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Vermilion County, Illinois
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U.S. Soldier Meeting
September 1865
Source: "Family records from old Bibles and other family written records"
Illinois Society, D.A.R., 1952
Transcribed by K. Torp

Fairmount, IL
May 5, 1930

Mrs. Dr. Dale
At a meeting of soldiers, sons and daughters of soldiers of the wars of the United States, including the Rev. held at the old battleground of the "Army Ford" and near the old red brick house known as Col. Geo. Shelby home in the forenoon and at the "Curtis Landing" in the after-noon, there situated at the mouth of the Big Vermilion and the Wabash Rivers in month of September 1865.

About 300 men and women were in attendance at each place.

My mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Redmond, who was a writer for newspapers in that day in Danville and other places published. She questioned and interviewed those whose names are here-in-given with their answers given as shown by letters and figures.
I personally know many of those named, some of whom resided in three counties of Indiana and two in Illinois. You surely had some relatives among the list given...
(Signed) Yours truly,
J.G. Redmond.

Key to Abbreviations
Rev War - R.W. Soldier   Father -- F.
War of 1812 - 12   Grand-father - G.
Mexico - Mex   Great grand-father - GG
Civil War - Civ.   Great great grandfather - GGG
Army Ford battle - A    
Tippecanoe - T.P.    

Names of Those Present:

William Curtis
Knob Thomas - GRW
Oliver P. Davis - G12
Jimmie Armour - GGRW
Col. George Shelby - GRW, A, T.P.
George Hayworth - GGRW, A, T.P.
Robert E. Barnett - GGRW, A, T.P.
Wm. Patrick - GGRW
Wm. Naylor - G12
Martha Naylor - GGRW
James Malone - GGRW
Philo Case - Civ., GGRW
Joseph Collett - G12
Sam Groanandyke
Las Shirk - GGRW
James Bright - Civ.
Paton Randalph - GRW
David Johnson - GRW
Benj. Goodner - GRW
James Sherward - G12
Stephen Sherward - G12, Civ.
George Edmonds - G12
Ben F. Edmonds - G12
Green Johnson - GGRW, Civ.
John Porter
Samuel Hesler - GRW
Isaac Brown - GRW
Ac Morgan - Mex, GRW
Eb Henthorn - GGRW
William Roach - GGRW
John Roach - GGGRW
Truman Solers - G12
James Waters - Mex, GGRW
John Bennett - G12
John Kyger - G12, Civ
Rob't. Waterman - CIv
Milo Waterman - Civ
Edward Truman - GRW
Wm. H. Redman - GGRW
Lizzie Redmond - GGRW
John Randalph - G&GGRW
Asher Osborn - Mex, GRW
David Brown - GGRW
Squire Richison - G12
Wm Dickenson - Mex, G12
A.C. Johnson - Div, GGRW
Lee Johnson - GGRW
William Martin - Mex., GRW


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