Stark County Illinois Death Records

Contributed by Karen Seeman

September 1887- September 1888 Deaths

From the Stark County News

Sep. 6, 1888

Death Roll

Sep. 1887 - Sep. 1888

Sept. 8th 1887, near Newton Kansas, Mrs. Sarah Wing, wife of W. W. Wing and daughter of Hopkins Shivers, aged 38 years. Born at Washington Court House, Ohio, Aug. 6th, 1849, came to Stark Co., in 1853 and moved to Kansas.

Oct. 2nd, 1887, in Valley Township, Mrs. Judith S. Joh, wife of David Joh, aged 67 yers., 1 mo., 10 days. Born in Guernsey Co., Ohio, Aug. 22nd 1820; came to Stark Co. in 1854. Her maiden name was Ferbrache.

Oct. 15th, 1887, at Cherokee, Kansas, Mrs. Martha Jamison, wife of Capt. Jamison, aged ---. Born in Rose Co., Ohio; came to Stark Co. 1853, and moved west in 1865.

Oct. 18th 1887, Leighton F. Hill was killed by the cars at Princeville, aged 33 yrs., 7 mo., 10 days. Born in Washington, Ohio, March 8th 1854; came to Stark Co., in 1861 and lived in LaFayette and Toulon until the winter of '86 and '87, when he moved to Peoria.

Oct. 13, 1887 in Goshen Township, Mrs. Esther Moore, widow of Robert Moore deceased, aged 86 years, 5 mo. Born in Balleymoney, Antram Co., Ireland, in May, 1801; came to America in 1813, to Fulton Co. later, and in (---) to Stark Co.

Oct. 10 1887, at Saxon, Mrs. Martha Peterson, wife of Johns Peterson, aged 73 years. Born in Sweden in 1814. Emigrated to America in 1846.

Oct. 28th 1887, at Toulon, Calvin L. Eastman, aged 73 years. Born at Bridgewater, N.H., 1814; moved to Essex, Stark Co., in 1838, and later to Toulon, where he spent most of the remainder of his life.

Oct. 30th 1887, at Snareville, Hattie Snare, daughter of Nathan Snare, aged 20 years. She was born in Stark County.

Nov. 2nd, 1887, near Stark, John Koener, aged 66 years. Born in Germany.

Nov. 3rd 1887, in Elmira, Wm. T. Leason; aged 84 years. Born in Lincoln Co., Maine, Oct. 9th, 1863. Came here at an early day.

Nov. 13 at Peoria, Ill., Mrs. Francis Nowlan widow of Michael Nowlan deceased; aged 85 years. Born at Enniscorthy, Wexford Co., Ireland, 1802. Settled in Goshen in the Spring of 1840, where she lived until March 1887, when she moved to Peoria, where she died.

Nov. 1887, at McPherson, Kansas, Stephen Pratz; aged 63 years.

Nov. 20th, 1887, at Elmira, Seth Stuart; aged 75 years. Born at Peacham, Vermont, in 1812. Came to Osceola in 1856.

Nov. 28th, 1887, at Toulon, Eli Shockley, aged 84 years; Born at Millford, Del, Feb. 28th, 1803. Moved to Jeromesville, Ohio, in 1834, and to Toulon in 1849.

Nov. 25th, at Lincoln, Ill., John Hepperly, aged 75 years; Born at Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 11th 1815. Came to Tazewell Co., Ill., in 1855; Moved to Elmira soon after, where he lived until 1875, when he moved to Lincoln, Ill.

Nov. 29th, 1887, at Neponset, Mrs. Cynthia Stuart Horyhand, wife of Wm. Horyhand; aged 39 years. Came to Elmira in 1856, and moved to Neponset in 1886.

Nov. 26th, 1887, at Kewanee, Ill., Elisha Clark, an old resident of Stark County.

Dec. 4th, 1887, at West Jersey, Mrs. Sarah Swank, wife of H. R. Swank; aged 67 years. Born in Northumberland Co., Pa., Sept. 30, 1819. Came to West Jersey, in 1850.

Dec. 9th, 1887, at Saxon, Thos. Heaney, in his 34th year.

Dec. 19th, 1887, at Saxon, Jonas Peterson, aged ---.

Dec. 22nd, 1887, at Bay Center, Washington Ty. (?), A. D. Lake, aged 57 years. He lived in this county 35 years ago.

Dec. 26th, 1887, at Kewanee, Thomas Lyle, aged --.

Dec. 23rd, '87, in Toulon, Mrs. Emma Bowman, aged 35 years. She was born in West Jersey Tp. Her maiden name was White.

Dec. 25th, '87, in Toulon, Mrs. Cora Christy, wife of Charles Christy, aged 29 years. She was born in Toulon in 1858. Her maiden name was Keffer.

Jan. 2nd, '88, in Toulon, Mrs. Ellen McKeighan, wife of Robt. McKeighan Sr., aged 56 years. Born Aug. 31, '39 in Hamilton Co., Ohio. Settled in Fulton Co., Ill., in Sept. 1831. Moved to Stark Co., in 1865.

Jan. 16th, 1888, in Essex Tp., Mrs. Catherine Cox, wife of Joseph Cox, aged 75 years. Born in Carroll Co., Vermont, March 5, 1812. Settled in Essex Tp., in 1838.

Jan. 16th, 1888, in West Jersey Tp., Jacob Kissel, aged 77 years. He was born in Lancaster Co., Penn. in 1810, came to Canton, Ill., in 1850, and to West Jersey in 1862.

Jan. 19, 1888, at Toulon, Deacon Norman Butler, aged 88 years. He was born in Lancaster, Conn., Sept. 3, 1799. Settled in Wethersfield, Ill., in 1834 and moved to Toulon in '49 where he resided till his death.

Jan. 23rd, at Toulon, Edwin Butler, aged 47 years. Born in Wethersfield Jan. 9 '41 and came to Toulon in '49.

Jan. 16th, '88 in Galva, John Emery, aged 81 years. Born in Penn., April 1806, and settled in West Jersey Tp. in 1835. For a few years had resided in Galva.

Jan. 20, '88, at Jefferson, Ia., Mrs. Martha Perry Ellis, aged 43 years. She was born in Toulon, May 22, 1844, and moved to Jefferson in 1868.

Jan. 24th, '88, in Valley Tp., Wm. McConnell, in his 75th year. He was born in Down, Banbridge Co., Ireland in 1813 and came to Illinois in '53.

Feb. 3rd '88 in West Jersey Tp., Samuel W. Smith, aged 42 years. He was born in West Jersey Tp., July 31, 1845, and had always lived there.

Feb. 10, 1858 at La Fayette, Wm. Marks, aged 71 years. Born in Berks Co., Penn. in 1816 and settled in Goshen Tp. in 1852.

Feb. 16th, '88, at Lawn Ridge, J. W. Owens, aged 69 years.

Feb. 12th, '88 at Toulon, Rev. James Stickney, aged 78 years. Born in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., N.Y. March 3, 1809, came west to Wisconsin in 1843, and in Jan. 1847 moved to Toulon, and entered the pastorate of the Baptist Church in this place.

Feb. 1888 at St. Paul, Minn., Dr. A. Wilmot of Lawn Ridge, aged 85 yrs.

Feb. 16th, 1888, at Lawn Ridge, Daniel Green, aged 90 years.

Feb. 17th, 1888, in Wethersfield, Henry Co., Mrs. Jane Armstrong, wife of John Armstrong and daughter of John Rule.

Feb. 18th, 1888, at West Jersey, Mrs. Lydia Pomeroy, wife of N. E. Pomery, aged 57 years. Born at Hackettstown, N. J. in 1853, Aug. 2nd, 1830. Came to West Jersey in 1853, where she has resided at intervals ever since. Her maiden name was Anthony.

Feb. 1888, at Ainsworth, Neb., Thomas N. Fitch, aged 80 years. Born in Ctscgo (?) Co., N.Y., Feb. 1st, 1807, settled at LaFayette in 1846, where he resided until Oct. 1887, when he moved to Nebraska.

Feb. 28th, Mrs. Sarah Albin Cole, aged 83 years. Born Mercer Co., Pa., Oct. 26th 1804, came to West Jersey, Stark County, in 1855.

March 5th, 1888 near Eugene, Iowa, Mrs. Emeline Clark, aged 74 years. Born Jan. 23rd 1888 (?), came to Stark County in 1810, where she resided until recently, when she went to Iowa.

March 8th, 1888, at Chicago, George P. Flint, aged 40 years. Born in Toulon, Aug. 12th, 1847, and has always resided here.

March 23, 1888, at Elmira, Mrs. Betsey Rule, wife of Alex. Rule, aged 70 years. She was born in Scotland.

March 27th, 1888, at LaFayette, Ill. Mrs. Betsey Wilber, widow of Jos. H. Wilber, deceased; aged 76 years. She was born in Fairfield, Franklin Co., Va., July 16th, 1811. Came to Ill. in 1835.

April 13th, '88, at Newport, Mo., Miss Ellen West, daughter of Eltes West, aged 25 years. She was born in West Jersey Tp. in 1863, where she had always lived till 1886 when the family moved to Missouri.

April 23rd, '88, in West Jersey Tp., Theodore Whitten, aged 76 years. He was born in Bucks Co., Penn., Oct. 23, 1811, moved to Licking Co., Ohio in 1813 and in 1855 settled in Stark, where he resided until his death.

April 29th, '88, at Wyoming, Mrs. Ann Cain, wife of Patrick Cain, aged 71 years. She was born in County South, Ireland Feb. 15, 1817, and came to America in 1845.

April 30th, '88, at Rock Island, Ill., Miss Sarah Spencer, aged 85 years. She was an early settler in Osceola.

May 11, '88, in Wethersfield Tp., Henry Co., Sanuel P. Stewart, aged 41 years. He was born, and always resided in Wethersfield.

May 9th, '88, at La Fayette, Mrs. Sarah V. Gillett, wife of Silas W. Gillett, aged 77 years. She was born in Ulster Co., N.Y. March 5, 1811, and moved to La Fayette in 18??. Her maiden name was Bevier.

May 20th, '88, in Essex Tp., Miss Elizabeth Essex, aged 81 years. She was born, Nov. 25, 1806, in Albemarle Co., Va., and settled in Essex in 1836, where she always resided.

June 7th, '88, in Osceola, David Fulk, aged 68 years. He was born in Ohio in 1820, and settled in Osceola 40 years ago.

June 11th, '88, in Lynn Tp. Knox Co. Harry Hayes, aged 82 years. He was born at Galway N.Y., April 17, 1806, and settled in Stark Co. in 1838.

July 5th, '88, in Platt Centre, Neb. Robert Nicholson, aged 65 years. Born 1823; settled in Goshen in 1833, where he lived until 18 years ago, he moved to Neb.

July 18th '88, in Elmira tp., "Uncle" John Turnbull, aged 81 years. Born near New Castle, Lidesdale, in Roxboroughshire, Scotland, Nov. 23rd, 1806, Came to Joliet, Ill., in 1837, and in Jan., 1838 settled in Osceola.

July 20th '88, at Jacksonville, Ill., Dennis Gulre, aged 42 years. Born near Wyoming Jan. 11th, 1846, where he resided, except at brief intervals all his life.

July 14th, '88 near Vermont, Ill., Dr. Charles Henry, aged 26. Born in West Jersey Township.

July 26th, '88, at Galesburg, Louisa T. McKenzie, wife of James McKenzie, and daughter of the late William Thomas, aged 47years. She was born in Wyoming Aug. 17, 1842 and moved to Galesburg in 1865.

July 26th, '88, at Iowa City, Iowa, Mrs. Elizabeth Cowperthwaite, aged 71 years. Born in Cape May Co., N. J. June 3rd, 1817. Moved to Toulon in 1818 where she lived until her removal to Iowa City a year ago. Her maiden name was Godfrey.

Aug. 4th, '88, near Afton, Iowa, Alma Wright, wife of Edward Wright, aged 55 years. She settled in Elmira 35 years ago, and moved to Iowa in 1885.

Aug. 8th, '88, at Wyoming, Mrs. ------ Hammond, wife of A. G. Hammond, aged 54 years. She was born in Chemung Co., New York, July 26 1834 and came to Wyoming in 1847. Her maiden name was Wynkop.

August 9th, '88, at La Fayette, Mrs. John Foster.

Aug. 14th, 1888, in Toulon, Mrs. Amy E. Sorenson, wife of Christie Sorenson, aged 34 years. Born in Noble Co., Indiana, July 8th, 1854, she came to Toulon in 1853 where she has resided at intervals ever since.

Aug. 18th, 1888, in West Jersey Tp., Joseph Reed, aged 82 years. Born in Lancaster Co., Penn., March 25th, 1806, moved to Ohio in 1825, and came to Stark Co. in 1864.

1895 Old Settler's Deaths

From the Stark County News

Sept. 12, 1895



Chas. O. Gleason, died in Penn, March 27, 1895. Born in N.H., March 1, 1834. Settled in this county in 1855.

Nathan Lankford, died in Toulon, March 27, 1895, aged 88 years. Born in Virgia in 1807. Resided in Toulon since 1855.

William D. Quinn, died in Toulon, April 30m 1895, aged 37 years. Born in this county May 20, 1858.

Miles A. Fuller, died in Toulon, April 21, 1895, aged 72 years. Born in Penn., in 1822. Settled in this county in 1836.

Mrs. Jane Noret, died in Wyoming, Dec. 14, 1894.

Mrs. Mary Hartley, died in Toulon, Dec. 25, 1895, aged 39 years.

Levan E. Timmons, died in Wyoming, Dec. 20, 1894, aged 75 years. Settled in this county in 1847.

Frank G. Rose, died in Penn, 1895, aged ?5 years.

Mrs. Jennie L. Clark, died in Penn, June 18, 1895, aged 81 years.

Mrs. Dinah Clark, died in Penn, July 2, 1895, aged -- years.

Miss Annie Simmerman, died in Penn, Dec. 10, 1894, aged 25 years.

Mrs. Emily J. Whitney, died in Wyoming, August 20, 1895, aged 67 years. Settled in the state in 1852; in the 1870.

John H. McLennan, died in Elmira, Oct. 21, 1894, aged 80 years. Settled in this county in 1849.

Mrs. Henrietta Hendricks, died in Lafayette, Sept. 5, 1895.

Isaac J. Imes, died in Castleton, Sept. 2, 1895, aged 46 years. Born in Stark county.

Mrs. Angeline C. Ackley, died in Gilman, Iowa, May 22, 1895, aged 75 years. A resident of West Jersey 28 years.

Robert Hall, died in Elmira, Aug. 17, 1895, aged 82 years, 1 month and 2 days. Died on the farm he entered in 1836; has resided there ever since.

Aaron Johnson, died in West Jersey, August 22, 1895, aged 88 years, 7 months, 5 days. Settled in this county in 1851.

Miss Sarah J. Fulton, died in Toulon, May 8, 1895, aged 36 years. Born in this county.

James F. Thomson, died in Lafayette, March 17, 1895, aged 63 years. Born in Franklin county, Vt. Came to Ill. in 1841, and to Lafayette in 1847.

James Irwin, died in Modena, Feb. 17, 1895, aged 86 years, 9 months and 15 days. Born in County Tyrone, Ireland, May 12, 1808.

Mrs. Catharine Bolt, died in Castleton, Sept. 18, 1894, aged 87 years. Born in Pennsylvania; settled in this county in 1841.

Mrs. Ruth Martin, died in Toulon, October 2, 1894, aged 71 years. Born in Penn., Nov. 19, 1823. Settled in this county in 1837.

William Dittmon, died in Wyoming, Oct. 1, 1894, aged 72 years. Settled in Peoria county in 1848.

James A. Ham, died near Toulon, Oct. 27, 1894, aged 30 years, 4 months and 19 days. Born in this county.

Harvey Pettit, died in Wyoming, Nov. 9, 1894, aged 75 years. Settled in this county in 1847.

Leffee A. Brady, died in West Jersey, Nov. 15, 1894, aged 63 years.

Mrs. Lydia Ann Thomas, died in Wyoming, Jan. 12, 1892, aged 79 years. Settled in this county in 1844.

Andrew Oliver, died in Elmira, Feb. 8, 1895 aged 75 yrs. Born in Scotland in 1820. Settled in this county in 1838.

David Lyall, died in Essex, Feb. 8, 1895, aged 68 years. Born in Scotland in 1827.

Mrs. May F. Oliver, died in Elmira, Jan. 30, 1895, aged 34 years. Born in this county.

Ephriam W. Smith, died in Toulon.

William Miller, died in Wyoming, Nov. 13, 1894, aged 78. Settled in this county in 1848.

John W. Mahany, died in Toulon, Nov. 23, 1894, aged 54. Born in this county.

Chas. W. Phenix, died in Bradford, Aug. 6, 1895, aged 51 years.

September 1904 - December 1904 Deaths

From the Stark County News

Sep. 13, 1905

Death Roll

September -December 1904

Mrs. John TURNEY, LaMoille, September 8

Thomas STEPHENSON, Wyoming, September 8, aged 86

Mrs. Helen FREY, Castleton, September 11, aged 47

Mrs. Sarah FULPER, Saxon, September 13, aged 77

Elias LYON, Toulon, September 25, aged 79

Mrs. H. A. MARSH, Bradford, September 28, aged 53

Serren ALPAUGH, Princeton, September 28, aged 54

Thomas FOX, Wyoming, October 4, aged 89

Mrs. Charles WILSON, Dunlap, October 21

Robert BLACK, Bradford, October 22, aged 48

Mrs. Mordecai BEVIER, Bradford, October 26, aged 59

John TESS, Castleton, October 30, aged 88

Sarah Belle SHULLAW, Wyoming, November 3, aged 38

Mrs. Johanna RILEY, Peoria, November 6, aged 62

Harry STOREY, Toulon, November 5, aged 46

Mrs. R. C. DUNN, Chicago, November 14

W. T. DICKINSON, Dayton, Washington, November 19, aged 65

James COLEMAN, Knox county, November 21, aged 73

Samuel M. WHITE, LaFayette, November 20, aged 75

Oliver PARKS, New York, November

Mrs. Mary MINER, Pasadena, California, November 24, aged 60

Mrs. D. J. HURD, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, November 4, aged 80

Mrs. Celia Mitchell WESCOTT, Wyoming, November 23, aged 44

Charles HAMPSON, Stark, December 1

William ALLEN, Toulon, December 5, aged 75

Mrs. Mary MATTEY, LaFayette, Oregon, November 29

Dr. Judson C. Gill, Riverside, California, December 6, aged 68

Mrs. John HAWKS, Eureka Springs, Ark., December 13, aged 70

Mrs. Sarah Eldridge JAMISON, Chicago, December 7, aged 50

Mrs. Bridget MCGUIRE, Bradford, December 10

Napoleon B. ENOS, Castleton, December 28, aged 66

Mrs. W. H. GRAY, Wyoming, December 31, aged 58

Mrs. Amanda (Lee) ANSHUTZ, Rockwell, La., December 28, aged 59

Jesse ELSTON, Wyoming, December 25, aged 45

January 1905 - August 1905 Deaths

From the Stark County News

Sep. 13, 1905

Death Roll

Janary-August, 1905

Plus Misc. Dates

John BALLENTINE, Wethersfield, January 1, 1905, aged 59

Bela H. CURTIS, Burnside, January 1, aged 60

D. J. HURD, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, December 8, aged 84

John N. GAVIN, Wyoming, January 6, aged 40

Mrs. D. M. PERRILL, Bradford, January 8, aged 54

Mrs. Betsey EAGLESTON, Wyoming, January 11, aged 79

Miss Rose COLGAN, Peoria, January 7, aged 22

James BALLENTINE, Wethersfield, January 12, aged 27

Mrs. J. H. VERNON, Modena, January 16

Mrs. Mary DOUGHTY, LaFayette, January 20, aged 80

Mrs. Adam TURNBULL, Elmira, January 19, aged 46

Mrs. J. M. THOMAS, Wyoming, January 25, aged 70

Mrs. George REED, LaFayette, January 24, aged 46

Charles JANES, LaFayette, January 30, aged 67

Thomas C. DUNLAP, Wyoming, January 25, aged 66

Mrs. Nancy MILLER, Wyoming, January 29, aged 82

Mrs. Ann CAMPION, Camp Grove, January

Charles L. PETTEGREW, Bradford, January 25, aged 39

Mrs. W. H. BOYER, Wyoming, February 9, aged 81

Lyman WILLIAMS, LaFayetted, February 9, aged 87

Josiah HIGGINS, Toulon, February 7, aged 79

Mrs. Luther GEER, Toulon, February 15, aged 90.

Mrs. David TINLIN, Toulon, February 18, aged 73

Mrs. Ernest POTTER, West Jersey, February 18, aged 32

William G. BRADLEY, Nelson, Nebraska, February 16, aged 60

William BLAKEWELL, Wyoming, February 19, aged 94

Benjamin NEWTON, Modena, February 26, aged 69

John G. ROBERTSON, Ogallala, Nebraska, February 26, aged 74

Leslie J. PATTISON, Gilchrist, March 4, aged 27

Duncan L. MURCHISON, Greely, Colorado, March 11, aged 59

James GORMAN, Bradford, March 14, aged 79

Daniel S. GINGRICH, Stringtown, March 18, aged 47

Mrs. Sarah STEWART, Toulon, March 17, aged 93

Mrs. John LACKEY, Osceola, Marvh 15, aged 72

James MCGEE, Bradford, March 22

Mrs. I. L. NEWMAN, Evanstone, March 18, aged 76

Mrs. L. D. MAXFIELD, Saxon, March 23, aged 42

Josiah DEYO, Bradford, March 26, aged 84

Mrs. Nora (Hartley) MAHANY, Toulon, March 31, aged 31

David NEWMYRE, Toulon, April 2, aged 93

Harlow J. SPRAGUE, Bradford, march 28, aged 70

Frank LEET, Audobon, Iowa, April 6, aged 44

Frank MOREY, St. Louis, March

Mrs. Margaret (Johnson) LAFFERTY, LaFayette, April 6, aged 62

Mrs. Nellie (Garden) LIPPOTT, Castleton, April 8, aged 47

W. S. MERRIMAN, Watertown, March 31, aged 71

Thomas PERRY, Abiline, Kansas, April 18, aged 62

Mrs. Edward NICHOLAS, Wyoming, April 23, aged 29

Benjamin TODD, Peoria, April 27, aged 75

Mrs. Margaret MCCANCE, Cozad, Nebraska, May 3, aged 75

Benjamin PACKER, Toulon, May 13, aged 86

Kirk LASHELLE, Bellport, L.I., Mary 16, aged 42

Charles Otis WRIGHT, Woodward county, Okla., April 26, aged 35

Mrs. Lydia J. HADSALL, Kewanee, May 21, aged 71

Mrs. Rebecca GRAVES, Princeville, May 26, aged 71

Mrs. Dan EASTMAN, Ogden, Iowa, May 18, aged 54

James B. HINMAN, Speer, May 27, aged 59

Harrison NEWTON, Gilman, Iowa, June 3, aged 9

Mrs. Henry DEXTER, Kewanee, June 15, aged 38

Mrs. R.M. RUSSELL, Rock Island, June 16, aged 69

Miss Sibella RUTHERFORD, Elmire, June 26, aged 36

William A. SWEET, Toulon, June 26, aged 36

Philip SHANER, Saxon, June 23, aged 91

Hans GREEN, Lynn township, Knox county, June 19, aged 61

Mrs. Simeon L. WILLIAMS, Wichita, Kansas, June 30, aged 81

Luman P. HIMES, Singleton, California, June 29, aged 68

Mrs. Clarinda AVERY, Kewanee, July 5, aged 65

Norman W. CHURCH, Peoria, July 3, aged 81

Mrs. Elizabeth DAVIDSON, Portersville, Cal., February 22, aged 65

Richard TAPP, Bartonville, April 8

Mrs. Lizzie NORETT, Watertown, June 7

Mrs. Andrew BRITTON, Bradford, July 14, aged 81

Mrs. Frank COLGAN, Wyoming, July 19, aged 32

Mrs. Elizabeth TURNBULL, Elmira, July 20, aged 75

Mrs. Jacob MCQUIRE, Greenleaf, Kansas, July 22, aged 75

David FAST, Lamar, Missouri, July

Stephen W. MARING, Corning, Iowa, July 13, aged 72

Mrs. O. B. MANLEY, LaFayette, July 29, aged 84

N. P. CROSS, Pleasanton, Kansas, october, 1903

Cyrus SHINN, Oneida, Kansas, 1898

Mrs. Ed HARTY, Wyoming, August 2, aged 68

Mrs. Martha VANSICKLE, Toulon, August 3, aged 45

James R. GELVIN, Essex township, August 3, aged 68

Nathan SNARE, Florissant, Colorado, August 7, aged 79

Thomas MCBRIDE, Conway Springs, Kansas, October 10, 1904

Luke CODE, Sr., Bradford, August 14, aged 77

John H. HALL, Toulon, August 28, aged 40

Augustus BAILEY, Wyoming, August 26

Other Death Records

Death Records from Stark County

Full Name of Deceased: Benjamin Franklin States

Sex: Male

Color: White

Age: 36 years, 4 months, 0 days

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania

Lived in Illinois: 15 years

Occupation: Laborer

Died on the: 8th day of July, 1908, at about 3 p.m.

Place of Death: Castleton, Illinois

Place of Burial: Pleasant Valley

Date of Burial: July 10, 1908

Name of Undertaker: Fred Leadley, Bradford, Illinois

Cause of Death: Pyremia resulting from a carbuncle on left temple, duration 12 days

Full Name of Deceased: William Graves

Sex: Male

Color: White

Age: 87 years, 6 months, 27 days

Place of Birth: North Carolina

Lived in Illinois: 45 years

Occupation: Farmer

Died on the: 17th day of June, 1908, at about 4 p.m.

Place of Death: Essex Twp., Stark Co.

Place of Burial: Sheets, Essex Twp.

Date of Burial: June 19, 1908

Name of Undertaker: Fred Prouty, Princeville, Ill.

Cause of Death: General Senility for 2 months, 6 days, 4 hours, contibuting cause: atrophy of liver

Full Name of Deceased: Alzore Mabell Brazee

Sex: Female

Color: White

Age: 15 years, 8 months, 17 days

Place of Birth: Stark County, Ill.

Lived in Illinois: 15 years


Died on the: 1st day of June, 1908, at about 9 a.m.

Place of Death: West Jersey Twp., Stark Co., Ills.

Place of Burial: West Jersey

Date of Burial: June 3rd, 1908

Name of Undertaker: Wm. Holgate (?), Wyoming, Ill.

Full Name of Deceased: Charles Henry Cox

Sex: Male

Color: White

Age: 61 yrs 7 mos 18 ds

Place of Birth: Essex tp., Stark co., Ills.

Lived in Illinois: all his life

Occupation: farmer, married

Died on the: 18th day of August, 1906, at about 2 a.m.

Place of Death: Essex Township

Place of Burial: Sheets Cemetery, Essex Tp.

Date of Burial: Aug. 20, 1906

Name of Undertaker: A. Sundquist, Toulon, Ill.

Cause of Death: Organic heart disease, duration 2 years

Full Name of Deceased: John Dawson

Sex: Male

Color: White

Age: 46 yrs 11 mos 19 ds

Place of Birth: Wyoming, Ills.

Lived in Illinois: 46 yrs

Occupation: General Laborer, married

Died on the: 23rd day of August, 1906, at about 5 p.m.

Place of Death: Wyoming, Illinois

Place of Burial: Wyoming, Illinois

Date of Burial: August 24, 1906

Name of Undertaker: Wm. Holgate, Wyoming, Ill.

Cause of Death: Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Full Name of Deceased: Matilda Pratt

Sex: Female

Color: White

Age: 80 years 7 months 2 days

Place of Birth: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Lived in Illinois: 60 years

Occupation: Housewife, widow

Died on the: <remainder of page missing>

Place of Death: <remainder of page missing>

Place of Burial: <remainder of page missing>

Date of Burial: <remainder of page missing>

Name of Undertaker: <remainder of page missing>

Cause of Death: <remainder of page missing>

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