Stephenson County

[Transcribed by Bill Bender from diary in possession of Dennis Milroy,
gggrandson, by Bill Bender, ggrandson, April 15, 2008]

[Written in the vicinities of Rock Grove, Stephenson County, and Durand, Winnebago County, Illinois.]

Jan. 1 – In company with J. F. Kleckner [the Kleckners are cousins] visited Walnut Grove School. There we met Mr. Johnson Potter, Mr. W. Potts, Mr. Luther Preston & Mr. W, Arnold, visitors. At evening stopped at Mrs. Coultress & Mr. Browns. Weather cold.

Jan 2 – Shelled corn in the morning, then studied theology. Wrote letter to Ben Bender [brother] & O. H. Rader. Weather biting cold.

Jan. 3 – Helped to thresh clover. Prayer Meeting at Bromans. Rec’d letter from Minnie Bower & photograph. Weather cold but moderate.

Jan. 4 – Visited at W. B…, stopped at J. … …. …. …. & L. Goodrich. Rec’d letters from Kate Bower & G. S. T. Weather very cold.

Jan. 5 – Studied all day. Wrote letter for G.S.T. Recipe for Starch: take 1 oz. of white wax, 2 oz’s Spermacet [a substance found in whales] mix with a gentle heat. A piece as large as a pie for 12 pieces. Weather cold.

Jan. 6 – Went to Mr. Messinger & gave out 3 appointments. Then went to Mr. G. Goodwins & stayed overnight. Bot at Davis 1 box …. 25 cts. Bot 1 Bible .50. Weather rain.

Jan. 7 – Preached – At Joslin 10 AM At Stone S. House at 3 pm & also at evening. Stopped overnight at Mr. M. T. Slemmings Weather cold & blustering. Jan. 9 – Studied till evening then went & fetched J. H. Kleckner from School. Wrote letter to Minnie Bower. Attended our Epluss spelling school. Read letter from A. B… Weather blustering with snow & rain.

Jan. 10 - Helped to take hogs to Davis – Pork $7.75. Bot 50 cts worth of rice for Mrs. Coultress. Bot 1 bottle ink, 1 bar shaving soap, Gum Arabic, total cost $1.05. Stopped at Hodsin & took super at Coultress. Held prayer meeting. Weather fine.

Jan. 11 – Studied all day. At evening wrote letter to L. A. Regers, Mr. Penrod & G.S.T. Weather Misty.

Jan. 12 – Studied all day & wrote letter & send $1.35 to Dayton for Sacred Rhetoric. Weather Misty.

Jan. 13 – Saturday even. Prairie Block Preached. From home to Messinger rode from Davis with Mr. A. Trink. Weather Snowy.

Jan. 14 – Sunday at Brick S. H. 10 ½ Afternoon at College S. H. 3 pm. Filled both appointments. Good attendance. Bro. Messinger going with me. At evening went home. Weather clear & cold.

Jan. 15 – Studied fetched scholars from School at evening. Send …. to C. T. Kleckner. Weather snowing & raining. Snow about 4 inches deep.

Jan. 16 – Took scholars to school & fetched them again. Attended Mrs. Miles funeral at Marses S. H. – Preached by J. Hoyman. Rec’d letter from O. H. Rader. Had turkey roast. Weather cold & blustering.

Jan. 17 – Studied til 3 pm then went to Mr. Bromans & visited with Miss Goodrich & Mike Wright. Held prayer at Bromans. Booth & Grimm present for the first time. Weather fine but cold.

Jan. 18 – [entry crossed out – “Went D. H. Kleckners in the morning. Stopped on the way at Mr. Coultress. Studied all day. Rec’d letter from G.S.T. wrote answer. Weather fine.

Jan. 19 – Went to J. H. Kleckners in the morning. Stopped on the [way]at Mrs Coultress. At noon Bro’s Grisham & Bear came on visit. At evening Bro. Grisham & I went to Father Chambers. At evening had prayer at school house. Letter from Elder Statton. Weather very cold.

Jan. 20 – Saturday evening at Harrison – not filled. Bot furnace at Freeport by D. ? Kleckner. Crudens Concordance, Buck Thelogy, B Notes 15th Con-. Fletchers Apparel. Total cost $5.50. Weather very cold, blustering.

Jan. 21 – Sunday Joslin 2 ½ PM. Evening at Stone S. House. Went on my work. Stopped at fison. At Bro. Cooney. Also at night. Weather cold but fair.

Jan. 22 – Went home. Stopped on the way at Bro. Flemmings. Bro. Hurd at Sis.Lord & at Durand. Bot paper 25 cts. Stopped at Mr. N, Nelsons school. Wrote letter to J. Rader. Weather fair.

Jan. 23 – Helped to hull clover , studied. Mrs H. Wagner & Miss Wagner were here visiting [this is in a different hand writing ] Weather fair.

Jan. 24 – Studied till noon. In PM took C. T. Kleckner[first cousin] part way to Davis enroute for C… Visited Mr. W. Potter’s school at Echorts. Visited Mr. Schibfeller who is in with sore neck. Stopped for supper at W. W. Bears. Had prayer meeting at Bromans. Weather fine.

Jan. 25 – Wrote letter to O. H. Rader. Sat up with the sick at J. Hudsons till 11 o’clock. Weather fine.

Jan. 26 – Rec’d letter from H. Hudson. Studied till noon then went to Mr. L. Preston’s school at Shughai. On the road there stopped at J. Youngmans – sick with Dyspepsia & at Stahlnicker’s, the boy sick with Diphtheria. At evening attended singing at Martin’s S. H. Weather fair.

Jan. 27 – Preach at Prairie Block at evening. Bot camphor 11 cts. Rec’d book Sacred Rhetoric from Dayton. Took supper at Bro. Riggles. Weather fair.

Jan. 28 – Appointment at Brick AM. College 2 ½ pm. Took subscription from printing fund. Stopped for dinner at Bro. Long. Stayed overnight at Sister Daniels.

Jan. 29 – Went home. Stopped at Davis & send for my Telescopes & Children Funeral. Bot. paper 52 cts worth. Stopped also at J. Hudson & S. Coultress. At evening went to …. Grove. Preaching by Baker. I talked some. Weather Misty.

Jan. 30 – Studied nearly all day. Went to Spelling school at evening - Home. Wrote letter to Howard Hudson. Rec’d letter from M. Hawk. Weather fair.

Jan. 31 – Got A. Kims Cutter and in Co. with L. A. Kleckner went to Rock Grove. Stopped for dinner at Mr. Seabold. Stopped on the way at Mr. Ashenfelter. Held prayer meeting at Bromans. Weather nice.

Feb. 1 – Studied all day. Went to Spring Grove where Bro. Baker is holding a protracted meeting. Spoke a little while. Weather moderate.

Feb. 2 – Studied all day. Had an appointment at Walnut Grove. Bro. Hudson preached. Closed by Bro, Cook. Weather very cold.

Feb. 3 – In Co. with J. L. Kleckner in cutter went to Durand. There I took train to Shirland. Paid 30 cts. Went to Mr. Burbanks, took dinner & stayed overnight. Send 4 dollars for 2 Journals to Toller & Wells. Weather very cold.

Feb. 4 – At Harrison 10 ½ am. Joslin 2 ½ pm. Stone evening. Stayed overnight at Mr. Turneys Stopped for dinner at Mr. Dunningman Harrison. Took Supper at Bro. Goodwins. Weather cold.

Feb. 5 – Snowing from Turneys to Mr. Harris. Took dinner then went to Durand. Took train to Davis for 20 cts. Rode home with Bro. Broman. Visited Mrs Coultress & stopped for supper at Bromans. Rec’d letter from M. Penrod & O. H. Rader. Weather cold.

Feb. 6 – Did sundry work and studied. Weather clear.

Feb. 7 – Studied till afternoon then went to Mr. J. Hudson. From there went to Bromans & held prayer meeting. Weather damp mix.

Feb. 8 – Helped to hull clover till evening then went to Spring Grove to prayer meeting. Stayed overnight at Mr. H. Burns. Weather fair.

Feb. 9 – (Orangeville Circuit Quarterly Meeting) Went to Mr. Adelman. Stayed till after dinner. Then went in Co. with F. Adleman & N. Kyns to Mrs. Kies. Stayed till after supper. Then went home. Weather fine.

Feb. 10 – Commencement of Orangeville Circuit Quarterly meeting. Studied till noon then went to Davis. Got letter from Bro. Rogers & O. H. Rader. Preaching at Prairie Block. Weather fine.

Feb. 11 – Stopped overnight at Father Thompsons. Went with Bro. Messinger To Brick S. House. Stopped for dinner at Father Longs. Preached at College S. House. At Brick 10 ½, College 2 ½. Weather fair.

Feb. 12 – Stayed at Mrs. Daniel till 3 pm. Then went to Pecatonica. Stayed overnight at Bro. Dougherty. Wrote letter to Mr. Thomas Burbanks. Bot P. O. stamps 50 cts. Weather fair, snow during the night.

Feb. 13 – At Bro. Dougherty’s wrote letters to Statler & S. H. Kleckner. Went visiting with Mr. & Mrs. Dougherty, to Bro. Dale whose father is sick with dropsy. Received $1.00 Jay Dougherty. Weather fair till night then snow.

Feb. 14 – From Bro. Dougherty’s went to Bro. Elliot & stayed overnight. Weather very stormy with snow, very cold.

Feb. 15 – Stayed all day at Bro. Elliot’s. Weather intensely cold & roads drifted very bad. By chopping wood 10 minutes at evening froze part of both my ears.

Feb. 16 – From Bro. Elliot’s to Bro. Wm. F. Flemming took dinner & stayed overnight. Preached at Stone S. House at evening. Weather moderate though blustering.

Feb. 17 – Harrison Mission Quarterly meeting. Postponed two weeks From Bro. Flemming’s to Harrison. Stopped on the way at Sister Normington & took dinner at Bro. R. Grattin’s. Weather windy but warm.

Feb. 18 – Stopped at Father Burbank’s. Stopped overnight Mr. Harris near Durand. Preaching at Harrison 10 ½ & at Stone S. House at 3 pm. Weather cool but pleasant.

Feb. 19 - From E. Harris went home. Stopped on road at Durand & took dinner at J. Arnold’s. Wrote to J. P. Rader, O. H. Rader, Kate Bower, M Hawkins, S. E. Rogers. Send $1.00 for liknesses. Rec’d letter from M. Bower. Weather fine. Blustering at evening.

Feb. 20 – Got Mr. Fadelman’s cutter & went & fetched Miss Susan Hoyman. Stopped for dinner at M. Gift’s. Weather snowy.

Feb. 21 – Studied all day. Held prayer meeting at Broman’s. Weather very warm, snow melting fast.

Feb. 22 – Studied all day. Wrote letters to Mr. Perod & M. Bower. Weather fair.

Feb. 23 – Studied all day. Took train & went to C. M. Gift’s. Weather very stormy with snow.

Feb. 24 – In Co. with J. F. Kleckner, S. A. Kleckner & Susan Hoyman went to Davis to Hotish. From there went to Mr. Riggles. Preaching at Prairie Block. Weather very Blustering.

Feb. 25 – Preached funeral at College S. C. From Mr. Riggles went to Davis attended church, B Dickover preached. From there went to College S. House. …. Supper at Mr. Tunk’s. Then attended church at Davis …. Preaching at Brick S. H. Preaching at College – funeral of Mrs. Canfield’s child. Stopped overnight at L. Bond’s.

Feb. 26 – From L. Bond’s went home in co. with Ed Broman. Weather warm.

Feb. 27 – Studied at home. Wrote letter for Emma Bower. Send $5.00 for publishing fund. Weather warm.

Feb. 28 – Stayed at home & studied. No prayer meeting. Weather very warm, snow melting very fast, sledding getting poor.

Mar. 1 – Helped to drive Beeves to Davis. At evening attended a lecture by Bro. Fleming on Past War & Freeman interest. Paid 25 cts Bot 4 yds Silk ribbon 25 cts, Sundry 10 cts.

Mar. 2 – In co. with Bro. Flemming went to Bro. Stacker. Stopped on the way at Bro. Riche’s & Bro. Fleming. Preaching at Joslin S. House, nobody attended. Weather fair, Water very high.

Mar. 3 – From Bro. Stocker’s to Stone S. House to Conference. Stopped on the way Bro. Good wins & Bro. Coony. Got $1.00 from Coony. Got $1.00 from Riche. Stayed overnight at Mr. Harris. Harrison Mission Quarterly meeting. Weather fair.

Mar. 4 – Held Communion. But on account off ill behavior of the people had no meeting at evening. Rec’d from Mr. Caldwell 25 cts. Stopped for dinner at Mr. Hurd. Held prayer meeting at Flemmings. Stayed at Flemmings. Weather fair.

Mar. 5 – From Bro. Turney’s went home. Rec’d Elder $1.00. From Bro. Turney 1.00. Paid fare to Davis from Durand 20 cts. Bot coat buttons 25 cts. Rode home nearly [?] by Mr. Cross. Took supper at Bro. Chambers. Weather fair.

Mar. 6 – Studied all day. Sent letter to Mr. W. C. Harmon. …. Send $3.60 for a Telescope. Fleming & Riche. Weather fine.

Mar. 7 – Studied all day. Held prayer meeting at Broman’s. Got letter from J. P. Rader & M. Harok. Weather fair.

Mar. 8 – Took Miss S. Hoyman home with carriage. Bot at Orangeville 1 pr drawers. Stopped at Rock Grove. Bot 1 yd rubber. Weather cool.

Mar. 9 – Stayed at home & studied. Weather fair.

Mar. 10 – Went on preaching tour. Stayed overnight at W. Bests. Paid 25 cts for a box of troches. No preaching at Prairie Block. Weather commenced to snow & rain at 4 pm.

Mar. 11 – Preached at Brick School house to a small congregation of 8 persons. Roads were muddy. Went to College S. house. Took dinner at Mr. Franks. Pink Creek being high I got there too late for preaching.

Mar. 12 – From Sister Daniel’s where I stayed overnight to Aunt Metses. Ralph Henry Davies to get a place to board in Freeport. Took supper at …. Weather pleasant, Roads very muddy.

Mar. 13 – At Aunt Metses went to Galena. Bot 25 cts worth of tobacco for Aunt. Visited Bro. S… who was getting ready to move to Freeport. Weather fair.

Mar. 14 – From Metses Home by Freeport, Rock City & Bro. Braer & Prayer meeting. Bot. at Freeport 1 pr pants $8.00, 1 Hat $3.00, Paper & envelopes 65 cts. Paid RR fare to Rock City 50 cts. Weather fair.

Mar. 15 – At home – Rec’d letter from Kate Bower. Visited Mr. Ephes last day school. Bro. Cook held meeting at W. Grove. Weather cool.

Mar. 16 – Helped to saw wood in forenoon. Afternoon went visiting to Broman’s, Goodriches & Coultrip’s. At evening attended a meeting at W G. Bro. Cook presided. Weather very cold & blustering.

Mar. 17 – Went to Harrison. Stopped overnight at Bro. Burbanks. On the way stopped at Davis. Got half fare ticket from Racine. Paid fare to Shirland 25 cts. Weather cold.

Mar. 18 – Preached at Harrison at 10 ½ am & at Joslin 2 ½ pm & at Stone School house at evening. Rode to Joslin with Geo. Dunning. Took price at Dunning’s. Took supper at Mr. Archer’s. Stopped overnight at Hodges. Weather fair.

Mar. 19 – From Hodges home. Bot at Durand 1 belt (SAK) 65 cts. Send letter to W. C. Harman, Racine. Stopped for dinner at Jas. Wright’s. Got home at 3 pm. Weather fair.

Mar. 20 – Wrote letters to M. Harok & J. P. Rach. Studied nearly all day. Weather snowy & rain & sleet & c.

Mar. 21 – Wrote letter to O. H. Rader. Studied. Prayer meeting at Bramen’s. Rec’d first NA of Mission visitor. Send rec’t Racine, Wisconsin. Weather very fair.

Mar. 22 – Mended harness for C. T. Kleckner. Weather raining in the afternoon.

Mar. 23 – Wrote letter to Kate Bower. Bot of Peter Curl 1 silk handkerchief $1.40. Weather fair.

Mar. 24 – With horse went on preaching tour. Stopped overnight at Bro. Missinger’s. Preached at evening at Prairie Block. Weather cold.

Mar. 25 – From Bro. Missinger’s to Brick S. house Preached. Stopped for dinner at Bro. Long’s. Preached at College S. house 2 ½. Stopped overnight at Sis. Daniel’s. Weather fair.

Mar. 26 – From Daniels home stopped at Mr. Gable’s & at Mr. Smith’s, also at Davis. Roads very muddy. Change of time on W. U. ?. Road. Weather fair. C. Bender.

Mar. 27 – Studied about all day. Wrote letter to W. P. Spafer. Wrote communication to D. Berger, Dayton, O. Weather cloudy, snowed during the night.

Mar. 28 – Rec’d letter from B. Bender [brother]. Wrote letter to B. Bender. Held prayer meeting at Braman’s. Mem wedding of J. Wagner. Weather snowy.

Mar. 29 – Stayed at home & studied till evening then went after mail to Braman’s. Rec’d letter from M. Penrod. Weather fair, Sleighing poor

Mar. 30 – Studied all day. Wrote a letter to M. Penrod. Mission Xibition at Grary School, Davis at evening. Rec’d letter from T. Bender [brother] & W. P. Spaford. Weather snowy.

Mar. 31 – From home to Snuvelly’s per R. R. from Davis to Shirland. Paid 25 cts ½ fare. Stopped overnight at Snuvellies. Weather cloudy for rain.

Apr. 1 – Preached at Harrison. Then held services at Joslin to a small congregation. Took dinner at G. Goodman’s. Then in Co. with G. Goodman went to Crane S. house. Stayed overnight at A. Phelts. Weather fair, roads muddy.

Apr. 2 – From A. Phelts home stopped on the way at H. Hodges at Bro. Flemmings & took dinner at Sister Archers. Took train at Durand for train. Fare 10 cts. A heavy thundershower before daylight but weather fair during day. Bot White wax & Spenna 25 cts. Paid postage on APJ 13 cts.

Apr. 3 – Went to election. At evening stopped at J. Hodgeson. Took supper at Mrs. Coultress, then went home. Weather very warm, thunder shower in the morning.

Apr. 4 – Stayed home. Felt too bad to study much with bad cold. Commenced tapping sugar trees. Weather misty all day.

Apr. 5 – Studied all day. Weather very cold, ground not thawed much.

Apr. 6 – Studied & fixed up for sugar boiling. Mem-Miss E. E. & E, Broman were here on visit. Stayed till 10 ½ pm. Weather fair.

Apr. 7 – From home to Prairie Block & preached at evening. Stopped at Bro. Riggles for Supper. Staid overnight at Bro. Messingers. Weather cool.

Apr. 8 – Preached at Brick S. House. Stopped for dinner at Bro. Bull. Preached at College S. House. Stopped overnight at Mr. Franks. Weather very fair.

Apr. 9 – From Mr. Franks house, Stopped at Mr. Burrells. Then rode with Mr. Burrell to Davis. Weather fair. Farmer commenced to plow. Spring like ….

Apr. 10 -Preached funeral for Mr. Isaac Haas’s Child at Frankd S. house. Took supper at Haas’s then hunted hogs. Boiled sugar all night.

Apr. 11 – Slept all am. Afternoon J. & E. Goodrich & A. Arnold were here visiting till night. Attended prayer meeting at evening. Weather fair but windy.

Apr. 12 – Studied about all day. Weather very nice.

Apr. 13 – Studied & wrote letter to T. Bender. Weather fair.

Apr. 14 – Letters from B. Bender & M. Hawk. Went to Davis. Bot 1 pr. Cotton socks 35 cts. Paid to a lame beggar 25 cts. Paid fare to Shirland 20 cts. Paid 25 cts to SS at Harrison. Staid a few moments at Robins. Staid overnight at Burbanks. Weather fair.

Apr. 15 – At 10 AM Preached at Harrison. Took dinner at Bro. Snively who took me on the road to Joslin where I preached to a great congregation at 2 ½. Held prayer meeting at Bro. Turneys & stayed overnight. Weather fair.

Apr. 16 – From Bro. Turneys home. Stopped for dinner at Mr. Steves. Took car at Durand for Davis, fare 10 cts. Bot ladies belt 68 cts. Weather fair & warm.

Apr. 17 – Health poor. Studied some. Lend $1.00 to D. H. Kleckner. Scoonover. Weather fair.

Apr. 18 – Rec’d letter from H. Hudson. Rain in morning, pleasant afterwards.

Apr. 19 – Studied till PM then in Co. with S. E. Rogers went to Davis. Stopped overnight at Mrs. Kemple. Weather rainy nearly all day.

Apr. 20 – Went home. Wrote letter & sent $1.00 for Religious Telescope. Weather fair but very windy.

Apr. 21 – Studied till noon then started on the Mission. Stopped overnight at Mr. Cowens. Weather fair.

Apr. 22 – Preached at Brier at 10. Stopped for dinner at Bro. Longs. Preached at College 2 ½ PM. Stopped overnight at Mr. Burrells. Weather fair.

Apr. 23 – Went home by Davis & sowed wheat in PM. Weather fair.

Apr. 24 – Sowed wheat in AM. In PM helped to make garden. Bot from Kleckner buggy. Paid 30 & gave note for $100.00.

Apr. 25 – Studied all day & wrote letter to M. Hawk. Weather fair.

Apr. 26 – Went to Mr. Shadel near Orangeville. Bot at Rock Grove 1 box paper collars 35 cts. Weather very fair.

Apr. 27 – Studied all day. Rec’d letters from Owen & James Rader. Weather very fair & warm.

Apr. 28 – In Co. with E. Kleckner on buggy went to Davis. Then went to Harrison on train, fare 20 cts. Stopped for dinner & supper at Mr. Burbanks but overnight at Mr. Robinson. Weather fair but windy.

Apr. 29 – Organized Sabbath School Classes & preached. Took lunch at Mr. Drummans. Preached & organized Sabbath School at Joslin. Took supper at Bro. Gorny. Preached at parsonage. Stopped overnight at Mr. Harris. Weather fair.

Apr. 30 – From Mr. Harris to Mr. Metses. Stopped for dinner at Mr. Mumen. Took train from Davis for Freeport, 25 cts. Paid Barber for shaving 10 cts. With L. Metses went to his home. Staid all night. Weather rainy all night.

May 1 – Mississippi within 6 inches as high as it ever was. Took train at Eleroy for Independence, Ia. Paid to Dubuque 290 cts including boat. Paid $3.00 to Independence arrived at 2,40. Stopped at Mr. Wailers. But stopped at M. Adlemans overnight. Weather cold & stormy with rain.

May 2 - -Independence, Iowa – A heavy frost this morning. Visited Mr. Price. Strolled about town. Took dinner at Mrs. Willis where I first met B. Bender. Also took supper here. Then went and staid over night at Mr. Adelmans. Weather cool but clear.

May 3 – Bot book “Wouldst Know Thyself”, 10 cts. At Independence took dinner at Mr. Kayler. Then went to B. Bender’s in Co. with B. Bender & Mr. Stambrook. Arrived at there at night. Saw people planting corn for the first time. Weather very fair & warm.

May 4 – Independence, Ia visiting. At B. Bender’s went to Mr. Boons in the morning. Also planted sugar cane seed & corn. In PM went fishing with B. B. on Lime Creek but no success. Then went to Brandon. Paid for sundries 10 cts. Weather very pleasant.

May 5 – At B. Bender’s visited Mr. D. Ashenfelter & took dinner. Riclwy[?] sugar cane and caught 1 fish in River bank. Went visiting to Mr. M. Boon at evening. Weather very fine.

May 6 – Attended & opened B. B. Sunday school. Exhorted after Bro. A. Thomas preached. Preached at Oak Grove S. H. at 4 PM to a very large audience. Stayed at Bro. Bangs. Weather very fine.

May 7 – Started at 5 AM on foot from B. Bender’s. Arrived at 6.45 at Fayette. Passed through Independence, Ha[zel]ton & Greelie’s Grove. Rode 5 miles with Mr. E. K. Shanklin Dubuque. Rec’d $8.50 from B. Bender. Weather fair but threatening rain.

May 8 – Raining in the morning. Stopped at Fayette house Fayette. Mr. Bronson proprietor. Paid $1.00. Went to Clermont. [Independence to Clermont about 30 miles] Arrived at home [probably his brothers home where his mother was living] 4 PM. Passed through West Union. On foot all but about 3 miles.

May 9 – At Clermont paid $1.00 for Matilda Eidans likeness. Fished in Co. with E. Eidans but with no success. Weather very fair & warm.

May 10 – Clermont. Paid 15 cts for boot blacking, for sundrys 20 cts. “Harbinger of Health” & “One Year with St. Paul” $1.50. Weather very nice & sky clear.

May 11 – Started for home at 7 AM. Took dinner at Postville. Paid 50 cts. Paid $1.25 RR fare to McGregor. 20 cts to cross the M. River. $3.90 to Madison. $1.90 to Beloit by the way of Clinton Junction & 20 cts to Shirland. Arrived there at 3 AM Sat. M. For lunch 30 cts. Weather fair.

May 12 – Left train at Shirland at 3 AM took 1 hour nap in depot. Then went to Bro. Snivilles and staid all day & night. Took a walk to Mr. Clevelands. Weather very fair though looking some like rain.

May 13 – Held Sunday school. Preached & held class at Harrison. Took dinner at Bro. Goodwins. Preached at Joslin, took supper at Bro. Counies. Attended meeting at parsonage. Bro. Flemming presided. Stopped all night at Bro. Flemmings. Rec’d $1.00 Bro. Goodwin. Weather very fair.

May 14 – Visited Henry Hodges. Poor result. Stopped for dinner at E. Turneys. Went to Durand. Paid $1.65 for pr. of slippers. To Davis on train 10 cts. Bot at Davis 1 neck tie 50 cts. Letters from M. Penrod, J. F. Kleckner, Kate Bower & T. Bender. Weather nice.

May 15 – Covered Corn all day. Mem - Visitors Mr. John Render & wife. Weather blustering with rain.

May 16 – Covered corn all day. Went to prayer meeting at Bromans. Weather fair but windy.

May 17 – Covered corn till 2 PM, then read. Weather fair.

May 18 – Sent 20 cts to Dayton for lecture on Secrecy. Wrote letter for J. B. Riche. Weather fair but windy.

May 19 – Went on mission. Stopped at Davis & Bro. Regle. Stopped overnight at Bro. Long. Weather very clear but awful windy.

May 20 – Preach at Brick S. H., 10. Had class. Stopped for dinner at Mother Corwins. Preached at College 2 ½. Received from audience $4.55 as pay. Took supper at Mr. W. Z. Turks. Preached at evening at P. Block. Stayed overnight at Mr. Thompson. Weather very windy.

May 21 – Went home. Rode from Davis with Mr. Warner. Bot at Davis fish hook & line 35 cts, 1 pr socks 35 cts, tooth soap 35 cts, P. O. Stamps $1.00. Send $5.00 to Chicago for S. S. Advocate for P. Messinger. Stopped over dinner at John Chambers. Weather fair.

May 22 – Sent letters to J. F. Kleckner, O. H. Rader, M. Penrod, T. Bender, S. E. Roger, B. Bender & C. Bender [father]. Weather clear & cold.

May 23 – Planted corn. Weather fair but windy

May 24 – Studied till 10 AM. Then plowed for J. Arnold till 4 PM. Studied awhile at evening. Weather fair & warm.

May 25 – Helped to plant sugar cane and potatoes till 4 PM, then studied. Weather very fair.

May 26 – Studied & did sundry work till noon. Then in Co. with J. H. Kleckner went to Durand with horse & buggy. Stopped a few minutes at Mr. Seives then went & stopped overnight at Mr. W. Crowley. Called at Sis. Furlong. Rec’d $4.00 Parsonage Class. Weather rainy at 4.

May 27 – Rec’d 2 $ from Coony, $1.00, Turny. Started for Harrison. Commenced to rain at 9. Tired & went to Bro. Coony over dinner. No preaching at Joslin. Called on Agnes Goodwin who is sick with delirious fits. Preached at Parsonage, then went home around 10. Weather rainy till 2 ½ PM.

May 28 - Studied all day. Weather blustering with rain.

May 29 – Studied; washed buggy. Weather fair.

May 30 – Sheared Sheep for C. T. Kleckner. Prayer meeting at Bromans. Weather fair but windy.

May 31 – Worked on the road till 2 ½ PM when weather commenced to rain. Mr. Edward Marsh, Path Master.

June 1 – Work on road all day. Weather very fair.

June 2 – Harrison Quarterly Meeting. On road then Stopped for dinner at B. P. Missinger. Rec’d from Class Mission $1.20. Took supper at Elliotts. Preaching at evening by Bro. Snyder. Staid in Co. with Wm. F. Flemming, Sis. Daniels, Sis. Armstrong at Mr. Mansfields overnight. Fair.

June 3 – Love Feast at 9 ½. Preaching by Bro. Statton at 11 AM. Paid Elder 10 cts. Took dinner at Bro. Elliotts. Preaching at 4 PM by Bro. Snyder. In Co. with Bro. Statton went to Freeport, got there 9 ½ evening. Overnight at Bro. Statton. Weather nice.

June 4 – Bot at Freeport – Pants $12 ½, vest and summer linen coat $3.00, 1 box paper collars 25 cts, 1 umbrella $1.50. Total cost $17.25. For fixing watch 75 cts. Took dinner at Stattons. Then went home. Stopped on [way] at Mr. Rebs & Adam Belenders and Mrs Kemples. Got home at night. Horse & buggy. We[ather] fair.

June 5 – Helped to spray [spay?]hogs & alter colts AM, at PM helped to raise barn for D. H. Kleckner. Weather rainy.

June 6 – Studied nearly all day. Wrote letter to E. Eidian. Prayer meeting at Bramans. Resolved to hold prayer meeting all year. Weather Misty.

June 7 – Worked on the road till eleven o’clock. PM studied. Weather rainy PM.

June 8 - Wrote letter for Aaron Rache and went to Card Machine with wool. Studied PM. Rec’d letter from M. Hawk. Heavy showers again in PM.

June 9 – Went with horse & buggy to my work. Stopped at Mr. Cross. Took dinner at Bro. J. Riche. Stopped a few minutes at Durand; did an errand at Mr. Steves. Stopped at Bro. Flennings and in Co. with Bro. Flemming went to Henry Hodge. Then visited Mrs. B. F. Richards. Stopped at Bro. Stockers and overnight at Bro. Mooy’s. Weather fair.

June 10 – Harrison 10 AM. Took dinner at Bro. Sniveley. Joslin 2 ½. Stopped & took lunch at Bro. Coonies. At 5 PM at Parsonage. Then went home & stayed overnight at with Bro. Riche’s. Weather very fair

June 11 - . From J. Riche’s home via Davis. Paid 85 cts for getting buggy fixed at Mr. Walker’s and 15 cts for Martingale ring. Rec’d letter from O. H. Rader. Wrote letter for M. Hawk. Send $5.00 to Dayton for publishing fund. Weather stormy & rainy PM.

June 12 – At home & studied. Wrote letters to M. Hawk, sent communication to Fowler & Wells.

June 13 – Helped to make board fence at Bothearst for C. T. Kleckner. Weather fair.

June 14 – Went to Brodhead with horse & buggy. Stopped for dinner at F. Montanks. Also visited Mr. Hostetler. Send 30 cts to Dayton for Missionary Visitor for B. F. Richards. Weather fair.

June 15 – Studied about all day. Rec’d letter from J. P. Rader & Maria Penrod. Weather very fair but windy & cool.

June 16 – Started in the morning with young horse & buggy and went to Pecatonica. Bot buggy whip 50 cts. Stopped for dinner at Bro. Dougherty. Then went with him & Bro. Dale to Bro. Wendalls Conference. Took supper at Mr. Davis. Over night at Bro. Dougherty. Weather rainy.

June 17 – College 2 ½ PM. At Brick 10. Held class at both places. Took dinner at Bro. Longs and supper at Sis. Daniels. Then went and preached at Prairie Block. Stopped over night at Bro. Missingers. Weather fair.

June 18 – Went home. Stopped at Davis. Rec’d letter from B. Bender & Kate Bower. Wrote letter for O. H. Rader. Visited at D. H. Kleckners & Mrs Coultrips. Birthday of S. A. Kleckner. Weather fair & warm.

June 19 – Plowed corn in the morning and helped to reconcile N. Kerns & F. Adleman. At 3 PM helped to load a load of Oats at D. H. Kleckner and visited Bromans and studied. Weather very warm.

June 20 – Sent 25 cts to NY for Maymork in the Wilderness. Send letter to Wm McKee for Missionary report. Rec’d letter from J. F. Kleckner. Held prayer meeting at Bramans.

June 21 – Went to Camp Meeting & heavy rain detained me at Mrs. Kemple till 10 AM. Took dinner on camp by Bro. Suf. Supper at Mr. McHimy; then went and stayed over night at Mr. Gifts.

June 22 – To Camp Meeting. Stopped on way at Mr. S. Shadel Sermon on Camp by Bro. Roland, to lunch with Bro. Anthony heard sermon then went home. Rec’d letter from T. Bender. Weather fair. Spent 30 cts.

June 23 – Wrote letter for J. F. Kleckner & R. Bonds. With horse & buggy went to Harrison. Stopped on the way at Durand & at R. M. Grattins. Over night at Bro. Burbanks. Weather very warm.

June 24 – Harrison – Held Sunday School. Bro. Camill preached in my place. Started at eleven AM. Went to Mr. Joslins took diner. Preached also at Stone School house. Stopped at Mr. Jas. Campbell. Over night at Mr. E. Harris. Weather very warm.

June 25 – Went home. Bot at Durand paper & envelopes $1.00. Stopped for dinner at Bro. Riche’s. Weather somewhat rainy but warm.

June 26 – Wrote letters to J. P. Rader & B. Bender. Plowed corn in PM. Rec’d letter from Hannah Hudson. Weather fair.

June 27 – Studied & helped to hoe sugar cane. Held class meeting at Bromans Weather fair.

June 28 – Paid 50 cts for Bible Cansi & studied all day. Read letter from Minnie Berves. Weather fair.

June 29 – In Co. with Geo. & Phares Kleckner, Martin, Isaac & Wm, Brobet went to Rock Run fishing, caught 154 fish. Weather fair.

June 30 – Went on Mission. Stopped at Davis, paid postage on Telescope 10 cts. Preached at Prairie Block at evening. Stopped over night at Bro. Corwins. Weather fair.

July 1 – Brick – No preaching on account of much rain. Staid at Corvins till 6 PM, then went home. Horse & buggy conveyance.

July 2 – Fixed hay racks, washed Buggy. Wrote letters to T. T. Bender, Maria Penrod, Kate Bowers, Minnie Bowers, Shery & Mcky, J. T. Dougherty. Weather rainy

July 3 – Studied all day. Weather somewhat rainy.

July 4 – To Basket picnic at Durand. Had a very excellent time. Stopped for fireworks at evening. Which were attractive and entertaining. 20 cts. Weather fine.

July 5 – Studied till noon then helped to make hay. Weather fair.

July 6 – Helped to make hay and haul all day. Grimm here visiting and over night. Weather fair.

July 7 – Rained AM. Started for Mission. Stopped at Mr. Crosses and took supper at Bro. Snivelly. Went to Sister Clevelands. Weather fair & warm in PM.

July 8 – Harrison 10 AM & S.S. Took dinner at Bro. Suwellies. Preached at Joslin’s S. House. Took supper at Bro. Stalkers. Preached at Parsonage. Stopped over night at Bro. Bodines. Weather fair.

July 9 – Home. Stopped at Sister Recoy, Bro. Coony, Bro. Graham. Went to Mr. Franklins who requested to be dismissed from Church. Took dinner there. Stopped at Sis. Hurds & at Davis. Got letter from Owen & J. Rader.

July 10 – Helped to make hay. Fair.

July 11 – Helped to make hay. Weather fair.

July 12 – Helped to make hay. Weather fair.

July 13 Helped to make hay till noon then in Co. with Mr. C. T. Kleckner attended funeral of Mr. Richleys child. Bro. Eby preached (Dunkard). Weather very warm.

July 14 - Send $5 to Dayton. Cooper Institute send 25 cts. Studied till noon. Started on Mission. Stopped at Mrs. R. Chambers School. Horse fell on shafts and broke them. Paid Mr. Walky 20 cts for fixing. Stopped at Father Rugles. W. very warm.

July 15 - …. …. …. …. Preached at Prairie Block also stopped for S.S. Taught Bible Class. In Co. with Theodore Cowin went to College. Took dinner & supper at Mr. Burrells. Preached at College. Stopped over night at Bro. Cowens. Weather very warm.

July 16 – Went home. Stopped at Davis, Bot Bolt for Buggy 3 cts. Ink 10 cts, Medicine $1.00. Got home at noon. PM helped to bind rye. Rec’d letters from Susan Eidan, Minnie Bower, M. Hawk. Wrote special letter. Weather fair.

July 17 – Helped to take in a few small loads of hay. Wrote letter for J. P. & O. H. Rader. Weather commenced to rain at 4 PM – Hard.

July 18 - Rec’d letter from T. Bender. Studied till noon then in Co. with J. F. Klechner went after Dr. Seebolt for Mr. Kleckner who was taken sick with inflammation of the bowels. On road home stopped at Mr. Ashenfelter till after supper then went to T. Gifts & traded Buggy harness. Weather very fair.

July 19 – Studied nearly all day. Helped to gather up a load of hay at evening. Wrote sermon. Weather fair.

July 20 – Studied till noon. Went to Kimses and got my hair clipped, then studied. Weather fair.

July 21 – Attended Brick S. S. house Picnic on Harrison Mission. A good table spread for all. Bro. Wily officiated of R… Took supper at J. Riches. Stayed over night at Bro. Coones. Weather fair.

July 22 – Harrison service 10 ½ AM. No preaching at Joslin. Parsonage at 5 PM. Took dinner at Bro. Burbanks. Stayed over night at Bro. Turneys, Weather rainy PM. Heavy thunder Shower at evening.

July 23 – Visited Mrs. Fisher. Passed through Davis home. Left my Buggy to have painted. Took supper at Father Chambers. Rec’d letters from J. P. Rader & B. Bender with photos. Weather rain in AM.

July 24 – Helped to make board fence near Mr. Ashenfelters. Weather very warm.

July 25 – In Co. with Bro. Gorney visited Mrs. Crosses folks. Got dinner & came at 4 PM. Rec’d letter from Kate Bowers. Wrote letter to M. Bower & H. Hudson. Weather very warm with rain at evening.

July 26 - Studied nearly all day. Wrote communication for Children’s Fund. Weather somewhat rainy.

July 27 – Studied all day. Weather warm.

July 28 – The warmest day known. Studied awhile, helped to pull flax a little while. Visited Miss Wright’s last day of School. Then started on Mission. Stopped over night at Elliotts.

July 29 – Brick – preached at 10 AM. Took dinner at Emeries. Preached at College. Took collections for Benevolent fund, $1.50. Preached at P. Block. Over night at Bro. Missinger. Weather warm.

July 30 – Bot P. O. Stamps $1.00 at Davis. Helped to stack Rye. Weather warm.

July 31 - Wrote letter for M. Hawk. Helped to cut & bind Spring Wheat. Weather – commenced to rain at 4 PM.

Aug. 1 - Wrote letter to S. Shadel. Helped to harvest Spring Wheat; And studied part of the day. Weather fair.

Aug. 2 – Cradled & bound Spring Wheat around a field, Reaped. Rec’d letter from O. H. Rader. Weather fair..

Aug. 3 – Cut Wheat till 9 AM. Weather commenced raining at 9 AM.

Aug. 4 – Went on Mission accompanied by J. H. Kleckner. Paid 45 cts for harness snaps. Paid $7.00 for painting Buggy. Paid $2.75 for new shaft. All at Davis. Took dinner at Mr. Campbells. Over night at Mr. Robinson. W. fair.

Aug. 5 – Harrison – preach & held Sunday school Took dinner at Smedel. Preached at Joslin also at Parsonage. Took Missionary Subscription. Stayed over night at A. Philts. Weather fair.

Aug. 6 – Rec’d letter from M. Penrod. Went home, stopped at Father Turney and Durand. Weather commenced raining at 10 AM and rained all day.

Aug. 7 – Wrote letter to T. T. Bender & B. Bender and studied. Weather very wet & rainy.

Aug. 8 – Wrote letter for O. H. Radar. Was taken by J. F. Kleckner to Davis. Then I went on Car to Freeport. Went to Prayer Meeting in Evening and stopped over night at J. Smallwoods. Saw Bishop Markwood. Weather rainy & cool.

Aug. 9 – Paid $1.25 for Pil. Progress; 1 box paper collars 25 cts; Fare on Cars 50 cts. Was fetched from Davis by S. H. Kleckner with horse & buggy. PM helped to bind wheat. Rec’d letter from H. Hudson. Weather fair.

Aug. 10 – Helped to bind Wheat & Oats. Rec’d letter from Minnie Bower. Weather very fair.

Aug. 11 – Send $3.00 to Dayton for Pub. Fund and studied. Weather rainy all day.

Aug. 12 - Brick – no preaching. Stopped for dinner at Sister Armstrongs. Preached at College & Missionary sum also at P. Block. Stopped over night at Bro. Flynbsons. Weather fain – roads muddy.

Aug. 13 Went to Pecatonica. Took dinner at Bro. Doughertys. Visited Bro. Dale, took supper. Stopped over night at Bro. Doughertys. Weather fair.

Aug. 14 - Went home by way of Harrison on Church business. Took dinner at Bro. Burbanks. Got gravel taken out of my horse’s foot. Took supper at J. Riche’s. Got home at 9 PM. Weather fair.

Aug. 15 – Helped to bind oats for Zeke Kleckner. Weather fair.

Aug. 16 – Bound oats for Zeke Kleckner. Weather fair.

Aug. 17 – Studied & fixed up around home. Visited at Bro. Bromans. Went to meeting in evening at school house. Preaching by Elder Straton. Weather fair.

Aug. 18 – Studied and got ready for meeting PM. Preaching at Wales School by Elder Stratton also conference at evening. Fixed place & seats for preaching in Grove. Preached at evening. We sang.

Aug. 19 – Attend Quarterly Meeting at Walnut Grove. Love feast in S. house. Preaching by Stratton in Grove. At PM 3 ½ Preaching by S. E. Rogers. At evening attended meeting at Davis. Elder Stratton preached. Weather fair.

Aug. 20 – Helped to bind oats all day. Weather fair.

Aug. 21 – Bound Oats till noon. Then wrote letter to Minnie Bower, Kate Bower & J. D. Rader. Bound Oats again at evening. Weather fair.

Aug. 22 – Bound Oats til noon. Then studied til night. [too faint to read]

Aug. 23 – [too faint] and studied till 4 PM. Then went to Mr. Prestons visiting. Stayed till 9 evening. Weather fair, a small sprinkle at 8 ½ evening.

Aug. 24 – Studied till 10 AM. Got ready and started for Harrison. Went via Davis and got older Statton who preached at Harrison at evening. Stopped over night at Father Burbanks. Weather fair and cool.

Aug. 25 – Harris Mission – Quarterly Meeting to [be] held at Prairie Block. Preaching by J. R. Statton at 2 ½. Conference at 4 PM. Preaching by Elder at evening. Stopped during the whole time at Wm. Best. Weather fair.

Aug. 26 – Prairie Block Quarterly Meeting – Love feast at 9 1/2. Preaching in AM, after which the Sacrament was administered. Preaching by Statton at 3 ½ PM. At evening went to Durand. Elder Blanchard presided. Went home. We. Fair.

Aug. 27 – Helped to stack Wheat till 3 PM. Then took some wool to Card Machine. Stopped a little while at A. Davis at evening. Went visiting at Mr. J. Chamber. Weather nice.

Aug. 28 – This is for Monday – Helped to stack Wheat all day. Weather fair.

Aug. 29 – Studied nearly all day. Rec’d letter from M. Hawk. Weather rainy in afternoon.

Aug. 30 – Bought of J. F. Kleckner Webster’s unabridged Dictionary. Paid cast $6.50. Studied & wrote letter for M. Hawk. Weather rainy.

Aug. 31 – Studied till 3 PM then went to Mr. Bromans with J. T. Kleckner on visit. Weather rainy.

Sep. 1 – Tinkered about home till noon then went on Mission via Davis. Stopped at Bro. Coonies a little while. Stopped over night at Bro. Snivelly. Weather rainy all day.

Sep. 2 – Harrison – Preached, Held Sunday school and class. Took dinner at Bro. Stalker. Preached at Joslin and at Parsonage. Stopped over night Mr. Harris. Weather fair.

Sep. 3 – Went home. Took dinner at Mr. Eddingtons Durand Visited Mr. Young also visited Mrs. Horfeross school. Took dinner at Mr. Crosses. Got horse shod. Paid cash 40 cts. Weather fair but rained at night.

Sep. 4 – Studied all morn. Then peeled plums. Greased my harness. Helped to break Jude to wagon. Rec’d letter from T. T. Bender & J. K. Rader. Weather fair.

Sep. 5 – Studied & wrote letter for J. P. Rader. Wm & Mary Griffiths and three of the Swarts children were here to fetch plums. Weather fair – cool.

Sep. 6 – Studied all day. Weather fair; but somewhat rainy.

Sep. 7 – Studied. Took Mrs. Munzy & girls to Mr. Kilwings AM. PM Took S. H. Kleckner to Davis. Bot 1 pr. shoes $2.75. Rec’d letter from O. H. Rader. Weather fair.

Sep. 8 – Studied a while. Made a banner frame. Took Mr. M… and her two nieces to Davis. I went on Mission. Stopped over night at C. S. Daniel. Rec’d letter from M. Hawk. Weather fair.

Sep. 9 – Brick service at 10 ½. Took dinner at Mr. Geo. Emmerys. No sp… at Brick on account of the lateness of the people. Held meeting at P. Block. Stopped over night at Bro. Messingers. Weather a little misty.

Sep. 10 – Weather very rainy all day. Stayed at Bro. Messingers all day and over night.

Sep. 11 – Went home by Davis. Send for two Telescopes $2.80 1 ½ yr. Stopped a while at Mr. Potters at evening visited at Mr. Bromans. Weather rainy at evening.

Sep. 12 – Attended picnic at Spring Grove. A General table was set. Address by Elder Hamilton at 3 PM a funeral was preached by Hamilton for Mr. Burn’s child. Weather fair.

Sep. 13 – Wrote letter for M. Hawk & studied. At evening went to church to Spring Grove. Elder Hamilton preached. Stayed over night with Bro. Hamilton at Bro. Johnson’s. Weather fair.

Sep. 14 – At home, studied. Visited Mr. Coultress at evening. Weather fair.

Sep. 15 – Started for Mission. Took cars at Davis for Shirland. Paid 20 cts. Took dinner at A. Ellis. Stopped at Elder Elys. Took supper at Mr. H. Ellis. Stopped over night at Father Robinsons. Rainy PM.

Sep. 16 – Harrison – Only an exhortation on account of fewness in numbers. Took dinner at Bro. Goodwins. Held exhortation meeting at Parsonage. Stayed over night at Father Turnys. Weather rainy & misty.

Sep. 17 – At Durand got boots mended 15 cts. Took dinner at Enoch Farmers. Over night at Moses Kimbies. Cloudy with a little rain.

Sep. 18 – Went to Mr. L. Allens took dinner. Then went to Mr. John Woodlings and stayed over night. Weather cloudy with a sprinkle of rain.

Sep. 19 – Stopped a few minutes at D. Klines & E. Klines. Took dinner at J. Miles and supper at P. Kilwines. Went home at evening. Rec’d letters from Minnie Bower & J. F. Kleckner. Cloudy & rain.

Sep. 20 – Wrote letter for T. T. Bender & O. H. Rader, J. F. Kleckner. Weather cloudy with rain.

Sep. 21 – Visited Bro. Rogers at Sister Kemples and studied.

Sep. 22 – Farewell Trip – Went on Mission. Stopped at Davis and at Sister Cable. Took dinner at Sister Daniels. Visited Mr. Cable. Stopped over night at Sister Daniels. Bot cough med. 25 cts.

Sep. 23 – College 10 AM. Took dinner at Bro. Longs. Addressed S. S. & preach at Brick. Preached at P. Block. Stopped over night at Bro. Cowins. Weather cloudy with rain.

Sep. 24 – Went to R. Benders [cousin living in Green Co. WS]. Stopped on the way there at Bro. Rugles. At Davis at S. Shadels. Took dinner at M. Gifts. Over night at R Benders. Weather clear & cold.

Sep. 25 – Went home. Stopped on way at Mr. Kings. Visited S. Ashenfelter. Took dinner at Bro. Deal’s. one co Stopped at Orangeville. Visited Rev Cook. Then in Co. with Bro. Grimm went home. Bot 10 cts horehound candy. Weather fair.

Sep. 26 – Helped in sugar cane & helped D. H. Kleckner reap clover seed. Rec’d letter from Flora Cross & M. Penrod. Weather fair.

Sep. 27 – Helped to gather sugar cane all morn then studied and wrote letter to B. Bender. Weather fair.

Sep. 28 – In Co, with Bro. Grimm went to Mr. Cross. I took dinner at W. Crowleys. Revised class book at Parsonage. Stopped over night at Mt. E. Felts. Weather fair.

Sep. 29 – On mission. Stopped at R. F. Richards, at A. Stockers & at Bro. Coony. Revised Class book at Parsonage. Took dinner at Bro. Snivelys. Visited Mr. Loran Cleveland. Over night at Bro. Burlers. Weather fair.

Sep. 30 – Harrison service at 10. In Co. with Bro. Colton went to Joslin. Took dinner at Joslyns. Preached at Joslin. Took supper at Bro. Stockes. Preached at Parsonage at night. Over night at Bro. Tuneys. Weather fair.

Oct. 1 – Stopped at Sister Arches. Visited Bro. Stockes. Took dinner at Levi Goodwins. Stopped at Durand. Paid 15 cts for a breast pin and crochet hook. Got buggy wrench fixed. Weather fair.

Oct. 2 – Sundry occasions. Passed by Davis home. Rec’d letter from J. P. Rader & Kate Bower. Paid 34 cts postage on Papers. Laying corner stone of Catholic church at Durand. Weather fair.

Oct. 3 – Wrote letter to Flora Cross and sent money to Dayton in behalf of G. Goodwin, E. Burbank. A. Daniels for Papers. Went to Freeport in Co. with Mrs. Kleckner. Paid ½ fare from Davis to Freeport 25 cts. Stopped over night at Mitses.

Oct. 4 – Rode with T. Celerse to Freeport fair ground. Admission 25 cts dinner 20 cts M. ointment. Paid for Stereotype of name 50 cts. Took supper at Bro. Minces. Went to Polo on evening train $1.15. Stopped over night with S. A. Rogers. Weather fair.

Oct. 5 - Wrote letter to Minnie Bower. Went to Polo with Elder Johnson. Bot boot blacking 1 box 5 cts, Took dinner at Bro. Johnson’s. Then went with Bro. S. E. Rogers to fetch a load of corn from Bro. Shoats. Took supper at Stowells. Shares. Weather fair.

Oct. 6 – In Co. with Bro. Rogers attended Quarterly meeting on Spring Valley Mission. Passed through Brookville. Took dinner Father King’s. Quarterly Conference by J. K. Statton. Took supper at Kineries. Preaching at evening by Bro. Fraiser. Over night at D. D. Werhues. W. fair.

Oct. 7 – Love Feast at 10 AM. Opened by me. Preaching at 11 by J. K. Stratton. Paid 25 cts. To Elder. Took Sacrament. Went to dinner at Bro. Locks and in Co. with Bro. Frasiers home near Eagle Point and stayed over night. Weather fair.

Oct. 8 – At Bro. Frasiers till afternoon then was fetched by S. E. Rogers to his home. Stopping at Heiglies Heass Millworks. Nickols. Took supper at Samsels. Over night at Rogers. Weather rainy in the morning but clear in PM.

Oct. 9 – Wrote letter to Clara [Clarissa] Riche and made out Mission report. Bot at Polo shaving brush box & pencil & soap 65 cts. Rec’d letter from Flora Cross. Over night at Rogers. Weather fair.

Oct. 10 – Annual Conference - Started for Mendota to Annual Conference. Passed through Woosung. Bot here Horehound Candy for cold 35 cts. Passed through Dixon. Took dinner at Mr. Laforge. Then passed through Lee Center. Across Inlet and Stopped over night Mr. Sower at Knox Grove, La Salle Co., Ill.

Oct. 11 – Convening at Fairmount - Annual Conference of Rock River. Went into session at 2 PM. Members not near all present. A committee on the Licentiate was appointed who waited wa… on us at evening at Father Eckert. Boarding at A. C. Websters. Over night at J. Eckerts.

Oct. 12 - Bot Bible dictionary, price $1.50 and pamphlet 5 cts. Took dinner at Websters. Conference all day. Supper at Websters. Preaching at evening by Coursay. Weather fair.

Oct. 13 – To Conference. Over night at Websters. Dinner at Websters. PM went with horses to Mendota. Got S. E. Rogers horse shod. Paid 65 cts. Supper at Webster. Preaching at evening by Hallwell. Paid 25 cts to Con. Sec. Weather fair.

Oct. 14 – Sunday service in Conference. Love Feast at 9 AM. Preaching by Statton at 11 AM. Collection for Bishop Markwood $127.00. After this E. R. Vansant and W. R. Walker were ordained. Dinner at Websters. Preaching at 3 ½ by J. Johnson on Mission. At evening by J. R. M. Lock. Paid in $125. Weather fair.

Oct. 15 – At Websters. Attended Conference. Dinner at Websters. Preaching in the PM by Br. Jamison. No sitting of Con[ference] on account of the Stationing Committee not being through. Sacrament at evening. Conference after. Overnight at Websters. Paid 50 cts. Weather nice.

Oct. 16 – Conference closed. - Close of Annual Conference at 10 AM. Incidentals on that day 11 cts. Stopped at Mendota on our way home. Took dinner at Mr. Sowers. Over night at S. E. Rogers. Weather very fair, frost in the morning.

Oct. 17 – At S. E. Rogers. Wrote letter to Mr. Penrod, J. P. Rader, S. A. Kleckner and C. Riche. Bot at Polo ribbon, thread and needles 50 cts. Commentary on Romans $1.60, Envelopes 2 packs 40 cts. Paper 25 cts. Rec’d letter from Clara Riche. Weather fair.

Oct. 18 – Had stopped over night at J. Johnson. Went to S. E. Rogers. Studied till noon. Then went on errand to Polo for Rogers. After that helped to make cider. Weather rainy in PM.

Oct. 19 – Started to Spring Valley Mission. Took dinner at Bro. Walkers in Brookville. Stopped at Bro. Kingmans. Went then to Bro. Winners. Then went and stopped at over night at Mr. Yeagers. Weather very warm.

Oct. 20 – At Mr. Yeagers till afternoon then went and stayed over night at Bro. Kingmans Address of D. T. Weed Lanark, Carroll Co., Ills. Weather very rainy during the night.

Oct. 21 – Preached at Mt. Pleasant at 10 ½ AM. Took dinner at Bro. Millers. Then went and held short service at Winnie Appertons. Took supper & over night at Bro. Tylers. Rainy in the morning and at evening.

Oct. 22 – Send $2.00 for Telescope for A. Leages and $1.50 for U. B. Almanac to Dayton Ohio. In Co. with Bro. Brown went to Lanark. Took dinner at Weds, visited Sister Full. Rec’d letter from Clarissa Riche. Over night at Bro. Weeds. Weather very windy and cold.

Oct. 23 – Paid for shaving & hair dressing by mistake 35 cts. Visited Bro. Frazey and took dinner there. Wrote letter for C. Riche. Visited Mrs. Roland. Send $4.00 for 2 Telescopes W. Frazey and M. Roland. Over night at Bro. Weeds. Weather snowy nearly all day and cold.

Oct. 24 – From D. T. Weeds to Lanark went to R. L. Chittys. Arrived there at noon and stayed over night. Weather fair but drifting then coming night quite a snow fall.

Oct. 25 – At R. L. Chittys all day. Wrote letter to Henry Howe, No. 111 Main St., Cincinnati, O. Weather very snowy and rainy all day. Over night at same place.

Oct. 26 – Send letter to D. J. Bowers to establish appointment. Visited Bro. Cripper, Bro. Willis and had dinner. Visited Bro. Van Brocklin. Stopped at Bro. Joseph Chittys. Over night at Bro. R. L. Chittys. Weather cold and cloudy.

Oct. 27 – Quite a heavy snow storm during the night of Friday. Stayed at Bro. Chittys all day. Studied and split wood. Weather rainy and snowy all day.

Oct. 28 – At Chitties. Preaching by Forney at 2 pm. A Dunkard attended said preaching. Took supper at Jas Chitties Preached for the first time at Spring Valley at evening. Very large congregation. Went for over night at Chitties.

Oct. 29 – Send $1.00 for Telescope. Paid 25 cts ½ fare from Shannon to Freeport. Trunk $6.50, Shirt $1.50, 1 pr. Drawers $1.50Barnses Notes $1.25, Key chair 15 cts. Took dinner at Munzers. Over night at Bro. Witters. W. fair.

Oct. 30 – Went to Kleckners. Took cars at Freeport to Davis, ½ fare25 cts. Rode with H. Burns home, arrived there at 3 PM. Read letters from O. H. Rader, T. T. Bender, and Minnie Bower. Weather cold and blustering.

Oct. 31 – Wrote letter for John Kleckner and send letter to J. F. Kleckner, Minnie Bowers and at noon started for Harrison Mission. Visited Fathers Turney and Goodwin. Went by Durand. Over night at R’s. Weather cold.

Nov. 1 – In Co. with Clarissa Riche went to Pecatonia. Took dinner at Dougherty’s. Photograph $1.00. Went home again. Weather fair but windy.

Nov. 2 – Helped to husk corn in AM. PM made cider. At 4 PM in Co. with S. A. Kleckner went to John Chambers visiting. P. S. Saturday’s work. Weather fair.

Nov. 3 – In Co. with S. A. Kleckner went to Brodhead. Send note to Clara Riche. Bot P. O. Stamps $1.00; Two handkerchiefs .75; Sundries .15. At evening visiting Bromans and Coultress. Weather cool.

Nov. 4 – Preached at Walnut Grove at 11 ½ AM. Stayed at Kleckners. Weather cool.

Nov. 5 – Wrote letter to O. H. Rader and sent letter to Mr. Walker, Brookville. Gave note of $50.00 Wm Kleckner payable in 1 yr. Wrote letter to T. T. Bender and Kate Bower. Stopped over night at Ashenfelters. W. fair.

Nov. 6 – In Co. with W. Brar went to Rock Grove. Attended election. Studied. Weather fair.

Nov. 7 – In Co. with S. A. Kleckner visited Jas. Riche’s. Went to Davis. Weather fair.

Nov. 8 – Went to Orangeville. Stopped at S. Shadels. Took dinner at J. Bomgardners. Went to Oneco and back. Took supper at Bro. Lutz. Preached in Church. Over night at J. Bomgartners. Weather fair. Candy 10 cts.

Nov. 9 – Visited Sister Daniels and Bro. Campbell. Went home by Davis. W. fair.

Nov. 10 – Husked corn till noon. PM Mr. L. Preston visited me. Weather rainy at evening.

Nov. 11 – Attended dedication of Davis M. E. Church by S. A. W. Jewitt. At evening attended meeting at Stone S.S. near Durand preaching by Bro. Campbell. Paid sundry 60 cts. Weather cool.

Nov. 12 – Went to Brodhead got harness fixed 20 cts. Paid for S. A. Kleckner .85. Weather fair.

Nov. 13 – Went to Freeport ½ fare 25 cts. Bot at Freeport 1 Coat, 1 vest, 1 pr. Pants, 2 shirts, I pr. Gloves, 1 neck tie. Total cost $43.50. M. Lover Merchant. Attended service at M. E. Church at evening also. Stopped at H…. M. Church. Over night at Witter. Weather rainy at evening.

Nov. 14 – Took dinner at Smallwood. Went on Cars to Shannon, ½ fare for 25 cts. Took supper at Speenburgs. Rode to R. L. Chittens and stayed over night. Paid for shaving 10 cts. Weather fair.

Nov. 15 – Performed the rites of Marriage between Geo. Chitten & Rebecca Winters; & John Onan & Jane Winters. Took dinner at Father Winters. Went with him to Spring Valley to church, R. L. Chitty preached. For labor $4.00. Weather snowy at evening.

Nov. 16 – Went to Lanark. Stopped at Weeds, Rolands, Bulls. Rec’d package of Almanacs and letter from J. P. Rader. Went to Shannon. Stopped at Rev. Browns & Yeagers. Rec’d letters from M. Bowers & G. Goodwin. Preached at S. Valley at evening. W. fair.

Nov. 17 – Quarterly meeting. – Preaching at 3 PM by Coursey. Preaching at evening by Coursey. Short sitting of Quarterly meeting but on account of the fewness of the numbers nothing definite was transacted. Weather fair. Stayed over night at Bro. Healies

Nov. 18 – Love Feast at 9 AM. Preaching at 11 by Coursey. Collection for Elders $7.75. Paid $1.00 myself. Dinner at Healies. Preaching by Coursey at evening. Stayed over night at Bro. Oles. Weather fair.

Nov. 19 – In morning went to R. L. Chitties and owing to a dissatisfied Mission gave the P. E. a written resignation. Went to Lanark. Over night at Bro. Frazey. Wrote letter to Clara Riche. Rec’d letter from Minnie Bower.

Nov. 20 – On foot from Lanark to Shannon. Sold Telescope to Mr. Spuzberg. Rec’d letter from J. F. Kleckner. Paid 25 cts ½ fare on Car to Freeport. Took dinner at L. B. Picks. Got shaved 10 cts. Attended Free Methodist Meeting in evening. Over night Smallwoods. W. ….

Nov. 21 – From Freeport to Davis ½ fare 25 cts. Went home. Rec’d letter from O. H. Rader. Weather snowy.

Nov. 22 – Wrote letter for J. P. Rader. In Co, with Bro. Young went and stayed over night at Bro. Suttons at Spring Grove. Weather cold.

Nov. 23 – Wrote letter for W. R. Coursey & O. H. Rader. Went and visited Bromans. Weather snowy.

Nov. 24 – Went to Davis and fetched Young. Wrote letter for M. Bower. Cut oven wood. Weather cool.

Nov. 25 – Preaching by Young at W. Grove at 11 AM. By Cook at 3 PM. At eve. By Young. Weather fair.

Nov. 26 – Helped to husk corn till 2 PM. Then it commenced to rain.

Nov. 27 – Husked corn all day. Weather a little squally with rain.

Nov. 28 – In Co. with Wm. Kleckner went visiting, no success. Took dinner at Mrs. Knus. Weather cool.

Nov. 29 - Studied and wrote letter for J. F. Kleckner. Weather snowy.

Nov. 30 – Helped Mr. Shoch to raise a sheep shed. Rec’d letter from B. Bender & Kate Bower. Weather cold.

Dec. 1 – Went to Davis with Emma Kleckner, also to p. Messinger. Took supper at Mr. Williams. Bot tooth brush 25 cts. Rec’d 50 cts.

Dec. 2 – Prayer meeting in the …. [unable to read, written in red, very faded]

Dec. 3 - Wrote letter for Rev. S. E. Rogers & Studied. Weather rainy.

Dec. 4 – Helped some to break flax. Weather fair.

Dec. 5 – Helped to raise a barn for J. Schock and move a small house nearer to the new one for W. B. Cooly. Rec’d letter from M.Bower. Weather rainy toward the evening.

Dec. 6 – Astronomical Phenomena – Visited at W. Bear. Weather Misty. Nothing was seen of the Phenomena on account of cloudy weather.

Dec. 7 – In Co. with J. H. Young and Wm. Dissinger visited at the home. Wrote letter to M. Bower. Weather snowy.

Dec. 8 – At 3 PM went to Davis after mail. Weather snowy in the morning but cleared at PM, cold.

Dec. 9 – Preaching at J. H. Young at W. Grove at 10 ½ AM. Took dinner at H. Chambers. Then went with him to Putnams S. H. and held meeting. Over night at Mr. Crosses. W. cold.

Dec. 10 – Took dinner at Mr. Adelmans. Weather very cold.

Dec. 11 – Took dinner at N. Wallars. Went to Davis. Rec’d letter from S. E. Rogers & W. E. Coursey. Went to Walnut Grove. Preaching by J. Young. Weather cold.

Dec. 12 – At home. Preached at Walnut Grove for J. Young. Stayed at Bro. Bears over night. Weather muddy [?].

Dec. 13 – Attended prayer meeting at Bro. Bears at 10 AM. Then went to Sis. Daniels by way of Rock City. Got lost in the woods and went to Dacota, returned to Daniels. Over night at Daniels. Weather fair.

Dec. 14 – Went to Pecatonica in Co. with Rev. Mr. Campbell. Took supper at Bro. Messingers. Went home via Davis. Got home at 9 ½ PM. Weather sunny.

Dec. 15 – Stayed at home. Preached at W. Grove. Weather stormy.

Dec. 16 – AM weather very stormy. Preaching at 2 ½ PM at evening by Bro. Knepper.

Dec. 17 – Sundry business. Dec. 19 – Studied most of the time. Went to Putnam School house where J. H. Young holds a protracted meeting. Weather fair.

Dec. 20 – Helped to butcher at C. T. Kleckners. Weather fair but commenced to snow at night. Snow 8 inches deep.

Dec. 21 – Studied and helped about the house. Rec’d letter from Minnie Bower. Weather blustering in the morning and foggy during the PM.

Dec. 22 – Weather rainy and foggy all day. Went to Harrison on train from Davies ½ fare 20 cts. Took dinner and stayed over night at Burbanks.

Dec. 23 – Preached at Harrison at 10 ½ AM. Took dinner at Cooneys. Preached at Stone S. house at evening. Over night J. Riche. Weather fair.

Dec. 24 –Went home. Stopped on the way at Mr. Hartmans and at Mr.Johnsons. Also stopped at Mr. Blackamores School. Attended Reconcitration Meeting at Mr. Coultress. Preached at Putnam School house at evening. Weather cold.

Dec, 25 – Marriage of Conrad Bender and Clarissa Riche – Went to Polo. Nuptial ceremony performed by S. E. Rogers at 11 PM night. Stopped for supper at Freepo8rt at Pa House. Cost on way to Polo $5.05. Rec’d letter from O. H. Rader. Weather cold.

Dec. 26 – Stayed at Bro. Rogers all day. Went to Polo. Bot present from Mrs. Rogers Cost $3.60. Bot veil for Mrs. C. Bender cost $1.50. Over night at Bro. Shumakers, Polo. Weather very cold in P.M.

Dec. 27 – Took cars at Polo at 5 AM. Stopped over at Freeport till 1.55 AM. Took cars to Davis. Expenses for the day RR $3.30, Diary 90 cts, Testament 40 cts, Breakfast for one 50 cts. In Co. with Miss Sebold went home. Witnessed nuptial ceremony of S. A. Kleckner. Cold.

Dec. 28 – Went to Bro. Jo Riches and at evening attend Bro. Youngs Protracted Meeting & preached for him. Weather cold.

Dec. 29 – Attended S. A. Kleckners infare [housewarming by newly married couple] at L. Goodrichs. Then went to Prairie Block and preached at evening. Over night at Bro. Coursey. Weather cold & clear.

Dec. 30 – Preached at Brick S. H. at 10 ½. Took dinner at Bro. Longs. Preached at College at 2 ½ PM. Went home to Jo Riches over night. Weather cold.

Dec. 31 – Went to C. T. Kleckners and fetched trunk and things to Jo Riches. At evening helped to hold Watch Meeting at Putnams S. H. Weather fair.


Credit to Mrs. Kleckner for 5 yds muslin at 35 cts per yd - $1.75. To 2 shirt bosoms 50 cts a piece - $1.00. To ¼ yd linen 25 cts.

Mrs. Kleckner to one dollar [Dr] loaned for D. H. Kleckner. To one belt for Emma 68 cts Payed for recipe book $2.00. Last refunded. [June 1866 – Dr. D. H. Kleckner In money $12.00 “ 12 bun 72]
{the above was crossed out]

A. Frazey for Telescope $1.00 M. Roland $2.00.

C. Bender for Almanac $1.50.

(“Rev. Conrad Bender and Clarissa Eleanor Riche were married at Polo on Xmas Day by Rev. S. E. Rogers at eleven o’clock at night.” [inserted])

Living in Lanark - Victor Wisler, Methias Roland, N. Frazey, D. T. Weed, Mr. Hull, Mrs. Roland, Mrs Aldrich.
Union – Josiah Fir.
Books – Rise & progress of Sunday Schools $1.75.
“Ye generation of Vipers”, Matt. 12 chapter.
Leperts Church & Fishers - 8 miles West of Freeport.

Text of Bro. Spangles – St. Mark 13 chap. Latter clause of last verse. What are we to watch; When are we to watch; How are we to watch.

Pro Stewards on Hebrews – Commentary.
I Tim.1:15
Witness – Edited by James Inglis, 26 Cooper Institute, n. York.
Youngs Government Class Book.
Mrs. Alexander Stulkir, Durand. Robert A. Coomas at Joslin S.H.

Quarterly Meeting – Harrison Mission, Dec. 18, ’67.
Thompson, Best, Cowen, Rigle, C. Link – Prairie Block. - - - -& - - - -.
Meyers, York, York Co., Pa.
W. R. Coursey, Forreston, Ill
Deck at Cauma.
Farmers Oil preferred for greasing or oiling harness.
Herrick Strengthening Plaster, $4.75.
Alen & Hines Man, Oneco, Ills.
Heb. 10:16,17


On January 1, 1866 Conrad Bender was 28 years old, unmarried, probably living with his first cousin Charles T. Kleckner on a farm in Rock Grove Township, Stephenson County, Illinois. He was licensed to preach by the Rock River Conference of the United Brethren in Christ Church and by the end of January was preaching every other week at Joslin and Stone School House, and at Brick School House and College School House. In February he added Harrison, and later Prairie Block. He preached as many as three services a week and served six congregations. He also held Wednesday night prayer meetings, organized Sabbath schools, and did a lot of visiting including eating dinner and supper out as well as staying over night. He participated in special services during the week including “protracted meetings” and “camp meetings”. Denominational activities included four Quarterly meetings [annual meetings for local churches], and the Annual Conference in Fairmount, LaSalle County. On November 19th he resigned due to “dissatisfaction“. His preaching was sporadic from then until December 23rd when he resumed preaching at Harrison and Stone School House. He resumed at Brick and College School Houses the next week. On December 31st he helped to hold a Watch Meeting at Putnams S. H.

He farmed at least 60 days including threshing clover, tapping and boiling sugar maple syrup, planting and harvesting wheat, corn, sugar cane, oats, and rye. Made hay, pulled flax and butchered hogs. He studied 84 days, full or part time.

For diversions on July 4th he went to a Basket picnic at Durand, “had a very excellent time, stopped for fireworks at evening which were attractive and entertaining, spent 20 cts”; July 21st Brick S. S. picnic, “a good table spread for all”; September 12th, Spring Grove picnic, “a general table was set”; October 4th, Freeport Fair Ground, admission 20 cts., dinner 20 cts. Several times he went fishing, often with no luck! However on one fishing trip he reported catching 154 fish [one more than the Disciples in John 21:11]

He visited his brothers Benjamin and Thomas Bender in Iowa May 1 – 11; reached his 28th birthday on November 3rd “In Co. with S. A. Kleckner went to Brodhead [Wisconsin]. Send note to Clara Riche. Bot P. O. Stamps $1.00; Two handkerchiefs .75; Sundries .15. At evening visiting Bramans and Coultress. Weather cool”; Voted on November 6th; wed Clarissa Eleanor Riche at 11 PM on Xmas Day at Polo.

Conrad Bender Diary 1866 Stephenson Co IL
Conrad Bender Diary 1875 Whiteside & Henry Counties IL
Conrad Bender Diary 1883 Whiteside County IL
Conrad Bender Diary 1884 Whiteside County
Diary of 1877: 1880 Carroll County IL
Conrad Bender Diary 1882-83 Whiteside Co IL
Evangelical United Brethren Church Coleta. Illinois

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