Compiled from the Schuyler Citizen & Rushville Times newspapers
From 1857 - 1881

  HERE AND THERE is compiled from the Schuyler Citizen and the Rushville Times newspapers, was transcribed from notes typed on 3x5 cards. 
  These notes were on movements of people with Schuyler County connections: moving, visited here or visited there; moved back, etc.  
  Spellings were kept as found in the notes except for known typing errors.
  These are just NOTES.  They may not include the whole item that was in the newspaper.
  Copies of each item can be gotten from microfilm of the newspapers, which can be found at the Schuyler County Jail Museum and Historical Society in Rushville, Illinois.

July 17, 1857 (newspaper not stated)
  Clay Stevens, a boy taken by the editor to learn the trade, has gone with his former owner (employer?) to Kansas.

March 5, 1858 (newspaper not stated)
  Story of Schuyler County - Hart Fellows here in early days, Rushville Times sent to him at Sacramento, California as of this date.

from the Schuyler Citizen

August 4, 1858
  Hinman Rhodes has returned from California where he has been the past eight years.
  Theodore Haswell, is visiting here - he now has a store in Kenosha, Wisconsin, his mother raised in Geneva, Wisconsin.
  Thomas Corbridge, spoke to group in courthouse, pursues his old trade in the south part of the state.

August 18, 1858
  Henry C. Lett - former townsman, has reached his home in Lafayette, Kansas.

November 10, 1858
  Mr. Robert Crawford and family started from this place, for their new residence in Jackson County, Iowa.

December 8, 1858
  Rev. Shelley, formerly Rushville Circuit preacher, left, with his family, for Minnesota.
  Mr. Croxton, with his family, arrived at his father-in-laws, Mr. Joel Gillenwater, from Oregon ... Mr. Croxton left here several years ago, for the Pacific coast, among the first overland emigrants.

December 15, 1858
  Our former townsman, Mr. Hamilton Myers, arrived here last week, for a visit.  He now lives at Kirksville, Missouri and hangs out his shingle as - J. H. Myers, Attorney.

January 6, 1859
  Messrs. James Clarke and Robert Young, who established claims near Cottonwood Falls, Kansas returned home on Tuesday.

February 16, 1859
  Letter from W. S. Wood, telling of former citizens of Schuyler County who emigrated to California in 1848-1850:
  W. S. - classical student in Sacramento, California.
  Lucius Wood, father of W. S. , in Northern California.
  Major Fellows - store at Dutch Flat, Eldorado County - Mrs. Fellows, with boys, is now living with Ellen, now Mrs. McCarty - Henry has just finished course of studies in law.
  Bud Doyle was in town recently.
  Sam Boring - sat in State Assembly - married - living in Nevada County.
  Mr. Hite and family living Southward from the city.
  The Greers live nearby - Browns are living north of here.
  Chipman, who married Margaret Brown, bought a ranch formerly owned by George Clarke, former Schuylerite.
  Sanson (Samson?) Berry, J. P. in Oroville.
  Newton Witt - part prop. of paper in Oroville.
  James Wright and family - at Sutler, Calavara County.
  Jack Downing - bought ranch in San Joaquin County.
  David Holloway - farm south of Santa Rosa.

February 23, 1859
  Letter from J. H. Ming - at Pike's Peak.

March 2, 1859
  Letter from Cherry Creek - Account of mines in winter - H. L. Bolton.
  Charles H. Sweeney - to Nebraska Territory.
  Mr. A. M. Byers - to Nebraska.
  Mr. Charles McCroskey - Pike's Pike, via St. Joseph, Missouri.
  Joseph Dyson and John Brazelton - to Pike's Peak.

March 30, 1859
  Letter from Alexander Hite - now of Sacramento, California (his son-in-law, Mr. William Johnson, is visiting here - will return to California).

April 6, 1859
  William McCreery and wife left for Lafayette, Kansas, where he will establish a business.
  Charles Sweeney - Brownville, Namaha County, Nebraska - practice law.
  A. M. Byers - Falls City, Nebraska - farm there.
  Wiley Brazelton - St. Joseph, Missouri.

April 13, 1859
  Mr. David Swan left Schuyler County.
  Messrs. Wesley Hymer - Leonard Serrott - Daniel Flinn - ? Lent - left to look over Kansas and west Missouri.

April 20, 1859
  Mr. John Noener - moved to Hancock County.
  William Lane left to seek a home in Kansas.

May 2, 1859
  Mr. B. L. Sims has removed to Cass County.
  Mr. Reuben Alphin, of Rushville, returned here from Kentucky where he had been visiting friends.
  Mr. Randolph Rose returned from St. Joseph, he returned here because of his age, and health, instead of continuing the trip to the PEAK.
  Mrs. M. B. Haswell, widow of Rev. Mr. Haswell, who died in this place, several years since, is here for a few days on business connected with her property - She now lives at Geneva, Wisconsin.

May 11, 1859
  Letter from Peter Huffman, telling of Schuyler boys, in Kansas, on the way to the PEAK.

May 18, 1859
  Mr. George Hemingway and his sister started for their father's residence in DeSoto, Wisconsin.
  Visit from former townsman, Mr. P. Sperry, now of Springfield.

May 25, 1859
  Messrs. Rice and Maxwell, formerly of Rushville, are now doing a flourishing business as druggist in Beardstown.
  Allen Persinger has just returned from a visit with friends and relatives in Virginia.

June 1, 1859
  Marcellus Sweeney visited Rushville - he now assists Rev. M. A. Hews on the Plymouth circuit.
  Pike's Peakers returned - T. J. Poe - Mr. Portwood - Charles Seeley.
  Thomas Bronough, of Littleton, becomes pioneer resident of Seneca, Kansas - Mr. O. C. Bruner and family also went to Kansas.

June 8, 1859
  Mr. Alexander Colt, formerly of Rushville, has returned here to make his home.
  Mr. Benjamin West, an early settler here, now of Kirksville, Missouri is visiting Rushville this week.

June 15, 1859
  We had the pleasure of visiting our former townsman, Mr. Eliphalet Munson, now of McDonough County - his farm, about 4 miles north of Doddsville has been drained by BLIND DITCHES.
Mr. C. E. Cook, formerly of Rushville, now of Baltimore, is visiting here.

June 22, 1859
Thomas Tate, whose parent live here, is now proprietor of a blacksmith shop in Macomb.

July 13, 1859
  Benjamin Whitson, P. B. Lowry, and Norris Dorsey, have gone on a prospecting trip to Texas - they drove a 2-horse wagon and took two additional riding horses along.

July 20, 1859
  John S. Berry formerly of Rushville, son of Daniel Berry, was a candidate for sheriff of Butte County, California.

July 27, 1859
  Mr. Edward Hall and family of Chester, Illinois are here on a visit to the old homestead.
  Mr. Darling went East to establish himself in business.

August 10, 1859
  Most of the "seekers"  have returned from Pike's Peak trips - George Smither - Benjamin Scott - Frank Minshal - Lafayette and Newton Manlove - many others.
  Mr. L. G. Persinger returned from a short trip to Kansas, where he plans to take his family - He took dinner ONE DAY in Mt. Sterling, and the NEXT day in Kansas City - This rapid traveling considering the distance is 350 miles and one third of the trip by water.
  Marcus Serrott has moved into Rushville.

August 17, 1859
  Mr. Franklin Curts, who went to California in 1850, is here visiting.
  Henry Bellomy returned from his Pike's Peak trip - he has entered land in Kansas and will return there.
  Mr. Richard Holme - comm. merchant - St. Louis - formerly Rushville.

September 7, 1859
  Information wanted - of Elizabeth Galbreath, (Mrs. Thomas Rowland) married in Ireland, had 4 children, sailed for Quebec in 1841 - last information received from them - they were emigrating to Illinois.
  Mr. Thomas Kirkham started for Kansas City, Kansas last week - his family will soon follow.

September 14, 1859
  Farwell at M. E. Church for T. D. Griffith who will leave soon for his new home in Michigan.
  Mr. T. D. Griffith, salesman for Hume Griffith of Battle Creek, Michigan, leaves soon for his home in Michigan - he was supt. of Presbyterian Sunday School while here - in his absence orders may be left with R. H. Griffith Hardware.

September 27, 1859
  William A. Scripps, son of James Scripps, has gone to Detroit, Michigan to make his home.
James Little went to Quincy to attend the male and female college there.

October 12, 1859
  Mrs. Thompson, of Meredosia, formerly Miss Sarah McMackin, is visiting friends and relatives here.
  Messrs. Wesley Parker, James Chitwood, John J. Chitwood, and John Bowling, started in a two-horse wagon for Kansas.
  Messrs. Henry Wright, George Kepler, John O'Dell, Lafayette Boxx, Alexander C. Smith, Samuel Crawford, Jasper M. Lewis, George Meymire, mostly young men of this county, started with 4 wagons and 10 head of horses, for Collins County, NW Texas - They have also shipped to the same place, a threshing machine - they go to view the county and perhaps settle.
  Moved to Hancock Co. - Mr. Hartman & Mr. Sponeberg of the Crossroads, Buenavista Twp.

October 26, 1859
  Esq. Bronough, formerly of Littleton, now of Kansas, had to change political parties, as Democrats in Kansas are pro-slavery.
  Letter taken from the Vermont, Fulton County newspaper about W. H. Haskell, formerly of Rushville.

November 2, 1859
  Wesley Hymer and Jonathan Howell started yesterday for Kansas - they intend to make their home there.
  Mr. Lewis Persinger and family left for California, via the Isthmus, they intend to make permanent residence there.
  The family of Mr. Thomas Kirkham left for Paola, Kansas - Mr. John Delap takes them overland in his 2-horse wagon - Mr. Kirkham is already in Paola, engaged in butchering.

November 9, 1859
  Letter from California, written by H. H. Fellows, a former resident here, states that Messrs. Landrum and Erksine Greer, also former residents of Schuyler County, took several premiums at the California State Fair.

November 16, 1859
  William Wilson and family, of Nauvoo, formerly of Rushville, are visiting here.

December 21, 1859
  Moved back to Rushville:  Alexander Greer - Mr. Hays, shoemaker - William Speed - Wesley Saylor.

January 18, 1860
  Francis Ellis, James Doyle, and George Wheat left here, for California, via the Isthmus.

January 25, 1860
  J. Hamilton Myers and family of Kirksville, Missouri are visiting here.
  Samuel Kirkham, of Paola, Kansas, sent copy of paper.

February 15, 1860
  James K. Lusk, formerly of Rushville, visited here - he is a practicing physician of Hudson, Illinois also, postmaster there.

February 22, 1860
  Mr. M. Godlove has left Rushville for S. W. Missouri.

February 29, 1860
  Daniel Smith, of this county, left for the "Peak".

March 7, 1860
  George McAllister goes to Macomb to reside.
  Our former townsman, W. E. Withrow, now of Macomb, addressed the children of the Presbyterian Sunday School Sunday.

March 28, 1860
  Young men who left for Kansas this week were: Wiley Brazelton (plans to continue on to the "Peak" and California) - George Smither - John "Doc" Manlove - Russell Ingram (plans to work at his trade, shoemaking, in St. Joseph).
  Mr. Benjamin Phillips, formerly of Rushville, now of Lynn County, Kansas, visited here.
  Yesterday quite a company left this county for Kansas: Jesse Jackson, wife and 7 children; Wesley Hymer, wife and 5 children; Richard Black, wife and child; Jonathan Howell and wife; Marcus Serrott (tour of observation); Andrew Hatfield.

April 4, 1860
  Headed for the PEAK: Mr. Nicholson - David W. Ewing, wife and child - Andrew Nelson - John Teel.
  Mrs. J. H. Myers, Kirksville, Missouri, was accompanied home by her sister and brother Mariah and Elijah Ellis.
  Abram Hite, Sacramento, California, renews subscription.

April 11, 1860
  Rev. Sirs W. C. Pitner and Robert Chapman, both former residents, have been assisting with the Meeting at the M. E. Church here (Rushville).
  Mr. George Barnhart returned from a visit to his old home in Pleasant Unity, PA.

April 18, 1860
  James T. Whitson - William Ramsey and John M. Dennis, left Rushville yesterday with a wagon and span of mules, for Pike's Peak.  Also Mr. Lowry and son, Jonathan Firby and William Birdwell left with the same group.
  Lafayette Manlove and Matthew Seeley started for St. Joseph.
  Adam Boice started for the Peak with the Ewing party.

April 25, 1860
  Charles S. Cowdery writes from the PEAK to subscribe to Schuyler Citizen for 4 Schuyler boys there.
  Gone to the PEAK: Messrs. James and Calvin Chadsey - John Hinman - Levi Lusk, Jr. left with team of 4 yoke of cattle.  William Koontz and son - Dr. Slack, all of Camden, left with wagon and 3 yoke of cattle - Wallace and Benjamin Scott - Charles and George Smither and "Doc" Manlove left Elwood for the PEAK -- John and Willy Brazelton left for same place.

May 2, 1860
  Two sons of John Ren, of Frederick, left for the PEAK.
  Mr. Jacob Ruth left Rushville, by way of Quincy and St. Joseph, for Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa.
  Robert Maxwell goes to take charge of a shoe shop in Beardstown.

May 9, 1860
  William V. Berry, son of Cornelius V. Berry of 6 miles north of Rushville, has found GOLD on his claim at Pike's Peak.
  A. G. Dupoy, also formerly of Schuyler, has a claim 1/2 mile from that of Berry.
  George W. Darling, formerly of Rushville, officer of Sons of Temperance of Uxbridge, Mass.
  Wray Beatty, formerly of Rushville, now of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Prof. of Math at Iowa Wesleyan University.
  Major Little, popular musician, on river boat on way to PA
  Rev. D. P. Lyon, former circuit rider in Schuyler, now of Sangamon county - visiting his father-in-law, George M. Greer.
  William C. Hill, been with the CITIZEN since it was set up, was compelled, by ill health, to leave here.
  Letter from Keatsville, Missouri from former Schuylerite, John B. Holloway.

May 16, 1860
  Letter from Samuel Boring, formerly of Schuyler, gives news of these former Schuylerites in California: Major Fellows - John Blackford - Green McHattop - N. D. Witt - George and Sansom Berry - Thomas Freeman - George and Benjamin Derrickson - James Wright and family - James Parker - Lucius Wood - F. A. Ellis.

May 23, 1860
  Mr. John Mason, son of Samuel Mason, one of the old time citizens of Rushville, is visiting here - John was but a little boy when his father left here many years ago - his father in 1854 (didn't say where).

May 30, 1860
  The following ex-Schuylerites hold positions on city council in Macomb: George Wells - Charles Ray - Joseph Burton - William E. Withrow - David F. Wells.
  Letter from O. C. Bruner, now of Nemaha County, Kansas, formerly of Schuyler.
  Mr. Jacob Ruth has gone from Iowa, on to Pike's Peak.
  Mr. James L. Greer, near Littleton, has been visiting relatives in Clarke County, Missouri.

June 6, 1860
  Mr. Henry C. Lett, of Lafayette, Kansas, is visiting old friends here, on the way of his return home from St. Louis.
  Rev. W. C. Pitner and Rev. Joseph Harris, Jacksonville circuit and Mr. Job Springer, passed through here in a two horse wagon, on their way to Kansas to "spy out the land".
  Mr. William C. Wagley, formerly of Rushville, now of Warsaw, visited here last week - in 1858, Mr. Wagley was Democratic candidate for senator in this district.
  Rev. T. S. Lowe and lady, who spent the spring months in this place, leave for their home in Brighton, Macoupin County.

June 13, 1860
  Rev. J. C. Wells, of Delavan, son-in-law of Rev. Lemon was substitute minister this week.
  Miss Ann Walker, who has spent the past year or two here with her brother, Judge Walker, went back to her home in McDonough County.
  Miss Martha Putnam, and her sister, Mrs. Arathusa Strong are visiting here this week, former friends and neighbors - their present residence is Nauvoo, Hancock County.
  Mr. John Ritchie, who has been engaged in coal digging, near Pleasantview, for past two years, moved his family to Iowa this week.

June 27, 1860
  Letter received from John Gilliam, of St. Helena, Napa County, California (brother of B. C. Gilliam of Rushville).
  Hugh Smith and son, and William Potts and wife, started 3 or 4 weeks since, in a 2-horse wagon, for Pike's Peak.

July 4, 1860
  Our former townsman, B. F. Davis, is now associated with honorable Martin M. Ray, Shelbyville, Indiana.
  Edgar A. Wright, Former citizen of this place, reached here on Sunday from California making the trip in 26 days.
  Mr. H. S. Herbert, son of James Herbert of this county, has taken charge of a newspaper at Lebanon, Missouri.

from the Rushville Times

May 25, 1865
  A new paper, THE IOWA STATE BULLETIN, published at Ft. Madison, by our former, Charles T. Martin.

January 25, 1866
  Mr. R. M. Hoskinson has determined to go to Kansas to make his home.  He has purchased some fine hogs from Mr. Kruse to take with him.
  Snively, editor of Times - birthplace, near Cuba, Fulton County.

February 28, 1866
  Mr. George Wheat returned from California.

March 7, 1866
  Benjamin Gilleland sold his property in Littleton - intends moving to Missouri.
  J. C. Fox left to visit his old home in Kentucky.

March 14, 1866
  Wiley Brazelton, working on St. Louis newspaper, visited Rushville last week.

March 21, 1866
  Mr. Emanuel Huffman and wife who formerly resided in this county, but for 12 years past have been in California, have returned here.

April 18, 1866
Lorin K. and W. E. Wright left yesterday for the FAR WEST.

April 25, 1866
  Honorable John L. Scripps, of Chicago, has been visiting Rushville.

June 6, 1866
  Father Henry Messer who has lived in this county for many years, and has worked in many a cooper shop, started for New Hampshire last week.

July 18, 1866
  Dr. Bolton returned from his European visit - his health is much improved.
  Jacob O. Jones has returned to this county, after an absence of two years.

July 25, 1866
  Franklin Scott, son of Walter Scott of this place, returned here after spending 5 years in Oregon.

August 1, 1866
  W. E. Wright and his brother, Loren, formerly of here, have located in Mt. Vernon, Missouri.
  Major William Hill has started for England with view of settling there permanently.

August 15, 1866
  James G. McCreary started for Philadelphia last week.
  Stewart Welker and family, from Shelbyville, Missouri are visiting friends and relatives in Schuyler County.

August 22, 1866
  The venerable father of W. W. Wells, is in town visiting his relatives.
  J. C. Fancher returned last week from a short visit to Kansas.
  Mr. Jesse Canada, former resident of Schuyler, now of Linn County, Kansas, is here on a visit.

September 5, 1866
  William Peters and William McCreary, of Brownsville, Kansas, are here visiting friends.

September 19, 1866
  Dr. R. C. Hall will leave here in November to make his home in Baltimore.

October 3, 1866
  T. J. Wilson, of Fremont County, Iowa, formerly of Schuyler, is here on a visit.

November 7, 1866
  Mrs. J. C. Fox returned from her summer visit in Kentucky.
  Mr. Thomas Goodwin returned from a visit to Ohio and Indiana.

December 12, 1866
  Mr. John C. Bagby has gone to the Versailles Springs for a time, for his health.
  Mr. Charles Sweeney, of Chicago, is visiting here.

December 26, 1866
  Colonel William Hill has returned from England, he plans to remain here.

March 13, 1867
  Mr. George Smither who has been visiting in Kentucky, has returned to Rushville.

March 27, 1867
  Mr. Emory Wright and wife arrived for a short visit with relatives - Mr. W. is doing well in his Missouri home.

April 3, 1867
  Mr. Stewart Welker of Shelbyville, Missouri has been on a visit to Rushville.

April 10, 1867
  Charles Warren, well known to our older residents, but who has been absent some years, returned on a visit last week.
  Mr. Jake Whitson and family will shortly remove to Kansas.

April 24, 1867
  Mr. and Mrs. McClure, of California, arrived here for a visit with relatives and friends - Mrs. McClure will be remembered as a daughter of George Greer.

May 1, 1867
  Colonel N. G. Wilcox and family leave Frederick this week, to take up residence in Wisconsin.

May 8, 1867
  D. D. Erwin, Esq. left Rushville for Muskegon, Michigan - he will have charge of a clerk's office there.
  AD - 25 CENT REWARD - Ran away from my premises on the 8th day of April, 1867, Michael Wood, a boy 17 years old, who was bound to me as an apprentice in the farming business.  I will pay the above reward for his return to me.  I hereby warn all persons not to harbor or trust him on my account as I will pay no debts of his contracting.  JOHN SHEAN

June 19, 1867
  H. M. Dean moved from Frederick to Macomb.

July 3, 1867
  H. C. Lett, Brownsville, Nebraska, a former resident, is now visiting here.

August 14, 1867
  Mr. Joshua Gee went to Missouri to select a location where he will move his family this fall.

August 21, 1867
  Mr. George T. Whitson who has been in California since 1864 returned last Thursday.
  Mr. Thomas Hill and family of Augusta, have been visiting Major Hill, his brother.

September 4, 1867
  Mr. Jonathan Patterson left Monday to visit relatives in Kentucky.
  Mr. Virgil Hall has located at Omaha City, Nebraska where he will practice law.
  Mr. James G. McCreery and daughter, Josie, returned from Kinmundy, Illinois where Mr. McCreery and his son-in-law, Mr. Munger, have established a bank at Kinmundy.

September 11, 1867
  Mr. Thomas Yoe, of Shelby County, Missouri visited here.

October 2, 1867
  Joshua Gee and family left for their new home in Chariton County, Missouri
  Stewart Welker, Shelbyville, Missouri, is visiting here.

January 15, 1868
  General Hinman, an old resident of Rushville, is here on a visit.
  Messrs. Will Peters, Cassius Sloat, and John Todhunter are here on a visit.

February 12, 1868
  Mr. George H. Moore returned from N. E. Missouri where he has purchased a farm.

February 27, 1868
  Mrs. G. W. Metz and Miss Sarah Walker returned from Mt. Vernon, Missouri where they spent the winter - they were accompanied home by Mrs. W. E. Wright.
  Mr. Harry Minshall located at Nioga, Illinois - tin and stove store there.
  Colonel Hinman Rhodes was in town last week.

March 5, 1868
  "Doc" Preston returned from a visit to his native town in New York.
  Mr. John Eales returned from Kentucky.
  Mr. Ed Hall of Chicago was in town last week.
  Mr. P. H. Dennis, Rushville Township, has removed to Clayton, Adams County.
  Mr. J. W. Snyder, of Littleton, has removed to Hamilton, Hancock County.

March 12, 1868
  George Barnhart and family are soon to move to Wisconsin.
  W. L. Noble and family are soon to move to Industry.
  John W. Davis and family are soon to move to Iowa.
  Messrs. John Neil and Robert Greer (son of James Greer, of Littleton) left to hunt a future home in Missouri.
  Two sons of Mr. Samuel Stover, left for Kansas.
  Mr. James Hindman, of LaSalle, is here visiting.
  Mr. J. D. Manlove is soon to remove to Missouri.

March 19, 1868
  Mr. John Wolgamot has been visiting here.

April 30, 1868
  Mr. and Mrs. William Houk are here visiting friends and relatives.
  Mr. William Patterson who went to California 17 or18 years ago, has returned here.

May 7, 1868
  Colonel N. G. Wilcox is visiting here - he is an old resident of Schuyler - now owns 200 acres of land in the heart of Superior, Wisconsin.
  Mr. A. J. Neil visited here, formerly of Schuyler, Peoria now.

May 21, 1868
  George Warren left for the west.
  Nathan Montgomery of Camp Point visited here.

June 4, 1868
  Wiley Brazelton of Leavenworth, is here on a visit.
  Oscar Cross of Brownsville, is here on a visit.

June 18, 1868
  Honorable George G. Berry, of Unionville, Nebraska visited here - former Schuylerite.

June 25, 1868
  D. D. Erwin and Ed Montgomery, of Muskegon, Michigan are here visiting - formerly from Schuyler.

July 2, 1868
  Dr. Sidenaus, formerly of Rushville, has returned here after a visit to Germany.
  Major Poole, who has been down south the past year or two, has returned here again.

July 9, 1868
  Mr. Horace Witt, of Freeport, resident of Rushville 15 years ago, is visiting here.
  Mr. Z. L. Milby, who has been traveling for his health, has returned here.

July 16, 1868
  Mrs. Eliza Bolinger {Bollinger?} and Mrs. Redora Tolle (sisters of Mrs. W. H. Ray) formerly of Rushville, now of California, are visiting here.
  Miss Sarah Bagby returned from visiting friends and relatives in Kentucky.
  Mr. John Todhunter, formerly of Rushville, now of Peoria.

July 23, 1868
  W. L. Noble, formerly of Rushville, has opened a BEER SALOON in Industry.

July 30, 1868
  William H. Haskell, appointed R. R. agent at Canton.

August 6, 1868
  George Barnhart, now of Racine, Wisconsin is visiting here.

August 16, 1868
  Charles McCreery left for Council Bluff, Iowa.

August 20, 1868
  James Stephenson, of Brownsville, Nebraska, is here visiting.
  Benjamin Metz and daughter, of Pike County, is here visiting his brother, G. W. Metz.
  Mrs. Dr. Perkins and daughter, and Mrs. Warner, all of Havana, formerly of Rushville, are visiting Mrs. McMurphy.
  Mrs. Jones of Havana and daughter of Dr. Jesse Sweeney, here on visit.

September 3, 1868
  Mr. Henry Lett, former citizen of Rushville, is nominee for State Auditor on Democratic ticket in Nebraska.
  Frank and Henry Minshall gave their  old home a visit last week - Frank is now living in Marietta, Ohio - Henry in Neoga, Illinois.

September 17, 1868
  Mr. Joseph Lord sold his farm 2 miles west of town to Little and Ray - he will take up residence in Nebraska.
  Wiley Brazelton has gone into business at Wauthena, Kansas - his brother-in-law, Billy Houke is with him.
  Mr. Peter Grosclaude left last week to visit his brother living in Denver City.

October 15, 1868
  George Barnhart has returned to Schuyler to live.
  Loren Wright, of Mt. Vernon, Missouri is visiting here.
  William Campbell, of Pittsburg, PA gave his old home a visit.

October 22, 1868
  William T. Landreth, of La Belle, Missouri visiting here.

October 29, 1868
  James R. Davis, who has been living in Texas the past 18 months, returned here last Sunday.
  James Chadsey, Washington City, is here on a visit to his old home.
  Messrs. David Brown and W. M. Shields, of Buenavista Township and David Chamberlain and Daniel Hutchinson, of Littleton Township left to take up residence in Missouri.

November 5, 1868
  William Whitsell and family, who have been living in Texas for the past 9 years, returned to Schuyler.
  John T. Teel left here for Springfield, Missouri where he will practice law.

November 19, 1868
  Mr. William Houk and family returned from Kansas last week.
  Mr. H. S. Cain of Canton and Mr. Nathan Montgomery of Camp Point, with their families, visited here last week.

December 3, 1868
  Charles Seeley arrived at his old home for a visit after spending past 7 years in Oregon - brought a "better half".
  Mrs. William B. Saylor and family leave this week for Pittsfield, where she will reside with her brother-in-law, Wesley Saylor.

December 10, 1868
  Mrs. G. A. Wilson (daughter of Mr. John Hoskinson) of Peoria, arrived on a visit to her old home.

December 24, 1868
  Mr. Walter Hall of Chicago, paid his old home a visit.

February 4, 1869
  Rev. W. B. Bolton, formerly of Rushville, has resigned his pastorate at Monmouth, and is moving to Topeka, Kansas where he will practice medicine.
  David Erwin of Muskegon, Michigan, is on a visit to his old home here.

February 11, 1869
  E. A. Snively, of the Galesburg Times, visited Rushville.
  Mr. James McCroskey and wife of Cleveland, Ohio, have spent several weeks visiting their old home here - they left Monday - Mrs. George Robinson and family accompanied them home, where they expect to spend the summer.
  John E. Putman, lately of Racine, Wisconsin and Clarence Sylvester, of Chicago, arrived here last week.
  Mr. Joseph Lyon bade adieu to Rushville last week.

March 18, 1869
  Jesse Daugherty has purchased a farm near Carthage.
  Frederick Kettenring has rented a farm near Carthage.
  Richard S. Black, Bainbridge, has purchased a farm near Buckhorn, Brown County.
  John J. Irvin, Littleton, has purchased a farm near St. Augustine.
  August Grosclaude and Harrison Benefield will emigrate to Missouri.
  Harry D. Pate will move to Augusta.

April 15, 1869
  Visiting Rushville: John Metz and wife, Pike County - visiting brother, George; Loren K. Wright, Mt. Vernon, Missouri; Miss P. B. Shearer returned from visiting friends in New York; Joseph Burton and family of Macomb; Ed Worthington of Bardolph.

April 29, 1869
  Mr. Thomas Witt, of St. Louis, visited Rushville friends.
  A. G. Dupee (Dupoy?) of Pleasantview left for Colorado.
  Henry C. Barkhouse, former Rushville resident, has ordered the TIMES sent to him, at Watcome, Washington Territory.

May 6, 1869
  Mr. J. D. Neill has returned to Schuyler after 16 years in California.

May 20, 1869
  Mr. Albert H. Seeley returned after 7 years in California.
  Mr. Henry Minshall of Neoga, Illinois is visiting here.
 John Dunn left for Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

June 3, 1869
  Thompson Jones and William Leezer started on a prospecting tour through S. W. Missouri.
  John Beatty and Albert Seeley started this week and will meet at Sedalia, Missouri.
  Mrs. Eliza Bolinger (Bollinger?), Miss Anna Bolinger (Bollinger?), Miss Eudora Tolle who have been visiting Mr. Ray's for several months, went back to San Francisco.

July 1, 1869
  Mrs. John Walgamot of Springfield and Mrs. W. A. Keefer are visiting their sister, Mrs. Gideon Goodwin.

July 8, 1869
  Among those who visited Rushville the Fourth: Robert McCreery, Muskegon, Michigan; E. J. Belchamber and W. J. Houck, Peoria; Ed Wright and Charles McCrosky, Industry.

July 22, 1869
  George Wells and family of Peoria are here visiting relatives.
  Tommy Austin, formerly TIMES employee, now at Carthage.
  James Hinman, of LaSalle is here visiting his old home.

July 29, 1869
  William Beatty left yesterday for Roscoe, Missouri where he will engage in the mercantile business.
  Mr. John Todhunter, one of the early settlers of this place, now of Peoria, is visiting here.
  Mrs. William Scripps (Mary Little) and Miss Lizzie Wishard are here on a visit.

August 5, 1869
  Mr. Benjamin F. Davis, Shelbyville, Indiana, is here visiting friends at her old home.
  Miss Kittie Jones went to Utica, New York to visit friends at her old home.
  Alexander Norvell, one of our Rushville boys who has been out west a few years, returned last week.

August 12, 1869
  T. J. Wilson, an old Schuylerite, now of Sidney, Iowa called last week.

August 15, 1869
  Mr. I. T. Worley and family, of Lewistown, were here on a visit last week - this is the first time Friend Worley has visited since he left here 15 years ago.

August 26, 1869
  Charles McCreary, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, is visiting here.

September 2, 1869
  Miss Cochranand, the Misses Erwin, of Macomb and Mrs. Daniel Gardner, of Brookfield, Missouri are here visiting.
  George Beatty left for Roscoe, Missouri where he will engage in business with his brother, William.

September 9, 1869
  Thomas Lowry, of Minneapolis is visiting Schuyler.

September 16, 1869
  Mrs. Elizabeth Myers and family and Mrs. R. R. Randall, daughters of William Ellis, formerly of Rushville, left for California last week - Mrs. Myers plans to remain there with her parents.
  Albert, Frank, and Charles Seeley (sons of E. H. O. Seeley) will operate a dry goods store in LaVette County, Kansas.
  William Wilson of Nauvoo, Illinois is here visiting his brother, Thomas Wilson.

September 23, 1869
  Mr. Charles W. Taylor leaves for Prairie City where he will engage in business with his brother, Wilbur.

October 14, 1869
  Miss W. I. Metz left to visit relatives in Springfield, Ohio.
  Mr. W. T. Yoe and lady, returned to their home near Shelbina, Missouri.

October 21, 1869
  Visiting here: Mr. W. E. Wright and wife of Mt. Vernon, Missouri; David Erwin and Robert McCreary, of Muskegon, Michigan; Charles Holloway, spent last 10 years in California.

October 28, 1869
  Mr. Edward Hall, Hamilton, Illinois - Mrs. Kate Sackett, formerly Miss Putman of Burlington, Iowa.
  William Campbell, Pittsburg, PA are here visiting relatives.
  Mr. William Houck, Steuben County, New York, is here visiting his father-in-law, Garrett Taylor, Sr.
  Mr. William Leezer, who has been living in Kansas, returned here.

November 4, 1869
  William Peter and his sister, Hattie left for California.
  Mrs. John Elkins of Racine, Wisconsin has been visiting here - her mother, Mrs. Putman, accompanied her home for a visit.
  Messrs. Snowden, Benson and Alpheus Ross left for S. W. Missouri where they expect to locate.

December 9, 1869
  Honorable J. C. Fox, our member of the Constitutional Convention left to accompany his family part way to Kentucky where they will visit relatives.
  Charles Munger and family, formerly of Rushville, now of Kinmundy, returned to Rushville to live.
  Mr. James Eales, who was a Lt. in the late war, and who has been living in this vicinity the past two years left on Tuesday for his home in Kentucky.

January 8, 1870
  Mr. Charles H. Ray and lady of New York City were here - many years since we last saw him.
  Honorable P. M. Walker, of Supreme Court, left for Springfield Monday - Henry Metz, Esq. left the same day.
  Mr. J. D. Manlove, of Ft. Scott, Kansas is here looking after some business.

May 28, 1870
  Mr. Oscar Cross of Brownsville, Nebraska is visiting his old home.
  Mr. John T. Teel of Mt. Vernon, Missouri is visiting his old home.

August 6, 1870
  Harry Maxwell is visiting his old home - he is connected with the "Dollar Store" of Keokuk, Iowa.
  George Harrington, of Lincoln, Illinois is visiting here.

August 20, 1870
  Mr. James E. Scripps of Detroit is visiting here - his father, James Scripps.

September 3, 1870
  Henry C. Lett, Esq., a former citizen of Rushville has been nominated for Governor, by the "Labor Reform" party of Nebraska.
  Mr. B. F. Goodwin recently exchanged his land here for some in Crawfordsville, Kansas - will move soon.

September 17, 1870
  Visit from our old friend, John Brazelton, of Wauthena, Kansas.
  Mr. D. B. Newberry, correspondent of St. Louis Times - formerly with Hannibal Courier.
  Charles W. and Wilbur Taylor have a book and stationery store at Prairie City.
  Charles Yoe, printer at Shelbina, Missouri visited her.

October 1, 1870
  Dr. R. H. Mead, of Huntsville is moving to Emporia, Kansas.
  Mrs. Russell Ingraham, of Virginia City, Nevada, daughter of Mr. Henry Teel arrived for a visit.
  Miss Margaret Doyle, who went to California with her brother, Melville a few months ago, returned home.
  William P. Peter and sister, Hettie, who visited relatives in California last winter, have returned here.
  Colonel Hinman (Enoch) Rhodes, an old Rushvillian, has been nominated for rep. by the Republican party of Johnson County, Nebraska.

October 15, 1870
  J. C. Fox, Esq. will remove to Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
  W. K. Shupe, Woodstock Township left to visit his brother in Ogden, Utah Territory.
  Samuel Enyart, Littleton Township leaves for Clay City (Egypt).

October 29, 1870
  Mrs. Daniel Goodlander, Rockford, Illinois; Messrs. James Stevenson and Oscar Cross, Brownsville, Nebraska; Miss Sadie Randall, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.
  Mr. Richard James, son of John James, residing in Colorado past 10 years returned here.

November 12, 1870
  R. R. Randall, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa made his old home a visit.

November 19, 1870
  Mr. J. C. Fox left with his family for Plattsmouth, Nebraska where he will engage in practice of law and edit a new Democratic paper.
  Mr. Reuben Preston, of Yates County, Nebraska is on a visit to his old home - he sold the old homestead, a few miles north of town and his parents will accompany him home.

December 10, 1870
  Honorable James H. Straut and wife, Monmouth, Illinois.

December 17, 1870
  George Beatty will go in business with his brother, William Beatty at Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  Charles Campbell, of Tecumseh, Nebraska is visiting relatives in Rushville.

January 7, 1871
  C. M. Sloat, Kansas City, Missouri gave his former home, Rushville a visit.
  William Hampton, St. Louis, Missouri, half brother of TIMES editor, visited.
  William and Joseph Leezer, sons of John Leezer of Rushville, left for Umatillo, Oregon.

January 21, 1871
  Benjamin F. Davis, of Shelbyville, Indiana called here by illness of his father, J. Foster Davis.

February 4, 1871
  Mrs. L. M. Benton, daughter of A. G. Dupuy, of Pleasantview, returned from visiting relatives at Denver City, Colorado.
  Mrs. G. W. Metz returned from visiting her sons at Mt. Vernon, Missouri.
  Mr. Wesley Hymer, of Kansas and William Ralls, of Minnesota are visiting their old homes in this county.

February 18, 1871
  Thomas Austin, who has been reading law with J. C. Bagby, leaves for the LONE STAR state soon.
  Messrs. John Metz, William Nelson and Lewis Parrott, leave for the west - they will go overland with a 4-horse team.

March 4, 1871
  W. D. Wilson, recently discharges as station agent at Frederick, goes to Kansas.
  Walter C. Hall, of Chicago was visiting here.

March 25, 1871
  Joseph Burton and family of Macomb, visited us.
  Edward J. Hall, traveling for a Chicago firm, visited old home.
  Edward Worthington and family, of Bardolph, are spending a few days with relatives in Rushville.
  Mrs. A. C. Sloat, of DuQuoin, Illinois is visiting her mother, Mrs. John Ruth.

April 8, 1871
  Western fever took three more of our young men: James Montooth, Henry Sands and Thomas Scott, Jr.

April 28, 1871
  Messrs. John Metz, William Nelson and Lewis Parrott returned to Schuyler County.

May 6, 1871
  William Hindman, LaSalle, Illinois.

June 24, 1871
  Mr. T. D. Griffith who left Rushville in 1860, is visiting friends - he is the U. S. agent for the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians.
  Mr. J. D. Neill of California is visiting here.

August 12, 1871
  G. W. Brown, now of Cherokee, Kansas is visiting - he and G. W. B. Hoffman have a store in Cherokee now.
  Mrs. Robert Greer has been visiting her sons, the Campbell boys, in Tecumseh, Nebraska.

August 19, 1871
  Mr. J. M. Wilson, Chariton County, Missouri; Mrs. F. R. Pool of Galesburg; Mr. William M. Johnson, Taylorville, Illinois; Mr. James A. Chadsey, of the U.S. patient office Washington; J. W. Fuller, Galesburg.

September 2, 1871
  Mr. Lafayette Manlove, Crawford County, Kansas; Frank Baker, Cherokee, Kansas.

September 9, 1871
  OFF TO OREGON: Albert Seeley, John Lawler, Jackson Hill of Bainbridge Township.
  Mr. James McCroskey and wife of Cleveland, Ohio gave there old home a visit.
  Mr. G. W. B. Hoffman of Cherokee, Kansas is visiting his old home in Woodstock township.

November 4, 1871
  Mrs. Dr. Parkins and Mrs. Jennie Warner of Havana and her brother, Allden of Chicago were here this week visiting Mrs. McMurphy.
  Mr. R. R. Greer, of Craig Station, Missouri is visiting his father, James L. Greer of the Merchant's Hotel.

November 11, 1871
  Edgar Montgomery, now of Muskegon, Michigan is visiting his old home, Rushville.
  Albert McCreery, Cuba.

December 30, 1871
  A large number of former residents visited friends and relatives the past week, among them:  John K. Hall and Thomas Munroe, Muskegon, Michigan; H. J. Gardener and family, Quincy, Illinois; Robert McCreery and family, Kinmundy; S. P. McIntyre and wife, Chicago; Miss Cora Valentine, former teacher here, Rock Island; George C. Scripps, Detroit, Michigan; Miss Abbie Corfield, Macomb; Rev. T. S. Lowe and wife, Saline, Kansas.

January 6, 1872
  Mr. G. W. Hoffman, of Cherokee, Kansas, is visiting his old home in Woodstock township in company with a new wife.
  Mrs. H. S. Cain of Canton, gave her old home a visit last week.
  Mr. George Warren, for some time of Tecumseh, Nebraska arrived here.

January 13, 1872
  Charles H. Sweeney, Roscoe, Missouri and William Campbell, Tecumseh, Nebraska are visiting their former home this week.
  Our young friend and former citizen, Charles W. Taylor has assumed control of the PRAIRIE CITY HERALD.
  We learn from the Carthage Republican, that Mr. A. J. Rucker, a former citizen of Schuyler, now of near Carthage, received serious injuries when thrown from a wagon.

February 3, 1872
  Mrs. McGinnis of Winchester, is visiting relatives here.
  Theodore Bridgewater, and Thomas C. Austin (son of Harry A.) returned here after residing a year in Texas.

February 10, 1872
  Mr. Silas Sanford, of Utah Territory, is visiting his brother, Sylvester Sanford of Huntsville township.

February 17, 1872
  AD - The child of one JACOB BELL who left this county for California, about 20 years ago, can secure important information by writing the Editor of this paper.

March 16, 1872
  Visitors here were: former citizen, Thomas M. Brown of Paris, Missouri; W. E. Wright, Mt. Vernon, Missouri; Mrs. Jennie Walgamot of Springfield visiting sister, Mrs. Gideon Goodwin; Mr. John Lawler, had went to Oregon last fall.

March 30, 1872
  Mr. A. J. Byrns, late of Chetopa, Kansas, now a partner with Wells and Goodwin.
  Mr. Albert E. McCreery, of Cuba, Fulton County, visited here.

April 13, 1872
  Mrs. G. A. Wilson of Peoria, is visiting her father, John Hoskinson.
  Miss Sue Wells, who recently sold her millinery store here, has located in Galva.

April 20, 1872
  Frank Seeley, of Rushville, Messrs. Oregon and John Richmond (sons of Dr. J. P. Richmond, Brown County) expect to start overland for Oregon next week.
  Mrs. James P. Clarke, of Lawrence, Kansas is visiting her father, Mr. Thomas Wilson.

May 4, 1872
  Mr. Samuel Warren, St. Louis, Missouri was here to attend his mother's funeral.

May 11, 1872
  John Elkins, former resident 35 years ago, visiting here.

May 18, 1872
  Mrs. Susannah Brown and two children, of California, are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Greer - she and her parents went to California in 1863.
  Mr. Stephen Ryan left last week for Muskegon, Michigan.

May 25, 1872
  Mr. Joseph Lord, now a resident of Richardson County, Nebraska is here visiting his daughter, Mrs. Thomas Kent.
  Mr. William Elgin, a resident of Clinton, Missouri for two years, was married there last week.
  Miss Nancy Scripps, sister of James Scripps of this vicinity and her niece, Miss Mary Tudor, of London, England, arrived here for a short visit.

June 1, 1872
  Dr. J. W. Mitchell left for a visit to Chicago and relatives in Maine - it is expected he will return with a "fair partner".
  Mrs. Hannah Hampton (ye editor's mother (Edwin Dyson) who has been visiting relatives in England the past year, arrived at Jacksonville, Illinois last Saturday.
  Mr. William Potter, of New York state, arrived here to visit his brother, Daniel Potter.

June 15, 1872
  Mrs. Abram Tolles of California arrived to visit her daughter, Mrs. William H. Ray.

June 22, 1872
  Mr. and Mrs. Hollister of Hannibal and Mrs. Dr. William N. Morrison of St. Louis are visiting at William H. Ray's - the ladies are daughters of Mr. Peter Holmes, a former resident of Rushville.
  Mrs. George Robertson and sons, Charles and James, who have lived near Cleveland, Ohio the past few years, are here visiting relatives and friends.

June 29, 1872
  John Teel and wife, Mt. Vernon, Missouri are here visiting.
  Mr. William Hastie, Macomb, who left Rushville 16 years ago, was visiting old neighbors last week.
  Charles McCreery, Sedalia, Missouri visited here last week.

July 6, 1872
  Horace Witt of Rockford and his daughter, Mrs. George Williams of Dixon, Illinois are here visiting relatives and old friends in Rushville, this week.

July 20, 1872
  Mr. William Munson, living near Astoria, was in town this week visiting his brother-in-law, Isaac Linley, Esq.
  Judge George S. Berry of Nevada, who was a delegate to the Baltimore convention, passed through Rushville on his way home - he is a son of the late Daniel Berry of this vicinity and went to California in 1849 - he took his aged mother home with him to live.

August 10, 1872
  Thomas Witt of St. Louis has been visiting friends in Rushville.
  Henry S. Minshall, Nioga, Cumberland County, Illinois visited here.
  Mr. R. H. Crump and wife (formerly Miss Hannah Wheelhouse) of Florida, Missouri are here visiting relatives.
  Mrs. Diane Peter and son, Charles of Lincoln, Illinois and Mrs. Charles Waters, Carrolton, Missouri have been visiting relatives in Rushville.

August 17, 1872
  Mr. B. F. Roberts and family of Brookfield, Missouri are visiting his father-in-law, Samuel McCreary, Esq.

September 7, 1872
  Mr. Charles McCroskey, engaged in merchandising with Edward R. Wright, at Tecumseh, Nebraska made a brief visit to Rushville.
  Calvin Kennedy and Robert M. Ruark, two young men of the Pleasantview neighborhood, left to make their homes in the west - the former goes to Kansas - the latter to Missouri.
  Our old Democratic friend, James F. Grosclaude of Bainbridge township leaves Monday to visit relatives in Canada.
  Joseph Burton and family of Macomb were visiting relatives and friends in Rushville this week.
  Letter from Cherokee, Kansas - concerning former residents of Schuyler: George Brown, Rome and Andrew Matthews.
  Mr. Henry F. McKee recently sold his farm of 70 acres, 4 and half miles north of town to James Ellis, Jr. for $40 an acre - Mr. McKee will remove to Missouri this fall.
  Mr. Alexander Greer, Camp Point vicinity, recently killed ninety snakes in one day.

September 14, 1872
  Shooting of former Schuylerite, in Cherokee, Kansas - Details in letter from George Brown, Cherokee, to his brother, Robert Brown, Woodstock - George Hoffman, formerly of Schuyler, shot his father-in-law, Captain Jamison - condition still critical - Mr. Perry of same locality, also a son-in-law of Captain Jamison.
  Messrs. W. C. Reno, Henry Perkins and Mat. Robertson of Browning township have started a trip to visit Kansas.
  Mrs. I. N. Van Hosen (formerly Zurilda Bagby) of Lawrence, Kansas arrived for visit friends and relatives here.
  Miss Lillie Linder of Chicago, who spent several days in Rushville last October visiting her Aunt, Mrs. McMurphy, was bitten by a rabid dog.

September 21, 1872
  A Cooperstown correspondent of the Mt. Sterling Message says that Elder John Taylor, well known to the old citizens of this vicinity, died at his home in Wisconsin, July last - this brings to mind incidents of our school days, being one of the youths who want to school to Mr. Taylor, when he taught in Rushville about 20 years ago.
  Mr. Charles Scott, a well known steamboat pilot, made a brief visit to relatives in Rushville.
  Mr. R. R. Greer, of Craig Station, Missouri is here on his annual visit to his old home.
  John K. Hall and Stephen Ryan, two Rushville boys, now of Muskegon, Michigan are visiting here.
  Mr. William Haskell, a citizen of Rushville years ago, lately in the editorial dept. of the BUSHNELL RECORD, has purchased THE AMBOY JOURNAL, in this state.
  Rev. J. E. Rucker, M. E. Church, will go to Decatur to conference - preached his farewell sermon here.
  Rushville boys engaged as traveling salesmen: George Parrott, Thomas M. Hall, D. B. Smith.
  Henry C. Lett, a citizen of Rushville some years ago, is the Liberal candidate for governor in Nebraska.

September 28, 1872
  Mr. J. H. Irvin of St. Louis, Missouri is spending a few days visiting his brother-in-law, Rev. W. C. Burchard.
  William T. Webster, who has been living at Alexandria, Missouri returned to Rushville this week with his family.

October 12, 1872
  Samuel Everhart, of Clay City, "away down in Egypt", has been spending several days with friends and former neighbors in Littleton township.
  Former citizen, Charles H. Sweeney, is the Liberal candidate for Probate Judge at Osceola, Missouri.
  Elder Lucas, Pike County, preached in the Christian church here Sunday - he is also an ex-editor of many years.
  Harlan Emerson, of Cherokee, Kansas arrived to visit old friends and the Schuyler County Fair.

October 19, 1872
  Samuel R. Lowery, of near Pleasantview, will move this fall to Minneapolis, Minnesota where his son, Thomas resides.

October 26, 1872
  Rev. J. A. Beagle of E. M. Church has been moved to Jacksonville.
  Rev. W. C. Burchard goes back to Vernango County, PA where he will supply a Presbyterian church.
  Elder A. S. Robinson (Bethel church, Littleton township) has removed to Ipava, Fulton County.
  Mrs. Russell Ingraham, Virginia City, Nevada arrived here last week.
  Rev. William H. Window, of Wisconsin, a  former resident of Littleton township is here on a visit to friends and former neighbors.

November 2, 1872
  Less than two years ago, George W. Brown, left Woodstock township, while visiting Rushville, with his new wife, he received the nomination for State Representative for Crawford and Cherokee Counties, Kansas.
  John K. Hall, formerly of Schuyler County, lately from Muskegon, Michigan is now in business at Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  Mrs. Susannah Brown, who has been here visiting her father, Mr. George Greer, left for her home in California accompanied by her sister-in-law, Mrs. Thomas Reglen of Millmine, Illinois who goes to visit relatives there.
  Rev. A. C. Higgins, son-in-law of George Ramsey, left for Beloit, Wisconsin where he will be pastor at M. E. Church.
  Thomas K. Hall, whose wife spent the summer in Minnesota, is much improved and is stopping at her parents in Vermont.
  William H. Baker, left this county for Chillicothe, where he has been engaged in merchandising - family went with him.
  Dr. N. G. Wilson, son-in-law of John Hoskinson of Rushville, has been re-elected Circuit Clerk of Peoria County.

November 16, 1872
  Mr. Thomas Exley, late foreman at Rushville Woolen Mills has purchased a farm in Crawford County, Kansas.

November 23, 1872
  J. G. McCreery opens a store in Augusta, next week.
  Miss Sue Wells, formerly of Rushville, lost some of her stock goods in the fire at Galva, Illinois.
  Mrs. Perry has sold her house and lot - will make her home with her son-in-law, Jackson Holloway, Trenton, Missouri.

December 7, 1872
  County Officials born in Schuyler County: John M. Spangler; William Paris; George H. Nelson; Ed. P. Vail.
  Judge Pemberton, came from Kentucky at age 3 years.
  Sheriff Whitson, came from PA at age 7 years.
  Jonathan R. Neill, came from Ohio at age 16 years.

December 14, 1872
  Albert H. Seeley, a resident of Oregon for the past two years, returned here to go in business with his father.
  Our old friend, Joseph Lord, of Richardson County, Nebraska gave us a call and left his annual subscription.
  Charles Yoe, who with his brother, Thomas, has an interest in the Independence, Kansas "Tribune" gave his old home a visit.

December 21, 1872
  Mrs. Charles Munger, of Kinmundy, Illinois arrived here to spend the holidays at her old home.

December 28, 1872
  Spending the holidays with relatives in Rushville are: David D. Erwin, Muskegon, Michigan; S. P. McIntyre, Chicago; John Todhunter, Jr. - all with families.
  Mr. Henry Sidle, engineer on St. Louis and Iron Mt. R. R. is spending a few days here - he did not receive notice of his father's death in time to attend the funeral.

January 11, 1873
  Cassius M. Sloat, for several years has been express man on western R. R., has been forced to resign because of health - he arrived here last week and is stopping at his brothers, L. W. Sloat.

January 25, 1873
  Mr. I. N. Van Hosen of Lawrence, Kansas made a brief visit to Rushville - while he is not a native Schuylerite, his better half is - so he renewed his subscription.

February 1, 1873
  Mr. George Eifert of Buenavista township left last week to visit relatives and friends in Germany.

February 8, 1873
  Miss Sue Peter of Normal, Illinois came over with her brother, William and wife to visit the old home.
  Richard S. Black, Lee township, Brown County, has sold his farm and plans to go to Oregon in the spring.
  Tecumseh, Nebraska visitors in Rushville: John Beatty and Mrs. Hinman Rhodes.
  Mrs. Charles H. Munger has been spending a few days with her father, J. G. McCreery - she left to join her husband at Dennison, Texas.

February 15, 1873
  Mr. Henry A. Glenn, late of Mt. Sterling, visited here - Friend Glenn is an original Schuylerite, his parents having left here about 17 years ago.
  John Dexter of Augusta brought beam of city scales to 340 pounds.
  R. R. Greer has removed from Craig Station, Missouri to Kearney Junction, Nebraska.

February 22, 1873
  Honorable William H. Ray and wife left for a visit with their son, Charles of New York City - they will go on to Washington to witness the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant.
  Mr. Harrison Benefield, an ex-citizen of Woodstock township, now of Clay County, Missouri is here visiting.
  Stephen Ryan resumed his old position at Little and Ray's store, after a year in Michigan.

March 1, 1873
  Edgar Montgomery of Muskegon, Michigan gave his old home a visit last week.
  Mrs. Horace Witt of Rock Island returned home on Wednesday taking her two children with her.

March 8, 1873
  Mr. Ed. R. Wright and family of Tecumseh, Nebraska are visiting relatives here.
  Mr. Alexander Brazelton and wife, who went to Wauthena, Kansas about a year ago, to live with their son, have returned to their old home.
  Mr. Homer Neill, who has been living in Peoria, has been visiting here.
  Mr. John Lambert has concluded to try Mt. Sterling again.
  William H. Baker of Chillicothe, Illinois is visiting old friends here for a few days.
  Miss Laura Kinney, daughter of Colonel Kinney of Vermont, is visiting friends in Rushville.

March 22, 1873
  Mrs. Darius N. Bellomy, with her little son, of Kansas, is on a visit to her father, George M. Greer, near Pleasantview.
  Mr. Henry Zinn, living near Pleasantview, has sold his farm and will leave next week for his former home in Ohio.
  Jacob Zimmerman has rented a farm near Troy, Kansas.
  George Eales has removed to Cass County.

March 29, 1873
  Mrs. Effie French, of Jefferson, Ohio is here visiting her brother, L. W. Sloat.
  William Beatty, of Tecumseh, Nebraska is visiting Rushville.
  Albert McCreery of Cuba, Fulton County is visiting his old home this week.

April 5, 1873
  William B. Allphin left to look over Kansas, where he thinks of locating - he sold his farm in this vicinity to his brothers, Henry and Zebulon of Huntsville township.

April 19, 1873
  Robert Gillespie, late Collector of Huntsville township has concluded to emigrate to Nebraska.

April 26, 1873
  Mrs. James Beard has purchased the residence of John Tate, formerly owned by Alexander Greer - Mr. Tate will remove to Knoxville where his mother resides.
  Dr. R. C. Hall, left here, Kewanee, then a visit to PA - he did not join his wife - a son, Edward hall, came to Rushville in search of him - it is supposed he went on to Ireland.

May 3, 1873
  William R. Allphin has a public sale today at his residence east of town - he will move to Sedgewick County, Kansas where he has purchased a farm.
  Mr. George A Winston of Louisville, Kentucky, nephew of Mr. Jonathan Patteson, visited Rushville this week.
  Misses Fannie Bagby and Lizzie McMillian, left to make an extended visit to relatives in old Kentucky.
  Richard S. Black, did NOT go west - instead he purchased a farm near Clayton, in Adams County.

May 17, 1873
  Mr. S. R. Lowry, who recently sold his farm near Pleasantview, has ordered the TIMES sent to his new address: Owatonna, Minnesota.

May 24, 1873
  Mrs. Thomas Munroe, Jr. (nee Kitty Jones) of Muskegon, Michigan is visiting here.

May 31, 1873
  S. B. Bays and wife, newlyweds, visited in Rushville, then went on to Beardstown, their new home.
  Mr. Howard Elder arrived here to spend some time with his brother-in-law, Samuel McCreary.

June 14, 1873
  Mrs. J. H. Irvin and Miss Hattie Ramsey left to visit their sister, Mrs. Charles Walters of Carrolton, Missouri.
  Mr. George Ray left for a visit in New York City with relatives.
  John M. Dunn, formerly of the post office, now engineer on the Union Pacific, visited Rushville last week.

June 21, 1873
  Mr. Ellis Williams of Dixon and Mrs. Horace Witt of Rockford came down to witness the marriage of their relative, Miss Annette McCreary.
  Charles M. McCreary, now of Sedalia, Missouri visited here.
  Dr. Josiah Slack and family of Cuba, Fulton County are visiting relatives in Rushville and vicinity.
  John H. Black, a former Schuylerite, now Supt. of Schools in Adams County.
  Hod Ingraham removed his family to Mt. Sterling.

June 28, 1873
  Mr. Russell Ingraham arrived at his old home, from Virginia City, Nevada, where he has been the past two years.
  Mrs. Adella Montgomery of Clayton, is visiting her grandfather, Dr. J. B. Hubbard.
  Mrs. H. O. Hoffman and son left to visit relatives in Crawfordsville, Indiana.
  Peter Jennings, his son Martin and their families left for their new home in Dixon County, Kansas.
  Mr. C. C. Warren and family of Princeton, are here visiting friends and relatives.

July 5, 1873
  Mrs. D. F. Peter, her daughter, Effie and son, Charles, who have been living at Normal, Illinois past few years, are here visiting relatives and friends - Mrs. Peter and her daughter will go on to California, where they will spend a year or two - Charles will return to Bloomington.
  George C. Scripps, Detroit newsman, is visiting here.
  Miss Mary E. Chase, daughter of E. P. Chase, now of Des Moines, Iowa, is here visiting friends and relatives.
  Mrs. H. G. Gardner, sons, Henry and Charles, returned to Quincy, after visiting friends and relatives here.
  S. P. McIntyre and wife of Chicago, came down to spend the Fourth with relatives in Rushville.

July 12, 1873
  Joseph Burton and wife of Macomb visited here over the Fourth, with relatives.
  Cyrus Walker of Ottowa, Illinois came down last week to visit his old home.
  Miss Julia Taylor of Mt. Vernon, Illinois came to visit her brother, Norris Taylor of Rushville.
  Miss Lizzie Wishard, teacher in Rushville school for two or three years, went to visit her cousin, Rev. S. E. Wishard of Franklin, Indiana.
  Mr. H. M. Dace has sold out his stock of goods in Ripley and returned to Rushville.

July 19, 1873
  James Z. Gapin, resident of Schuyler several years ago, now of Independence, Missouri won a law suit.
  Mr. George W. Allen, circuit clerk of Brown County, brought his family over for a few days visit with relatives and friends.
  Mr. Richard Dougherty of Pleasantview is now visiting relatives in Ireland.
  Mr. McCorkle, of Clayton, who taught school here years ago, has applied for position of School Supt.

July 26, 1873
  Rev. W. B. M. Colt of Wautisha, Nebraska arrived in Rushville for a visit with relatives and friends.
  Our young friend, Thomas Austin, who has been reading law with Matheny and Maquire of Springfield for the past two years, visited Rushville last week.
  Mr. R. H. Griffith, wife and daughters, left to spend 3 or 4 weeks visiting relatives in Sherburne, New York.

August 2, 1873
  Mr. Martin Greer left for Cherokee, Kansas to look after the property of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Elijah Greer.
  Mrs. Mary Perry, who has been living in Trenton County, Missouri with her daughter, Mrs. A. J. Holloway, has returned to make her home in Rushville.
  Mr. J. B. Leach of Youngstown, Ohio made his first visit to Rushville to see his brother, Dr. E. D. Leach.

August 9, 1873
  Mr. George Little and wife went to visit their relative, Rev. Thomas Window of Allen Grove, Wisconsin.
  Mr. James Ray and his sister, Mrs. Frank Randolph of Macomb, made a visit to relatives in Rushville last week.
  Mr. Terry George and family of Farmington, are spending a few days with their relative, M. L. Norris.
  Prof. D. H. Pingrey and family of Chillicothe, Peoria County are visiting with a relative, M. W. Barnhart, Rushville.
  Mrs. Thomas W. Moore, of Peoria, is visiting her parents in Rushville.

August 16, 1873
  James Munroe, Esq. of Chicago came down to attend the funeral of his uncle, Colonel John E. Hinman.
  Mr. Charles H. Carty and family of Benton County, Arkansas arrived here to visit relatives.
  Messrs. Polk Lane, William Lane, George Brines, Thomas Brines, Ephraim and Frank Curry, of near Pleasantview left on a trip to look over the west.
  Messrs. Samuel Stokes, Emerson Berry, Samuel Ewing and a son of James Barnes left to look over the west.
  Mr. E. A. Parker, who went to his old home in Mass. to settle his father's estate, returned last week, bringing his mother with him.
  Calvin Jackson and George Black of Bainbridge township and J. J. Chitwood and ? Wells of Camden went west to look.
  Mr. John P. Skiles, an old resident of Schuyler, who has been living in Leavenworth, Kansas is visiting his son, John B. Skiles of Rushville - he thinks of taking residence here again.
  Mrs. David Marshall of Mt. Sterling is visiting her father, Mr. Asa Goodwin.

August 30, 1873
  Mr. Peter Hoffman, a resident of Rushville 15 years ago, arrived to visit his brother, Rev. H. O. Hoffman - he now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

August 30, 1873
  Frank Harrington, former "typo" in Times office, now of Memphis, Tennessee visited here.
  Mr. Newton Chadsey of Cherokee, Kansas made a visit to his old home last week.
  Mr. Robert McCreery and family will come back to Rushville to live as soon as he settles his affairs at Kinmundy.
  Mr. Harlan Emerson of Cherokee, Kansas arrived to visit friends.
  Mr. John Lambert and wife of Mt. Sterling visited here.

September 6, 1873
  James Hinton of Neosho, Missouri, son of Mrs. Mary Hinton of Rushville is visiting here.
  Mr. James Kerr of Calaise, Maine for past 2 years, has been visiting relatives and old neighbors here.
  Mr. George Ritchey and son, Frank, of this vicinity and John S. Sweeney, son of J. M. Sweeney, started in a two-horse wagon to take a look at the western country - Frank expects to remain in Kansas - the others will return.

September 13, 1873
  Charles McCroskey, ex TIMES employee, now of Tecumseh, Nebraska.
  Joseph Zimmerman, of Lewis County, Missouri is here to spend a few days with his relatives.
  J. W. Watts of Hickory township has moved to Rushville.
  Mr. Philo Wells and wife of Vermillion, Ohio arrived in Rushville to spend his 87th birthday with his son, W. W. Wells.
  William Beatty of Tecumseh, Nebraska spent past week at his old home here.
  Mrs. Fred Crane of Mt. Sterling and children are visiting her parents in Rushville while her husband makes a business trip to New York.
  Messrs. Benson Riley, James Blair and Peyton Persinger of this vicinity left last week for Kansas - Mr. Riley expects to remain out there until next spring, when he will return for his family.
  Messrs. William Little and John Carstens and their families of this vicinity, William Snyder and Joseph Horton of Littleton township left for Johnson County, Nebraska.

September 20, 1873
  Mrs. Thomas Wilson left yesterday for Lawrence, Kansas to visit her daughter, Mrs. James Clarke.
  Mr. John Elkins, toll-gate keeper on old PLANK ROAD, after an absence of 8 years with relatives in Wisconsin returned to spend the winter here, with his son-in-law, Brower Putman.

September 23, 1873
  The WESTERN FEVER seems to be raging very extensively in this county.

September 27, 1873
  Mr. Robert Brown and wife left to visit relatives in Cherokee, Kansas (Browns of Woodstock township).
  Mr. J. P. Clark, Bainbridge township, sold his farm and left this week for Bates County, Missouri where he thinks of locating.
  Mrs. Daniel Gardner of Bloomfield, Missouri is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. T. Thomas.
  Mrs. Charles Munger of Kinmundy, Illinois arrived here for a visit.

October 4, 1873
  Messrs. Abram Loring of Bainbridge township and ? Britton of Browning township leave for California next week, with their families, with a view to making their home there.
  John Griffith, son of Joshua Griffith, Woodstock township returned from California last week after an absence of 2 years.
  Mr. Joshua Robinson with his family and son-in-law, John Dorsey departed last week for Dallas County, Iowa, where he will take up residence.

October 11, 1873
  Mrs. George Montgomery of Clayton, known to most of us as Miss Dell Nance, is visiting her grandfather, Dr. J. B. Hubbard.
  Mr. Ezekial Rucker, former citizen of Rushville, now of Hancock County, came down to visit the Fair.
  Mr. Stoell Cady, of Moreno, California has been visiting relatives in Camden township - this was his first visit to Schuyler since he emigrated to California 20 years ago.

October 18, 1873
  Mr. John C. Bell will move his family to Mt. Sterling.
  Homer Neill of Peoria, came to spend a few days at his old home.
  H. S. Metz and Benson Riley returned from their southwest trip.
  William Chadsey, son of Benjamin Chadsey, visited here - he has been in the patent office at Washington City the past two years - this is his first visit here since he emigrated to California seven years ago.

October 25, 1873
  Mr. George Warren of Tecumseh, Nebraska is visiting at his old home.
  Mr. Lewis Wells (brother of W. W. Wells) and lady of Vermillion, Ohio, are visiting with their relatives here.
  Mrs. Minerva McBride of Decatur, Illinois, better known to us as Miss Jones is visiting her relatives in Rushville.
  Mrs. Isaac Grier (Greer?) of Lewistown, came to visit old neighbors and friends.
  Mr. Henry C. Minshall, Neoga, Cumberland County, Illinois made his annual visit to Rushville last week.
  Mr. William Jabine and wife, of Danbury, Conn. visited their brother-in-law, Walter D. Scott.
  Mr. William H. McCreery and family of Brownsville, Nebraska visited his old home last week.

November 1, 1873
  Messrs. J. L. and Walter Parrott are packing their goods (store), preparatory to shipping them to Hastings, Nebraska.
  Mr. Benson Riley, Bainbridge township, has purchased a farm near Lewistown, Lewis County, Missouri.
  Dr. Mitchell and family went to Chicago to visit relatives there.
  Mr. David Swan who has been sexton for the M. E. church for many years, left for Sacramento, California where he expects to make his home with relatives.
  Charles H. McCreery is president of a dancing club in Sedalia, Missouri.

November 8, 1873
  Mrs. Thomas Wilson returned home from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. James Clarke in Lawrence, Kansas.
  Richard Dougherty, Pleasantview, has returned from a visit to relatives in Ireland.
  Mr. William Hampton of St. Louis is spending a few days here at his old home.
  Walter and Charles Parrott left for Hastings, Nebraska.
  Miss Lizzie McMillen returned from Kentucky, where she had been visiting relatives.

November 15, 1873
  Some of the young people of Rushville have organized a LITERARY SOCIETY, which we hope may be more successful than its predecessors.
  The young folks who enjoy "Tripping the Light Fantastic" have decided to hold a social hop every alternate Friday night at Goodwin's Hall.
  Miss Louie Howard, of Tipton, Iowa arrived here to spend the winter with her brother, M. W. Howard.
  Mr. William Lane and his brother, Polk of Pleasantview, left to take residence at Alba, Iowa.

November 22, 1873
  Union Thanksgiving service will be held in the Presbyterian church, Thursday, November 27, 1873.
  Honorable William H. Ray, wife and daughter went to New York, to visit relatives a few days - they will then go on to Washington City for the opening of Congress.
  Our young friend, Jonathan Patteson is visiting relatives in Paris, Missouri.
  John Graff, Esq. of Tecumseh, Nebraska is here visiting relatives - his wife has been here several weeks.
  Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Mrs. George Johnson, started last week to Newton, Indiana to make her home with her daughter, Mrs. Shepard.
  Rev. A. G. Bacon of Pulaski, Hancock County, formerly of Huntsville, accepted appointment to M. E. Circuit in McDonough County.

November 29, 1873
  Mr. C. J. Johnston, residing past two years at Tipton, Missouri brought his family back to Schuyler to live.
  We (editor) visited our old friend, Richard R. Randall, at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

December 6, 1873
  Mrs. George Robinson and son, James have been visiting relatives here - they went on to Macomb, then to California for health reasons.
  Miss Anne McCroskey went to Macomb to spend the winter with relatives there.
  Mr. Thomas M. Brown of Paris, Missouri visited friends here.
  Charles H. Sweeney, resident of Roscoe, Missouri for past 3 years, moved to Des Moines, Iowa where he formed a partnership with an attorney there.
  Mr. F. P. Kettenring of Brimfield, Peoria County came down to visit relatives in Schuyler.

December 13, 1873
  John T. Teel and wife (nee Kitty Scott) of Mt. Vernon, Missouri will spend the holidays here with relatives.
  Arda LaCroix, formerly of Rushville, formerly in theatrical profession, has settled at Abingdon, Illinois where he is clerk in a store.
  Relatives in this city of Mr. E. P. Chase, of Des Moines, Iowa, are invited to attend marriage of his daughter, Miss Mami E. to Mr. Harry West, of that city, Thursday next.
  Honorable F. E. Bryant, member of Legislature from Platt and formerly a resident and rep. of this county, visited his relatives here last week.

December 20, 1973
  Rev. S. B. Wishard and daughter, Mary of Franklin, Indiana arrived here to attend the wedding of their relative, Miss Lottie Wishard.
  S. P. McIntyre and wife of Chicago, came down to attend the wedding of their brother, Mr. George Parrott.
  Mr. John McCreedy and sister, Julia, of Ft. Madison, Iowa are here visiting relatives.

January 10, 1874
  John K. Hall, now of Minneapolis, Miss. visited in Rushville.
  Robert McCreery has concluded to return to merchandising at Kinmundy, Illinois
  H. S. Cain and Wilson Fisher of Canton, came to visit their brother-in-law, James R. Cooney, who has consumption.
  George W. Garrett, Browning township, ordered the TIMES sent to his son, A. M. Garrett, of Macon, Nebraska.
  Real estate transfer: George Peabody, London, England, deceased, to George Peabody Russell, of Mass. - Oakland Township, dated 1869.
  Huntsville township: Mr. Burt W. Luthor has gone to visit his father in North Carolina.
  Michael Burmood has returned from Nebraska but plans to move there in the spring.

January 17, 1874
  George Beatty, of Tecumseh, Nebraska is making his annual visit to his old home (Rushville).

January 31, 1874
  Mrs. M. W. Howard left to visit relatives at Watega, Illinois.
  Miss Louie Howard, who spent the winter here with her brother, M. W. Howard, returned to her home in Tipton, Iowa.
  Mr. William Schramm, who has been a resident of Gage County, Nebraska for the past 2 years, returned to Schuyler to attend some business.

February 7, 1874
  John C. Bell, late of Rushville, has purchased the residence of B. D. Stout of Mt. Sterling.

February 14, 1874
  Mr. I. N. Van Hosen, of Lawrence, Kansas is visiting relatives in Rushville.
  Walter Black, a resident of Beardstown for several years will return to Frederick in the spring - he has exchanged property with Tice Misenhimer.
  Dr. T. J. Scott recently located in Bluff City.
  Mr. Jacob Klepper, Huntsville township, will have a public sale - he is moving to Augusta.
  Jacob Alters and Brownfield Sayers, formerly of Huntsville township, now Mound Station, are visiting here.
  James Huffman, old citizens of Cooperstown township was taken before county court - judged insane - his affliction was caused by a fall last November at Huffman's Mill.

February 21, 1874
  Doc Sperry and family, who moved to Macomb last fall are visiting the old home.
  Mr. L. N. Dawson, who has been a resident of Dallas, Texas, for the past two years, arrived here with his family to visit his father-in-law, Mr. Horace Grubb - he and Charles Emmerson (Emerson ?), formerly of Rushville, are partners in a meat and vegetable stand there.

February 28, 1874
  William Beatty and wife of Tecumseh, Nebraska are visiting here.
  Charles McCreery, Sedalia, Missouri arrived here to visit his parents.

March 7, 1874
  Jacob Alters, formerly of Huntsville, then of Mound Station, has moved back to Huntsville - will resume his wagon shop.
  Moses Godlove is moving to St. Louis.
  Tice Misenhimer, of Frederick, has moved to Beardstown - he has taken charge of THE VIRGINIA HOUSE.
  J. W. Jones, of Pleasantview, has sold his house to Elder Morgan and moved to Winchester, Illinois.
  Thomas Munroe, ex-Schuylerite at Muskegon, Michigan.
  Messrs. Thomas and David Herron, and George Lewis, living near Pleasantview, start to Europe about April 1st - the former going to Ireland, the later to England - they will be gone until next fall, as they have numerous friends and relatives to visit.

March 14, 1874
  Mrs. Josiah Parrott, small daughter, "Puss" went to join Mr. Parrott at Hastings, Nebraska - former townsman, George Wells and family, who had been visiting relatives in Rushville, accompanied them, and plan to make their home in Hastings also.
  Mr. G. W. Fox, mail agent, moved his family to Yates City.
  William Houck, express messenger, moved his family to Lewistown.
  Miss Frances Carty, who went to Arkansas with her brother, Charles, returned last week.
  Mr. Benjamin Derrickson, who emigrated to California in 1855, arrived to spend a few days at the old home.
  William R. Lantz, who has been reading law with John C. Bagby, left for Denver, Colorado where he may locate.

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