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Jacob Lutz, the great-grandfather of the Youtzy-Lutz relationship, came to America from Holland in the latter years of 1700 and located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - date unknown.

Some time after, he came to Huntington County, Pennsylvania, and located in Germany Valley, the second house east of the Old Germany Church of the Brethren. He purchased a large tract of timber land, which, when cleared, made five fine farms of cultivated land. At this place Grandfather Lutz, also named Jacob Lutz, was born January, 1800. He departed this life at his home in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, on November 20, 1880, at the ripe age of 80 years, 10 months, and 15 days. His occupation was farming. Religiously he was affiliated with the Church of the Brethren.

Grandfather Lutz was born in the 2nd residence north of the Old Stone Church of the Brethren in Germany Germnny Valley, Shirleysburg Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Here is where a new generation began the Youtzy-Lutz relationship. The wife of Grandfather Lutz was Elizabeth Haymaker and she became the mother of the above named relationship. She was born in Pery County, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1804, and departed this life October 10, 1884 at the age of 79 years, 2 months, and 12 days. She was a member of the Brethren church at that place. Their offspring is as follows: Their first born was Katie Lutz and became the wife of Michael, Youtzy. This was the beginning of the Youtzy relationship in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, coming west in 1875.

--Their first born was Elizabeth Youtzy, who is yet living at the age of 86 years. 1934.

youtz family
Andy Youtz Family

Their second born was Andy Spangle Youtz, was born in Union County, Pennsylvania, September 24, 1846. He departed this life on September 7, 1935, at the age of 86 years, 8 months and 13 days. His occupation was farming. He married Margaret Miller, 1871. She was born September 20, 1852, and departed this life February 27, 1909. Andy was a good man and seemed to be ready to help those that needed help. He was a loyal father and husband. Industrious, prosperous, and by his integrity soon became the owner of a fine farm. In 1875 they came west and located at Sterling,Whiteside County, Illinois. To this union was first born, Harry Youtzy at Mt. Union, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania on October 25, 1872. In December 23, 1909, Harry married Dora Kohn. To this union was born, five children: Glen, Harold, Lyle, Alice, Wilbur, and an adopted daughter, Virgie May. Harry was a good man, husband and father, and one who was worthy of praise. Always at it and hard at it. No giving up, till the job was completed and could be relied upon six days in the week Fine Harry.  In 1935, Alice married Clifford Julson. To their union was born one son, Rolland Julson on June 1, 1936.


EDGAR JACOB YOUTZY was the second son of Andy and Maggie Youtzy. He was born in Mt. Union. Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania March 26, 1875. He married Addie Menziner, February 14, 1906. Five children were born to this union. They were William A., Kenneth Lawrence, Robert, and Earl. Kenneth married a New York girl in 1934. To them was born one son. Edgar was a good boy, stayed by his father grew to manhood on the farm and finally chose farming for his persuit.

MABLE YOUTZY was the third child and was born at Sterling, Whiteside County, Illinois, May 26, 1880. She departed this life January 26, 1890.

VIRGIE YOUTZY was the fourth child and was born in Stephenson County, Illinois, May 28, 1881. She departed this life in 1890.

ALICE YOUTZY was the fifth child and was born in Stephenson County, Illinois, November 17, 1883. She was united in marriage June 21, 1918, to Oscar Peterson of Del Rio, Texas. To them were born four children: Ruth May, Margaret, James and George. Alice was a talented lady in education. She showed ability, and was a credit to her parents, and community in which she spent her girlhood days and grew to womanhood in the home locality in which she was born, choosing to assist serving to a store for her profession.

Frank Meinert Family 

Frank & Maude Lelila (Bradley) Meinert - Marriage 1907

Meinert family
1st Row: Frank, Maude, Marcette
Back Row: Margaret, (Kenneth) Lee, Charlie, Clement (Dempsey), Marjorie, Frank

Henry and Mary (Miller) Meinert's 50th wedding anniversary - 29 Sept 1931

The Frank in the first row is the same as in the previous pics.

Front - Frank, Mary, Henry, Walter

Back - Ralph, Roy, Clara, Oscar, Samuel



Moyer Family

Five generations are shown in the picture, including Mrs. Anna Moyer of Winslow, and four of her descendants. Left to right they are: Loris Leverton, Winslow, her grandson; Mrs. Edward Leverton, Freeport, her daughter,; Mrs. Moyer; Mrs. Bernard Shafer, Winslow, great-granddaughter, holding her son, Stephan Ray, great-great-grandson of Mrs. Moyer.
Photo contributed by Karen Fyock

    Moyer family

Nath Family
Contributed by Karen Fyock

Five generations of one family gathered recently at the Charles Nath home in Davis. Left to right (seated) are Mrs. Boyd Thomas, 629 West Avon street, Freeport, second generation; Mr. and Mrs. Nath of Davis, first generation. Standing, Mrs. Charles Wolfe and daughter Sandra Jo, 616 Young's Lane, Freeport, fourth and fifth generation; and Mrs. Paul Salzman, 300 North Powell avenue, Freeport, third generation. Mr. and Mrs. Nath will be married 63 years tomorrow.

Nath Family
Clipping August 22, 1950

This six-week-old baby, Gayle Lynn Nesemeyer, has one five generation and two four generations to take care of her. She is shown here with her six grandmothers. Left to right, standing are: Mrs. Fred Propp, great-grandmother, Mrs. Edward Albrecht and Mrs. Walter Nesemeyer, both grandmothers. Seated are: Mrs. Sam Mayer, great-great-grandmother; Mrs. William Griffin, holding Gayle, great-grandmother; Mrs. William Nesemeyer, great-grandmother. All are of Freeport. Mrs. Mayer, who is 98 years old, has three other great-great-grandchildren. Gayle Lynn's parents, Cpl. and Mrs. Wayne Nesemeyer, spent a 10 day holiday leave with the families.

Nesemeyer Gayle

Nott Family
Contributed by Marie Nott Figura

Christopher Nott died in Illinois, an immigrant of Germany where he was born about 1815.

Henry Nott, son of Christopher, was born 20 August 1853 and died 17 February 1903. Henry was married to Maria Meier on 12 December 1878. She was born 11 July 1861 and died 26 November 1940.

Daniel Nott, son of Henry and Maria was born 7 August 1879 and married Pearl Meinzer who was born 1 July 1882. They are the parents of Ruth and Lester Nott.

Pearl and Daniel Nott with children Lester and Ruth

Pfeil Family
Contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne

 Jake Pfeil
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Pfeil

Pfeil Edward Mary
Edward & Mary (Steffen) Pfeil family - 1903
L to R, top row: Raymond & Edna Bell. Middle row: Robert, Edward, Mary, Marie Ernestine
Front row: Leah (center), Lloyd (on right)
Photo contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne -- courtesy of Philip E. Kloster

The Pollock Family
Contributed by Melissa Crusinberry

Jennie, John L. (L.J.), and David Pollock were children of John Pollock's 2nd marriage. The elder John Pollock had moved to Stephenson County from Scioto County, OH with his brother Thomas after John's 1st wife died in 1842. John had 2 children with his first wife, Quincy E. (born 1838 in Scioto County, OH) and Sarah J. (b. 1841 in Scioto County, OH)
John's 2nd wife, Sarah Morton, raised the two as her own. This is evident in the front of a Bible that was in my grandmother's Hope chest. When Quincy was getting ready to join up and fight with the 46th Regiment of the Illinois Volunteer Infantry, she wrote, "Quincy E. Pollock, Book Presented by his Mother, Mrs. Sarah Pollock. Orangeville, Ill., Sept. 9th, 1861."

Lena Pollock 
Lena Musser Pollock, daughter of Dr. D.J. and Eleanor Pollock

John PollockSarah Pollock Photo
John and Sarah (Morton) Pollock

Children: Quincy, Sarah J.
Anne E., David, Mary, John, Emma, Jennie

Powers Family
Contributed by Karen Fyock

Michael Power married Mary Walsh March 3, 1862 in Ireland (source: certificate)

Margaret Power daughter of Michael Power and Mary Walsh baptized June 17, 1866 (source:certificate)

Mary Power of Cashel, Ireland died August 19, 1873 (source: death card)

In Memoriam Mrs. Mary Powers born in Ireland passed away March 27, 1931

In Memory of Mrs. Margaret Graham b. June 1866 in Cashel, Ireland
Entered into rest August 30, 1955 at 1282 W. Lincoln Blvd. Freeport, Illinois

Mrs. Jennie Powers died March 19, 1947
Leo F. Graham died May 4, 1962 Mass St. Angela's Church, Interment Queen of Heaven
Philip Williams of Stockton-on-Tees died February 3, 1892 aged 29 years.

Handwritten notes:
Thomas Power baptized 1863
Margaret 1866
Mary 1869
Alice 1871 

Margaret Power married Feb. 14, 1899

Albert Tunks
Albert Tunks

anna tunks
Anna Tunks

Alice Tunks Mallory
Alice Tunks Mallory


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