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Dreyer Family
dreyer family
Edward D.R. Dreyer Family
Contributed by Karen Olden Berman

Margaret Wilson Gardner, daughter of Robert and Martha Wilson Gardner, was born April 2, 1860 in Rock Springs PA.
Margaret married George Washington Elvey, December 5, 1894 in Freeport, Illinois by Rev. E. P. Hill, D.D. officiating (License #239).

Margaret Elvy

Margaret Gardner - March 18, 1889
Representing the R. W. Gardner Flower and Seed Store at the "Pageant Freeport"

George Washington Elvey and wife Margaret (Gardner) Elvey (Vallance)

george elvey

George Washington Elvey
Son of Norris and Jane Vallance Elvey
Born in Fulton Co PA August 10, 1858, died 28 January 1926 in Freeport IL.

Margaret died 15 October 1929 in Elgin IL (Kane County) and is also buried at Oakland Cemetery 11 October 1929.

elvey family

 *** The children of George and Margaret (Gardner) Elvey ***

Robert Maurice Elvey Freeport Jan. 27, 1896
George Noel Elvey Freeport March 1,1897
Mabel Marie Elvey Freeport March 8, 1899
Valance Gardner Elvey Freeport Dec. 30, 1901 died May 1981

Robert Maurice elvey
Robert Maurice Elvey
son of Geo. W. and Mararet Elvey
Born Freeport, Ill. Jan. 27, 1896 Died Oct. 30, 1919, Freeport, Ill

Valance Gardner Elvey
Valance Gardner Elvey

Geo. Noel Elvey married Sarah Ellen White 27 January 1919 in Lena IL
Rev. B.F. Grenoble officiating (License #30).

Sarah was the daughter of Reuben Miles and Susanna Steinmetz White
She was born August 28, 1901.

The children of George Noel Elvey and Sarah are

Richard Noel Elvey b. Milwaukee, Wis. Sept. 9, 1919 and Beatrice Louise Elvey b. Milwaukee, Wis. August 29, 1921

Letter from Howard Vallance Jones of Cedar Falls, Iowa to Mabel Elvey - November 26, 1976

Dear Cousin Mabel
I'm very sorry to be so slow in answering your letter of 23 August, but it has been a terribly busy fall here, and too many good letters like yours have just had to wait. I'm delighted that you have some interest in our ancestry. Searching for ancestors is one of my favorite hobbies, and I'm always glad to welcome co-workers and to share information with them.
My great-grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Vallance, who married the Rev. William Lee Jones. My father was thus a first cousin of Virginia Curtice, and you and I are something like second cousins once removed. Thus we share a Vallance ancestry. The Vallances so far have proven somewhat elusive. The father of Jane Vallance Elvey and Sarah Elizabeth Vallance Jones was John Vallance, who apparently lived in Licking Creek Township, near Knobsville, Pennsylvania. He and his wife are buried there, and I have visited the graves. John was born 16 jan. 1789, according to his own family Bible, which I have, and died 18 Oct. 1856 from an infection in his arm from being kicked by a horse. Where he was born, I do not yet know, but in the census of 1860, he specified that it was Pennsylvania.
John married in Dublin Township, which is the same location really, April 19, 1810, Anna Arick, who was born c. 1789, died 8 July 1873. Anna is a problem. The only source of her maiden name is the Bible, and the name could be Arick, Anick, Arich, Anich, or some variant of that. No families of that name are visible in Bedford or Fulton County, and so we have no lead at all on who her parents might have been. The name looks to be German, and it is perhaps significant that the two of them are buried in what is now called the Brethren Cemetery -- this may have been their church. They had 9 children: 1 - Catharine, b. 1811, m. John Miller; 2 - Anna Marie, b. 1814 and m. John Glunt; 3 - John A. b. 1815; 4 - Jane, b. 1818, m. Norris Elvey; 5 - Adam V., b. 1821; 6 - Susanna, b. 1824, m. William McFarlin; 7 - Margaret, b. 1828, m. James Blakey; 8 - Martha Ann, b. 1830; and 9 - Sarah Elizabeth, b. 1834. I know a bit about most of these, and have some of their children listed.
The father of John Vallance seems to have been Adam Vallance, who died in Fulton Co. in 1830. His wife was Catherine, maiden name unknown, They had 9 children, per his will of 1830, and I know next to nothing about most of them. Adam is presumably buried on his family farm, which I have visited. There is a family cemetery there, but none of the stones are inscribed. The farm is near Knobsville, on the road to Harrisonville. It now belongs to Miss Pearl Bishop, a descendant of Anna Maria Vallance Glunt, and I have had several visits with Pearl, and we pool our family data when we can.
Pearl reports, by the way, that one of the Elveys has written something on that family, and I am supposed to get a copy of it, but it has not arrived as yet. I hope that it will, although I do not expect it to shed any further light on the Vallances. That's about where we are on the research, and I'll be glad to answer questions about it and fill in details if you want them. It's very baffling just now, for John Vallance says that he was born in Pennsylvania -- and yet Adam Vallance, his father, does not show up in either the census of 1790 or of 1800. Vallances are there in both, but not Adam. Also, John was clearly in Fulton County (then Bedford County) by 1810, but does not show in that census either (nor does Adam). It may be that they were living in someone else's household at the time, perhaps Adam was a hired hand or something, and only later did they get land and set up their own home --the land grant came in 1826 or so.
The questions are fairly obvious. I'd like to fill in more about the descendants of Adam Vallance in the first place. Second, I'd like to know who Anna Arick was. Third, of course, I'd like to track old Adam Vallance down further. My guess is that he was Scotch, and that he might well have been born in Scotland. I'm much interested in your mother's books of clippings and pictures. There might be some good clues there which would help in the search. I would be grateful for anything you can find there which you think might be useful to us. Wish I could see the books myself and pour over them, but I. Don't see any easy way to do that, as I am sure you would be reluctant to loan them out, and as close as Freeport is, we never seem to get there. Maybe some day -- it would be fun to meet you.
Well, there's a start for you, and I hope I didn't bury you with all the sudden information. I'll look forward to hearing from you again, and will welcome anything you can contribute to the search.
Sincerely yours,

Letter written by H. M. Elvey of Altoona, Pa. to Mabel Elvey January 6, 1940

Dear Cousin,
I guess you think a good many things of me not answering you letter sooner. And giving you what I know of our grandmother Elvey Jane Valance. But I was waiting for a chance to get to a little cemetery at a little town by the name of Knobsville where there are some Valances buried. But as yet I did not get there to find out for myself of these Valances. But I will tell you what I found inscribed on the head stones at Bethlehem Cemetery, my home or where I was raised. Noras G. Elvey born Sept. 5, 1813 Died Feb. 5th, 1889 Age 75 yrs. 4 mos. 15 days Noras Elvey or his parents came from England. Here is what is inscribed on head stone same cemetery in plot with N. G. Elvey:
Jane Elvey Died Jan. 26th, 1888 age 69 yrs. 10 mos. 9 days. But this differs from an old Bible property of Florence Valance Shaffer near McConnellsburg, Pa. I saw and read the 30 May 1937. This Bible is over 155 years old and in state of preservation very good. Wrote in plain English with a very legible hand, It gave Jane Valance as Born February 17 day year 1818. Now the date of Death on headstone and age just does not quite balance with Bible. I think she was just 22 days short of 70 years old or 69 years 11 mos 9 days at death. Florence Shaffer says Jane Valance mother came from Germany her maiden name was Gless/Glers or Oiler she was not sure her being 85 years old. So you and I are sure of being at least the 4th generation maybe the 5th. But Valance was or is French spelled Balance and pronounced Val___. I hope this little data will serve its purpose. And any time I learn more I will be glad to leave you know. I wish you could pay us a visit here in Pa. you sure would be pleased to see and meet the few of your relatives. A very small relationship. I have traveled around and all over the glove and never heard the name Elvey or saw it except the ones that I know of being cousins of ours. I spent a month at the west coast Oct. and Nov. just passed. I have a son-in-law in San Francisco Calif. in a U. S. Navy Medical school. My wife has a brother in Los Angeles, Calif. So I spent the time very nicely on my trip. We are having some real winter weather here the last 10 days. But not what you get out in Ill. But it is bad enough here. I have not saw my bros. for over a year. My sister was to see me last summer. All are well as far as I know. Hope you are well now Mabel don't wait as long as I did to write. And I will do better next time.

From your cousin
H. M. Elvey

Aaron Family
Aaron Wesley Frankeberger Family

(left to right) Mollie Frankeberger Walter, Winnie Frankeberger Keister, Edie (Edith) Frankeberger Goodrich, Aaron Wesley Frankeberger w/ Nellie Keister Neuschwander on his lap (Winnie's daughter), (Willard) Jason Frankeberger, Pearl Frankeberger, Sarah Kramer Frankeberger w/ Effie Frankeberger on her lap, Ida Frankeberger Loss, John Ai Frankeberger, and Charles Frankeberger.

Aaron W Frankeberger
Aaron W. Frankeberger

Aaron Wesley Frankeberger was born in Stephenson Co., most likely Rock Grove, Dec. 7, 1845. Aaron was fairly young, about a month shy of 16 when the War broke out in April of 1861.
My grandmother (Winona Keister Smith) told us he lied about his age to join and that he was a drummer boy for the "Stephenson County Boys".  He was a private in the 46th Infantry Regiment, Co. B, as was his brother Eli.

Aaron married Sarah Ann Kramer Oct. 4, 1868 in Erie County, OH, which is where Sarah was born on May 6, 1850. 

Aaron Wesley Frankeberger died March 9, 1938 in Rock Grove Township.  He was preceded by his wife Sarah, who died Oct. 13, 1914 in Rock Grove.  Both are buried in Rock Grove Cemetery .

Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley Frankeberger surrounded by his many grand children and great grand children. The only one's we can identify are my grandmother Winona Keister Smith behind his chair on the left and Nellie Keister Neuschwander behind his chair on the right holding most likely her son Donald.

Aaron and Sarah had a total of 10 children:

John Ai (1869-1945)
Winnifred Nettie (1871-1924)
Edwin S. (1873-1885) (Buried at Union Cemetery Rock Grove)
Ida Corilla (1875-1945)
Edith Elizabeth (1877-1968)
Willard Jason (1880-1959)
Mollie Emma (1882-1970)
Charles Wesley (1885-1956)
Pearl Susan (1887-1951) (Buried at Union Cemetery Rock Grove)
Effie May (1892-1985)

Winnifred (Winnie) Frankeberger was born July 2, 1871 in Ridott, IL. She married John Grant Keister on Feb. 27, 1890 in Okley, WI. They had a total of 6 children: Russell (b. 1891 and died in infancy), Nellie Grace (1892-1983 and married Lee Wells Neuschwander), Wonetta Edith (1895-1985) and married Karl Keil), Levi Wesley (1898-1977), Marie (1901-1983 and married Fredrick Sartorius), and Winona May, (Melissa's grandmother) was born June 12, 1904 in Oneco Township.

When Winona May was a girl, she started her school life at the one room, all grade school house in Hickory Grove Country School (north of Dakota). She stated in her notes that her teachers there were (in no order) Ira Miller, Miss Schrum, Albert Zimmerman, Jerry Schaffer, and Miss Stephans (from Georgia). From 1916-1918 she went to the Berlin Country School (south of Dakota) Alta Terhark was the teacher. Winona's family moved closer to Dakota around 1918 and she finished 7th and 8th grades at the old two story wood building. She states in her notes, "the 1st floor was grades 1-4 and the 2nd floor was the rest of the grades." She said that by then, Ira Miller (from the Hickory School) had been hired by the Dakota School Board and was the teacher for the upper floor grades.

She graduated from 8th grade in 1920., She went to high school in the new brick building from 1920-24. Ira Miller became the principal there and Edna Rockey was the other teacher. There were only 4 graduates in the 1st graduating class of Dakota High School, which was in 1922. She stated the school board bought the old Lutheran Church and converted into a gymnasium. My grandmother was a member of the girls basketball team. After she graduated in 1924, she went to DeKalb Teacher's College to get her teaching credentials. From 1925-26 she taught at the one room country school east of Dakota, Brown's Grade School.

June 28, 1926 Winona married Herbert Ellsworth Smith (my grandfather, who's parents were John W. Smith and Jennie L. Pollock) in Winona, MN. They lived in Dakota until 1939. After they found out my grandmother was pregnant with my father, they decided to move to Phoenix (where I was born). They all lived in the Phoenix area until they each passed away.

(L to R) Winona Keister Smith, Aaron W. Frankeberger, and Marie Keister Sartorius

Aaron Keister Children
The Keister Children

(L to R) Marie, Winona, Levi, Nellie, and Wonetta) w/ their grandfather Aaron W. Frankeberger.

The little girl on the left is Ramona Keil (Wonetta's daughter) and the baby on his lap is Lois Neuschwander (Nellie's daughter).

Hibst Family

hibst family
Edward Phillip & Marie (Quintus) Hibst Family
Contributed by Alice Horner

Edward Phillip Hibst was born about 1845 in France the son of Peter Hibst. Edward married Marie Quintus. Edward Phillip was the son of John Pierre Hibst born 9 July 1870 in Alsace-Lorraine France. John married Mary Jane Ridenour 5 August 1891 in Clarinda Iowa. They have a daughter, Lura Jane Hibst born 15 August 1899 in Ft. Dodge Iowa. She married Everett Michael Huber.
Information came from Eileen Huber, Rootsweb World Connect
Information from Alice Horner, Rootsweb World Connect

Clarence Hibst Obituary Clarence is listed as age 2 on Stephenson County IL census Ward 2, an orphan in St. Francis Hospital on Walnut Street. His birth is listed as May 1897 born in IL - Parents born in IL. Clarence Hibst believed to be a son of Robert Franklin & Effie (Weaver) Hibst who is thought to be the s/o Edward Phillip & Marie (Quintus)

In 1910 Mary C. Hibst is a widow born about 1845 Germany. She is living with her 3 sons and 1 daughter - Franklin 37 (widower), Joseph age 35, George 27 and Rosie age 22.. all listed births in Germany.

perry kenyon



Perry & Alvira (Guild) Kenyon

Perry born 15 August 1829 New York - died 19 September 1891 Freeport, Stephenson Co IL

Alvira Guild Kenyon born 12 February 1832 - died 12 April 1911


josephine kenyon

Josephine A. Kenyon - daughter of Perry & Alvira Kenyon

Josephine born 28 September 1860 - died November 1940

August and Lizzie (Brandt) LaGrand

Standing: John, Oscar and Charles LaGrand
Seated: August, Caroline and Lizzie (Brandt) LaGrand
Photo about 1900 - contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne

lagrand music room
In the Charles LaGrand music room, c1928
l to r: Libby, Lois, Marion, Charles and family dogs


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