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Scott County, Illinois
Register of Licensed Physicians

Source: Official Register of Legally Qualified Physicians, Revised to April 15, 1912,
Illinois State Board of Health.

Transcribed by Genealogy Trails Transcription Team Member Dania Ward




Year of

College or
Licensing Body

Year of

Bowman, Charles Stuart Winchester R 1909 Barnes, St. Louis 1909
Bowman, George W. Alsey E 1880 American, St. Louis 1880
Brengle, George C. Winchester R 1889 P. & S., Chicago 1888
Canatsey, Edward D. Bluffs R 1904 Barnes, St. Louis 1904
Day, Lewis R. Winchester R 1897 Barnes, St. Louis 1897
Dyer, Wilson Kirt Merritt E 1908 Eclec. Cincinnati 1908
Eekman, Jr., John Wesley Winchester R 1908 P. & S. Chicago 1908
Evans, Charles A. Bluffs R 1896 Medical, Indiana 1896
Fletcher, H.H. Winchester R 1899 Barnes, St. Louis 1899
Knox, Wm. T Manchester R 1896 Mo. Medical 1896
Miner, James Winchester R 1887 Jefferson 1861
Stewart, Jr., John Hardin Exeter R 1908 Barnes, St. Louis 1908
Straight, George M. Winchester R 1881 P. & S., Keokuk 1881
Tinkler, Pearl Glasgow R 1911 Barnes, St. Louis 1911
Weis, J.W. Manchester H 1878 Hahnemann, Chi 1872


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