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 The Bradford Independent July 2, 1885
County Line
Levi Fonts is building a summer kitchen.
Christopher Owens, we think, has forty acres of the finest corn in the county.
C. E. Jordon, formerly of Castleton, but now of Henry, made us a pleasant visit Sunday.
R. McBocock and wife left on Wednesday for a two week's visit with friends in Canton.
C. Bocock is putting an addition to his house. Mr. Gilman is doing the carpenter work and Mr. Carroll, of Bradford, the mason work.
Married Thursday, June 25, 1885, at the bride's home in the valley, Mr. Nathan Swygard to Miss Lucy Essex. We wish them a long happy life.
James Harty and William Mahany purchased a new thresher of Deyo Bros., of Bradford last Friday. We wish the boys success in their new undertaking.
Mr. Nicholds who is working for carpenter Gilman, returned home Saturday sick and is at present in the doctor's care. Hope we may soon see him around again.
C. W. Brown while walking on top of a building, made a misstep and fell to the ground, striking a large timber, breaking one of his ribs, which is causing him much pain at present.
Perry Fouts will give a platform dance two weeks from Friday night. The prettiest young lady will be awarded a five dollar gold ring. We think a good attendance of ladies will be present. Boys, see who is the best man.
Miss Attie Martin who has been teaching the North school, closed last Saturday with a picnic for the scholars. A general good time was had. Sorry we could not attend, as we are very fond of such things, especially those lovely pies and cakes.

The Bradford Independent July 23, 1885
County Line
Oats harvest is now in full blast.
R. McBocock shipped two car loads of hogs Monday.
Ganar sisters of Chicago are visiting Harty's young folks.
Miss Carrie Holgate of Wyoming is visiting Emma and Ada Bocock.
Amey Fouts purchased a new buggy last week of Irving Lattin, of Bradford.
Levi Fouts and Thomas Rhomyer both treated themselves to new McCormick binders, purchased of Deyo Bro's.
Emma and Ella Fouts were called home Monday by telegram to the bedside of their nephew who is very sick.

The Bradford Republican, Bradford IL, July 30, 1885
County Line
Joe Mahaney says he will never sleep in a barn again.
Jennie Holmes spent last week with Lizzie Meehan at Lombardville.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith is lying very low at present.
Ed Hannum was up from Henry and spent the Sunday with friends here. There seems to be magnetic influence that draws him back.
Len Bocock beats them all for runaways. While at the depot at Castleton Monday, his team became frightened and after taking him a few rods he let them go, not wishing a ride like he had before and he would not appreciate it either.

County Line Community News
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 13, 1885

County Line
Charles Speck and wife of Peoria are visiting old acquaintances here this week.
Mrs. Levi Fouts(?) and Mrs. Robert Bocock, are on the sick list. Too much hot weather.
Miss Minnie Hamilton of Bradford is spending a few days with her school mates, Misses Emma and Ada Bocock.
A number of young folks gathered at the platform of Perry Fouts' Saturday evening and they tripped the light fantastic until the hour of 12, when they departed for home.
There will be a grand ball at the Camp Grove Hall, Friday evening, August 21, 1885, everybody cordially invited to attend; the music will be furnished by the McManus band.

County Line Community News
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 27, 1885

County Line
(Last week's letter)
Fred Dexter supports a new top buggy.
C. Bocock spent two days in Peoria last week on business.
Levi Fouts lost a valuable colt Wednesday with some unknown disease.
Mrs. Ed Holmes was taken sick very suddenly last Friday, but at this writing is some better.
Len Bocock would like the person who took his whip at Wyoming Sunday, to return with the same, and get the one he received.

The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, September 3, 1885
County Line

(Last week's letter)
Miss Jennie Holmes is visiting friends in LaFayette this week.
James Chambers is now making his annual visit with his friends before commencing school.
The dance at the Camp Grove Hall was a success - one of the largest. Some fifty-five numbers were disposed of.
Mr. John Casey left last Thursday for a two week's trip in the West, of which, if the country suit him, he contemplates moving in the spring.
The Kewanee Haxtun Steam Heater Company are putting in a heater for Mr. Redding this week. When this house is completed it will be one of the finest in the county.
Henry Dallar and Adam Scheffee took their departure Monday for Peoria, where they will remain for a few days, then sail for Germany, to spend a month visiting relatives then return to the Father Land.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Chase Smith was taken very sick Saturday. It is hoped through the treatment of Dr. Holgate that it may soon recover again, as it has a serious attack, this making the third time.

The Bradford Republican, September 10, 1885
County Line
James Chambers spent Saturday and Sunday with Len Bocock.
Sherman Bocock and sister spent Sunday in Bradford with Lewis Fouts.
John Casey returned Thursday last, but we did not learn whether he purchased land.
Mrs. C. Bocock and son Clarenence, left Tuesday for a two week's visit with friends in Canton.
C. Bocock has leased the Corrington farm of 160 acres for five years, which now makes him a farm of 465 acres.
Miss Ella Fouts who has been spending the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Levi Fouts, returned to her home last Tuesday.
Jacob and Elijah Fouts returned home from Kansas Saturday. While there Jacob purchased a farm and will move there in the spring.
James Chambers will have the barber to continue on in cutting his hair next Saturday if a fair day. Do have the job completed Jim, as it reminds us of some years ago to see a man with his hair off on one side.

The Bradford Republican, September 17, 1885
County Line
C. E. Jordan left Tuesday to take in the Princeton fair.
C. Bocock sold a fine horse this week for the New York market.
A number of our worthy people are courting this week in Toulon.
Miss Martha Johnson of Canton, is visiting with C. Bocock's young folks.
Mrs. C. Bocock returned home from Canton Monday from a visit of two weeks.
Jacob Fouts returned to Kansas Tuesday on land business. While there some two weeks ago he purchased 100 acres and contemplates moving out in the spring.

County Line
The Bradford Independent, Bradford IL, October 15th, 1885

James Chambers and Ed Hannum spent Saturday and Sunday with R. L. Bocock.
The youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. McClyment is very sic. Unable to learn the trouble.
Joseph Rible and wife were called to Chicago last Monday by telegram to the bedside of Mrs. Rible's sister, who is lying very ill.
John Colter delivered a very fine lecture to the citizens of Saratoga Sunday evening at the M. E. Church.

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