Eagleston Family Cemetery, Stark Co IL

Contributed by Randy Irwin

"I noticed that you do not have a listing of the graves for the Eagleston Cemetery. My family owns the ground and relatives of the Eaglestons used to come every year to see the cemetery. The old fella (Robert Eagleston) and his wife have passed on but they did send me a list of persons buried there many years ago. The Eagleston Cemetery is located in Stark County, Penn Township, Wyoming, IL. Up until the wind turbines came to this area it was very hard to get back to the site. The list the gentleman sent contains a list of all the people buried there and other information." -Randy Irwin

Burials in Eagleston Family Cemetery, located in the N.W. corner of the SE ¼. Section 22, Penn Twp., Stark Co. Ill.

John T. Eagelston d. Dec. 7, 1871 aged 75 years 1 month (6 ft. high marble stone, with square, compass and Bible carved on it)

William Eagelston April 15, 1819 - Aug. 30, 1891 (St. Lawrence marble, cost $135.00
Emeline, his wife, Feb. 15, 1821 - July 9, 1896

Mary E. Dau. Of W. & E. Eagelston D. Nov 16, 1855 aged 9 mo. 18 da.

Mary E. Dau. Of W. & E. Eagelston d. Mar. 10 1854 aged 5 mo. 10 da.

Harriet A., wife of Allen Ticknor d. Nov. 22, 1874 aged 21 yr. 6 mo. 16 da.

Two infants of William & Emeline Eagelston no stones

Adolphus Ribley d. Aug 23, 1860 aged 33 yr. 11 da. (hus. Of Ellen Eagelston)

John D. D. Phillips d. Jan 21, 1874 aged 4` yr.
(His wife was Susan Fargo, sister of Emeline Fargo wife of Wm. Eagelston. Susan is buried in Wyoming, b. Apr. 15, 1828 d. June 23, 1910)

Frank M., son of J. D. & S. A. Phillips d. Aug. 7, 1869 age 11 yr.

Abby, dau. Of J. D. & S. A. Phillips, d. June 26, 1860 aged 3 mo. 29 da. Twin

Alice, dau. Of J. D. & S. A. Phillips, d. June 3, 1860 age 2 mo. 6 da. Twin.
Mable, wife of Thomas Fargo, d. June 23, 1875 aged 80 yr. 6 mo. 10 da.
(Thomas Fargo buried in unmarked and unlocated grave in Kickapoo Twp., Peoria County, Ill. Parents of Emeline Fargo Eagelston)

Jane E. dau. Of M. & T. Fargo d. Jan. 9, 1860 aged 27 yrs. 5 mo. 3 da.

Thomas C. Eagelston Nov. 28 1833 - March 11, 1869
Anne V. Ellis, wife of Thomas C. Eagelston, Nov. 28, 1836 - July 9, 1874
(Thomas' second wife, Susannah Ray, buried Ipava, Ill.)

Mark, son of T. Eagelston July 30, 1871 - May 22 1881

George C., son of T. Eagelston, Feb. 27 1858 - Feb. 19, 1860

Martha, dau. Of T. Eagelston, May 24 1857 - Feb. 26, 1860

____ (Can't Read) 1857-1860
_______ 2-10-1860 D. 1868

Graves, no stones:
Inf. Dau. Of Herman Eagelston d. Feb. 25, ____
Inf. Son of James Eagelston d. July 31, 1890 aged 2 mo. 1 da.

Fanny Eagelston Smith, body cremated and shipped here for burial. Buried by Eric Eagelston in late 1940s (1947?) At the time of Fanny's death, she lived with her sisters Abbie and Jennie, all widows, in Denver, Colo.

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