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Unknown Death Toll and Hundreds Hurt in Western Tornado Indiana, Illinois and Arkansas Raked By Wind Blast, While Floods, Snow and Hail Hit Others Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa Gripped, in Icy Blasts; Crops Suffer Heavily
CHICAGO, April 17. An unknown death list, more than a hundred injured and thousands made homeless was the toll of tornadoes and floods which swept over the Ceutral West today. Tornadoes were reported in a score of Illinois, Indiana and Arkansas towns. Homes were demolished, wire service crippled and livestock killed.
The storm was believed to hare been the east, to Kansas and Nebraska on west, heavy downpours swelled flood waters of streams already out of their banks, and inundated thousands of acres of rich farm land in addition to the vast tracts already under water.
While snow and fleet covered Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri and Iowa were pelted with heavy hail storms which smashed windows and caused much damage to crops. Several inches of snow were reported from Denver.

Death List May Swell
The storm was believed to have been the same which lashed several towns in Northeastern Kansas Sunday night, killing several persons, then jumped over Missouri, only to reappear early today in Southern Illinois. In the vicinity of Irvington the twister swept a path twenty-three mites long and 150 yards wide, killing several persons. More than half of the homes in the town were destroyed. Plainfield, Illinois, was reported almost obliterated.

Tornado Came Back
After visiting many Illinois towns the tornado jumped into Indiana, striking Hedrick, a small village, in the western part of the State, early in the afternoon. Two hours later, before the residents had time to recover, it returned, causing several deaths and heavy property damage,

Hedrick, III., Reports Six Dead
DANVILLE, Ill, April 17. Seven dead and many persons injured was the toll of a tornado that swept across Vermillion county. Illinois, and Warren county, Indiana, late today. Property damage is reported heavy at Hedrick, 2nd., and vicinity, where six persons were killed, according to local reports:
They are: Grover Johnson. William Grady. Miss Mildred Grady, Mrs. Philip High, Nellie Kurtz and a woman named Morrissey. The last two named lived on farms near Hedrick.
All stores, on elevator, a school-house and several residences in Hedrick were reported destroyed.
Mrs. Albert Anderson was killed and her husband seriously injured when their home was destroyed near Fithian. Illinois At Bismarck, III, many small buildings were blown down.


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