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Adams Family     McKendree Twp - Southeast of the intersection of 2080 E and 1200 N.
Allen Family Plot     This cemetery was in Ross Township, but and no longer exists. The original location was on a hill Northeast of the intersection of 3050 N and 1730 E just west of Alvin.
Aldridge     Catlin Twp
Allhands Cemetery 400814N 0874334W east edge of Kickapoo Park, Danville, IL
Amos Cemetery     Catlin, IL
Atherton Cemetery 400627N 0873535W Southeast Danville, IL
Started in 1858 on land deeded by the grandfather of Paul Atherton. Located on Lewis Road, to the south of New Atherton Cemetery
Baptist Cemetery     R.R. 7, Danville, IL
Bethel Cemetery
(aka Wiseman)
3200N 1730E Ross Twp, Northwest of Alvin, IL
It is north of Alvin and east of Mann's Chapel.
Bethel Cemetery 39°53'59 N 87° 32' 24 W Love Twp
About 6 miles east of Ridge Farm in Love Twp. Cemetery is still in use.
Bethel Cemetery 40°13'29N 87°43'35W Indian Springs, Blount Twp, IL
In the churchyard of the Free Methodist Church
Bock Cemetery 400147N 0873404W McKendree Twp, East of Georgetown
Named for George Bock, a son-in-law of Achilles Morgan (the first settler at Brooks Point), it is located east of Westville.
Bodkin Cemetery 400438N 0875515W Vance Twp, SW of Fithian, IL
Brittingham Family Plot     Jeremiah Brittingham came to Vermilion County in 1830 from Ohio and died in the winter of 1831; due to the extreme cold, he could not be buried immediately. An Indian chief died shortly thereafter and his people asked that he be buried with Jeremiah.
Bryley Cemetery
(aka Brierly)
401058N 0873544W Newell, IL, Near Chicago & Ind S
named for Samuel Brierly and contains graves of early Newell Township settlers. William Adams, a Revolutionary War soldier, is buried here.
Caraway Family Plot Cemetery     Moses Street, Westville, IL
located north of the grade school in Westville, established on land provided by Joshua and Charles Caraway, which they acquired in 1824.
Cline Cemetery
(aka Milner)
2080N 1430E Blount Twp, Adjoins Milner School
Colliers Cemetery
(aka Humrick)
Unknown Unknown just south of the small town of Humrick, Love Twp 
Collison Cemetery 401328N 0874756W Pilot Twp, southeast of Collison, IL
Concord Cemetery
(aka Mount Pisgah)
Unknown Unknown  
County Poor Farm     In Catlin Twp, adjacent to the Songer Cemetery, this cemetery contains the graves of many residents of the Vermilion County Home.
Cox Cemetery 400805N 0874416W In Kickapoo Park
This cemetery is named for John Cox who was born in 1799, was a scout in the Black Hawk War, and settled in the Middle Fork area in 1829.
Crown Hill Cemetery 395332N 0873932W Ridgefarm, IL --- Southwest in city
Established on land from the farm of Ira Grover Jones. It was originally a GAR cemetery; the town of Ridge Farm took over maintenance in 1918.
Dalbey Cemetery
(aka McFarland)
    Oakwood IL
2 miles south of Muncie
Danville National Cemetery 400737N 0873450W 1900 E Main St., Danville
Daugherty Cemetery 1330N 0670E Vance Twp
Davis Cemetery 400255N 0875132W Catlin Road - West in
Fairmount, Vance Twp, IL
Dodson Cemetery 401214N 0874259W Kennekuk County Park
Blount Twp
Dolbee Cemetery     North of Oakwood, IL
Dougherty Cemetery 400417N 0874807W Near Jordan School in Fairmount, IL
Dukes Cemetery
(aka Blakeney)
400255N 0873804W East of Westville, IL
East Lynn Cemetery 402717N 0874801W South of East Lynn, IL
Elwood Church Cemetery 395746N 0873556W McKendree Twp
Emberry (Embury) Chapel Cemetery 401204N 0875046W 6 miles north 150, Colison, Pilot Twp, IL
Fairchild Cemetery 401301N 0874241W Old Fairchild Chapel, Blount Twp
Fairview Cemetery 395355N 0875045W Sidell, IL
Farmers Chapel Cemetery 401109N 0873642W Poland Road
Newell, IL
Floral Hill cemetery Unknown Unknown 1 mile north of Hoopeston, Grant Twp
Forest Park Cemetery 395829N 0873728W Adjacent to Georgetown Cemetery
Forse Cemetery 400335N 0873407W Danville, IL
Georgetown Cemetery 0700N 1600E Adjacent to Forest Park Cemetery
God's Acre Cemetery
[aka Butler Burying Ground]

History of Cemetery
400324N 0874302W 1 mile E Catlin Road, Catlin, IL
Gordon Cemetery 401008N 0873850W Blount Twp - Denmark Rd -
W Lake N of Ottawa Rd
Gravat Road     Gravat Road - 1 mile south. Blount Twp
Greenview Cemetery Unknown Unknown Northwest part of Fairmount, IL, Vance Twp
Greenwood Cemetery 400606N 0873712W 14th St & Greenwood Cemetery Road, Danville, IL
Grimes Cemetery     West Lone Oak Church, Blount Twp
Gundy Cemetery
[aka Davison Cemetery]
401615N 0873833W Bismarck, Blount Twp, IL
North along east side of river
Hawker Road 1975N 1200E Danville, IL
Hickman Cemetery 400430N 0874732W Catlin, IL
Higginsville Cemetery 401436N 0874616W South Potomac, Blount Twp, IL
Hooten Cemetery 400539N 0873806W 1645 Georgetown Road, Georgetown, IL
Huffman Cemetery 401341N 0873423W Newell, IL
Indian Paint Cemetery
(aka Nicholson)
Unknown Unknown North of Grape Creek - Danville Twp
Ingersoll Cemetery 402023N 0874851W northeast of Potomac, IL
Johnson Cemetery 401232N 0874002W W Newell & Denmark Road, Danville, IL
Johnson Cemetery     Alvin, IL
Johnson Hill Cemetery 400930N 0874502W Kickapoo West, Oakwood, IL
Johnsonville Cemetery 2350N 1450E Blount Twp
Jones Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Danville, IL
1 block of VA Hospital
Jones Grove Cemetery 400419N 0874201W Catlin, IL
Kerby Family     McKendree Twp
Kight's Cemetery Unknown Unknown Ross Twp -- East of Rossville on old Kight Farm
Knight's Branch Cemetery 401514N 0874938W Pilot, IL Near Knight's Church
Lamb Cemetery
(aka Campbell)

History of Cemetery
400955N 0873408W 1/2 m NE of Winter,Newell, IL
Langley Cemetery 400443N 0873411W West Union Corner Church
Danville, IL
Larson Cemetery Unknown Unknown Blount Twp
Lebanon Cemetery 395453N 0874459W 2 miles SW of Indianola, Carroll Twp
Leonard Cemetery 401335N 0873554W Bismarck, Newell Twp, IL
Lithuanian National Cemetery 400117N 0873802W Southside - Route 1, Westville, IL
Lockett Cemetery 400156N 0873510W Westville, IL
Lorrence Cemetery Unknown Unknown Kennekuk County Park - Adrian's Pond, Danville, IL
Lutheran Cemetery 400657N 0873620W Texas Avenue, Danville, IL
Lynch Cemetery 400757N 0873408W Main St. West, Danville, IL
Makemson Cemetery Unknown Unknown North Oakwood Black Farm, Oakwood, IL
Mann's Chapel Cemetery Unknown Unknown South of Rossville, IL
Martha Smith
(aka Sharon Cemetery)
    East Coates Orchard , Olivet, Elwood Twp
Martin Burial Grounds Unknown Unknown Bismarck - Bowman Road, Danville, IL
McGee Cemetery Unknown Unknown on Illinois Power Company Land, Danville, IL
McFarland Cemetery
(aka Old Dalbey)
    Oakwood IL
2 miles south of Muncie
McKendree Cemetery 400003N 0873418W East 6.3 miles, Westville, IL
Michael Cemetery 395556N 0874315W Indianola, IL
Miller Cemetery 402203N 0873630W 3 miles east, Rossville, IL
Mission Field     west of Danville?
Mount Pisgah
(aka Concord Cemetery)

History of Cemetery
    3 miles West of Georgetown, IL
Mount Vernon Cemetery 400355N 0874703W  
New Atherton Cemetery      
New Salem Cemetery 401435N 0874503W South of Jamesburg
Newell Grove Cemetery Unknown Unknown Newell, IL -- North of Vermilion County Airport
Niccum Cemetery 400254N 0873240W McKendree Twp
Oak Hill Cemetery 400651N 0874251W West of Batestown Rd @ Kiesler Hill, Danville, IL
Oak Ridge Cemetery 400359N 0874303W West of Catlin, IL
Oakwood Cemetery Unknown Unknown Oakwood, IL
Old Collison Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Old Kickapoo Burying Ground

    near the mouth of the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River four miles west of Danville
Old Partlow Cemetery 401737N 0875113W  
Old Sodowsky Cemetery
(aka Old Sandusky)
0650N 1130E In Carroll Twp, on Sodowsky Homestead near Indianola
Outton Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown  
Parish Cemetery 400406N 0873541W Grape Creek, IL
Partlow Cemetery 401801N 0875237W Armstrong, IL
Partlow Cemetery (old) 2950N 0460E Middlefork Twp
Pate Cemetery 400536N 0874349W Catlin, IL
Pellville Cemetery 402740N 0875527W 1 mile west of Rankin, IL
Pentecost Cemetery
(aka Demoss)
401052N 0874309W Danville - Henning Road
Perry Chapel     Rossville, IL
Pilot Grove Cemetery 395305N 0873655W 2 miles east of Ridgefarm, IL
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 400831N 0874644W Oakwood, IL
Pleasant Mound Cemetery 395810N 0873957W West of Georgetown Square, Georgetown
Porter Cemetery 401417N 0874618W South Old Higginsville, Blount Twp
Potomac Cemetery 401806N 0874720W Potomac, IL
Prairie Chapel Cemetery 402246N 0874535W 5 miles west of Rossville, IL
Price     Newell, IL
Rankin Union Cemetery 402821N 0875310W 1 mile northeast of Rankin
Redtop Cemetery 402532N 0874112W Route 1, south of Hoopeston
Resurrection Catholic Cemetery     818 Wendt Street, Danville
Rice Cemetery
(aka Sandbar)
401118N 0875002W East of Charity Corner, Pilot Twp
Rose Cemetery 401519N 0873552W Bismarck, IL
Rossville Cemetery Unknown Unknown Rossville, IL
Ruckman Cemetery Unknown Unknown Pilot Twp
Sadowski / Wright     Catlin Twp, 3 miles W Tilton Culp Farm
Saint Patrick's Cemetery
(aka Resurrection)
400645N 0873625W  
Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery 400215N 0873734W  
Salem     Blount Twp
Sanhill Cemetery 400622N 0873537W Behind old Atherton Cem, Danville
Sandusky Cemetery 395733N 0874242W 2.5 miles east of Westville
Searl Cemetery Unknown Unknown Near old Webster School, Oakwood, IL
Sharon Cemetery
aka Martha Smith Cemetery
395657N 0873754W ¼ northeast of the Sharon school near Olivet.
Shock Cemetery Unknown Unknown On Pollywog Road, Oakwood
Snider Cemetery 400915N 0874257W located just outside the east entrance of Kickapoo County Park.
Kickapoo Park Road, Danville
Songer Cemetery 400602N 0873958W Songer Cemetery Road, Tilton, IL
Spicer Family Plot Unknown Unknown West Georgetown
1st road left
Springhill Cemetery 400845N 0873726W 301 East Voorhees, Danville
Stearns Cemetery 400735N 0875137W Muncie, IL
Stump Cemetery 401149N 0874600W 2 miles south of Collison
Stunkard Cemetery 395435N 0874738W 3 miles east of Sidell
Sunset Memorial Cemetery 401157N 0873742W 3901 N Vermilion, Danville
Thurman Cemetery 401242N 0873937W Blount Twp
Trimmell Cemetery 401041N 0874613W N of Newtown W of road to Collison
Trinwell Cemetery     5 miles north of Newtown
Underwood Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Forest Glen Park, McKendree Twp
Vermilion Grove Cemetery
(aka Vermilion Cemetery)
History of Cemetery
395523N 0873920W Elwood Twp
Veterans Cemetery     Danville Twp
Wallace Chapel Cemetery 402008N 0874912W Potomac, IL
Walnut Corner Cemetery 401318N 0873317W Newell Twp
Watson Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Located on the west side of Henning Road, 1 ½ miles north of the Lone Oak Church of Christ in Blount Twp, Section 22.
Weaver Cemetery 395643N 0874248W 1 mile northwest of Indianola
Whitlock Cemetery 395630N 0873242W  
Amos Williams Burying Ground

[Williams Cemetery]

History of Cemetery
Blount Twp
Woodlawn Cemetery 395620N 0874456W Northwest of Indianola
Workheiser Cemetery Unknown Unknown 1 mile west, 5 miles south of
Old Higginsville
Wright Family Cemetery 400557N 0874127W On Thomas Wright Farm, Catlin twp
Yankee Point Cemetery 395529N 0873522W 6 miles southeast of Georgetown in Ridgefarm, IL

A number of sources were used to try and provide a complete source of Vermilion county cemeteries and their locations, including obituaries, GNIS, society quarterlies and the Vermilion county gov't. website at


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