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Souvenir Views Of Freeport

Submitted by Alice Horner

This booklet, Souvenir Views Of Freeport, was published by Wagner Printing Company, Freeport, Illinois and distributed free by First National Bank of Freeport. The bank is pictured on the cover.
The booklet is undated, but judging from the appearance of the cars in some of the photographs it was probably published around 1924.
One of the photographs near the end is an artist’s drawing of the “New Freeport High School,” the one which is now at 701 W. Moseley Street, and it is captioned "to be completed in 1926."
So the booklet must have been published before 1926.

page 1

page 2
Page 2
Upper – County Court House
Center – Freeport Post Office
Lower – Freeport City Hall

page 3
Page 3
Upper – St. Vincent’s Orphanage.
Center – Public Library.
Lower – Old People’s Home.

page 4
Page 4

Upper – St. Francis Hospital.
Lower – General Hospital.

page 5
Page 5
1. Masonic Temple.
2. Y. M. C. A.
3. Odd Fellows Temple.
4. Y. W. C. A.

page 6
Page 6 Freeport Factories

Upper – Furst McNess Co.
Center – Arcade Mfg. Co.
Lower – Freeport Furniture Mfg. Co

page 6
Page 7 Freeport Factories

1. The W. T. Rawleigh Co.
2. Freidag Mfg. Co.
3. Structo Mfg. Co.
4. John W. Henney & Co.

page 8
Page 8 Freeport Churches

1. Embury Methodist.
2. 1st English Evangelical.
3. United Brethren.
4. First Baptist.
5. First English Reformed.
6. Immanuel Evangelical.

page 9
Page 9 Freeport Churches

1. Oak Avenue Church.
2. St. John’s Church.
3. First Methodist Episcopal Church.
4. First Presbyterian Church.
5. St. Mary’s Church.

page 10
Page 10 Freeport Schools

Upper -- Third Ward School.
Center -– Harlem School.
Lower -- Union School.

page 11
Page 11 Freeport Schools
1. St. Mary’s School.
2. Lincoln School.
3. First Ward School.
4. St. Joseph’s School.

page 12
Page 12: Country Clubs
Upper – Freeport Country Club.
Below – Welty Country Club.

Page 15 Houses

Upper – Looking South On Maple Avenue.
Center – Looking East on Stephenson Street.
Lower – Looking West On Lincoln Boulevard.

page 16
Page 16 Freeport’s Fine Homes

1. Home of S. M. Vance.
2. Home of A. J. Schmelzle.
3. Home of Dr. W. L. Karcher.
4. Home of Dr. Karl F. Snyder.

page 17
Page 17 West Stephenson Street Homes

1. Home of A. Bidwell.
2. Home of Judge A. J. Clarity.
3. Home of Edwin Hall.
4. Home of H. A. Hillmer.

page 18
Page 18 Homes

Upper – Residence of A. J. Stukenberg.
Lower – Residence of J. H. Nortridge.


Incorporated 1864
Capital --- $150,000.00
Surplus and Net Earnings ---- 450,000.00

Addison Bidwell -- President
John Bruce -- Vice-President
J. Manley Clark --Cashier
J. T. Hinderks -- Assistant Cashier

Addison Bidwell
John Bruce
J. Manley Clark
James R. Cowley
Edwin Hall
Boyd P. Hill
L. L. Munn


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