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Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 24, 1859
The Stark County Fair
On Thursday next, (Sept. 29th) the Sixth Annual Fair of the Stark County Agricultural Society commences and will continue on Friday and Saturday, the 30th of September and 1st of October. Extensive preparations have been made by the Society to accommodate exhibitors and visitors.
The list of premiums offered is nearly double that of any previous Fair held in this county and arrangements are made for the payment of every dollar awarded, immediately after the Fair. Some of the most important and attractive features of the Fair will be as follows:
On the morning of the first day, a number of Brass Bands will perform in competition for two premiums, one of $50 and one of $30. After which the Hon. T. J. Henderson will deliver an Agricultural Address to the assembled multitude of Farmers and Mechanics. Then will follow the exhibition of stock and other products of our beautiful prairies.
On the second will be an Agricultural Congress, particularly designed for mutual improvements in the science of Agriculture. Address, Essays, etc., may be expected from practical Farmers on subjects of great importance to the farming interests of the west.
On the morning of the third and last day of the Fair, a grand display of Lady Equestrianism will occur, after which the doors will be thrown open and everybody who have stock or articles to dispose of, will be permitted to sell. No spirituous or intoxicating liquors will be allowed within the jurisdiction of the Society. Any person violating any of the rules of the Society, will find that an efficient police will be in attendance to deal with them "according to the statute in such case made and provided." But we have too much faith in the good sense of our people to apprehend any disturbance at an Industrial Fair.
Everyone who feels an interest in the prosperity of our county, are cordially invited and we hope will certainly attend this Fair, on the result of which depends the future growth of our cherished institution, the Stark County Agricultural Society.

Olof Johnson Helps During Train Layover
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 24, 1859
We started home from Chicago, on the night train last Saturday night, but when we had traveled about eight miles, it was discovered that two freight trains had met rather suddenly and their engines being "slightly broken all to pieces," we were obliged to remain there until a new track could be laid around the wreck, which took till morning. We should have "enjoyed" a sleepless night there on the wide prairie, but thanks to Mr. Olof Johnson, of Bishop Hill, who understands railroading and has a heart full of genuine kindness, our stay was made more comfortable than we had any reason to expect. Through his influence we were provided with a good berth in a sleeping car, where we snoozed away till morning forgetful of broken engines and everything else. The gentlemanly conductor and other officers on that train deserve the highest commendation.

Cronin Buys Price Farm
The County paper. (Oregon, Mo.), January 06, 1882
Peter Price of New Point, has sold his farm near that place to Mr. Cronin of Stark County, Illinois. Mr. Price will in all probability, move to Oregen. Price $25 per acre.

Herbert Mokler Starts for Nebraska
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, March 29 1883
Local Department
Says the Bradford correspondent of the Wyoming Post: "Herbert Mokler started Monday evening for Stromburg, Nebraska, to engage in blacksmithing. Herb has been in the employ of J. M. Morris here for two years and has proved himself an honest, industrious, moral young man and we are sorry to lose him." This is a very excellent compliment to a deserving young man. A good name is better than rubies.

New District Postmasters
Bradford Independent, Bradford IL August 27, 1885
The following new Postmasters in this district have agreed upon by the administration, although all of them have not yet been appointed: Chillicothe, Levi Booth; Monica, John Ford; Bradford, William Plummer; West Jersey, R. W. King; Yates City, E. H. Rhea; Farmington, W. Marshall; Vermont, Daniel Doebler; Astoria, Jacob Darling; London Mills, William Wilson; Avon, P. Smith; Altona, L. K. Byers; Wataga, John Houston; Oneida, John Brainard.

Mr. Walters Now in Business in Kansas
Wichita eagle. (Wichita, Kan.), June 11, 1887, Page 4

We call the attention of our subscribers to the advertisement of Messrs. Spalton & Walters who are now located in their cozy office in room seven, Fechheimer block, Market street, Wichita. We think this firm will be a strong team; Mr. Spalton was for six years manager of the Lombard Mortgage Company and was instrumental by his business ability and fair dealing in placing the company in its present position; he is well known by almost everyone and trusted as widely as he is known.

Mr. Walters was a prominent young business man of Stark County Illinois, but visiting here this spring, had business sense and enterprise enough to see in Wichita, the future Chicago of the west and cast in his lot with us.
Parties dealing with Messrs. Spalton & Walters are assured of fair and courteous treatment and we wish the new firm all the success they deserve.

Stark County News
County Correspondence August 2, 1888

Stark County, Illinois

C. W. Wall has sold his drug store to Mr. Overman from Peoria. Mr. Wall's family have moved to Wyoming; we understand he will spend the summer in Manitoba for the benefit of his health.

Hopkins Shivvers has presented his wife with one of those handsome organs from A. Sundquists.

Miss Belle Pierce who has been in Galesburg with her lifelong friend Mrs. McKenzie, during the last weeks of her sickness, returned from her sad visit last Friday.

As is known, the lot on which the Town Hall stands, together with the basement and first story of the building, have been offered to the town of Toulon for $3,000, to take in payment the bonds of the village payable any time within twenty years at six per cent. This would give the village the control of the building, and such reparis could be made as the safety of the building demands. The lot would give suitable ground for a calaboose, engine-house, etc. The question of purchasing will come before the village board next Monday night and that they may know the mind of the citizens, papers have been drawn up; one will be found at Starrett's store, and another at the Bank, and voters are requested to call and register their names for or against the purchase.

Mrs. Annie Shallenberger and son Paul are spending the week with Toulon friends. They are on their way home to Neb., from a long visit in various parts of Virginia.

Miss Mary Christy and little Shelby Hamilton started Tuesday for Syracuse, Neb., to visit Shelby's father.

Dr. W. T. Hall drove his handsome horse, "Captain", decorated with a fine new harness, and attached to a handsome buggy, to Kewanee, last week, and gave the entire outfit to his son, Dr. C. W. Hall.

We exceedingly regret to hear that Mr. Perry Winn is very feeble, being mostly confined to his bed.

Miss Kate Oliver is attending the National Summer school of Oratory at Grimsby Park, Canada, of which the famous Professor Murdock of Philadelphia, is conductor.

On this evening Urban J. Overman leaves Peoria to take up the burden of life in Toulon, Stark county, where he will go into business for himself. Mr. Overman has lived here for years and is thoroughly identified with the drug and prescription business. He has hosts of friends to wish him success in his venture. He exchanges the chief clerkship at R. D. McDougal's for an enterprise that he is bound to go ahead in. Toulon gains what Peoria loses, an active, business-like young citizen. --Peoria Journal

Al King will continue clerking in the drug store.

Married--At the congregational parsonage in Brimfield, Sunday, July 28, Rev. William Parker officiating. Charles T. Henderson to Effie F. Adams, both of Toulon.

The Galesburg Register yesterday announced the death of Rev. Anna Flemming of Avon, whom many of our readers will remember as one of the speakers at our recent Temperance Convention. She closed her address with these words: "May we as a body of Christian women, so deeply interested in the issues of the coming battle keep ourselves sweet spirited and true, clean in thought and word, firm in our adherance to duty and true to our convictions of right."

Born to Beverly Oaks, Thursday, August 2, a son.

Luna Wolgamwood and Mamie Hall will start for Iowa this evening for a visit of some weeks among relations.

The past few days the following parties have purchased gasoline stoves, J. L. Newton, Cora Moore, Mrs. J. H. Dixon, Wm. Martin, W. F. Newland, Martin Rist, and Frank Hook.

-Contributed by Karen Seeman

Winn and Drinnen Meet After 30 Years
The Columbus journal. (Columbus, Neb.), October 04, 1893
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Winn started on their return home Tuesday, having come here to the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Hoppock's child. Mr. Winn and Mr. Drinnin, were schoolmates in Stark County, Illinois, thirty-three years ago, and had not seen each other since that time until Thursday, when they soon recognized each other, after the fashion of Dr. Holmes's Bill and Joe.

Wilkinson Family To Move to Kansas
The Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.), December 28, 1901
Mr. Wilkinson and Family to Locate on New Farm.
Mr. Joel A. Trice, who sold the Conine farm north of town instead of Mr. Spencer, as reported, contributes the additional information that it sold for $29,500 instead of $25,000.
Mr. Trice, of the firm of Trice & Gentry, says" "We bought this farm of S. L. Conine and through our eastern office in Peoria, Illinois, we laid the merits of this country and this fine farm before Mr. Wilkinson and his son and brought them here at great expense and with success commensurate to at least the money paid, and recommendations and statements had made. We sold Mr. Wilkinson this farm for an even $29,500. Mr. Wilkinson will move here about February 15, with his fine family, consisting of four children, two of whom are grown - a son and daughter. Mr. Wilkinson will do a general farm business and in conjunction will handle fine horses. He is one of the best farmers in Stark County, Illinois and will be a fine addition to this country, both socially and from a business standpoint.


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