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Elmira News

The Bradford Republican, Thursday, June 25, 1885

Henry Stiers is now painting for George Murry.
Mr. Reed was unwell last Friday and in consequence there was no school.
Nellie Jackson carried off the first prize for good speaking at our village school last Friday.
Walter Stevenson is still in feeble health, owing to the severe nervous shock he sustained and almost frantic sorrow over that unfortunate accident.
Our road commissioners have taken up road improvement in earnest, and it will not be long before our roads will be in a good condition for travel.
William Stevenson has moved a tenement house into the village and placed it on the lot now occupied by Mr. McBride, and he intends to improve and fit it up to rent.
Clinton Fuller has sold three of the Dangler Vapor stoves to parties near here lately. Walter and Win Fuller have now used these stoves for over two years and are thoroughly satisfied with them.
We are sorry to hear that the children in Henry Boardman's school have shown decided signs of trying to have things their own way. But we trust Henry will have his way pleasantly if he can, and forcibly if he must, for a little moral switch sometimes proves more potent that a great deal of moral suasion.

The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
Several picnics in this vicinity on the Fourth.
Our Knox friends have painted up their church in good shape.
Mrs. Miller of Neponset, nee Stevenson, and family is visiting friends and relatives here.
Our Osceola friends will hold a picnic in the grove near Buswell's pond on the 4th.
The Knox Sunday school will have a picnic in William Turnbull's grove north of town on the 4th.
American Presbyterian Sunday school will hold a picnic in Mario Tuttle's grove on the 4th.
Mr. Leason claims that two young men by the name of Hower and Cockell, rained the very old Harry around his residence, and almost frightened himself and daughter out of their wits, one evening not long since.

The Bradford Independent July 23, 1885
Crops in this vicinity begin to feel the effects of the drought.
Haying is about finished and oats harvesting is commencing.
Bub Buchannan has bought a fine engine and thresher lately.
Cokel and Hower deny the sets imputed to them by Hannah Leason.
Lew Osborn has a fine piece of spring wheat on his farm north of Modena.
A little son of Mr. Cinnamon who broke his thigh a short time age, has lately broken it again.
Henry Boardman is well again, but concludes that he will let matters rest about going to Janesville for a spell.

 The Bradford Republican, September 17, 1885

Bill Cinnamon is happy over a five pound boy.
Wm. Henneger is putting an addition on his house.
Clinton Fuller has been having a boat made for his pond.
Wm. Dank is building a hog house on the lot lately purchased of Iantha Brace.
Miss Carter had a farewell party before she went home. All enjoyed it who participated.
Henry Boardman teaches the young idea how to not shoot paper wads at the Grove school.
We learn that Mrs. Willmot Newton has had a difficult surgical operation performed successfully by Dr. Teel, of Peoria, in the removal of a tumor.
Robt. and Thomas Turnbull, of Page County, Iowa, come to Stark to attend the reunion of their old regiment, the bloody nineteenth, at Capt. Stuart's.

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