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 April 1859 Circuit Court
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., April 28, 1859
Our Circuit Court
The April term of the Stark County Circuit Court commenced on Monday of last week; Judge E. N. Powell presiding. Members of the bar present, State's Attorney A. McCoy and P. Davidson, Esq., of Peoria, Hon. T. J. Henderson, M. Shallenberger, G. A. Clifford, P. M. Blair, J. W. Hewitt, J. A. Henderson and B. Williams of Toulon. The docket is unusually large; the increase is mostly in civil cases. We are informed that quite number of indictments for selling liquor, gambling, &c., were found by the Grand Jury, but hoe they were all disposed of, we are unable to say. The manner in which Judge Powell performs his official duties is highly satisfactory to the people and creditable to his honor. He seems to have a peculiar faculty for doing a large amount of business in a very short time. We have heard several persons remark that he is the best Judge we ever had in this district and from what we know this is probably true.
Court adjourned yesterday and we are told that every case on the docket was disposed of in some way.

Court Cases
September 24, 1859

A large number of Liquor indictments were found by the Grand Jury, among which were some nineteen against Jane Davis, a notorious character of Lafayette. Who the other indictments were against, we have not yet learned. We hope, however, that our officers will show them no mercy, for what is the use of law if it is not enforced

An interesting case has just been decided in this court, from Peoria County. Miss Mary Conrad brought suit against one Johnson Cole for breach of promise to marry. There was a great array of legal talent on each side, and the struggle was ably conducted. The plaintiff claimed $10,000 damages, and succeded in recovering $8,300. The defendant, we are informed, is able to pay the amount. The public seems well satisfied with the verdict.

-Contributed by Karen Seeman

Feb 1862 County Court
Stark County Union, Toulon, Ill., January 1, 1862
County Court
The February Term of the County Court, was held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week. But little business of public interest is transacted in this court.
The Will of Matthias Sturm, Sen., was presented, proved, and ordered to be recorded. Nicholas Sturm and Henry S. Sturm, Executors.
William C. Redding was appointed guardian of Mortimer Marshall and Finley McDonald of Hector Fraser.
The case of Administrators of the estate of John Adams, deceased, vs Simon V. Addis and John J. Boyd was dismissed by plaintiffs.
A petition was presented praying for leave to prove the contents of the Will of Eunice Miner, which has been lost or destroyed. Leave granted, proof taken and cause continued.
Letters of Administration were granted to David L. Emery on the estate of Joseph Potter, deceased.
This, we believe is the second term at which our new Judge, McCance, has presided. Should he be as popular in that capacity as in the performance of his duties as Justice of the Peace, our citizens will have no cause for complaint.

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