Robertson Family Reunion
August 1935

  The Robertson family reunion, which was held at the Ridgeville church lawn Sunday, Aug. 25, was quite a success.  A very enjoyable time was spent visiting and talking of olden times.  The oldest member present was Aunt Esther Robertson of Browning, Ill., who will be eighty-nine years of age her coming birthday.  The far-away parties present were Mr. and Mrs. W. H. and L. R. Robertson of Webb City, Mo.
  At the noon hour a bounteous dinner was spread on long tables to which each one did justice.  After dinner the registering was done and found, 111 present, after which the business meeting was called to order.  The following officers were elected for next year:

President - Fred Robertson of Browning.
V.-Pres.- Earl Zimmerman of Forest City.

Secretary- Mrs. May Breedlove of Forest City.

Treasurer- W. W. Robertson of Browning.

  The reunion will be held next year at the same time and same place. Those present were:

Cameron- Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schisler and children.

Forest City- Mr. and Mrs. Earl Zimmerman and children, Geneva Zimmerman and Mrs. May Breedlove.

Webb City, Mo.- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Robertson and L. R. Robertson. 

Cuba- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schisler and children. 

Smithfield- Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Faimbals and son. 

Peoria- Mrs. Rubie Solberger and children. 

Adair- Mrs. Noah Danner and sons. 

Abingdon- Mr. and Mrs. Eli Danner. 

Frederick- Maxine Smith. 

Astoria- Mr. and Mrs. Manford McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Stambaugh and children, Wilson Baker and son and Rankon Condit. 

Springfield- Miss Nola Robertson. 

Good Hope- Mr. and Mrs. Buford Lancaster and children, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Mathis and baby. 

Macomb- Wanda and Leland Mathis, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Green and Luella Ann Green. 

Bader- Mrs. Inez Bader and Wendell Bader. 

Beardstown- Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Robertson and son. 

Rushville- Mrs. James Park and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Gragg, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Park and children. 

Browning- Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stambaugh, Merle Stambaugh, Mrs. Muriel Stambaugh and children, Mrs. Faye Cox, Kenneth Robertson and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Trone, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Skiles, Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Robertson and sons. 

Visitors- Bennie Lancaster, Browning, Mrs. Belle Ewing, Washington, D. C., I. P. Bartlow and Crete Bartlow of Rushville. 

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