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Mallory Family
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Jasper Benjamin Mallory Family

Mallory Family

Back Row: (l-r) Mary Catherine "Molly" Mallory (married George William Wolf, son of Peter Wolf and Elizabeth Rowray);
Elizabeth Jerusha Mallory (married Henry Brown Daniels, son of John Daniels Jr and Candace Sarah Emery);
Edwin Grant Mallory (married Ida Mae Cotherman, daughter of Reuben Cotherman and Matilda Winklebeck);
Nellie Jane Mallory (married Harvey Cole, son of Wilson Cole and Charlotte Wells);
Romanza Anna Mallory (married William N Greeley, son of John Michael Greeley and Hannah Waldron);
and Jasper Bobb Mallory (married Alice Bixler, daughter of Josiah Bixler and Alice E Drawe).

Front Row: (l-r) Josiah Willard Mallory (married Cora Alice Wilkinson, daughter of Dilleston Kenyon Wilkinson and Elizabeth Stotser;)
Josephine Mallory (married Thomas Lincoln, son of Franklin Lincoln and Sarah Leuella Robinson of Ridott;)
Jasper Benjamin Mallory b 1831, son of Dewitt Clinton Mallory and Eleanor Brown;
and Ella Jane Luce Mallory, daughter of Robert Luce and Sarah Lazell.

Jasper Benj Mallory
Five surviving daughters of Jasper Benjamin and Ella Jane "Elsie" (Luce) Mallory
Back left: Josephine Mallory b 19 Jun 1871 Montevallo, Mo = Thomas Lincoln;
Elizabeth 'Dilla' 'Lizzie' Mallory 27 Dec 1856 Lancaster Twp, Stephenson Co IL = Henry Brown Daniels;
Romanza A 'Maggie' Mallory 1865 = William N Greeley;
Front Row: Nellie Jane Ellen Mallory 28 Nov 1853 Rock Run Twp, Stephenson Co IL = Harvey Cole;
Mary C 'Mollie' Mallory 18 Oct 1844 Rock Run Twp, Stephenson Co IL = George William Wolfe.

romanza mallory
Romanza (Maggie) Mallory
Daughter of Jasper B. and Elsie
_____ Near Freeport, Ill.

Romanza Mallory
Romanza (Maggie) Mallory
Husband William Greeley
Married Dec 31, 1890; Died Oct 23, 1935

jasper mallory
Jasper Bobb Mallory
b 18 Sep 1868 d 19 Mar 1939
s/o Jasper B. and Elsie Mallory
married Alice Bixler.

Romanza Anna "Maggie" Mallory was born 16 May 1864 in Rock Run Twp Stephenson co Illinois to Jasper Benjamin Mallory and Ella Jane Luce. She died in St Paul MN 23 Oct 1935. Maggie entered Illinois State Normal University 6 Sep 1886 and attended through the winter of 1887. During her time there she was offered a teaching job at the Berlin school in Stephenson Co (per letter in my possession.) She and husband William N. Greeley were living in Richland Wisconsin at time of marriage at her parents home in Rock Run 1 Dec 1890. . Made their home in Stockton, Illinois where he was a "creamery man." Romanza and William had Gladys A. Greeley Oct 1891, Loyal L. Greeley 30 Jun 1893, and six weeks after she divorced William, a son William Nelson Greeley 14 Mar 1897. Romanza taught at the Berlin School in Dakota, Illinois spring of 1906, fall 1906 and spring 1907. (1920 Census age 55 Shannon Twp, Carroll Co IL) "Romanza (Maggie) Greeley came to Grandpa and Grandma's place when I was there. She was an old lady then. The photo of her school back in Stephenson County, Illinois shows a young woman about 17 years old, who looks totally in charge of the pupils. She had three children, but I only knew Gladys and her husband, George Lau from visits to their home in St Paul Minesota?." by Ernest James Bird

They had Gladys (m George Lau,) Loyal L Greeley, and William Nelson Greeley, the latter being born in 1897 about six weeks after Romanza divorced William. She died in St Paul MN 23 Oct 1935. William Greeley and second wife Etta Major also died in the St Paul area. She in 1919 and he in 1927.

Jasper Bobb Mallory was a railroad conductor from Freeport, Illinois, a portly man who always wore a dark blue suit and had the requisite watch with gold chain across his vest. He also come to our farm several times over the years. We enjoyed his visits. He was hale and hearty and could tell wonderful stories. I never saw his wife, Alice. She apparently lived to serve the poor people of Freeport. She gave everything she and Uncle Jap had for the cause. She fed the poor and neglected Uncle Jap. The had no children, but raised several orphans?." by Ernest James Bird b 5 Aug 1921, son of Olive Rose Mallory and Frank Bird.

Verne and Jasper Roway Wolf
They are the children of George William Wolf and Mary Catherine Mallory.
They were the grandchildren of: Peter Wolf Jr and Elizabeth Roway, and Jasper Mallory and Ella Luce.

Verne married the grandson of OD Weaver, Harry Elmer Weaver. Verne and Elmer had sons Adelbert and Charles in 1908 and 1910 while living in Rock Run. They were living in Tucson Arizona by 1940. Harry's sister married Bert E Nibla (probably Niblo). George William Wolf 's brother Thomas married Elizabeth Niblo.



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