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Toulon Community News and Local Gossip

List of Leters remaining in the Post Office, Toulon, Stark County, Ills., April 1st, 1859:
Stark County News, April 7, 1859
  • Ash, David L.
  • Bigelow, A.
  • Buchanan, John
  • Bennett, Jeremiah
  • Baslous, C.R.
  • Bailey, Henry
  • Brockaway, John
  • Barthanong, Mrs.
  • Bates, Benj. F.
  • Brooker, Peter
  • Baker, R.C.
  • Brown, A.J.
  • Campbell, Ahahan
  • Calvin, L.O.
  • Curtis, Joseph
  • Cox, Harvey
  • Cleaveland, Melissa
  • Campbell, A.
  • Dixon, Wayne
  • Dunnell, E.
  • Dixon, Martha
  • Demuth, John
  • Demuth, Jeremiah
  • Farding, Isaac
  • Foats, Levi
  • Flint, Charles F.
  • Fell, Miss Susan
  • Ferris, Miss Celestia A.
  • Fife, Royl O.
  • Geer, Mrs. Abbey
  • Greenough, Hugh
  • Gallahan, Michael
  • Gearhart, Christian
  • Hickick, Harison, D.
  • Hotchkiss, F.D.
  • Hachtel, George
  • Higgens, J.G.
  • Hook, Mrs. Jacob
  • Hubbard, John
  • Henry, James R.
  • Johnson, P.P.
  • Judge, Michael
  • Karns, A.M.
  • King, Soloman
  • Knowles, James
  • Kelley, Daniel
  • Lyons, Adam
  • Lindsay, Sarah
  • Lisle, William
  • Lighty, John
  • McAlister, Charles
  • Masey, Miss Harriet
  • McCarty, Michael
  • McDonald, Finley
  • Miller, W.M.
  • Noble, Mark
  • Patternson, Jackson
  • Packer, W.H.
  • Rarick, John
  • Rounds, Mary Jane
  • Rose, John B.
  • Reider, Jane
  • Sahde, Abraham
  • Sweet, J.B.
  • Shelbe, Jonas
  • Smith, Patrick
  • Swackhammer, David
  • Shull, John Sen.
  • Smith, W.
  • Spillman, Thos. J.
  • Seart, Miss Mary E.
  • Stone, Miss Louisa A.
  • Stewart, Miss Elisabeth
  • Wolwoth, L.S.
  • Whiffen, Daniel
  • Washburn, R.F.
  • Winters, Wash.

-----Benjamin Turner, Post Master

-Contributed by Karen Seeman

E. S. Brodhead Police Magistrate

Stark County News, Toulon Ill., April 28, 1859
Read the card of E. S. Brodhead, Police Magistrate, on first page. Mr. Brodhead Is now fully prepared to do all kinds of business in his line. His jurisdiction extends throughout the County and those who have claims to collect, or other business to attend to in his line, can depend upon having it promptly executed.

Mr. Reed's Shoe Store
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., April 28, 1859
Mr. Reed has just been replenishing his stock of boots and shoes with a large lot of every style of his own manufacture and also of eastern work; but all of such material and workmanship that he can warrant them. He is going to sell at lower rates - so he says - than anyone else in the county dare sell the same style and quality of goods. Give him a call and if he has nothing on hand to suit, he will very soon manufacture to order such as will. With his knowledge of the boot and shoe trade, it is but reasonable to suppose that he can defy competition.

Willett's Hardware and Rhodes' Music Lessons
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 3, 1859
Read the advertisement of Hiram Willett in today's paper. He is selling his stock of Hardware at cost. Persons wishing to buy anything in his line, will find this a rare opportunity to save money. Give Mr. W. a call.

Mr. Franklin Rhodes will commence teaching an adult class in vocal music at the court house on Monday evening next. All who are interested in musical matters are invited to come out. The terms will then be made known and a class organized, if there shall be a sufficient number interested to proceed.

Unclaimed Mail Lists
Stark County News, July 14, 1859
Unclaimed Mail at Toulon, Stark County, Illinois

July 1st, 1859
  • Armstrong, Lewis
  • Arnold, Royal
  • Barlow, I.S.
  • Boyd, John
  • Briggs, R.C.
  • Brown, Stephen H.
  • Butt, Peter J.
  • Cox, John
  • Crum, Samuel
  • Campbel, I.L.
  • Campbell, Abraham
  • Chambers, Mrs. S.
  • Dandson, Peter
  • Evans, Charles
  • Frances, Levi
  • Flork, Wm.
  • Fuller, Allen C.
  • Fast, David
  • Foreman, Mrs. S.L.
  • Graves, Henry
  • Gill, B.M.
  • Gillingham, Margret
  • Greenfield, Bethuel
  • Godfrey, Miss Mary A.
  • Gelean, Mr.
  • Hutchenson, David K.
  • Hare, Robert
  • Haris, William H.
  • Hays, Harry
  • Henchy, C.C.
  • Hutchen, Miss E.
  • Hamilton, Miss Elvira
  • Hall, Roscoe G.
  • Hady, William
  • Hall, Roberts
  • Howard, W.
  • Headley, Miss Mary
  • Husch, Charles
  • Hill, Lorenzo
  • Jones, Nelson
  • Jenk, P.M.
  • Johnson, G.W.
  • Lee, J.L.
  • Lesen, Miss Harriett
  • Milke, Jonathan
  • Maxfield, John A.
  • Manholland, F.A.
  • Moncrief, A.J.P.
  • McBreath, Duncan
  • Marks, William
  • Newton, William
  • Porter, David R.
  • Robbins, C.I.
  • Ripley, T.S.
  • Riggs, Edward
  • Rarick, John
  • Sever, Joseph
  • Sullivan, James
  • Sweet, Jonathan Stockner, Hugh
  • Sweet, W.B.
  • Shinn, John
  • Shinn, G.A.
  • Stimpson, M.
  • Swape, Philip
  • Thomas, Miss Sarah N.
  • Kelley, Daniel
  • Kennedy, John
  • Kacia, Conrad
  • Lashall, James R.
  • True, Cyrus
  • Wright, Edward P.
  • Wright, C.P.
  • Woodward, Daniel
  • Welch, Isaac
  • Wilson, F.D.
  • White, John
  • Williams, G.A.

-----Benjamin Turner, Post Master

-Contributed by Karen Seeman

Charles Stone's Meat Market
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 3, 1859
Meat Market - Our Citizens should bear in mind that Charles E. Stone keep a supply of fresh meat on hand constantly and that during the hot weather and hard times, a large amount remained unsold, making rather an unpaying business, and now, when "change" is getting more into circulation we should remember Mr. Stone.

Dr. Hall's Party
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 17, 1859
The party at Dr. Hall's, a few evenings since, was a pleasant affair, as all present will testify. The company was large, and if any failed to enjoy themselves, it was their own fault. Dr. Hall and Lady, are loking back upon life's prime; but if advancing years have left a mark on the brow of either, it is not a shadow. They enjoy lfe and force all with whom they associate to do the same.

James Henderson Appointed Master in Chancery
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., September 24, 1859
We learn that James A. Henderson Esq., brother of the Hon. T. J. Henderson, and one of our most industrious and talented young lawyers has been appointed Master in Chancery, by the Court. We congratulate him.

Maying Party
Stark County News, Toulon Ill., May 12, 1860
The Maying Party
We, that is "the devil," had one of the most pleasant times on last Saturday afternoon, at the maying party, we have had lately. The weather was pleasant, but rather windy. The grounds were situated in Mr. Miner's timber, about two miles south of town.
Miss Dell Whitaker was chosen Queen and was crowned with due honor. There were four "maids of honor," as they called them, among whom were Miss Alice Lowman, Miss Edna Legg, Miss Estella Rhodes and Miss Mary Dorval. The swing was well patronized by all. The supper was gotten up in the most tasteful manner that could be under the conditions.
After supper came the "toasts" from the boys, in which "the devil" and others participated. As night was closing in upon us, we started for home, "double file," and arrived at "Her Majesty's residence about dark, went in and she favored the company with some splendid music, after which the company dispersed for their several homes.

July 22, 1880 Henry Republican
Cyrus Bocock has build an addition to his farm residence east of this place.
John Hook Starts Restaurant Business
Stark County News, Toulon IL, January 8, 1875
John Hook has again started (..?..) the restaurant business, this time two doors west of the City Drug Store. He has just returned from Peoria where he purchased a fine stock of confectionary, canned fruits, nuts, cigars, tobacco & c. Fresh oysters on hand at all times and served in the best style. Give him a call and see for yourselves.

Editor Henderson
The Henry Republican, Henry Illinois, June 7, 1883
Editor Henderson of the Toulon News, brother of "Our Tom," is one of three surviving scholars who attended the first school in that township in 1833.

The Wellsboro Agitator (Wellsboro, Pennsylvania) June 2, 1885
Mr. Oliver W. Whittaker of Toulon, Illinois has been visiting his old home at Mansfield. It is forty eight years since he left this county.

Stevens Point Journal, The (Stevens Point, Wisconsin) July 13, 1907
Miss Mina Combs returned Monday after a visit of three months with her cousin, Miss Ruby Nelson, at Toulon, Illinois

Indiana Progress (Indiana, Pennsylvania) November 9, 1910
Mitchells Mills
W. T. Long and wife of Ambrose; Ellis Buterbaugh of Blairsville, Mrs. H. H. Long of Orion, Illinois and Dr. L. L. Long, wife and son, Raymond of Toulon, Illinois, visited at the home of Newton and A. J. Long on Monday.

The Newark Advocate (Newark, Ohio) August 30, 1916
Mrs. Aurilla Courson of Jacksontown, returned to her home yesterday, having spent several days visiting her aunt, Mrs. Nancy Pyle, of Toulon, Illinois.

The Humeston New Era (Humeston, Iowa) July 28, 1920
Mrs. Mollie Churchill, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Younker and her sister, Mrs. George Rash and other relatives, departed Sunday for her home at Toulon, Illinois.

The Perry Daily Chief (Perry, Iowa) November 30, 1920
Mrs. E. C. Gingrich and Mrs. C. W. Kamerer returned to their home in Toulon, Illinois yesterday after a visit here with their sister, Mrs. Alice Sider.

The Humeston New Era (Humeston, Iowa) December 8, 1920
Miss Sarah Yaunker left last week for Toulon, Illinois, where she will spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. H. A. Churchill.

The Perry Daily Chief (Perry, Iowa) October 25, 1921
Mrs. N. A. Bass, who has been visiting at the home of her uncle, Henry Ballentine, and with other relatives, left this morning for her home in Toulon, Illinois.

The Sun Herald (Lime Springs, Iowa) September 17, 1925
Walter Jackson, son and daughter, of Toulon, Illinois, who had been looking after property interests in Minnesota, stopped for a short visit with the Sun Herald force Thursday.

Van Wert Daily Bulletin (Van Wert, Ohio) September 25, 1928
Nearby Happenings
A happy reunion occurred at Kenton when a brother and sister, separated for twenty-five years, were reunited. They are Joseph Hayes of Toulon, Illinois and Mrs. John Lady, of South of Kenton. This was their first meeting in more than a score of years. Accompanying Hayes were were his wife and daughter, Bertha, and son, Joseph, Jr.

The Nashua Reporter (Nashua, Iowa) December 4, 1935
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Strike and Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Borglum and children motored to Toulon, Ill., and spent Thanksgiving at the home of the former's son, Oliver Strike and family, returning home Sunday.

The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune (Chillicothe, Missouri) September 24, 1937
N.Y. Community
Mr. and Mrs. James White of Toulon, Illinois spend several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Blust.

Iowa Recorder, The (Greene, Iowa) November 1, 1950
Marble Rock Personals
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Reams returned last Monday from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chamberlain of Toulon, Illinois.

Guthrian, The (Guthrie County, Iowa) Sept 6, 1960
News from the Yale Area
Mrs. Cecil Moore and Charles and their house guests, Mrs. Lester McLennan and Joan of Toulon, Illinois were visitors Saturday evening in the Clyde Wood home near Panora. Mrs. Wood's mother, Mrs. Jessie Anderson, is staying with her daughter. Mrs. McLennan is a cousin of Mrs. Anderson.

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