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1860 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1850
 in the County of Scott, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Nelson Morgan

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson

Township 14 Range 1_
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Place of Birth

Month of death


Cause of death

Jesse M. Reeder 28 M   M Illinois Apr. Farmer Congestion
Jacob Coultas 4/12 M     Illinois July   Disease of heart
Wm H. Wilson 46 M   M Kentucky Oct. Physician Disease of heart
Mary A. Davis 1 F     Illinois Sept.   Dysentery
Ida J. Sibert 7 F     Illinois Feb.   Bronchitis
George Sibert 2 M     Illinois Apr.   Bronchitis
Fanny S. Handy 19 F     England Dec.   Consumption
Joseph Sibert 29 M   M Germany Sept. Cabinet Maker Murdered
Margaret Brown 3/365 F     Illinois June   Fits
Henry Goldsmith 53 M   M Pennsylvania July Shoemaker Typhoid Fever
James Sanders 2/12 M     Illinois July   Cholera Infantum
Theodore Gaither 1 M     Illinois Oct.   Cholera Infantum
Thomas Green 42 M   W Pennsylvania Oct. Laborer Consumption
Angeline Miller 2/12 F     Illinois June   Whooping Cough
Wm Kelly 1 M     Illinois Nov.   Sore Throat
Hesekiah Evans 59 M   M Kentucky Sept. Farmer Typhoid Fever
Ellen Owens 9 F     Illinois Mar.   Scarlet Fever
Eliza A. Dinsmore 1 F     Illinois Jan.   Quinsey
Carrie Gillham 1/12 F     Illinois Nov.   Cholera Infantum
Wm A. Armstrong 19 M     Ohio March Farm Laborer Consumption
Susan M. Campbell 17 F     Illinois Feb.   Fright
Jane E. Fontel 10/12 F     Illinois Sept.   Unknown
Mary B. Clarkson 2 F     Illinois Apr.   Scarlet Fever
Wm R. Dean 30 M     England Apr. Stonbe Mason Apoplexy
Wm Coultas 20 M     Illinois June Farm Laborer Consumption
Lucy E. Dawson 3 M     Illinois Oct.   Lung Fever
Georg Coultas 63 F   M England June Farmer Typhoid Fever
Martha Cary 2/365 M     Illinois Jan.   Unknown



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