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Accidents and Injuries

 Mrs. Sparks Killed in Accident
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., August 11, 1859
A Woman Killed in Penn Township
We are indebted to Constable Beers for the little information we have received, in reference to the horrible accident which occurred in the eastern part of this county, last Saturday morning, and resulted in the death of one Mrs. Sparks.
Mrs. S. had started from home alone in a buggy, to go to the house of a neighbor, at a short distance, and was shortly after, found dying in the buggy from the effects of a wound on the head and face. From appearances the horse had by some means kicked her in the face. We did not learn whether the horse was still attached to the buggy when found or not.

William Johnson Breaks Ankle
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., August 27, 1859
A few days since Mr. Wm. Johnson, a clerk in James Culbertson's store, in getting out of a buggy had one of his ankle bones broken entirely off, the end protruding through the flesh and presenting a horrible sight. It appears that he stepped between the spokes of the wheel, and the horse at the same instant startled, causing this melancholy accident. Dr. Chamberlain was called immediately; under whose skillful treatment Mr. Johnson is rapidly recovering and expects to be on his "walkers" again in a few days.

Joseph Rhodes' Son Injured
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 3, 1859
Another Accident
On Monday morning last, a son of Mr. Joseph Rhodes, of this place, was driving on the horse power of a threshing machine near town when by some means his heel was passed through between the master wheel and traveler. His foot was considerably mangled, but we understood there were no bones broken.

Isaac Matthews Killed in Accident
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 24, 1859
Still Another Accident
The past few weeks, seem to have been unusually marked with accidents, in this vicinity, the last of which has left a vacant place at the board and hearth of a family in our county. The facts, as stated to us, are as follows. Mr. Matthews was going to Lafayette - from whence, we did not learn - to take his place on this circuit of the M. E. Church. His son, Isaac Matthews, a young man, was driving and on coming down a short steep hill near Spoon River, a portion of the load on which he was sitting, slid suddenly forward, projecting him to the ground in front of a wheel, which ran over him, killing him almost instantly. Both legs and arms were broken. Mr. Matthews leaves a young wife and large circle of friends to lament his untimely end. Mr. Matthews was some 23 or 24 years old and has been married about six months.

Royal Arnold Injured in Accident
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., October 8, 1859
On Tuesday last, Mr. Royal Arnold, one of the early citizens of this place, met with an accident, which he may be considered in some degree fortunate to have survived at all. He was climbing for walnuts, and when some thirty-five feet above ground lost his hold and fell. One leg was found to be broken and his back seriously injured though it is hoped, not permanently. He was removed to his residence and efficient medical aid called. At last accounts, he was as comfortable as could be expected. This is the fourth broken leg in this immediate vicinity that we have been called to chronicle in a few weeks, besides numerous other accidents.

John Murphy Accidently Poisoned
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., November 19 1859
Sad Accident. - John Murphy, a laborer in the employ of Mercer, Jones & Co., of this town, imbibed from a bottle containing the tincture of yellow jessamine, on Saturday evening last, from the effects of which he died in a short time. He supposed that the bottle contained brandy and appropriated its contents during a temporary absence of Dr. Mercer from his drug store. He leaves a wife and five small children in indigent circumstances. - Bureau Co. Republican.

Cowperthwaite Family Injured in Sleigh Accident
Stark County Union, Toulon, Ill., January 1, 1862
A very serious occurrence happened near Toulon on Monday last. The particulars of which, we are informed, are that Mr. S. Cowperthwaite and wife, accompanied by Mrs. Joseph Cowperthwaite, were enjoying themselves sleigh-riding and that while the horses were going at the rate of about a "240" speed, the sleigh struck against something in the road, capsizing the whole concern, landing the party some distance off upon terra firma, considerably mixed up, with the box on top of them. The ladies came off with slight bruises, but Mr. C., we regret to hear, was very seriously hurt, with a dislocated shoulder and a broken rib. Mr. C. has been very unfortunate with the same arm, it having twice before been injured in a somewhat similar manner, as we are informed.
Subsequent to the accident, Mr. C. has availed himself of the professional services of those excellent physicians and surgeons Drs. Chamberlain and Pierce, and being now under the exclusive care of the latter, is getting along as well as could be expected.

Hayden Fouts Accidently Shoots Himself in Foot
The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
Hayden Fouts met with an accident last Friday evening which will be liable to confine him pretty closely to the house for some time. He was creeping along to get an opportunity to shoot some birds, when the gun was accidentally discharged, shooting him in the foot. Had he not been barefoot, it is not probable he would have been hurt, as the piece was but a target gun, and loaded with a small cartridge called a squib. As it was, however, the physician was unable to find the ball by probing.

John McManum and Wife Injured in Buggy Accident
The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
John McManun and wife were considerably hurt by being thrown from a buggy in a runaway accident last week. Both are recovering nicely.

David Guyre's Team Becomes Unmanageable and Collides with Buggy
The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
Last Thursday afternoon, as David Guyre started for home with a load of lumber, his team became unmanageable and started to run. When in front of A. G. Hammond's residence they collided with a buggy containing Mrs. John McCorkle, Lemuel Dixon and Nannie Truax, throwing the occupants out; at the crossing Mr. Guyre was thrown from the wagon and the team went on. Fortunately no one was injured and the team went home.

James Donovan Thrown from Cart
The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
Last Thursday evening James Donovan drove in (..?..) with Black Prince, Steirte's large Norman stallion, just as the freight train was pulling out, and Donovan reached the rail road bridge while the train was passing underneath. The horse was much frightened, but by repeated urging was induced to start over. When about midway, he became unmanageable, turned about, tipping over the cart to which he was attached, leaving his driver in the road, tore down Main Street at a terrific speed. Those who witnessed the runaway animal, say the sight was enough to pale the bravest cheek. The force and energy of the powerful animal was exerted to the utmost. On reaching Peoria Street, he turned north toward home and reached the railroad crossing north of town at about the same time the traid did, he slacked up for the train to pass, and from this place to where he was caught did not run, but went leisurely. Fortunately no one was injured, nor was the horse hurt by this careless driving.

George Philhour Injured
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 13, 1885
George Philhour narrowly escaped a broken limb on Tuesday, while helping to move a building for Thomas Hickey, with W. T. Foster's moving apparatus. He was standing between the building and capstan, when the chain broke, striking him across the legs below the knee. He is now just able to be about, and probably will not get to work again for some days.

Dr. Shaw and Wife Injured
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 20, 1885
While coming in from the country last Sunday, Dr. Shaw and wife, of Lombardville, were severely kicked by a horse they were driving. Mrs. Shaw had a limb broken below the knee and the Doctor sustained severe bruises.

Charles Hartley Severely Injured
Stark County News, Toulon IL, January 8, 1875
Mr. Charles Hartley, living southeast of town was severely injured last Monday by fall from a load of straw. One arm was broken and his body badly bruised.

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