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Fires and Other Disasters

 John Farmer Mill Destroyed by Fire
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., October 15, 1859
Mill Burned at Osceola
We regret to learn that the steam flouring mill, belonging to John Farmer & Bro., at Osceola, in this county, was destroyed by fire on Sunday morning last. The mill contained some seven hundred bushels of grain, which had just been taken in and was consumed with the building. We understand the fire was caused by friction in the elevator. There was no insurance unfortunately and the loss will fall heavily upon the Messrs. Farmer, who had but recently purchased and fitted up the establishment and were just beginning to do a brisk business.
We are pleased to learn that the citizens of Osceola have voluntarily pledged themselves to replace the building and we learn that a subscription has been started in that place, Kewanee, Neponset and in other towns in this County, to raise the means to fit up the establishment. We wish them entire success and where public sympathy is enlisted in their behalf, we cannot doubt but that the effort will be successful. We learn that the Messrs. Farmer are honest, energetic, and industrious men, who will not be apt to forget favors bestowed on them in their misfortune.
Fire at Mr. Rockwell's Residence Controlled
Stark County Union, Toulon IL, February 21, 1862
Last Friday morning, the dwelling in which Mr. Seth Rockwell resides, almost directly opposite the printing office, caught fire between the ceiling and roof, and had it not been for the activity of the lady of the house, who was just excited enough to act with energy and the assistance of a few neighbors arriving in time, there would have been perhaps a local item to record of more importance than this paragraph. Considering that the thermometer had been 20 degrees below zero but an hour before the occurrence of the fire, that it was difficult (..?..) and no engine in town, a good morning work was accomplished in putting out the fire before doing more damage.

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