from the fence into a clump of high grass, concealed in which was a stiff broken stalk of a wee, standing about three feet high. This stalk Mr. Newton struck astraddle, driving it into his body to the length of ten inches.  He now lies in a very critical state, and great fears are entertained that he will not survive. – Illinois Journal [Illinois State Chronicle, Decatur IL  August 25, 1859; NP, Sub by FoFG]


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