The 1880 Reunion of the 112th Illinois Volunteers at Bradford, IL

September 30, 1880
Taken From the Wyoming Post - Reprinted in the Henry Republican

As per previous announcement the 15th annual reunion of the 112th Illinois Volunteers was held in Bradford on Wednesday. The day opened dark and rainy, and it was feared that the elements would make the reunion a failure, but not withstanding the lowering clouds and the drizzling rain, the people began filling the town at an early hour, while the boom of the Neponset artillery announced the "the boys" were coming to town.

At 10 a.m. the old soldiers of teh 112th formed in fours, under command of Capt. J. D. Hatfield, and headed by Walker's martial band, marched in force to the republican wigwam, where the exercises were to be held, and which was already well filled with old soldiers and citizens who had come together to commemorate "the day we celebrate."

General T. J. Henderson, president of the association, called the meeting to order, when the boys of the 112th rose in their places and saluted their old battle-torn colors with three hearty cheers.  After prayer by the chaplain, Rev. James Goodman, the Bradford male glee club, composed of Messrs. H. J. Baldwin, Wm. M. Pilgrim, S. A. Fairbanks and M. S. Curtiss, with Mrs. H. J. Baldwin at the organ, sand with great power "Friends, we come with songs to greet you." The president, Gen. Henderson, then introduced Rev. A. A. Abbott of Bradford, who in a fine and well delivered address, welcomed the boys of the 112th and their friends to the village of Bradford.  Lieut. G. Alden responded with one of the most pleasant addresses of teh meeting. The glee club then sung "Marching Through Georgia," the entire audience joining in the chorus.

At this point, the meeting adjourned for dinner. The ladies of the Baptist and Methodist churches had prepared an abundant supply of rations, and the boys were not long in taking up the line of march, headed by Quartermaster Alden, who showed to his old companions that he had not forgotten how to handle the commissary department, and the ladies were kept busy in answering the calls made upon them for hot coffee, etc. Fully 7000 people were fed at the two places and all were well satisfied with their treatment, and were loud in their praises of the ladies who managed the commissary.

At 2 p.m., the meeting was again called to order, and the business of the association was proceeded with the first in order being the election of officers. Gen. T. J. Henderson was unanimously elected president, and in a very neat speech, in which he said in this case there should be a change, he thanked the association for the honor and accepted the position. Lieut. G. C. Alden was made vice president and B. F. Thompson secretary.

Cambridge was selected as teh next place of meeting, the time fixed August 19, 1881, that being the day of the organization of the regiment. The chair appointed as an executive committee John Jennings, Wm. White and Andrew B. Lafferty.

The secretary read letters from Capt. Armstrong of Iowa, Capt. McCartney and Abner Norman of Missouri. The last writer said: "Tell the boys I shall vote this year just as I shot during the war."

One death has occured since the last reunion James Clough, of Henry county, aged 73 years.

Maj. Hosford was next called upon, and briefly addressed the people, after which the band played "Rally,'Round the Flag."

Capt. T. E. Milchrist offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That we extend to the people of Bradford and vicinity our sincere thanks for our cordial reception and hospitable entertainment upon this occasion.

Resolved, That we thank the members of other regiments for their attendance here today and we cordially invite all of them to meet with us at all of our future meetings,

The resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Upon assembling in the evening it was found that 63 veterans of the 112th were present, and 45 from other regiments. The evening was occupied in short speeches by the soldiers, or relating reminiscences of the war, and in having a general good time.

Roll of Honor

Contributed by Karen Seeman

from the Stark County News

Aug. 2, 1888

The following named old veterans of Stark County voted for William H. Harrison for President in 1840, and if they live until the 6th of November, will vote for his grandson, Gen. Ben. Harrison, for President in 1888:

George W. Dewey, Toulon

Hopkins Shivvers, Toulon

James M. Flint, Toulon

C. M. S. Lyon, Toulon

John W. Plummer, Toulon

Isaac Witter, Toulon

Nathan Lankford, Toulon

Oren Maxfield, Toulon

P. P. Johnson, Toulon

Nelson Prout, Toulon

W. D. James, Toulon

Henry Dewey, Toulon

William A. Swett, Toulon

James Price, Toulon

Benjamin Packer, Toulon

John H. Graves, West Jersey

Joseph Cox, Essex

G. H. Redfield

William H. Hurd, LaFayette

Benjamin Bunnell, Penn.

Voted for Van Buren in 1846, but will vote for Harrison in 1888:

Oliver Whitaker, Toulon

S. W. Eastman, Toulon

Minott Silliman, Toulon

S. H. Sanders, West Jersey

We would like to extend this list next week, to include the name of every man in the county who voted for Harrison in 1840, and will vote for Harrison in 1888.

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