Baseball Players Struck By Lightning
Rushville Times, June 28, 1923

  At Stronghurst, where a local ball nine was playing a game with the Macomb club, Roy Mears of Gladstone, playing second base for Stronghurst, was struck by lightning and killed instantly.  Orson Croxton, a Macomb player, was playing "off second" almost ten feet and was knocked to the ground and remained unconscious for several hours.  Paul Nebergall, another Macomb player, who was some distance from second base, was also knocked down and sustained a severe burn in his ankle.  The pitcher and umpire were also knocked down, but not injured.
  Upon examination it was found that the lightning had struck Mears first on one side of the head and from the head had gone to his chest, where on each side a large place was burned, and from there to his ankles, each of which was burned.  It could not be found where the lightning struck the ground after it left him.  Young Mears was a married man.

Rushville Times, August 30, 1923

Joseph Frazier, a Quincy recluse who was sent to the state hospital several years ago, died last week, leaving an estate of $75,000.  He left no will and up to the present time no heirs can be located.  Under the law of Illinois, when a person dies leaving no will and where heirs cannot be found, all the property reverts to the state.

Rushville Times, September 6, 1923

Charles Fletcher, an eccentric resident of Quincy who died recently, left his entire estate to found a college in Quincy in which civil engineering, English literature and modern history shall be taught.  After the purchase of a site and the erection of a building the remainder of the estate is to form an endowment for the institution.  If any philanthropic citizen of Quincy offers a site for the college, it shall be accepted.  He appoints three prominent business man of Quincy as executors of the will.  The entire estate will not exceed $10,000.  He is survived by a number of legal heirs, but does not mention one of them.  The will may be contested by the heirs.

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