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Vermilion County News Stories

"Sick List" News

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Billy Brown took his little boy to Terre Haute last Monday to the mad stone. He had been bitten Saturday last, by a [dog??] hog belonging to Harry Parish. He telegraphed that the stone would not adhere to the wound.
From the Danville Daily News - January 14, 1892 [submitted by Barb Moksnes]

Star Athlete In Squalor - Danville - Fred E Brown, once a star athlete and brilliant scholar has been found living in squalor in a dense woods near here. Has suffered many mental problems since being injured some time ago during a football game.
[Litchfield Daily Union, Friday, July 8, 1927 - submitted by Lynn Boyd Reener]

The Danville Commercial says, that on account of failing health, Hon. Joseph G. Cammon contemplates an extended trip, possibly to Europe for recuperation.
(The Charleston Plaindealer, June 23, 1887)

Jacob Hammer's baby is very sick. From the Danville Daily News - January 14, 1892 [submitted by Barb Moksnes]

Mr. McAdams, who has for several months been head barber in the Horton & Gross shop, is in the hospital with a severe attack of Bright's Disease.  His mother and sister arrived Wednesday from Danville, IL to be with him.  Mac. is a fine fellow and we hope he pulls through this spell in a short time. [The Liberal democrat.(Liberal, Kan.) July 16, 1915]

L. M. McAdams, the barber who recently pulled through a siege of Bright's disease at the local hospital, returned Friday to his old home in Danville, Illinois. He was accompanied by his mother and sister who arrived a couple of weeks ago. Mac. had a rather rough time of it for a while, but we are pleased to note that he came through with head up and colors flying. [The Liberal democrat.(Liberal, Kan.), July 30, 1915]

Mike McGinzey was crushed by a descending cage at the M. Kelley Grape Creek mine near Danville, a few days ago. It was expected that his injuries would prove fatal. (Edwardsville Intelligencer (Edwardsville, IL) March 6 1889 - Submitted by Nancy Piper)

Judge Hanford of Danville, is confined to his home with what is believed to be a fatal illness. [Paris Gazette, Paris, Edgar Co., Illinois Wednesday December 6, 1882]

Constable W. C. Thompson was at Newton on business yesterday and while returning home frosted his feet badly. [From the Danville Daily News - Jan. 17, 1893 - submitted by Barb Moksnes]



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