The 1888 Reunion of the 112th Illinois Volunteers

From the Stark County News, Aug. 30, 1888

- Contributed by Karen Seeman

112th Regiment Annual Reunion

Death Roll for the Past Year

Robert F. Steele, Commissary Sergeant, who died Sept. 6, '87.

Edwin Butler, Company F, died January 23, '88.

Marvin Stewart, Sergeant, Company A, died March 14, '88.

John P. Wing, Company D, died April 29, '88.

Lieut. Geo. C. Alden, Quarter-master, died July 17, '88.

Members Present:

H. W. Wells, Peoria, Ills.

H. Hirschberger, Company A., Annawan, Ill.

James M. Hosford, Geneseo, Ill.

Philip J. Wintz, Company A., Annawan, Ill.

H?rt Harris, Annawan, Ill.

David D. Plantz, Long Lake, Minn.

D. S. Lewis, company H., Moline, Ills.

Charles Smith, Company H., Galva

J. W. Stems, Company H., Sheffield, Ills.

A. J. Sible, Company H., Hawk Eye, Fayette Co., Iowa

Bruce Crain, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Wm. Godfrey, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Geo. G. Mowrey, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

James Keyser, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

John W. Goss, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Geo. W. Lawrence, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Rulandus Brown, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Byron N. Coe, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Marvin Welton, Company I, Geneseo, Ills.

Charles Seyler, Company I, Atkinson, Ills.

A. P. Lamphere, Company I, Prairie City, Ills.

S. W. Rennington, Company I, Shell Rock, Iowa.

H. S. Comstock, Company I.

Leonard Smith, Company C, Briar Bluff

A. P. Petrie, Company C, New Windsor, Ill.

Geo. W. Benedict, Company C, Atkinson, Ill.

Thomas Henderson, Company C, Orion, Henry Co., Ill.

G. W. Buck, Company C, Coal Valley, Ill.

Geo. Thomas, Company C., Green River, Ills.

B. P. Bennett, Company C, Delphos, Ringgold Co., Iowa

J. D. Hill, Company C, Geneseo, Ill.

Wm. J. Gillespie, Company C, Geneseo, Ill.

B. F. Thompson, Company B, Toulon, Ill.

Joseph Fleming, Company B, Toulon, Ill.

A. J. Brode, Company B, Toulon, Ill.

Morris Fowler, Company B, Bradford, Ill.

Geo. Barber, Company B, Marcus, Iowa

Washington Goodwin, Company A, Dayton, Iowa

Wm. J. Eyer, Company A, Weathersfield, Ill.

Dennis Spellman, Company B, Henry, Marshal Co., Ill.

August Meier, Company A, Henry, Marhal Co., Ill.

Wellington Talbolt, Company D, Cambridge, Ill.

H. G. Griffin, Company D, Cambridge, Ill.

H. G. Griffin, Company D, Cambridge, Ill.

P. S. Farnam, Company D, Atkinson, Ill.

Robert R. McMillan, Company G, Galva, Ill.

James Caster, Company G, Galva, Ill.

W. H. Eastman, Company D, Geneseo, Ill.

James Putten, Company D, Geneseo, Ill.

James Stitt, Company D, Woodfull, Ills.

J. B. Whitney, Company D, Kewanee, Ill.

Allen Stackhouse, Company D, Deep River, Iowa

L. J. Humphrey, Company G, Maxwell, Story Co., Iowa

Austin Himes, Company F, LaFayette, Ill.

Milton Trickle, Company F, Atkinson, Ill.

H. C. Ackley, Company F, Gilman, Iowa

D. D. Shellhammer, Geneseo, Ill.

Thomas Cherry, Company K, Geneseo, Ill.

C. E. Smith, Company K, Perry, Dallas Co., Iowa

Isaac P. Joles, Company K, Dallas, Waseo Co., Oregon

James Fones, Company K, Counell Grove

A. A. Colbert, Company K, Spring Hill, Ill.

Charles Baum, Company K, Colona, Ills.

Henry H. Joles, Company K, Pink Prairie, Henry Co., Ill.

J. R. Renner, Company K, Tampleo, Whiteside Co., Ill.

E. S. Persons, Company K, Sycamore, De Kalb Co., Ill.

Fred Bach, Company K, Morristown, Ill.

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