Out In The Country

Taken From the Henry News Republican
October 21, 1869


This place, it is confidently asserted is the exact centre of 10 miles around it, and destined “In a few day” to cover up that much territory in squares and blocks of buildings, very much to the detriment of such small fry places as Henry, Tiskilwa, Buda, Neponset, Toulon, Wyoming and Sparland. Houses are going up at the rate of one in several minutes and few seconds, and the entire stock of one lumber yard has been “used up”, in making stakes for staking out corner lots. People are crowding in from all directions, and houses are all full and stables too. So much for fun; now for earnest.

Bradford is destined to be a place of considerable magnitude and is growing rapidly.  Trade in all its branches is already represented, and a good hotel would do a splendid business. The cars will be running there by the first of next month, and of course everybody is awaiting with pleasant expectations so important an event. At this place we formed the acquaintance of Bradford F. Thompson, of the state legislature, J. B. Doyle long in the mercantile business here, and Mr. Foster who after a residence of 18 years is glad to see such prosperous and promising times.

We shall further speak of the vicinity at another time, and close for the present this long letter. --------Rambler.

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A Dash for Liberty.

April 17, 1890

William Coates, confined in the Stark county jail, jumped the confines last Saturday morning.  Jailor H. W. Newland was standing guard while his son Jim was gone after a pail of coal, the prisoner feigning sleep, but in a moment of time, with the agility of a deer, he sprang against Mr. Newland, knocked him over and scud.  Jailor Newland was on his feet in a moment and sent a club after the fleeing prisoner, which took effect but did not retard his progress.  About this time Jim took in the situation, and the race for life began.  At times the prisoner was overhauled, but being large and muscular would get loose, and so over hill and through valley, bush and bramble, a circuit of about three miles was made, when Jim got the advantage and collaring the fugitive gave an exhibition of catch-as-you please that astonished him, and not-withstanding his threats to kill, hung on like a leech, wholly un-armed except with muscle and grit, until help came and the prisoner was secured. --[Toulon Sentinel.

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Castleton Miscellaneous News Items

Taken From the Henry Republican

Castleton, February 19, 1880

The measles are plentiful; 10 new cases since last week, and not much of a week for measles either.

Robert Bunnell shipped 180 hogs to McCurdy & Beveridge. These were of his won raising and realized him a handsome sum.

C. Bermaster and S. A. Clark leave here for Nebraska this week. H. O. Brown and Will. Perkins start next week.

Our friend Clinton Avery is dangerously ill; he is afflicted with the whooping cough, which makes his wounds very painful.

Chet. Fulford spent an evening with us last week, glad to see our old friends.

Mrs. Joh of Valley, had been visiting with her daughter Mrs. H. D. D. Martin a few days.

N. J. Tram

Castleton, April 29, 1880

Mr. Sullivan's wife has been quite sick, but is slowly recovering. His oldest daughter has been afflicted with neuralgia of the stomach for the past three months, she cannot retain any nourishment, and at presetn writing there is but little hopes of her recovery.

Our school election resulted in the election of Charles Gleason for school director. Although the greenbackers were on the ground with their little shot guns, it availed nothing, the victory was ours.

Harlow Brown has built an addition to his property, this gives Mr. Sullivan more room to display his fine stock of hardware, and also to make room for Mr. Holland, who occupies the second floor for a restaurant and boarding house.

July 22, 1880 - Castleton

Castleton can boast of a lady clerk, Miss Clara Lewis is clerking for Dr. Holgate in the city drug store.

Cyrus Bocock has build an addition to his farm residence east of this place.

Castleton is on the boom. We have a new harness shop. The proprietor, J. J. Gibbons, come to us recommended by Adams, Johnson & Co. of Galesburg.

Ed. Champ talks of starting a new hardware store in the building formerly occupied by J. A. White.

W. H. Martin is the happy father of a 12 pound boy. We are just as much obliged, Will, but we quit smoking last new years.

H. D. Martin has his shop full of buggies; repainting them, and more coming, which speaks well for his work. He does his work well and prompt.

I. Tram.

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