From the Stark County News
January 13 & 20, 1899

Toulon High School

Contributed by Karen Seeman

Henry Fell will be with us before long.

Kate and Amiel were absent Wednesday.

The Etymology class is doing well this year.

Miss Lizzie Goodhart was our visitor Monday.

The Civil Government class will soon be ready to take up Physical Geography.

Miss Jennie Johnson, who has been absent for a few weeks, is with us again.

The Farm and Workshop class are having their final examination this week.

The reports are very low this month.  Every class fell except the Etymology class.

Six speakers have been chosen for the contest, which will be held some time in April.

The High room pupils and fifth room pupils are on very friendly terms, which we are all very glad to see.

Dora and John Fleming gave a party last Thursday evening, and every one seemed to enjoy themselves.

We must pay better attention during singing, so Mr. Stickney will not have to stop and explain the notes.

Quite a number of the High School students spent Monday and Tuesday evenings skating on Quinn's pond.

The library is occupied at all hours of the day, if not by the High room scholars it is by the fifth room scholars, who are continually coming in.

There were two new members for the Red Waist Society this week.  One was Jessie with her beautiful red waist, and other other was Leo with his red sweater.

Ralph Claybaugh has been sick with the grip the last week.

Dave Fell, who was ill with the grip last week, is with us again.

Lehman & Co. are good at tearing down fences when they can't find the road.

Tom Pyle and Will Sweet were visitors in the High room during music last Thursday.

Sarah Humphrey, who has been attending school in Toulon this year, left Monday to make her home with her parents and attend school in Wyoming.