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Vermilion County
Gossip and Visiting News

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From the Danville Daily News - Jan. 17, 1893
[submitted by Barb Moksnes]

From the Danville Daily News - October 6, 1898 [submitted by Barb Moksnes]

These are in alpha order based on the first surname mentioned

CARTERSVILLE -- Mr. and Mrs. Roy ADAMS, who have been in Danville, IL, for some time returned home Saturday night.
[The Central Record.(Lancaster, Ky.), September 20, 1917]

Lyman B. ANDERSON left on Tuesday morning's stage for Worland, (Wyoming) and will take the train for Danville, Ill., where he will sojourn for a month.
[Thermopolis Independent, (WY) January 11, 1907, page 5]

Mrs. BAUERMEISTER, of Terre Haute, and Mrs. BURGER, of Manitowoc, Wis., are paying their brother, A. ESSLINGER, a visit. [Danville Daily News, 26 May 1885]

Tells In a Baby Show In Danville, IL
The Danville, Illinois Democrat, says: "In the baby contest held on July 4 at Oaklawn Park, little Samuel Henry CLAGGETT, aged 11 months,won the pize; the judges deciding that he was the prettiest baby among twenty contestants. He is the son of Mr. R. H. Claggett, 718 Chandler street. Mr. Claggett is city mail carrier on route 18." Mr. Claggett formerly lived in this county, and has many friends here who will read the above item with interest. The little winner bears the name of his grandfather [rest cut off]
[Hopkinsville Kentuckian (Hopkinsville, Ky.), July 10, 1906]

Miss Anna DABELS, of Germany, is visiting friends and relatives in the city.  She came over the water from Germany in company of John LEVERENZ and daughters, and is at present stopping at their home, east of the city. [Danville Daily News, 15 June 1885]

Fred EBERLIN, of Champaign, Ill., was paying a visit to his friend, John NUNGESSER, of ESSLINGERís drug store, last week. [Danville Daily News, 15 June 1885]

Mr. and Mrs. J.G. ENGLISH arrived in town this forenoon from their home in Danville, IL.  They were met here by their son, J.T. English, and driven out to the Golconda.  They will remain here about three weeks.
[The Sumpter miner.(Sumpter, Or.), November 14, 1900, Page 16]

Mining Man Goes East --
John T. ENGLISH left on last Saturday for the easst.  He will spend the holidays at his old home in Danville, Illinois.  Mr. English has a gond on the Eldorado group located in the Greenhorns in his inside pocket, and as Danville money really made the Le Roi mine of British Columbia a world wide wonder, and drew fortunes out of that venture, it is not improbable but that John T. will return with sufficient capital to carry out any plan in a mining way, which he may have in his mind.  
[The Sumpter miner. (Sumpter, Or.), December 24, 1902, Page 6]

Mrs. FERGUSON who has spent several months here with the Watt and Ely families, departed the last of the week for her home in Danville, Illinois. [The Red Cloud chief.(Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.) September 15, 1910]

Fred GLENDMEYER, of Westphalen, Germany, is visiting his brothers, Christ and Henry GLENDMEYER, of this city, for a few weeks. [Danville Daily News, 15 June 1885]

Mrs. Thos. HIGGINS, of Seventh Street, left Saturday for a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Morris, in Danville, Illinois.
[The Bourbon news.(Paris, Ky.), August 05, 1921, Page 3]

J.J. HUFFER of Rossville, Illinois, is here (Red Cloud, Nebraska) visiting with his son Frank Huffer.
["The Red Cloud Chief", July 05, 1901 (Red Cloud, Webster Co., Neb.)]

Wm. KRAUEL is building a house on East Harrison street for Wm. PRAST. [Danville Daily News, 12 May 1885]

Wm. KRIEGE, of Edwardsville, Ill., was visiting his brother, Dr. W.H. KRIEGE, of this city, last week. [Danville Daily News, 15 June 1885]

John LEVERENZ and daughters, Minnie and Mary, who went to Germany a few months ago on a visit, are expected home the early part of this week. [Danville Daily News, 26 May 1885]

Mr. Dillard LITTRELL of Danville, IL, is visiting his father, Mr. James Littrell at this place. [The central record.(Lancaster, Ky.), September 18, 1919]

John C. MEINCKE, of the late firm of SCHROEDER & MEINCKE, has commenced a tailor shop in Frazierís block. [Danville Daily News, 26 May 1885]

Mrs. Robert L. MORRIS has returned to her home in Illinois, after a visit to her daughters, Mrs. Thomas Higgins and Mrs. John M. Stuart, in this city.
[The Bourbon news.(Paris, Ky.), September 16, 1921, Page 3]

Mrs. Martha MULTON and Mr. and Mrs. Lew Demlon, of Danville, IL, are visiting relatives here. [The Central Record.(Lancaster, Ky.), April 15, 1920]

Mrs. John MEYER, in East Danville, is repairing her house in the way of new doors, windows, etc. [Danville Daily News, 12 May 1885]

Joe SCHATZ, who has been clerking for C.A. FERA, has accepted a clerkship with Pixley & co. [Danville Daily News, 26 May 1885]

Joe SCHINGLE is building a house for Louis WIENKE, on East Harrison street. [Danville Daily News, 12 May 1885]

A. SEIFERMAN has purchased the old HARMON property, on East Main street, for $1,600. [Danville Daily News, 15 June 1885]

John STEM has abandoned his saloon in the Hesse House.  Charles HESS has taken charge of same. [Danville Daily News, 12 May 1885

Marksbury -- Miss Anna SPEARS of Danville has been spending the week with Mrs. Kelly Hogg.
[The Central Record.(Lancaster, Ky.), September 20, 1917]

Mrs. John M. STUART, of Mt. Airy Avenue, left Tuesday for a visit to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Morris, in Danville, Illinois.
[The Bourbon News.(Paris, Ky.), August 05, 1921, Page 3]

Fred TECHTOW is clerking for Roy TAYLOR, the druggist. [Danville Daily News, 12 May 1885] 



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