Stark County Illinois  History and Genealogy

Henry Republican, January 4, 1877
Born in Bradford, Dec. 25, a daughter to H. J. Bennett.

Henry Republican, 25 February 1915
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brimmer are the parents of an eight-pound boy who arrived at their home last Tuesday morning.

Henry Republican, October 10, 1872
At Bradford, Stark county, Oct. 1, a daughter to James Damon, 12th child; also a son to John Miller.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 15th, 1885
Born in Penn Township, October 12, 1885, a son to Elbert Drawyer.

Henry Republican,January 13, 1876
Born at Castleton, Jan. 3, a son to William Edger.

Henry Republican, March 27, 1873
Born At Castleton, March 22, a son to Joseph Fontron, late of this city (Henry).

Henry Republican, November 23, 1876
At Bradford, November 15, twins, a boy and girl to C. B. Foster and the 3rd pair of twins to this family.

Henry Republican, Henry IL, May 31, 1883
Born at Bradford, May 10, a son (Fay D. Hatfield) to Capt. J. D. Hatfield, weight 8 ¼ pounds.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 8th, 1885
Frank Kissinger sets up the cigars over the arrival of a brand new girl.

Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 20, 1885
Born to Mr. J. M. Liggett, on Saturday, August 15, 1885, a daughter.

Henry Republican, July 22, 1880
W. H. Martin is the happy father of a 12 pound boy. We are just as much obliged, Will, but we quit smoking last new years.

Henry Republican, March 4, 1880
Near Wyoming, Feb. 24, a daughter to John Powell, late of Whitefield.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, September 24, 1885
Born to Mr. Thomas Real, September 22nd, 1885, a daughter.

Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 20, 1885
Born in Bradford, August 19, 1885, a daughter to Valentine Thurm.

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