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Castleton Community News and Local Gossip

February 19, 1880, Henry Republican
C. Bermaster and S. A. Clark leave here for Nebraska this week. H. O. Brown and Will. Perkins start next week.
Chet. Fulford spent an evening with us last week, glad to see our old friends.
Mrs. Joh of Valley, had been visiting with her daughter Mrs. H. D. D. Martin a few days.

April 29, 1880 Henry Republican
Harlow Brown has built an addition to his property, this gives Mr. Sullivan more room to display his fine stock of hardware, and also to make room for Mr. Holland, who occupies the second floor for a restaurant and boarding house.

The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
C. E. Jordan was over from Henry Sunday and reports business lively.
Baseball is dead and buried this summer; not even a second nine can be scared up.
Dr. Darling was on our streets Monday distributing bills for Bradford's immense celebration on the 4th.
All our loose men, headed by Cyrus Bocock, are engaged on the new bridge over Cooper's Defeat, north of town.
Ackley and Loper have some handsome carriages for sale. Ken McNeil's make, which is a guaranty of good goods. Call and see them.

The Bradford Independent July 23, 1885
(Last week's letter.)
J. C. Blaisdell was on our streets Friday.
Call and see C. L. Davis' display of photographs at the post office.
Our school house has been greatly improved in appearance by repainting.
Miss Clara Lewis, of Oberlin, Ohio, is visiting her numerous friends here.
Rev. W. H. Jordan has been attending the annual district meeting at Ohio, Bureau County, this week, returning home Friday, accompanied by Rev. Isaac Wood.
H. A. Robinson was up from Brimfield and spent the Sunday with friends here. There seems to be a magnetic influence that draws him back to his old stamping ground occasionally.
George Wright, our popular fire, lightning and tornado insurance agent, has written up $15,000 insurance in the last ten days. He has also sold one of the celebrated Enterprise wind-mills to George Merns, making the second one he has sold and put up for him on his Jersey stock farm within the last three weeks.
Mrs. Mat Ruggles of Chicago is visiting friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan spent the past week at Macomb.
C. E. Jordan is up this week looking after his haying interests.
Miss Bertha Clark went to Wyoming Monday to spend theweek.
Cyrus Bocock visited Toulon Monay on administrator's business.
D. W. Crum visited Chicago last Tuesday and viewed the battle of Gettysburg and other sights with his uncle, Jacob Hess before his departure to his Eastern home.
There will be an excursion to Rock Island from this place and vicinity in a couple of weeks and a grand time is expected. Tickets for sale at the post office. Round trip $1.50.
It is reported that Section Boss Turney has entered a complaint to the railroad company against our station agent. He is prepairing himself to join our amateur band, and the noise - or music - he makes has scared all the grasshoppers along the line over into Mr. Turney's garden patch, and are eating everything up and he can not stand it.
Rumor hath it that S. Crum has purchased eighty acres of land of the Parker boys and that D. W. Crum had bought the home place and would remove to it soon, but it is all a fabrication and made from the little mistake of our county papers in copying the real estate transfers having the name of Royer S. Baker changed to Rodger S. Parker.

Castleton Community News
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, August 6, 1885

P. Sullivan spent several days in Peoria last week.
Lucy Swayne left on the afternoon train Monday for Schuyler County to visit friends.
The Germans held a picnic in the Snareville Grove last Friday and report a pleasant time.
Carpenter Gilman offers his house and lot for salt at a bargain. Call and see him and get terms.
George Lewis of Neponset, and an expert from the Minneapolis Harvester Works, were in town Saturday.
John R. Porter, special agent of the "Home," was in town last week lending a little assistance to our home agent, George Wright.
G. W. Moffitt leaves this week to join the Scott family as advance agent. The family gave an entertainment here last winter and were well received.
Miss Jennie Philour lost a five dollar bill last Thursday evening by carelessly having it in her sachel loose, but luckily it was found by Will Smith, who returned it to her Friday morning.
B. W. Crum had a team severely stung by bees last Saturday. He in company with several others had gone to the river to fish and tied the team to some small trees, and while gone, they were attacked by the bees, either from a bee tree that stood some thirty or forty yards off, or by a passing swarm. It ws feared for a while that one of the horses would not recover, but at this writing is doing well.

Castleton Community News
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 13, 1885

H. B. Ackley spent several days in Chicago last week, and since then new goods have been arriving daily.
G. W. Moffitt shook the dust off Castleton off his feet last week, and started to join the Scott family, near Chicago.
The spirit of improvement still lingers in the breast of C. W. Brown, and he is now engaged in repainting his house.
W. H. Jordan went to Abingdon Monday evening on church extension business. He expects to remain several days.
A crowd of young folks from Snareville, went through here to Senachwine Lake Friday, returning Saturday. They report a good time.
D. W. Crum has put in a new fresh stock of groceries, and will be pleased to meet all his old customers, and guarantees them good goods and low prices. Give him a trial.
Mrs. H. D. D. Martin has been spending the past week at her old home, expecting to return Saturday, but at this writing has failed to put in an appearance, and Henry's face is beginning to assume an oblong form.
The law suit between Newton and Smith spoken of last week, was decided in favor of Smith, who was awarded fourteen dollars damages, making a totoal of about $56 that Newton had to pay to get out of his contract.
The memorial exercises Sunday night drew a crowded house, and the able, eloquent and feeling address by W. H. Jordan, was listened to throughout with unabated interest. The house was tastefully draped in mourning, which added solemnity to the occasion. The music by the choir was well rendered and deserves special mention, the closing anthem, "He's Gone," being given in a very impressive manner.

Castleton Community News
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 20, 1885

Dr. Bolt is in Kearny, Nebraska on business.
C. E. Jordan, of Henry visited his parents over Sunday.
C. Bocock of the Regulator, viewed the sights in Peoria the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Snyder of Henry, came over Thursday and remained over Sunday.
Miss Lucy Swayne returned from her two week's visit to southern Illinois and Iowa Saturday.
G. M. Wright wrote up last Thursday forenoon $8,100 insurance. Pretty good half day's work.
Mrs. E. B. Norris and adopted daughter, Lillian Smith, of Mexico, Missouri are visiting friends here.
L. I. Silvari was shaking hands withnumerous friends here Saturday evening. He hailed from Normal.
Mrs. H. Dorrance purchased one of Ken McNeil's handsome phaetons of Ackley & Loper last week, paying $165 for it.
Mrs. Julia Deyo of Bradford and Miss Hattie Wright of Lombardville, were visiting their uncle, Geo. M. Wright last week.
Mrs. H. C. Griffin, of Henry, has been spending the past week with friends here and canvassing the town with a work on the life of Grant.

Castleton Community News
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 27, 1885

H. B. Ackley was a Peoria visitor last Friday.
Will Turney is spending a week at his old home.
Mrs. Mat Ruggles returned to Chicago last Friday morning.
Jessie Jeffers is now visiting in Pennsylvania, her former home.
William Redding has been hauling home his Steam Heater from Kewanee.
Mrs. C. A. Lewis returned to her home at Oberlin, Ohio, Wednesday morning.
Our school directors have just finished putting a well down in the school house yard.
W. H. Jordan was called to Elmira last Thursday to conduct the funeral exercises of Mrs. Blanchard of that place.
Mr. Daniel Decker, of Dixon, who is visiting Silas M. Wright, stopped to make his uncle a short visit on his way to Grand Haven, Michigan.
Mrs. Ryan of Minonk, Illinois, sister of Mrs. H. A. Sullivan, has been spending a few days with relatives here, returning home Tuesday morning.

The Bradford Republican, September 17, 1885
Mrs. C. Bocock and sons returned from Canton Monday morning.
W. H. Sherman commenced his school at Snareville Monday morning.
Den Holgate has been calling on old friends here during the past week.
The German school commenced last Monday week, will a full attendance, including about half a dozen English scholars, who are taking a German course.
Mrs. R. S. Boker, formerly of this section, but now a resident of Humboldt, Kansas, landed here last Friday and will spend a few weeks with friends.
School opened up Monday with Will N. Jordan at the helm. Will is a hard worker in the school room and we predict a successful school under his guidance.
H. D. D. Martin lost a pass book containing $5 in money and some other papers Tuesday, but luckily for him it was found by John Norris, and returned to him.
R. L. Bocock has combed the hayseed out of his hair and at this writing has again taken possession of the "Regulator," where he will be found at all hours, Sunday nights excepted, ready to wait upon his numerous customers.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, September 24, 1885
Walter Jones was here on business last Friday.
J. B. Smith landed here last Thursday from Canada.
C. E. Jordan spent most of last week in Princeton, returning home Saturday.
Albert Conrad and family have gone back to their farm in Livingston County.
Our town will soon be barborless again, Frank Rouse going to Princeville this week.
With repairing and paint, P. Sullivan has made the Carr house quite a respectable looking building.
D. W. Crum and wife, in company with Frank Newton and wife, rusticated at Kewanee Lake Sunday.
Two horses of Wm. Lippot's strayed off the fore park of the week and he hunted for them until Thursday, finding them near Princeville.
Charles Vertras went home on the Friday evening train. Is it to be that wedding this time, or are we to be fooled out of that smoke again?
George Gilman has his sale bills up for a sale Saturday of his household furniture, tools, etc. He will leave for Maine sometime next month.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 1, 1885

Will cinnamon was over Saturday looking after hotel interests.
Missionary tea at Mr. Ackley's Saturday afternoon was well attended.
C. E. Jordan left Monday for Chicago to pursue his studies in dentistry.
Miss Rillie Bryan, of Canton, was a guest of Miss Ella Turney's over Sunday.
H. Robinson, of Brimfield, was up viewing the sights and remained over Sunday.
Wm. Smith left Wednesday morning for Monmouth, for a couple of weeks' absence.
Mrs. H. C. Griffin, of Henry, is now delivering her book, sold here during her late canvass.
A sister of Mrs. Frank Kissinger, and husband, arrived here last Saturday direct from Canada.
H. D. D. Martin is building an addition to his house; carpenters Martin and Moffitt are doing the work.
R. E. Bunnell will ship a car load of horses to Scranton, Pennsylvania this week. B. O. Moffitt will accompany them.
Owens, of the firm of Fonts and Owens, of Bradford, was on our streets Wednesday squaring up his book accounts.
J. B. Smith left the first of last week to visit his daughter Lillie in Mexico, Missouri. He went with horse and buggy.
W. H. Jordan and wife returned home Saturday morning after an absence of three weeks. Mr. Jordan will remain on this work another year.
Quite a number from here left on the 9:30 train Monday morning for Chicago. Miss Carrie Spurlock, Mrs. Loper, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bolt and H. B. Ackley being among the number.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 8th, 1885

Mrs. Avery returned from her western trip Tuesday.
Herb McKinstry has gone on a visit to Pennsylvania.
John Adams is treating his barn to a new coat of paint.
Mrs. H. B. Burnip left Tuesday for a short visit in Chicago.
Charlie Ackley, son of H. B. Ackley, is quite sick at this writing.
Princeville is no place for a barber, so Frank Rouse says, and has returned to our burg again.
Ackley and Loper have opened out their new goods this week and invite everyone in to inspect them.
B. O. Moffitt left Monday night for the East with his horses. He had a Pullman car, and went via Peoria.
James Brown has gone West to look up a location we suppose, where he can settle down and grow up with the country.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 15th, 1885

Our drug store sports a new plank walk.
Charlie Ackley is improving slowly but not yet out of danger.
James Bunnell is shelling corn to get his cribs ready for new corn.
Bertha Clark lest Wednesday for Kewanee to engage in dress making.
Miss Mary E. Grow is visiting with her cousin G. M. Wright for a few days.
Mrs. Jennie Jones is preparing to build a new house. H. D. D. Martin will do the work.
G. M. Wright has insured the M. E. church propertiy and parsonage in the Home of New York.
John Snare was subpoenaed as grand juror before the United States court at Chicago next Tuesday.
J. A. Klock is getting in lots of grain. Klock buys more grain at Castleton than any town on the branch.
Miss L. F. Moran went to Chicago Wednesday to lay in her winters' stock of goods. She will be gone some two weeks.

The Bradford Republican, Bradford, IL, October 22, 1885

The first snow storm of the season Tuesday.
Miss Mary Grow returned home last Saturday.
George Gilman spent Sunday with Kewanee friends.
County Superintendent Sandham was a visitor at our schools Tuesday.
Miss Minnie Newton visited Toulon and Elmira friends the past week.
R. E. Bunnell shipped three car loads of hogs from here Tuesday evening.
Charlie Ackley is still lying very low with a possible chance for his recovery.
John Snare took the Monday evening train for Chicago to serve as grand juror at the October term.
J. B. Porter, special agent of the "Home," was in town this week looking up business interests of his company.
The Germans have erected a neat little barn on their church property, for the use of their minister Mr. Prohl.
B. O. Moffitt returned from the East Saturday morning and brought his wife's sister with him, who will remain over winter.
Mr. Wilson, of Bureau County, one of the wealthy old farmers of that county, has been spending a few days with friends here.
R. E. Bunnell was a Henry visitor last Saturday, and while there traded carriages with Henry's popular carriage maker, Ken McNeal.
There was a party at James Snare's Thursday evening in honor of Misses Fannie and Ella Clark, nieces of Mr. Snare, who left for their homes in Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Frank Newton had some teeth extracted Saturday afternoon and Saturday night came very near bleeding to death before the blood could be checked, having lost fully three quarts of blood during the night.
Thursday evening last George Wright insured the house of Wm. Redding, who has just built one of the finest residences in Penn Township. It is heated by steam and has hot and cold water in all the rooms, and hose to use in case of fire.
Mrs. Nelson Jones has rented her house on Main Street to Wood Fleming and is building a new one on her property north of the M. E. Church. Henry Martin is rushing it right along, and will have it ready for use before winter. Anyone wanting carpenter work done in a hurry should call on him.
Tom Idlet, of Modena, got badly crushed in the Talbot shaft last week by the roof caving in, some three or four tons of rock falling on him. He was taken out by his fellow workmen and removed to his home and Dr. Holgate was hastily summoned, who found him badly bruised up but luckily no bones broken, and at this writing is in a fair way of recovery.

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