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Albert School Pix
Albert School
Lena, IL
Class of 1908
Contributed by Robbyn Lowry
Only ones identified so far are Hollis & Leo Myers

Babbs Grove School
Babb's Grove School
17 Sep 1935
Contributed by Karen Fyock

berlin school
Berlin School
Contributed by Karen Mannisto

1897 Class List
1897 - District 3 - Teacher: D. Cotherman
Directors D.W. Brubaker, Charles P. Ley, H. Bokmeier

Pupils: Marie Ley, Edna Cable, Verne Wolf, Mamie Cotherman, Jennie Wardlow, Annie Wardlow, Inola Ley, Sarah Benning, Blanche Fulton, Florence Germain, Nellie Kramer, ALice Johnson, Rosa Fissler, Melinda Fesler, Addie Bouray, Flossie Bokermeier, Floyd Barr, Earl Barr, Jasper Wolf, Fred Bonray, Geo. Germaine, Emanuel Brubaker, Madison Wardlow, Tecumeh Blause, Herbert Barr, Harry Wardlow, Floyd Nible, Roy Fosler, Oscar Brubaker, Clarence Fosler, Edna Bouray, Xulema Ley

Browns Grade School
Browns Grade School
Class Picture of 1925
Winona Keister Smith (in the middle back row) with her students at Brown's Grade School 1925-26.

She was never a very big woman, so she blends in with her students.

(Contributed by Melissa Crusinberry (grandaughter of Mrs. Smith)

Brown's Business College

Honors Student Who Answered Call to Colors
23 November 1917:  The annual graduation exercises of Brown's Business College which were held at Odd Fellow Temple last evening were featured by the presentation of a diploma from the school to Wescott Walker, one of the graduates, who is now serving in France. While the presentation was not made directly to young Walker the diploma was received for him by his father. The young man had been taking a course at the college. When the call came for men to enlist in the railroad company for service in France he was one of the first to offer his services and he is now working with a company in that country. A total of twenty-two graduates were sent out from the school at the exercises which were held last evening. An interesting program was offered and the large audience that attended the gathering was well impressed with the ceremonies.  One feature of the program was a short talk by John Haller, of Geneva, Iowa. Mr. Haller graduated from the local institution twenty-five years ago and last evening his son, Roy Haller, received a diploma for having completed a course at the college. The program was opened with invocation by Rev. R. E. Chandler pastor of the Second Presbyterian church. Miss Lillian Molter then offered a beautiful vocal selection after which A. T. Scovill, manager of the institution, made a brief but interesting address. The address of the evening was made by Rev. W. L. Collin, of Sterling, C. P. Bealer principal of the local school, presented the diplomas. Kintzel's orchestra furnished music for the occasion.  [unknown newspaper/date - Contributed by Karen Fyock]

Brown's Business College
Graduating Exercises: Friday Evening, November 23, 1917

Music - Kintzel's Orchestra
Invocation - Rev. Chandler
Vocal Solo - Miss Lillian Molter
Introductory - Pres. A.T. Scovill
Address - Rev. W.L. Collin
Music - Orchestra
Presentation of Diplomas - Prin. C.P. Bealer

Florence Pfeifer, Florence Koenig, Iva Paul, Ethel Love, Wescott Walker, Katherine Borsdorf, Gladys Mahoney, Grace Deininger, Hazel Daehn, Thelma Adams, Gladys Wenzel, Vera Deckler, Genevieve Ambruster, Edwin Siegenthaler, Agnes Burns

Magaret (sic) Bangasser,  Marie Ottenhausen, Magdalene Jaeger, Roy Haller, Genevieve Nampel, Lydia Wienke, Clifford Swank

Brown's Business College
Formerly located in the Blust Building
Browns college  Browns College
2010 picture of the former Browns College
contributed by Karen Fyock

Centennial Public School
West of Freeport on the Pearl City Road

1906 - District 58 Rock Run Twp.
Teacher: Jessie E. Sickafoose
School Board: Charles Nath, William Dailey, William Spellman

1906-07 Class List

Grade 1 - Clifford Reedy, Charles Pfeiffer, Henry Hillman, Dewey Wolf

Grade 2 - Oscar Pfeiffer, Roy Holroyd

Grade 3 - Nellie Holroyd, Albert Kraud

Grade 4 - Florence Wolf, David Nath, Gertrude Bittner, David Hillman, Clarence Kechnen, Edward Bouray

Grade 6 - Lizzie Pfeiffer, Mabel Bradley, Paul Nath, Emerson Flynn, Clarence Dailey

Grade 7- Florence Germain, Charles Bonray, Florence Dailey, Albert Germain, Clara Pfeiffer, Arthur Nath, Stasis Flyn, Florence Bradley

[Contributed by Karen Manisto]

Centennial Public School
Centennial School 1908
1908 Class
Back row: Mary Ellen Mullarkey(teacher), Florence Germain, Loretta Highland, Charles Bouray, Ida Keehnen, Clara Peterson, Lawerance Holcomb.

Second row: Clarence Keehen, Florence Bradley, Charence Dailey, Florence Dailey, Emerson Flynn, Pearl Flynn, Albert Germain;

Seated: Guy Peterson, Gerttie Bittner, Albert Kraul, Florence Wolfe, Hannah Peterson and Edward Bouray.

Centennial School
Centennial School 
Back row - 3rd boy from the left Frederick Luettig
6th boy from the left ______ Goethe
8th boy from the left Edward Luettig

College School
Davis, Irish Grove
1894 college school
College School of 1894

Contributed by Karen Mannisto, from a book her cousin Delores Bouray put together years ago

1. Nellie Fitzpatrick Dorsey, 2. Katherine Bradley Bouray, 3. Loretta Highland Kortendick, 4. Emma Mullarky Winchester (Teacher), 5. James Fitzpatrick, 6. Charles Beddy, 7. Agnes Dailey, 8. Bessie Kinney Daughenbaugh, 9. Will Fitzpatrick, 10. Clara Reddy .. , 11. Lizzie Dailey Flynn, 12. John Dailey, 13. Arthur Doonan, 14. Charles Flynn, 15. Millie Snivley Boyer, 16. Marian Highland .., 17. Mary Bradley, 18. Kittie Gillen Hinderlet, 19. Mary Stinson Mullarky, 20. Oscar Olsen, 21. Earl Highland, 22. Ronie Stinson, 23. Hugh Highland, 24. Kiner Asarue, 25. Leonard Mulligan, 26. Lloyd Mulligan, 27. Clarence Highland, 28. Willie Snively, 29. Johnnie Anderson

Dakota High School
Dakota High School 1921
Winona Keister Smith is in the front row far left
[Contributed by Melissa Crusinberry]

Dakota High School
Dakota Basketball team
Basketball Team 1927-28
[Contributed by Melissa Crusinberry]

Eder School
Freeport School District 145 which added Cedarville and Fairview schools last summer, will add Eder School in Silver Creek Township as of June 30. Twenty-two children now attend Eder School. The schoolhouse, built of brick, stands on a hill directly south of the first Illinois Central viaduct over Route 20. It's 60 to 70 years old, reported in very good condition, a one-room school, heated by oil. It does not have inside toilets. The school has no current indebtedness and no bonds outstanding. The annexation, approved by the County Board of School Trustees on Monday evening on petition from voters of the district, will bring to District 145 an assessed valuation of $655,674. The present Board of Education for the grade school district, which will be dissolved as of June 30, is: Robert Burckhardt, president; Klein J. Bardell, clerk; and John Klever, all of Freeport, Route 1.

Teachers of Eder School:
Kate A. Moran of Freeport 1902-1905
Anna M. Roth of Freeport 1905-1913
Florence Rye of Freeport 1913-1914
Anna M. Roth of Freeport 1914-1919
Garrett D. Mann of Chicago 1919-1920
Grace K. Trotter of Freeport 1920-1921
Edith M. Meyers of Freeport 1921-1930

Eldorado (Block) School
Contributed by Karen Fyock from data submitted by Lola Fahr Wohlford
Some material describing Eldorado District and School is taken from a book in my possession that was published in 1907. It was during this period that a homecoming was celebrated; the inspiration of a former teacher, Dr. Byers, who taught the school in 1857. It was then called the Block School. The book tells about the homecoming, about the early history of the area, the people, and their school. The school district was No. 1, located in Township 29 north, Range 8, east of the 4th principal meridian, bounded on the north by Wisconsin State line, Pleasant Hill on the east, and Buckeye Township on the south. Prior to 1837, these lands were the feeding grounds for deer, buffalo, and other wild animals.
Proof of this was the fining of many arrow heads and the buffalo paths to the watering places that had not yet been obliterated. In 1841 Michael Bolender ( my great grandfather) bought part of the E. Gillett claim and settled there. Other first settler names that were prominent were Gift, Swarts, Belknap, Krape, Rockey, Kiester Dinges, Rote, Sherbundy, Cadwell, Confer, Bear, Baumgartner, Fahr. About 1841 the settlers decided to have a log school on the E. B. Gillett claim, and Gillett taught the first term. This whole area, including Pleasant Hill, was known as Long Hollow. Twenty one children attended this first school.
Six years later the district felt the need for a better building and directors were elected. They were Ezra Gillett, Joseph Baumgartner and Michael Bolender. The settlers brought logs, hewed them, and under the direction of William Krape they built the log school. It was 22 ft. by 28 ft., with two windows on each side and end. Holes were bored into the walls and strong pins driven into them, hewed slabs placed thereon, and these formed the desks. Other slabs made the seats. Cyrus Howe was the first teacher, School was maintained summer and winter in this crude building for nine years. Thirty six children are listed as having attended this school, and it was jokingly called Block Cornstalk College.  The Block School was remodeled in 1856. It was sided with lumber, the walls were plastered. It was painted white, green blinds were hung at the windows and the slab desks and seats were replaced with black walnut. The improvement cost $126.22. A new building was built in 1868 on land given by Michael Bolender. This is the building that still stands on the Bolender gift of land, land that the records show was to go back to Bolender heirs if no longer used as a school. Michaels Bolender also gave the land for the cemetery that is adjoining the school and it is here that he and many of his family and friends are buried. H. W. Bolender was the builder of the school, and now it could no longer be called the Block School.  B. P. Belknap is credited for having suggested the name Eldorado, meaning Golden Region. H. W. Bolender was not only the builder, he became the first teacher. In the spring of 1869 the annual County Institute was held in this school house. A. A. Crary was the County Superintendent. There is an interesting note regarding teacher's salary. George Sherbundy taught four and a half months the year 1865 - 1866. His salary was based on performance -- $30 for a poor grade of teaching, $34 for medium and $38 for good. He must have been "medium", for he received $153. In the 1920s Eldorado was attended by around 30 children. The heating plant was a stove in the back of the room, no plumbing, and janitor work done by the teacher. An average salary was about $100 to $110 per month for 8 months. A small bookcase held all the reference books and maps were pulled down from a hanging case. Frank Donner was County Superintendent and an annual visitor. Pupils took a county exam, in order to be admitted to Orangeville High School. The early settlers of the Eldorado area were largely Pennsylvania Dutch; sturdy, honest, dependable. Later people of German and Swiss descent came to buy and farm the land.

An addition to the Eldorado history:
A pathetic incident occurred during the winter of 1859-'60. Nine year old Johnny Schadel was at home and ill with the croup (likely it would now be pneumonia). On the 15th of Nov., at noon, he sent word to the school that he wished to see all of the pupils. They went to the house. Johnny shook hands with each one, told them good-bye, and died in the arms of the teacher.

The years 1859, 1860, and 1861 were the pigeon years. The pigeons had their hatching grounds in a woods at the north end of the district. In the mornings the roar of the birds could be heard for miles and sounded like the distant roar of a train or waterfall. When the birds left the roost in the morning, they were so numerous that they darkened the sky like a cloud. Hunters came long distances to see the sight and to shoot them.

Empire School
Empire School 1953
1953-54 Class
Teacher is Viola Lehman Abels
Contributed by Alice Horner

Empire School
Empire School 1957-58
1957-58 Class
Contributed by Alice Horner

Florence Station School
Typical grades 1 - 8 country school.
Located at the south-west corner of the Florence Blacktop and Clover Road intersection.
The school was closed in the mid 1950s.

Florence School

This picture of the Florence Station school was taken in the late 1890s or very early 1900s.
[Photo and information contributed by Karen Hutmacher]

Florence Station School
1951 Florence Station
Photo taken in 1951, the teacher's name is Gladys Lorey.

Names include Scudder, Otto, Klock, Fowler, Bastian, Janssen, Stenbeck, Duitsman, Palmer, Kaiser & Handel
[Contributed by Karen Hutmacher]

Florence Station School
Florence Grade School
This picture was taken at the Florence Station school approximately 1951 or '52.
Names include Scudder, Lestikow, Fowler, Otto, Kaiser, Bastian, Handel, Janssen, Duitsman, Kaney, Kielman, Stenbeck and Palmer.
[Photo contributed by Karen Hutmacher]

Florence Station School
Florence Station1952
Florence Station School 1952-53, Grades 1 - 8.
Teacher: Warren "Barney" Lapp
[contributed by Karen Hutmacher]

Florence Station School
florence station school
This picture was taken in the Florence Station School in 1953 or 1954.
The teacher was Mrs Bolen and there were eight grades (no kindergarten.)
Surnames include Rothwell, Eichmeier, Otto, Cahoon, Lestikow, Scudder, Handel, Kaiser, Bastian, Kaney, Kielman, Fowler, Duitsman, Klock, Janssen, and Palmer.
[Contributed by Karen (Otto) Hutmacher]

Freeport High School
Junior Class 1913 
Junior Class Play - Germania Hall on January 17, 1913
Merchant of Venice Up-To-Date
Cast: Clark Eichelberger, Roy Devoe, Noel Elvey, Walter Shook, Harry Stewart, Homer Dietmeier, Henry Brau, R. Ridgeway, George Rideout, Margaret Russell, Caro Boos, Hilda Parks, Beulah Stewart, Coryl Gilbert, Margaret Donahue, Esther Powell.


Freeport High School
Freeport High School

Freeport High School
Freeport high school 1926new building
Entrance of Old School and the New School
Pictures taken from the Polaris of 1926

Hickory Grove School

Winona Keister Smith is in the front row with the light plaid dress and the bow in her hair.
Marie Keister Sartorius is in the back row, 2nd from the left with the two bows in her hair.
Their brother Levi could be the boy in the back row on the right end, but am not positive.

Front row - left to right: Russell Kuhnke, Fred Wolfle, Harold Fisher, Kenneth Schony, Avery Lentz, Russell Frankeberger, Louise Raymer, Paul Fisher, LeRoy Lentz, Winona Keister (Smith), Russell Neisemeier, Clifford Wells, and Floyd Carl.

Middle row - L to R: Rowland Lentz, Marie Keister (Sartorius), Ralph Griffin, Melvin Lentz,

Cora Kuhnke (Remmers), Loy McCauley, Emma Schony.

Back row - L to R: Grace Kuhnke (Lapp), Blanche Griffin (Cramer), Ira Miller, teacher, Bessie Fehr (Davis), *Waunetta/Wonnetta Keister (Keil), Verde Barker, and Levi Keister.

Hickory Grove School
Hickory Grove 1911
The students at the Hickory Grove School 1911-12

Interior Academy
Dakota, IL
Dakota Interior Academy
Interior Academy was a private prestigious boys school that operated from around the 1920's. The History of Stephenson County tells us the school closed at the end of the 1963-64 year. The building was in the process of being torn down when it was vandalized and burned by "mischievous village boys" in December 1965. [Information provided by Alice Horner]

District No. 129 - Lamb School - 16

Mr. Samuel Ploger - Pearl City
Mr. C. W. Kloepping - Pearl City
Mr. George Walrod - Pearl City

Teacher: Miss Gertrude Schlegel - Pearl City

[Contributed by Karen Fyock]

Lena High School
Lena High School

Orangeville School
Orangeville school
1st - 2nd and 3rd grades
[From Alice Horner]

Orangeville School
Services for Graduates to be held in Reformed Church
Orangeville IL May 25, 1938

Baccalaureate services for the class of 1938 of Orangeville community high school will be held Sunday evening May 29, 1938 at 8 o'clock at the Reformed church. The following program will be presented:
Processional - Miss Florence Kasiske
Scripture reading - Rev. Vivian Threlkeld
Invocation - Rev. Lois McKeown
"The Heavens Are Telling " - High School Chorus
Sermon - Rev. J.H. Lee
"The Father's Gifts" - High School Chorus
Benediction - Rev. F.J. Kissinger
Recessional - Florence Kasiske
The commencement exercises will be held for the first time in the school auditorium Friday evening June 3, 1938 at 8 o'clock. There are twenty-one graduates. Elwyn Hoot, Darrell Schippe, John Arn, Ralph Babler, Glenn Miller, James Boyer, Ray Geiter, Arthur Bolliger, Donald Leck, Naomi Wallman, Gretta Taft, Lucille Webner, Marcet Hutmacher, Margaret Gerber, Neva Breibelbis, Edna Messinger, Bethel Barron.

The commencement program is as follows:
Processional - Mrs. Glen Bolender
Invocation - Rev. F.J. Kissinger
Address of Welcome - Neva Driebelbis
"Beautiful Dreamer" - Girls' Glee Club
Address -"What of the Future" - Rev. George H. Keepin
"Amaryllis" - Girls Glee Club
Farwell address - Edna Messinger
Presentation of class awards - I.O. Shaffer
Presentation of Diplomas - B.C. Wohlford
Benediction - Rev. F.J. Kissinger

Both Edna Messinger and Neva Dreibelbis tied for valedictorian so there will be no salutatorian Rev. Mr. Keepin, the speaker of the evening, is pastor of the Methodist church in Monroe Wisconsin.

Pearl City School
Pearl City High School

50 Plus Pearl City High School Reunion Booklet - June 13, 1992
[Contributed by Karen Fyock]

The Grade School and two year High School was started on the present location in 1912. Prior to that time the Grade School was located at the northwest corner of Pearl City on Goldmine Road.

In 1921 a new High School was opened one block north of the Lutheran Church. There were seven graduates that year. The school was a four year High School for one year, but reverted to a three year school the next year.

The three year High School continued in that location through 1925. The following year it moved to its present location.  It continued as a three year High School through the 1937 school year. There were a total of approx. 42 students that year.  Pearl City High became a four year school in 1938, and there were 10 graduates and a total of 61 students in high school.

By comparison, there were approx. 165 students in 1992.

The new gymnasium and first addition to the High School were opened in the fall of 1939. According to the Regional Superintendent's office, there were approx. 20 County Grade Schools absorbed into the P. C. District.

Prior to 1936, basketball was played in the Opera House on North Main Street. Starting in the fall of 1936, basketball was played in the community room of the Lutheran church, and continued for three years. The 1939-40 basketball season was played in the first new gymnasium. P. C. Hosted the County Tourney for the first time and nearly won. Lost to Lena in the final game.

Pearl City won the County Kittenball (currently softball) Championship in the 1939-40 season.

Pleasant Prairie Academy
German Valley IL

P.P.A. acronym stands for Pleasant Prairie Academy. The origins of the Academy are with the vision of Dr. Nicholas M. Steffen, who was pastor of the Silver Creek Reformed Church from 1872 - 1878. The vision became a reality under Silver Creek's pastor Dr. Albert F. Beyer 1888 - 1905. It seemed appropriate that the school be located in German Valley, for at the time it was recognized as the first Ostfriesen (German} or East Friesen community of any size in the Americas. Dr. Beyer in his time also saw to the establishment of mission churches in the East Friesen settlements in Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. The cornerstone for the school was laid in the fall of 1893. There were 42 students, both men and women, in the schools first year of operation. By the school's 50th anniversary, 57 of its students had become ministers. In January 1951 the property was deeded to the Silver Creek Reformed Church. From 1951 till the school's closing in 1958, it operated as a private High School. Finances and increasing state mandates forced the closing. A portion of the land was sold and the buildings were also sold and razed. Today the location is known as Ben Miller Park located on German Valley's Church Street.

[Contributed by John Kornfeind from the Publication - "German Valley Remembers" 150 years -1848 to 1998, pages 91-102. Katheryn (nee Kroesche) Fosha was the director of the Rhythm Band and a 1930 graduate of Rockford College. She began her teaching career in 1931.]

Red Oak School

The eighth grade graduates from the Red Oak School are Robert Folgate, Ethel Paxton, Marvin D. Weick, Robert J. Raither, Deloris Esther Trutt.
[The Freeport Journal Standard, 07 June 1938]

River School
River School
1860 - 1926
Freeport IL
Old River School, on the site where the Mary Hosmer Apartments are now located at Ringold Street and North Van Buren Avenue. Mary Hosmer, for whom the high rise apartment building for senior citizens was named, was the school's principal at one time.

List of students attending River School in Freeport:
Willie Hall, Eddie Gilbert, George Schaad, Charley Wormser, Robert Weifenbach, Henry Schrenkler, Joey Milner, Walter Hart, Ira Tarr, Lettie Salsbury, Carro Hodges, Ivy Leigh, Edith Ven Reed, Olive Gransden, Maggie Brubaker, Addie Hart, Lily Norton, Vade Cross, Vicinta Matter, Alma Duth, Minnie Keyser, Myrta Garrison, Lulu Bamberger, Willie Hineline, Hattie Backus, Willie McCoy, Marion Potter, Aggie Sage, Emil Molter, Nellie Kean, Freddie Kummerer, Willie Schlott, Lizzie Schlott, Artie Sage, Ruth Watson, Anna Hayden, Alice Milner, Mary Rogers, Gertie Wormser, Katie Lott, Emma Kunz, Maurice Hart, Adelbert Brown, Charley Strohm, Jennie Goodhue, Lillie Wolf, Jennie Robey, Frankie Goddard, Katie Pelck, Nellie Wolf, Orson Bowers, John Weifenbach, Charles Schaad, Eddie Hart Frank Serfass.

List of teachers at River School in Freeport:
Anna Murphy, E. L. Darling, J. C. Snyder, Lizzie E. McCoy, Lizzie Murphy, K. C. Mitchell, M. L. Giles, Mrs. T. C. Porter, A. A. Buckman, T. J. Ford, Reba McNitt, Belle Galloway, Silena Gransden, J. Massenberg, E. L. Braithwaite, Miss Barnes, Miss Peters, M. A. Martin, J. A. Hahn, S. H. Risley, E. M. Russell, F. A. Rosebrugh, E. A. K. Sherbonda, Jesba A. Judson, J. E. Pattison, A. W. Greene, Ella Briggs, Joseph Frick. [Contributed by Karen Fyock]

On September 1, 1859, an election was held which approved the site and money for the River School on North Van Buren Avenue at Ringold Street. The plans were drawn by Randall of Chicago and the building erected by H. H. Upp, the brickwork by Denward Shockley and the Painting by Samuel Voclet and Knepley. The school cost $6,000, and was completed in 1860. It served as a school until 1926 when closed permanently, after a short closing in 1918-19. It was sold in 1937 to Edgar C. Eells, who leased it for a warehouse, first to Yordy and Kerch and later to Vandenberg and O'Mara. It was razed in 1969 to make way for a second 'high rise' apartment building for the elderly. For a short while in the 1880's it was known as the Mitchell School. [Contributed by Karen Fyock - from the 1970 Stephenson County History]

County Superintendent Announces Names of Those Eligible For 1937 Certificates

A class of 235 young people will be graduated from rural schools of Stephenson county when the annual commencement exercises are held at Freeport senior high school gymnasium Saturday afternoon, June 12, T. R. Pfisterer, county superintendent of schools, today announced a list of the graduates this being one of the largest classes in recent years.

The speaker at the commencement ceremonies will be Rev. George Keppin, pastor of First Methodist Episcopal church, Monroe, Wis., who has chosen as his theme "Bricks, Good and Bad."

The complete program as released today will be as follows:

Processional - Miss Bessie Erdmeier
Invocation - Rev. H. Zimmerman
Chorus - Miss Grace Wolf, director.
Upper grade pupils of Loran, Boop, Mill Grove, Hart, Eleroy, Ridott, Red Oak schools.
Harmonica band - German Valley school; Miss Kathryn Kroesche, director
Address, "Bricks, Good and Bad" - Rev. George Keppin, pastor First Methodist Episcopal church, Monroe, Wis.
Brass quartet, directed by K. H. Jubitz
Presentation of Diplomas - Thomas R. Pfisterer


The following is a list of the pupils who will receive eighth grade diplomas at the commencement day ceremonies:

Helen Dora Gill, Orangeville
Marvin Meinert, Rock City
Marvin Roenneburg, Rock City
Frederick Schurch, Orangeville
Bessie Lorraine Passer, Orangeville
Carl W. Cahoon, Orangeville
Otto A. Govell,  Orangeville
Violet B. Miller, Orangeville
Paul H. Leck, Orangeville
Lyle A. Zillmer, Orangeville
June Leone Briggs, Orangeville
Carol Kilian, Winslow
Retta E. Burington, Winslow
William H. Campbell, Winslow
Thelma Robieson, Winslow
Ardith Ann Kerr
Glenn Fernstaedt, Winslow
Viola M. Stewart, Winslow
Jack Crain, Warren
Helen M. Holland, Winslow
Billy Eells, Winslow
John Robert Wagner, McConnell
Elwyn Mains, Orangeville
Ruth Arlene Frenzel, McConnell
Lillian G. Gruber, Dakota
Florence Ilgen, Orangeville
Corinnne J. Peck, Dakota
Helen Irene Nesemeier, Dakota
Betty Jean Fluegel, Dakota
Alice Mae Nott, Rock City
Mary Moust, Rock Grove
Verda B. Meinert, Davis
Doris Niedermeier, Rock City
Merl Elmer Niedermeier, Rock City
Alvin Toelke, Rock City
Stanley C. Meier, Dakota
Galen H. Lawler, Dakota
Donald Ray Folgate, Dakota
Mabel I. Fryer, Red Oak
Arthur Zellweger, route 3, Freeport
Loretta Grace Thorn, McConnell
Kathryn Marie Borchardt, McConnell
Darwin A. Wells, McConnell
Ardith R. Shippy, McConnell
Daylon L. Price, McConnell
Elwyn J. Rupnow, McConnell
Winifred M. Stabenow, McConnell
Mary Elizabeth Babcock, McConnell
Milford Wayne Price, Winslow
Berniece Shadle, Lena
Harold Busjahn, route 2, Lena
Margaret Blum, Lena
Donald Van Raalte, Lena
Ernest F. Brose, Lena
Marlow W. Werkheiser, Lena
Sara Mae Stabenow, Lena
Lois Ilene Olthoff, Lena
Wayne Holmes, Lena
Marjorie Schulz, Lena
Walter Edward Kraft, Red Oak
Marilyn Laverne Stamm, McConnell
Caroline Mae Trutt, Red Oak
Alvin Retzlaff, Red Oak
Elaine Bender, Red Oak
Helen Shippy, Red Oak
Lyle Smith, Red Oak
Melvin Clyde Lafferty, Cedarville
Blanche Zaraetta Roach, Cedarville
Dorothy Merchant, route 4, Freeport
Margaret Jane Vrtol, route 2, Freeport
Betty Lou Finkbeiner, 35 E. South, Freeport
Lucina Ruth Butler, route 1, Freeport
Paul Walter Moss, route 1, Freeport
Verner, Janssen, German Valley
Dorothy Gantz, Ridott
Albert Klever, Ridott
Lester Remmers, Ridott
Esther Williams, Ridott
Harold LEe Mathiot, Pecatonica
Edwin Lee Ackerman, Pecatonica
Verla Arlene Wilhelms, German Valley
Warren Denekas, German Valley
Hermina Stratmann, German Valley
Irene Wessels, Ridott
Lewis H. Ackerman, route 1, Freeport
LaVerne A. Diddens, route 1, Freeport
Darlene Reid, route 1, Freeport
Rodger F. Hainke, route 1, Freeport
Leonard L. Lamm, route 1, Freeport
Mildred Schissler, route 2, Freeport
Alvera Catherine Brick, route 2, Freeport
Robert D. Peck, route 2, Freeport
Harold Folkert Herbig, Pearl City
Betty Jane Earlenbaugh, Pearl City
Doris Marie Alt, Pearl City
James F. Peifer, Pearl City
Kleckner Eugene Block, Pearl City
Warren Barklow, Pearl City
Ruth Naomi Kempel, Pearl City
Kathryn Flickinger, route 2, Pearl City
Berniece Eileen Buchenau, Pearl City
LaVonia Irene Bicker, Pearl City
Lester Earl Miche, Pearl City
Robert Lee Brandt, Shannon
John Warneke, Pearl City
Russell Henry Swalve, Shannon
Mary Kathryn Baker, Shannon
Leonard Bastian, Shannon
Murel Edwin Eichmeier, Florence Station
Pauline Helen Krusey, Shannon
Mary Florence Meyer, route 1, Freeport
Lucille Pearl Ruthe, Baileyville 
Carolina O. Everts, German Valley
Wesley Daniel Osterloo, German Valley
Thelma Irene Fuchs, German Valley
Gladys Lillian Reints, German Valley
Ethel J. Korth, route 3, Freeport
Bernice Dassing, Cedarville
Fern F. M. Dassing, Cedarville
Florence Bertram, Cedarville
William Arthur Herbig, Cedarville
Betty Kryder, route 3, Freeport
Bobbie Hartman, Dakota
Bette Lou Diemer, Dakota
Dorothy Moss, Dakota
Robert Keister, Dakota
Theora Reuber, Dakota
Dulcie Wirth, Dakota
Robert Lester Wolfe, Davis
George Marvin Hamp, Davis
A. Marcella Sughroue, Ridott
John Joseph Guffey, Davis
Paul Elmer Moist, Rock City
Keyes Rayhorn, route 3, Freeport
Dorothy June Crull, Davis
Lorraine R. Niblo, Rock City
Donald Ter Hark, Ridott
Dale Edward Daughenbaugh, Ridott
Marjorie Irene Canfield, Ridott
Paul J. Cerroni, route 3, Freeport
Verna Irene Graybill, route 3, Freeport
Leland Lawver, Dakota
Sheldon Toelke, Rock City
Melvin Thomas, Dakota
Cathryne Hinton, Davis
John Highland, Pecatonica
James Highland, Pecatonica
Kenneth Dallas Shoemaker, Dakota
Marjoire Helen Koehn, route 3 Freeport
Constance R. Ilgen, route 3, Freeport
Eunice Goetz, 336 W. American, Freeport
Wallace Welty, route 3, Freeport
Katherine E. Merkle, route 3, Freeport
Malcolm L. Coomber, route 3, Freeport
Nathalie Carilyn Huber, Scioto Mills
Merle W. Meyers, Scioto Mills
Marjorie Ella Hull, Red Oak
Eldora Virginia Hutmacher, Red Oak
Wanda Lucille Hutmacher, Red Oak
Bernice Phillips, Lena
Rosella Kostenbader, Lena
Berry Schoeny, Lena
Allen W. Gartner, Lena, Ill.
Robert Carl Rampenthal, Lena
Clara Rose Faist, Lena
Lois Stabenow, Lena
Clyde Wagner, Lena
Ruth Swanson, Lena
Donald Mellen, Lena
Lucille Daws, Lena
Gordon E. Heyer, Kent
Marian Mae Whitson, Kent
Ruth Geraldene Bourne, Kent
Merle Roland Offenheiser, Kent
Donald Hutmacher, Kent
Robert Busekros, Kent
Verna Mae Kurth, Lena
Robert Mater, Lena
Pauline Gassman, Lena
Marvin Baker, Lena
Mary Rachel Walters, Lena
Carl F. Amendt, Lena
Esther Alice Otte, route 4, Freeport
Charles Migilore, Eleroy
Ruth Leona Alvena Klass, Lena
Alice Ruth Prasse, route 4, Freeport
Remy B. DeSutter, route 4, Freeport
Edgar E. Fluegel, route 2, Freeport
Carl William Wilke, route 4, Freeport
Mabel Alberta Hermann, route 4, Freeport
Doris Imo Steele, route 4, Freeport
Florence Mae Fluegel, route 4, Freeport
Karl C. Schoonhoven, route 3, Freeport
Jack L. Althoff, route 4, Freeport
Billy Bennett, route 4, Freeport
Lucille Marie Daughenbaugh, route 4, Freeport
Joe Janshen, route 4, Freeport
Rosella Margaret Dorsey, Ridott
Donald Albert Lincoln, Ridott
James Strong, Ridott
Louise Heerkes, Ridott
Alice Elizabeth Moore, Ridott
Eugene Mergen, Ridott
Clement Walbert, Ridott
Milford Place, Ridott
Lola Daughtenbaugh, Ridott
Bob Turner, Ridott
Lois Cox, route 4, Freeport
Dale Mitchell, route 4, Freeport
Fenka Klinger, Ridott
Earl Emerson Watson, route 4, Freeport
Katherine Regina Strohecker, route 4, Freeport
Robert D. Dole, Pearl City
Mary Elizabeth Strohecker, Pearl City
James Solt, Pearl City
Martha Elaine Raders, PEarl City
Kathryn Rebecca Erwin, Kent
Gerald D. Fox, Kent
Leona Mae Neebel, Pearl City
Irene Mae Busch, Pearl City
Joyce Ditzler, Pearl City
LaVerne Aurand, Pearl City
Joyce Yeager, Pearl City
Franklin Schroer, Pearl City
Leo Baumgartner, Pearl City
Karl Koch, Pearl City
Deane Koertner, Pearl City
Wayne Koertner, Pearl City
Faye Gillenwaters, Pearl City
LaVerne Miche, Pearl City
Shirley Phillips, Pearl City
Ferne Kampmeier, Pearl City
[Contributed by Karen Fyock - Undated clipping]

St. Marys School Class of 1908
Twenty-Three Young People Finish Parochial School Course
Many At Exercises
Program of Dramatic Sketches, Recitations and Songs 

A large and appreciative audience attended the closing exercises which took place at St. Mary's school last evening, the hall being taxed to its utmost capacity. The opening playlet entitled, "The Heart of France," was undoubtedly the feature of the evening's programme; students from the eighth grade produced this part of the entertainment, and the manner in which they handled it must surly have been gratifying to those who were interested in the success of the affair. The audience seemed particularly pleased with Henry Benz who impersonated "Sambo" the old colored man. Several other playlets were given during the evening, in which the children of the lower grades took part, and in which they did themselves great credit. The costumes used in the various productions were very beautiful. In the class which graduated at the closing of the exercises were twenty-three boys and girls, and after receiving their diplomas and a few words of advice and congratulations from Father Leydon, a farewell song was sung which closed the evening's exercises. Father Leydon had an excellent address prepared for the occasion, but owing to the lateness of the hour and the uncertainty of the weather, he was compelled to postpone the address until some time in the future.

Henry Benz, Mary Beverly, Agnes Burns, Eugene Carmody, Hilary Cox, John Crosson, Frances Fagan, Catherine Farnum, Christine Fitz-Gerald, Margaret Flanagan, Mary Flanagan, Earl Grace, Agnes Graham, Margaret Grant, Hugh Lane, Leslie Leveque, Marie McCarthy, Vera McSherry, Victor Moore, Donald Parker, Catherine Seebauer, Clotilda Wieneke, Mary Wilson

St. Marys School Class of 1908
The Heart of France - Eight Grade
Dolly Show - First and Second Grades
The Man in the Moon - First and Second Grade Boys
Florida - First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Girls
Jolly Bootblacks - Sixth and Seventh Grade Boys
A Sea of Troubles - Seventh Grade Boys
A Meeting of the Moderns - Fourth and Fifth Grade Girls
Columbia - Sixth and Seventh Grades

Graduates Farewell Song
Conferring Diplomas
Closing Address Rev. T.F.Leydon

St. Marys Hall - June 22, 1908
Motto: "To Noble Aims Our Powers We Consecrate"
Class Colors: Pink and Green
Flower: Pink Rose

Sylvan School

Sylvan School was so named for the abundance of scattered woodlands in the area. The earliest log school house in Sylvan District was located at what is called Feine's corner. When the log school was damaged in a storm in 1859, Solomon Fisher and Hugh Bennehoff were instrumental in having the new stone school built in the present location on Sylvan Road. It was a typical rural school furnished with double desks, recitation bench, teacher's desk on a platform, and a coal burning stove. Because of fire about 1930, it was replaced by a building of wood construction. This building still remains. Many of the early residents of the district came from Pennsylvania. Among the family names are Bennehoff, Fisher, McCauley, Shippy, Kramer, Frankenberger, Windecker, Zimmerman, Wilson, Brobst, Riemer, Zee, Busjahn, Ziegler, Fiene, Passet, Wagner, Hugelshofer, and Rockey. Names of teachers are Hattie Emrich, Verna Hoover, Grace Bolender, Verna Schultz, Cheryl Slamp, Virgie Kramer, Irene McNamara, Dorothy Schauer, and Lila Tuell.
During the years box socials and plays were held as money making projects. One social affair which the community thoroughly enjoyed vor nearly ten years in the early 1900's was the annual homecoming held in Oscar Wagner's woods. A picnic dinner was followed by a ballgame, games, and contests with prizes for children, and pong and horse races. Refreshment stands provided ice cream, pop, and Cracker Jack. In the evening, entertainment by local and outside talent was provided on a stage built for the occasion. In later years Sylvan was consolidated with the Orangeville Unit. Then for several years pupils of the upper grades attended school at Orangeville and lower grades in Sylvan. In 1964 Sylvan was closed and all pupils were bussed to Orangeville. The building is now used as a residence.
[Written by Leslie Wilson - March 27, 1979]

Unknown School
1914 school
1914 Unknown School picture
Photo postcard dated 25 Feb 1914 of a classroom of students.
The card is printed from Electric Studio 162 Stephenson St. Freeport IL

It is from the teacher at the time Verna Hawthorne to Master Joe Sproud who apparently lived at Clarno WI.

Van Brocklin School
van Brocklin SchoolVan Brocklin School
Van Brocklin School - Old and New
Contributed by Karen Fyock

 District No. 127 - Van Brocklin School - 20
1917 Directors:
Mr. E. W. Aspinwall - Freeport, R. R. 2
Mr. E. O. Peck - Freeport, R. R. 2
Mr. E. L. L. Roberts - Freeport, R. R. 2

Mrs. Grace Cain- Freeport, R. R. 2

Waddoms School
Waddoms School
Photo provided by John Macomber


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