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Aka Fort Compton Cemetery
Wabash County, IL

SUBMITTER ...... : Paul M. Kankula

TRANSCRIPTION .. : Robert Cusik

The Allendale Cemetery has long been a part of history both here in the Allendale area as well as around the world. Many times I have had telephone calls or letters regarding the location of the grave of a family member or a friend. During my investigations of these request, I have found that it has been both interesting as well as challenging. After much thought, I decided to make an Allendale Cemetery Directory to make the search for information much easier. Much time has been spent searching the cemetery, the records of the Cemetery Association, as well as the records at the Wabash County Courthouse. However, we are certain that some errors and omissions may occur. It is our hope that as you use this directory and errors are found, that you will share the correct information with us at the following address:

Robert Cusick, mneikirk@midwest.net, 22067 Wabash 23 Ave., Allendale, IL 62410

As with any project of this size, it takes the help of many people. Many thanks go out to Loraine Garner for her typing and computer skills, to Clayton and Jeanette Seaton for their assistance in research and proof reading, to Dave Dallas for the use of his copier, to First National Bank and Mary Harness for making the copies and most of all to my family, Connie, Amy, Becky and Chris for their assistance and patience in helping with the research.

Robert Cusick - Vice President, Association Board Member, May-2000

a. = age at death
b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
d. = daughter, d/o = daughter of
f. = father
h. = husband
m. = mother
n. = note(s)
p. = parents
s. = son, s/o = son of
w. = wife


Abernathy, Charles L., B. 18-Dec-1917, D. 22-Feb-1997
Abernathy, Helen H., B. 22-May-1921, D. 22-Jul-1984, H. Charles
Addis, Jesse F., B. 28-Oct-1903, D. 3-Jan-1944
Adkins, Edson, B. 5-Apr-1861, D. 2-Oct-1881
Albietz, Grace S., B. 19-May-1894, D. 23-Aug-1952, H. Lyell J.
Albietz, Howard, B. 1856, D. 1947, W. S. Isabelle
Albietz, Lyell J., B. 12-Aug-1886, D. 25-Mar-1969
Albietz, S. Isabelle Fowler, B. 1858, D. 1895
Ales, Clarence, B. 1889, D. 1928
Ales, Elizabeth, B. 1862, H. Francis
Ales, Elva, B. 1892, D. 1928, H. Clarence
Ales, Francis M., B. 1857, D. 1916
Alka, Albert, B. 13-Sept-1884, D. 1-Feb-1970
Alka, Bennie, B. 8-Sept-1888, D. 13-Jun-1895
Alka, Bernard, B. 20-Mar-1913, D. 12-Apr-1989, N. WWII
Alka, Blanche, B. 13-Dec-1889, D. 26-May-1961, H. Albert
Alka, Charles, B. 1920, D. 1988, S/O Albert
Alka, Daisy Alleen, B. 8-Jul-1911, D. 19-Sept-1912, D/O Albert
Alka, E. Imogene, B. 29-Jan-1900, D. 4-Jul-1971, H. Henry
Alka, Ernest, B. 21-Jul-1853, D. 8-Mar-1923
Alka, Helen M., B. 22-Jul-1920, D. 19-Jun-1968, H. Bernard
Alka, Henry, B. 12-Jun-1902, D. 27-May-1972
Alka, Marion, B. 7-Feb-1915, D. 14-Sept-1918, S/O Albert Alka
Alka, Mary A. Cogan, B. 2-Jul-1858, D. 8-Jun-1941, H. Ernest Lka
Alsop, Blanche R., B. 18-Feb-1896, D. 20-Jun-1988, H. Oscar
Alsop, Harold W. (Lt), B. 17-Mar-1918, D. 26-Jul-1943, N. Pilot WWII, Killed
Alsop, Mamie, B. 8-Jan-1901, D. 1999, H. Russell
Alsop, Oscar W., B. 14-Feb-1894, D. 11-Jun-1973
Andrew, Abraham, B. 3-Jan-1819, D. 15-Aug-1826, S/O John & Elizabeth
Andrew, Elizabeth A., H. John
Andrew, John, B. 16-Mar-1840, D. 16-Mar-1872
Armstrong, Anna S., B. 1856, D. 1928, H. William
Armstrong, Esco H., B. 15-Jul-1893, D. 21-Feb-1944, S/O James
Armstrong, Frances, B. 1913, D. 1952, H. John
Armstrong, George W., S/O John
Armstrong, James Cecil, B. 5-Jan-1900, D. 26-Dec-1967
Armstrong, James, B. 1-Aug-1864, D. 29-Aug-1937
Armstrong, John, B. 1884, D. 1967
Armstrong, Julia Holland, B. 1834
Armstrong, Mary J., B. 24-Jan-1829, D. 9-Mar-1855, H. Jw
Armstrong, Olive, Daughter
Armstrong, Rebecca B., B. 9-Dec-1873, D. 12-Dec-1947, H. James
Armstrong, Sarah Jane, Daughter
Armstrong, Thelma Eileen, B. 7-Jan-1919, H. James C.
Armstrong, William H., B. 1861, D. 1926
Arnold, Charlie H., B. 19-Dec-1885, D. 5-Nov-1968
Arnold, Clara E., B. 20-Oct-1912, D. 27-Sept-1992
Arnold, Eva Pauline, B. 2-Jan-1931, D. 19-Feb-1931
Arnold, Julia M., B. 1882, D. 1913, H. Charles H
Ash, Shala Kay, B. 15-Oct-1975, D. 15-Oct-1975
Atkinson, Dell L., B. 24-Jul-1914, D. 12-Aug-1969
Atkinson, Lena M. Kepley, B. 5-Apr-1919, H. Dell
Bailey, James Harold, B. 3-Nov-1921, D. 16-Jan-1971, S/O Rolla E; WWII
Bailey, Julia H., B. 12-Sept-1898, D. 3-Feb-1977, H. Rolla E.
Bailey, Rolla E., B. 12-Nov-1892, D. 16-May-1955, N. WWI
Baird, Esra, B. 30-Nov-1832, D. 10-Oct-1895
Baird, Francis R., B. 15-Jul-1843, D. 16-Mar-1894, H. Esra
Baird, Rolla J., B. 2-Jul-1884, D. 21-Aug-1885, S/O Esra
Banks, Alva J., B. 1885, D. 1930
Banks, Anna, B. 15-Feb-1888, D. 16-Oct-1977
Banks, C. E.
Banks, Clarence E., B. 1895, D. 1966
Banks, David Mark, B. 18-Sept-1959
Banks, Deliah, B. 1869, D. 1944, H. William
Banks, Dixie Darlena, B. 1940, D. 1947
Banks, Ernest L., B. 1911, D. 1988
Banks, Harley M., B. 3-Feb-1914, D. 8-Aug-1975
Banks, Harold Lester, B. 18-Jul-1928, D. 11-Feb-1999, N. Cpl Us Army
Banks, James B., B. 1853, D. 1898
Banks, Jessie A., B. 1900, D. 1961, H. Clarence
Banks, L. Bernadine, B. 1919, H. Ernest L.
Banks, Leona Mae, B. 10-Dec-1931
Banks, Martha, B. 1919, D. 1919, D/O William
Banks, Nancy E., B. 1852, D. 1926
Banks, Sarah, B. 1825, D. 1880
Banks, Tempest E., B. 15-Jan-1911, D. 15-Jan-1985, N. Navy, WWII
Banks, Viola M., B. 10-Jun-1895, D. 26-Nov-1961
Banks, William E., B. 20-May-1921, D. 21-Dec-1986, N. Pfc Army, WWII
Banks, William, B. 1867, D. 1942
Barney, B. F., B. 11-Oct-1851, D. 16-Mar-1899
Barney, B. J., B. 4-May-1829, D. 20-Dec-1871, H. W.S.
Barney, Carl, B. 1896, D. 1897
Barney, Clara May, B. 26-May-1880, D. 21-Mar-1890
Barney, Daughter, D/O F& Me
Barney, Earl R., D. 1891
Barney, Emily, D/O Gw & P
Barney, George Ogle, B. 25-Nov-1885, D. 31-Jan-1886, S/O J & M
Barney, George W., B. 12-Sept-1825, D. 2-Apr-1872
Barney, Harvey R., B. 1889, D. 1923, S/O John
Barney, Infant
Barney, Infant, Infant Of John
Barney, John, B. 1854, D. 1925
Barney, Martha E., B. 4-Jun-1852, D. 27-Dec-1894, H. B.F.
Barney, Mary Ann, B. 1857, D. 1926, H. John
Barney, Mary E., B. 26-Feb-1856, D. 3-Jul-1857, D/O Gw & P
Barney, Mary, D/O Gw & P
Barney, Polly Andrew, B. 18-Sept-1826, D. 1-Mar-1905, H. George
Barney, Polly, B. 1864, D. 1950, H. William
Barney, Sarah Grace, B. 1-Jun-1887, D. 6-Jul-1887, D/O J & M
Barney, Son, S/O Gw & P
Barney, Viola, D. 1897
Barney, W. B., B. 1855, D. 1880
Barney, W. S., B. 24-Feb-1821, D. 8-Nov-1864
Barney, William W., B. 1856, D. 1931
Barthelemy, Alice A., B. 26-Oct-1853, D. 13-Jul-1875
Barthelemy, Buren Esco, B. 8-Jun-1889, D. 19-Mar-1891
Barthelemy, Charlotte L., B. 12-Jun-1881, D. 23-Jan-1900, D/O J & S
Barthelemy, Jeremiah, B. 9-Jul-1812, D. 8-Aug-1848
Barthelemy, Joseph, B. 20-May-1817, D. 7-Mar-1887
Barthelemy, Mary Ann, B. 15-Jan-1827, D. 15-Feb-1884, H. Joseph
Barthelemy, Mary E., B. 23-Nov-1890, D. 5-Jan-1891, D/O J & S
Barthelemy, Mary F., B. 13-Dec-1875, D. 25-Dec-1881
Barthelemy, Sarah A., B. 30-Apr-1856, D. 6-Jan-1901, H. Jeremiah
Baty, Harold M., B. 7-Apr-1910, D. 17-Feb-1974, N. Mar. 2/7/1945
Baty, Thelma L., B. 26-Nov-1917, D. 27-Aug-1986, H. Harold
Benson, Carol R., B. 5-Jan-1936, D. 17-Apr-1963
Best, Freda, B. 5-Jan-1903, D. 28-Jun-1991, H. John
Best, John, B. 23-Nov-1906, D. 5-Apr-1977
Birkhimer, Edwin M., B. 1879, D. 1952
Birkhimer, Emma Dean, B. 1878, D. 1947, H. Edwin
Birkhimer, Emma Jane, B. 1910, D. 1919, D/O Edwin
Black, Blanche, B. 7-Jan-1898, D. 11-Dec-1983, H. Francis
Black, Francis C., B. 29-Jul-1906, D. 30-Dec-1952
Blair, Albert, B. 9-Jul-1883, D. 18-Sept-1940
Blair, Clifton Guy, B. 30-Jan-1914, D. 2-Jan-1986, N. F/O Cliff & John
Blair, Ethel, B. 2-May-1892, D. 30-Oct-1964, H. Albert
Blair, Mary Frances Fox, B. 6-Oct-1914, D. 24-Aug-1992
Blair, Maxine, B. 29-Jul-1916, D. 30-Apr-1975, H. Guy
Boyd, William Joseph, B. 4-Feb-1966, D. 5-Feb-1966
Boyles, Charles W., B. 1866, D. 1937
Boyles, Mary A., B. 1870, D. 1948, H. Charles
Breen, Bert, B. 14-Jan-1892, D. 16-Jun-1937
Breen, Dora L., B. 10-Jun-1899, D. 24-Feb-1981, H. John, Jr.
Breen, Eva Alice Bye, B. 1873, D. 1928, H. James
Breen, Glenn H., B. 1903, D. 1972
Breen, Harrison E., B. 26-Oct-1913, D. 25-Sept-1944, N. Killed In Action
Breen, Harvey, 15-May-1890, D. 30-Jan-1944
Breen, James W., N. Co.A, 134 In Inf
Breen, James, B. 1878, D. 1953
Breen, John, B. 19-Apr-1857, D. 24-Aug-1932
Breen, John, Jr., B. 8-Jun-1888, D. 26-Jul-1966, S/O John
Breen, Lizzie, B. 20-May-1891, D. 18-Feb-1984, H. Harvey
Breen, Margaret E., B. 16-Nov-1841, D. 24-May-1928, H. Michael
Breen, Michael, B. 22-Jul-1830, D. 12-Aug-1909
Breen, Naomi Ruth, B. 30-May-1898, D. 12-Jun-1982, H. Bert
Breen, Ocea Anise, B. 17-Sept-1887, D. 2-Nov-1897, D/O Michael
Breen, Sarabelle, B. 2-Dec-1911, D. 13-Mar-1918, D/O Harvey
Breen, Sarah, B. 23-Jan-1865, D. 9-May-1935, H. John
Breen, Virginia W., B. 1907, D. 1991, H. Glenn
Brines, Fern Higgins, B. 16-Feb-1895, D. 29-Dec-1978
Brinkley, Dale F., B. 19-Mar-1910, D. 20-Sept-1973, N. Mar. 4/28/29
Brinkley, Dorothy A. Gher, B. 14-Dec-1908, H. Dale
Brooke, Emma F., B. 15-Feb-1875, D. 14-Mar-1963, H. Lyman
Brooke, Lyman U., B. 12-Sept-1871, D. 21-Nov-1942
Brooke, Raymond, S/O Lyman & Emma
Broughton, Sarah Louise Hosmer, B. 8-Apr-1946, D. 10-Nov-1979
Brown, Elizabeth, B. 1837, D. 1919, H. John M.
Brown, Harold Lee, B. 23-Sept-1930, D. 28-Aug-1989, N. Mar. 2/27/54
Brown, Velma M., B. 5-Aug-1934, H. Harold
Bruner, Jacob, B. 31-Jan-1845, D. 15-Aug-1922
Bruner, Susan, B. 2-Jul-1850, D. 27-Jul-1930, H. Jacob
Brunt, Florice Helen, B. 17-Sept-1907, D. 24-Apr-1989
Buchanan, Albert P., B. 24-Jun-1890, D. 13-Apr-1945
Buchanan, Albert R., B. 1889, D. 1945
Buchanan, Curtis R., B. 5-Apr-1933, D. 26-May-1973, N. Mar. 6/18/1957
Buchanan, Ida, B. 16-Oct-1891, D. 18-Mar-1988, H. Albert P.
Buchanan, Infant Daughter, B. 1-Feb-1951, D. 1-Feb-1951, D/O Earl
Buchanan, J. Douglas, B. 1858, D. 1937
Buchanan, Jennie J., B. 15-Dec-1910
Buchanan, Marianne, B. 1864, H. Douglas
Buchanan, Maxine, B. 11-Oct-1910, H. Ross
Buchanan, Ross, B. 9-Feb-1904, D. 15-Aug-1954, S/O Douglas
Buchanan, Sarah O., B. 16-Jun-1941, H. Curtis
Burr, Frances Inez, B. 21-Dec-1904, D. 18-Jan-1997, H. Harold
Burr, Harold, B. 12-Feb-1902, D. 14-Jul-1981
Burris, Donald S., B. 8-Jun-1930, D. 20-Jul-1970, N. Mar. 3/12/54
Burris, Joan, B. 3-Nov-1935, H. Donald
Butler, Pleasant, B. 30-Nov-1847, D. 1-Jan-1870
Bye, Anna Evalyn, B. 7-Sept-1880, D. 25-Jun-1966, H. James F.
Bye, James, F., B. 23-Aug-1870, D. 11-Dec-1961, Father Of Randall
Bye, Randall S., B. 12-Oct-1921, D. 14-Aug-1939, N. Co. A 11 Ind. Inf.
Canedy, Alvin R., B. 2-Jun-1865, D. 18-Sept-1938
Canedy, Dora B., B. 13-Jul-1897, D. 9-Jul-1983
Canedy, Frank L., B. 5-Oct-1899, D. 21-Nov-1993
Canedy, Hattie S., B. 15-Apr-1904, D. 21-Jun-1980
Canedy, Leah, B. 28-Jun-1874, D. 11-Apr-1913
Canedy, Otto, B. 7-Dec-1895, D. 5-Dec-1916
Capoot, Amy C., B. 21-Nov-1845, D. 28-Jan-1916, H. John
Capoot, Amy, B. 1875, D. 1876, D/O John
Capoot, Cecil May, B. 13-Jul-1894, D. 6-Mar-1895, D/O E & Ce
Capoot, Cora E. Rentschler, B. 2-Dec-1869, D. 22-Jan-1958, H. Edwin
Capoot, Edwin, B. 25-Jul-1870, D. 16-May-1935
Capoot, George R. Sr., B. 19-Sept-1873, D. 26-Nov-1962
Capoot, John P., B. 19-Sept-1834, D. 20-Jan-1910
Capoot, Mae Belle, B. 20-May-1880, D. 8-Sept-1969, H. George
Capoot, Miriam Henrietta, B. 24-Mar-1910, D. 3-Feb-1912, D/O Gr & Mb
Capoot, Pearl, B. 2-Dec-1895, D. 18-Jun-1910, D/O E & Ce
Capoot, Troy Owen, B. 5-Aug-1891, D. 15-Jan-1892, S/O E & Ce
Carey, Patty R. White, B. 10-Oct-1938, D. 2000, D/O John
Caron, Bessie L., B. 28-Sept-1910, D. 3-Mar-2000, H. Edward
Caron, Edward J., B. 1903, D. 1985
Carroll, Anna Lyle, B. 1871, D. 1966, H. Thomas
Carroll, Laura Peachee, B. 1842, D. 1919, H. Robert F.
Carroll, Robert F., B. 1841, D. 1912
Carroll, Russell, B. 24-Oct-1908, D. 18-Oct-1958
Carroll, Thomas H., B. 1869, D. 1939
Carroll, Van, B. 25-Apr-1906, D. 28-Feb-1982
Chapman, Ethel B., B. 10-Jul-1910, H. William
Chapman, William L., B. 9-Feb-1910, D. 2-Dec-1977, N. Mar. 12/5/1936
Chesser, Sarah, Ellen Fox, B. 13-Apr-1912, D. 23-Aug-1986
Cisel, Alberta Jean, B. 1-Dec-1927, H. Harvey
Cisel, Franklin P., B. 31-Oct-1852, D. 3-Jun-1876
Cisel, Gladys H., B. 1903, H. Lowell
Cisel, Harvey J., B. 7-Sept-1903, D. 4-Aug-1984
Cisel, Infant Son, D. 20-May-1868, S/O T & M
Cisel, Jemima, B. 1850, D. 1933, H. John H.
Cisel, Jessie Lee, B. 1868, D. 1935
Cisel, John H., B. 1841, D. 1914
Cisel, Lowell L., B. 1897, D. 1959
Cisel, Mary A., B. 23-Aug-1816, D. 23-Mar-1877, H. Thomas
Cisel, Mary L., B. 1875, D. 1964
Cisel, Son, B. 9-Aug-1873, D. 13-Feb-1876, S/O W. Cisel
Cisel, Thomas, B. 5-Apr-1807, D. 3-May-1885
Clark, Bernard O., B. 25-Aug-1909, D. 1-Jul-1910, S/O Cain
Clark, Bonnie Armstrong, B. 1901, D. 1940, H. Russell
Clark, Cain R., B. 3-Nov-1875, D. 24-Apr-1933
Clark, Calvin H., B. 1-Jan-1878, D. 20-Jul-1907
Clark, Charles C., B. 1879, D. 1960
Clark, Clara E., B. 14-Oct-1884, D. 14-May-1960, H. Cain
Clark, Donald, B. 25-Aug-1906, D. 30-Jan-1953
Clark, Ethel M., B. 3-May-1906, D. 4-Nov-1955, H. Donald
Clark, Fannie M., B. 14-Jun-1870, D. 9-Jan-1944
Clark, Harold E., B. 6-Mar-1928, D. 11-Nov-1996, S/O Virgil
Clark, J. Bye, B. 17-Feb-1873, D. 7-Mar-1967
Clark, J. Paul, B. 25-Jan-1905, D. 5-Jan-1927, S/O J. Bye
Clark, Jack Lee, B. 2-Mar-1936, W. Wanda C.
Clark, Janet Ann, B. 10-Nov-1937, D. 13-Mar-1938
Clark, Julia Ann Fowler, B. 13-Apr-1915, G. 7-Feb-1994
Clark, Madge, B. 5-Oct-1872, D. 24-Sept-1951, H. J.Bye
Clark, Margaret, Dime, B. 22-Oct-1901, D. 25-Jan-1902, D/O Charles
Clark, Mary A., B. 10-Jul-1906, D. 13-Sept-1995, H. Virgil
Clark, Mena Dime, B. 1881, D. 1936, H. Charles
Clark, Scott, B. 23-Sept-1907, D. 16-Apr-1986
Clark, Thurley "Babe", B. 11-May-1912, D. 3-Oct-1983, H. Scott
Clark, Virgil, B. 12-Apr-1905, D. 5-Sept-1982, N. Mar. 2/9/1927
Clark, Wanda Carol, B. 25-Sept-1935, N. D/O Bill Peach
Cleff, Myrtle Price, B. 1905, D. 1989
Cline, John W., B. 1872, D. 1950
Cline, Lucy, B. 1870, D. 1931, H. John W.
Cogan, Cora B. King, B. 6-Nov-1871, D. 4-Aug-1926, H. James N
Cogan, Frank H., B. 1901, D. 1949
Cogan, Geneva F. Gher, B. 24-Jun-1913, D. 15-Jan-2000, H. John K.
Cogan, Infant, B. 5-Feb-1903, D. 10-Feb-1903, N. Infant Of James And Cora
Cogan, James Gentry, B. 3-Dec-1907, D. 21-Aug-1908, S/O James And Cora
Cogan, James N., B. 2-Jul-1860, D. 24-Sept-1929
Cogan, John K., B. 28-Apr-1910, D. 3-Dec-1976
Cogan, Nora, 9-Aug-1899, D. 13-Jan-1978
Cogan, Olena A., B. 1901, D. 1977, H. Frank H.
Coleman, John Darwin, B. 1908, D. 1938
Collison, Elizabeth, B. 22-May-1846, D. 10-Dec-1885, D/O W & M
Collison, Hiram, B. 29-Oct-1844, D. 14-Jan-1872
Collison, James H., B. 1882, D. 1944
Collison, Katie V., B. 1885, D. 1924, H. James
Collison, Marshall, B. 4-Nov-1856, D. 6-Apr-1860
Collison, Mary, H. William
Collison, Sarah A., B. 6-Dec-1819, D. 25-Feb-1895, H. William
Collison, Thomas, B. 10-Mar-1818, D. 1-Aug-1850, S/O W & M
Collison, William, B. 18-Jun-1817, D. 20-Aug-1875
Compton, Aaron, B. 13-Jul-1918, N. Mar. 8/29/1936
Compton, F. R.
Compton, Infant
Compton, Jeremiah, B. 17-Sept-1822, D. 20-Jun-1856
Compton, Mary Ann, B. 18-May-1842, D. 21-Jul-1883, D/O M. Compton
Compton, Monzelle, B. 19-Jan-1919, D. 30-May-1985, H. Aaron
Compton, Orvamal K., B. 18-Oct-1845, D. 6-Sept-1871
Compton, Rhoda C., B. 15-Dec-1852, D. 21-Apr-1853, D/O J & S
Compton, Sarah A., B. 22-Oct-1863, D. 24-Jul-1864, D/O M. Compton
Compton, Sophrona Fox, B. 1827, D. 1856, H. Jeremiah
Compton, Thomas B., B. 29-Nov-1868, D. 13-Feb-1870
Conrad, Ada, B. 3-Dec-1943, D. 4-May-1996, H. Kenny
Conrad, Kenneth E., B. 1951
Copeland, Anna Reetta, B. 31-Jul-1872, D. 7-Apr-1900, D/O Jacob & Ss
Copeland, Jacob, B. 28-Jan-1822, D. 19-Sept-1890
Couch, Anna E., B. 12-May-1887, D. 15-Apr-1957, H. Walter
Couch, Herbold, B. 25-Sept-1901, D. 15-Jul-1902
Couch, Hersel, B. 25-Sept-1901, D. 23-Jul-1902
Couch, Mary Lena, B. 4-Jan-1869, D. 9-May-1902, H. J E
Couch, Simeon C., B. 1-Nov-1855, D. 8-Jul-1947
Courter, Asbury O., B. 1863, D. 1945
Courter, Celia M., B. 1923, D. 1923, D/O Walter
Courter, Clinton E., B. 15-Aug-1875, D. 10-Sept-1963
Courter, Dalbern F., B. 18-Jun-1912, D. 17-Oct-1993
Courter, E. Marie, B. 21-Oct-1894, D. 23-Nov-1959, H. Lester
Courter, E. Reader, B. 1871, D. 1916
Courter, Eathel L., B. 25-Aug-1897, D. 2-Jan-1981
Courter, Elizabeth J., B. 1856, D. 1922, H. George
Courter, Flobah, D. 27-Dec-1880, D/O Ge & Ej
Courter, Galenah, B. 1880, D. 1880, D/O Wf & Mj
Courter, George E., B. 1854, D. 1932
Courter, Gerald, B. 23-Apr-1918, D. 19-Feb-1996, S/O Walter
Courter, Gilolo, B. 1878, D. 1921
Courter, Harold J., B. 9-Jun-1906, D. 1-Sept-1906, S/O E. R.
Courter, Harriett J., B. 1875, H. E.R.
Courter, Infant Son, B. 4-Aug-1894, D. 8-Aug-1894
Courter, Infant, D. 1914, Infant Of Ashbury
Courter, Jacob, B. 22-Dec-1845, D. 19-Feb-1917
Courter, L. Romance, B. 16-Nov-1922, D. 17-Oct-1983, H. Dalbern
Courter, Lando R., B. 21-Oct-1903, D. 29-Dec-1903, S/O W & M
Courter, Lawrence, B. 1897, D. 1898, S/O Asbury
Courter, Lilly May, B. 1873, D. 1945, H. Ashbury
Courter, Lucy A., B. 24-Jul-1851, D. 12-Feb-1934
Courter, Mabel A., B. 23-Nov-1880, D. 5-Oct-1875, H. Clinton
Courter, Margaret, B. 8-Apr-1871, D. 6-Jul-1945, H. William F.
Courter, Mary J., B. 1854, D. 1880, H. William F.
Courter, Minnie V., B. 1921, D. 1921, D/O Walter
Courter, Myrtle J. Adams, B. 1864, D. 1943, H. William F.
Courter, Sarah Bernice, B. 10-May-1903, D. 8-May-1905, D/O E.R.
Courter, Sarah E., B. 16-Oct-1848, D. 9-Jan-1929, H. Jacob
Courter, Sarah Viola, B. 7-Aug-1877, D. 26-May-1911, D/O Jacob
Courter, W. Lester, B. 22-Mar-1894, D. 22-Apr-1968, N. Mar. 7/19/1913
Courter, Walter J., B. 3-Jul-1882, D. 31-Jan-1962
Courter, William F., B. 18-Jul-1869, D. 20-Nov-1956
Courter, Wm. F., B. 1848, D. 1924, F/O Clinton
Cozine, Eleanor Smith, B. 16-Oct-1854, D. 18-Feb-1944, H. James A.
Cozine, Estella S., B. 21-Aug-1882, D. 3-Nov-1893, D/O James A.
Cozine, Infant Son, B. 1-Apr-1880, D. 1-Apr-1880, P. James & Eleanor
Cozine, James A., B. 19-May-1848, D. 2-Mar-1890
Craig, Floy, B. 28-Mar-1886, D. 5-Aug-1887, D/O A.J.
Craig, Mary L., B. 2-Nov-1856, D. 23-Jul-1894, H. A.J.
Crawford, Sarah Mcintosh, B. 1876, D. 1903
Crites, Elias, B. 28-Mar-1842, D. 30-Dec-1923
Crouch, Carol J., B. 22-Apr-1933, H. Richard
Crouch, Richard, F., B. 26-Dec-1931, D. 9-Oct-1997, N. Mar. 2/2/1952
Culbreth, Thelma B. King, B. 1900, D. 1930
Cunningham, Florence, B. 18-Feb-1857, D. 2-Sept-1866, D/O John
Cunningham, John G., B. 4-Dec-1867, D. 13-Oct-1944
Cunningham, John, B. 28-Feb-1827, D. 23-Feb-1911
Cunningham, Laura A., B. 20-Aug-1870, D. 29-May-1960, H. John G.
Cunningham, Rebecca Jane, B. 13-May-1832, D. 10-Aug-1912, H. John
Cunningham, W. Briggs, B. 8-Jan-1897, D. 6-Dec-1936
Cusick, Alice Louise, B. 21-Sept-1946, D. 25-Sept-1946, D/O G & P Cusick
Cusick, Alice R., B. 1855, D. 1936, H. Hiram
Cusick, Bertine, B. 3-Sept-1902, D. 7-Oct-1975, H. Noble
Cusick, Clyde F., B. 25-Sept-1888, D. 20-Aug-1976, S/O George F.
Cusick, Clyde Herald, B. 1916, D. 1945, N. 345 Inf, 87 Div; Germany
Cusick, Estle Harris, B. 30-Apr-1895, D. 6-Jun-1968, H. Clyde F.
Cusick, Francis O., B. 20-Apr-1862, D. 28-Apr-1863, S/O H & Ar
Cusick, George F., B. 24-Nov-1863, D. 24-Dec-1946, S/O Mary J.
Cusick, George Robert, B. 16-Jan-1924, S/O Noble
Cusick, Hiram J., B. 1853, D. 1916
Cusick, J. Everette, B. 1886, D. 1935
Cusick, John William, B. 28-May-1858, D. 24-Feb-1879, S/O Rg & Mj
Cusick, Mary J., B. 30-Sept-1833, D. 1-May-1912, H. Robert George
Cusick, Nevada Courter, B. 11-Aug-1865, D. 9-May-1956, H. George F.
Cusick, Noble C., B. 10-Aug-1900, D. 12-Jul-1979
Cusick, Pearl Elizabeth, B. 26-Feb-1926, D. 8-Apr-2000, H. George
Cusick, Thomas Benton, B. 29-May-1855, D. 29-Nov-1855, S/O H & Ar
Daiber, Anna E., B. 19-Jan-1855, D. 9-Jun-1903, H. Traugott
Daiber, Traugott, B. 2-Nov-1850, D. 18-Jun-1919
Daniels, Carol Reed, B. 24-Dec-1920, H. Kenneth
Daniels, Kenneth G., B. 10-Nov-1920, D. 7-Aug-1996, N. Mar. 12/30/1939
Dardeen, Lura J., B. 14-Apr-1844, D. 27-Mar-1905, H. John A.
Dardeen, Mamie, B. 13-Oct-1895, D. 7-Nov-1900, D/O George & Bell
Davis, Charles E., B. 28-Mar-1855, D. 9-Aug-1932
Davis, Mary A., B. 8-Mar-1866, D. 14-Dec-1952, H. Charles E.
Deisher, Beulah I., B. 7-Jan-1913, D. 27-Dec-1984, H. Gilbert
Deisher, Earl F., B. 1897, D. 1976
Deisher, Estrella Loree, N. Five Months And 17 Days
Deisher, Gilbert J., B. 10-Oct-1911, D. 8-Apr-1993
Deisher, Myrtle, B. 1901, D. 1934, H. Earl F.
Deisher, Viola, B. 6-Jul-1908, D. 14-Jan-1964
Depriest, Delia Leeds, B. 10-Mar-1883, D. 6-Aug-1961
Deweese, Earl M., B. 1883, D. 1966
Deweese, Edith M., B. 1884, D. 1940, H. Earl M.
Deweese, Lucille J., B. 1905, D. 1951
Dewitt, Amanuel, B. 7-Apr-1869, D. 1-Sept- 1870, S/O F & Mf
Dewitt, Mary F., B. 8-Mar-1852, D. 23-Jan-1877, H. F.
Dewitt, Sarah, B. 26-Dec-1858, D. 2-Dec-1880, H. F.
Dicus, Charlene Clark, B. 7-Sept-1943, D. 11-Feb-1996, H. Jerry
Dicus, David Lee, B. 13-May-1930, D. 26-Jul-1951, S/O Ben
Dicus, E. Benjamin, B. 3-Sept-1883, D. 10-Apr-1965
Dicus, Grace A., B. 10-Jan-1895, D. 4-Nov-1978, H. William T.
Dicus, James Gilbert, B. 22-May-1907, D. 26-Jul-1951, S/O Ben; No Stone
Dicus, James M., B. 1863, D. 1934
Dicus, Jerry Allen, B. 8-Sept-1938
Dicus, John F., 1885, D. 1958
Dicus, Louisa J., B. 1858, D. 1925, H. James M.
Dicus, Sarah R., B. 25-Mar-1889, D. 26-Dec-1968, H. E. Benjamin
Dicus, Virginia A., B. 5-Feb-1914, D. 12-Jun-1975, D/O William T.
Dicus, William T., B. 13-Aug-1888, D. 13-Nov-1978
Dimmett, Cora E., B. 1877, D. 1904, D/O Eliza
Dimmett, Eliza E., B. 1850, D. 1912, N. Mother
Dimmett, Etta J., B. 1889, D. 1895, D/O Eliza
Dimmett, Wilburn L., B. 1871, D. 1895, S/O Eliza
Doane, Joseph R., B. 1895, D. 1953
Doane, May, B. 1893, D. 1966, H. Joseph
Doane, Wilma Faye, B. 10-Jun-1947, D. 10-Jun-1947, D/O Paul
Dorney, Anna Mae, B. 27-Jul-1929, H. Bernard
Dorney, Bernard F., B. 10-Nov-1924, D. 11-Oct-1988
Dorney, Fred J., B. 1882, D. 1934
Dorney, Gary David, B. 7-Nov-1950, D. 17-Nov-1997, S/O Bernard
Dorney, Inez, B. 1885, D. 1971, H. Fred J.
Dorney, Pamela Jo, B. 5-Mar-1954, H. Gary
Drennon, Charles, N. 1sgt Co. E. 63 Il Inf.
Drennon, Joseph, N. Co. A 62 Il Inf.
Earnest, Sharon N., B. 1-Jul-1892, D. 8-Dec-1892
Easterday, Archie R., B. 1909, D. 1930, S/O Thomas
Easterday, Mary, B. 1874, D. 1944, H. Thomas
Easterday, Sharon H., B. 17-May-1901, D. 13-Jan-1983, N. WWII
Easterday, Thomas, B. 1873, D. 1955
Eckiss, Pamela K., B. 4-Nov-1950, D. 25-Dec-1950
Eggebrecht, Charles Robert, B. 10-Nov-1920, D. 27-Dec-1981, N. Mar. 10/24/1941
Eggebrecht, Pearl I., B. 17-Dec-1921, H. Charles
Enlow, Anna O., B. 13-Feb-1903, D. 3-Oct-1971, W/O Della B.
Enlow, Della B., B. 19-Sept-1897, D. 5-Apr-1985, N. Mar. 8/17/1917
Enlow, Kenneth, B. 22-Aug-1944, D. 22-Aug-1944, S/O K & E Enlow
Enlow, Marshall E., B. 22-Jun-1919, D. 11-Apr-1937, S/O Della B.
Ernst, Carl L., B. 23-Aug-1911, D. 16-Jan-1960
Ernst, Cleora W., B. 1874, D. 1945, H. Francis
Ernst, Francis W., B. 1867, D. 1950
Ernst, William Sherman, B. 15-Dec-1893, D. 23-Nov-1919
Fairchild, Betty Lou, B. 15-Jun-1930, D. 2-Nov-1930, D/O H. & S.
Faith, Billy G., N. 23-Oct-1932, D. 21-Apr-1972, S/O Kenneth
Faith, Kenneth W., B. 18-Sept-1912, D. 18-Jun-1981
Faith, Mary A. Robers, B. 3-Jan-10-1936, H. Billy G.
Faith, Wanda Smith, B. 27-Jul-1910, D. 25-Oct-1979, H. Kenneth
Faith, William Harrison, B. 20-Sept-1877, D. 9-Sept-1960
Farley, Patrick, D. 1884
Field, William C., B. 7-Mar-1863, D. 10-Mar-1880, S/O J & Sa
Finch, Thomas, B. 12-Aug-1903, D. 3-Jul-1970
Foote, Frederic Lee, B. 14-May-1936, D. 16-Jan-1990, F/O Brian & Troy
Foote, Maralyn Sue Potts, B. 6-Aug-1938, H. Frederic
Forman, Charles E., B. 11-Oct-1882, D. 8-Dec-1977
Forman, Effie M., B. 24-Feb-1888, D. 7-Apr-1976, H. Charles
Forman, Marcia, J., B. 8-Oct-1910, D/O Charles
Fort Compton Monument, N. Erected 1810
Fowler, Dorothy, B. 2-Dec-1917, D. 12-Jan-1998, D/O Albert
Fowler, Minor H., B. 16-Mar-1890, D. 20-Feb-1958, N. Father
Fox, Addie, B. 1886, D. 1904, H. Everett
Fox, Ann Eliza, B. 18-Sept-1849, D. 11-Aug-1850, D/O J & S
Fox, Bonnie Adams, B. 1876, D. 1927, H. H.A. Fox
Fox, Dorothy D., B. 10-Jun-1909, H. John P.
Fox, Emily A., B. 1851, D. 1932, N. Sister Of Wm. Fox
Fox, H. A., B. 1876, D. 1959, N. Father Of Mj & Dd
Fox, H. Beryl, B. 1885, D. 1943
Fox, Infant Son, D. 1904, S/O Addie
Fox, James B., B. 9-Jan-1918, D. 9-Dec-1968, S/O Beryl Fox
Fox, John P., B. 11-Apr-1909, D. 20-May-1963, S/O Beryl Fox
Fox, Marian Jean, B. 9-Feb-1910, D. 10-Jun-1981, D/O H.A.
Fox, Minnie B., B. 1889, D. 1966, H. Beryl Fox
Fox, Wilma E., B. 16-Dec-1917, D. 28-Dec-1989, H. James B.
Frederick, Eleanor E., B. 7-Jul-1924, D. 17-Oct-1961, H. William
Frederick, William "Battle", B. 19-Jan-1919, D. 22-Jun-1996
Freshour, Lula Harrington, B. 1875, D. 1956
Fulton, Margaret J., D. 2-Mar-1867, H. Risley
Gaines, J. P. Jim, B. 10-Jan-1914, D. 26-Jun-1991
Gaines, Marjorie, B. 30-Dec-1918, H. J.P.
Gard, Addis, B. 1893, D. 1951, N. Schoolteacher
Gard, Berdella, B. 1868, D. 1950, H. James
Gard, Daughter, B. 26-Jan-1908, D. 14-Feb-1908, D/O James
Gard, Florence Litherland, B. 1895, D. 1970, H. Addis
Gard, Infant Son, B. 1918, D. 1918
Gard, Irene, B. 1928, D. 1935, D/O Earl
Gard, J. Earl, B. 16-Feb-1901, D. 8-Dec-1974
Gard, James Harvey, B. 1915, D. 1984, S/O Olaf
Gard, James, B. 1864, D. 1938
Gard, Lola E. Leek, B. 11-Feb-1903, D. 24-Jan-1968, H. J. Earl
Gard, Mattie B. Williamson, B. 1901, D. 1968, H. Ogle
Gard, Medora M. Robinson, B. 1892, D. 1984, H. Olaf
Gard, Ogle, B. 1891, D. 1972
Gard, Olaf E., B. 1889, D. 1942
Gard, Sarah E. Courter, B. 29-Nov-1895, D. 19-Jan-1919, H. Ogle
Gard, Son, B. 3-Feb-1895, D. 20-Nov-1897, S/O James
Gard, Wendell A., B. 20-May-1920, D. 1-Dec-1997, N. Army WWII
Gedvil, Alex, B. 24-Dec-1908, D. 2-Aug-1973
Gedvil, Maxine, B. 11-Nov-1911, H. Alex
Gher, Agnes C., B. 15-Oct-1910, D. 23-Nov-1975, H. Harry
Gher, Annie R., B. 25-Oct-1873, D. 29-Jul-1961, H. Asa A.
Gher, Arnold L., B. 5-Oct-1893, D. 25-Jul-1981
Gher, Asa A., B. 17-Mar-1870, D. 8-Jun-1953
Gher, Cora, B. 8-Nov-1896, D. 4-Apr-1989, H. Arnold
Gher, Dewey, B. 14-May-1898, D. 1-May-1914, S/O Aa & Ar
Gher, Harry K., B. 23-Sept-1906, D. 18-May-1989
Gher, Hilda Dunkel, B. 1-Apr-1917, D. 11-Dec-1997, H. Jess
Gher, Infant, N. Infant Of Aa & Ar
Gher, Jesse L., B. 22-Apr-1917
Gher, Laurene E., B. 31-Jan-1908, D. 29-Aug-1973, H. Walter
Gher, Leslie, B. 9-Jun-1901, D. 13-Apr-1964, S/O Aa & Ar
Gher, Nancy, B. 1869, D. 1870
Gher, Reginald O., B. 23-Dec-1895, D. 19-Sept-1982, S/O Asa
Gher, Walter A., B. 18-Oct-1912, D. 11-Apr-1983, S/O Asa
Gilbert. Bonnie Jeanne, B. 1938, D. 1939
Gilliatt, Beulah Price, B. 30-Apr-1881, D. 27-Apr-1959, H. Claude E.
Gilliatt, Claude E. (Md), B. 24-Jul-1878, D. 3-May-1962
Gillihan, Nonie Mae, B. 1935
Gillihan, Norma, B. 2-Jun-1930, H. Ray
Gillihan, Ray F., B. 21-Jun-1928, N. Mar. 5/28/1948
Gray, Frank Sylvester, B. 1855, D. 1941, N. Doctor
Gray, Frank, B. 27-Mar-1890, D. 24-Sept-1974, S/O Frank S.
Gray, Phyllis N., B. 4-Feb-1938, H. William
Gray, Rachel Belle, B. 1861, D. 1929, H. Frank S.
Gray, Ruth A., B. 21-Dec-1892, D. 14-Aug-1947, H. Frank
Gray, William, B. 29-Sept-1929, D. 27-Feb-1999, N. Mar. 11/11/1961
Grayson, Sophia J., B. 1817, D. 1889, H. John
Greemore, Amanda O., B. 8-Jul-1889, D. 20-Jul-1970, H. Chris
Greemore, August, B. 11-Aug-1883, D. 27-Jan-1978, N. Brother Of Chris
Greemore, Blanche, B. 5-Sept-1888, D. 29-Oct-1973, H. August
Greemore, Chris, B. 25-Dec-1890, D. 30-Nov-1986
Greemore, Frances, B. 1-Mar-1848, D. 12-Jan-1928, N. Mother Of Chris & Peter
Greemore, Maude, B. 16-Oct-1892, D. 9-Dec-1921, H. Peter
Greemore, Peter J. M., B. 20-Apr-1873, D. 29-Dec-1928, N. Brother Of Chris
Greemore, Walter Ray, B. 1912, D. 1939, S/O Amanda & Chris
Grounds, Bobby G., B. 9-May-1931, D. 17-Dec-1992
Grounds, D. Gay Clark, B. 23-Sept-1936, D. 29-Feb-1988, H. Jerry
Grounds, Jerry M., B. 13-May-1939, Mar. 7/26/1961
Grounds, Jo Ann Brinkley, B. 12-Aug-1931, H. Bob
Grounds, Joseph L., B. 23-Nov-1902, D. 18-Feb-1972
Grounds, Mary V., B. 10-May-1903, D. 17-Oct-1990, H. Joseph
Hadra, Mildred, B. 19-Feb-1926, D. 8-Jun-1987, H. Tony
Hadra, Tony, B. 16-Jan-1915, D. 15-Dec-1988
Hanshoe, Elizabeth M., B. 1881, D.1968, H. Oliver N.
Hanshoe, Oliver Jr., B. 1921, D. 1923, S/O Oliver N.
Hanshoe, Oliver N., B. 1888, D. 1968
Harkrader, Georgia R., B. 15-Dec-1900, D. 16-Aug-1932
Harness, Adam J., B. 18-Nov-1885, D. 25-Nov-1894, S/O H & D
Harness, Anna, B. 12-Jan-1862
Harness, Priscilla, B. 26-Jul-1828, D. 10-Jul-1908
Harrington, Ellen Wave, B. 7-Jul-1897, D. 6-Sept-1979, H. Walter
Harrington, Jasper E., B. 1865, D. 1914
Harrington, John F., B. 18-Oct-1838, D. 27-Jul-1921
Harrington, Johnnie N., B. 21-Sept-1873, D. 26-Oct-1873
Harrington, Luada, B. 1869, D. 1949, H. Jasper
Harrington, Maggie M., B. 14-Jul-1875, D. 16-Oct-1877, D/O Gj & N
Harrington, Mary E., B. 24-Apr-1843, D. 31-Jan-1898, H. John F.
Harrington, Walter H., B. 9-Feb-1891, D. 15-Apr-1954
Harris, James, S/O Thomas
Hatfield, Mabel Clark, B. 3-Apr-1903, D. 28-Oct-1986, H. William
Hatfield, William Ray, B. 16-Jul-1897, D. 18-Mar-1922
Hayes, Anna M. Price, B. 25-Oct-1884, D. 26-May-1954, H. Clinton
Hayes, Clinton L., B. 1-Aug-1882, D. 11-Jun-1974
Hayes, Cyril P., B. 27-Feb-1906, D. 7-Dec-1935, S/O Clinton
Hellyer, Ester E., B. 27-Dec-1903, D. 19-Feb-1975, H. Ross
Hellyer, James K., B. 25-Apr-1940, D. 24-Aug-1985, S/O Ross
Hellyer, Ross K., B. 28-Oct-1895, D. 1-Dec-1978, N. Minister
Hensley, George W., N. Co. F. 91 Il Inf
Hensley, Joseph Ogle, B. 12-Oct-1882, D. 3-May-1888, S/O John & Sarah
Hensley, Lily, B. 24-Oct-1884, D. 10-Jul-1888, D/O John & Sarah
Henson, Mary Esther Breen, B. 13-Mar-1928, H. Paul
Henson, Paul Samuel, B. 26-Sept-1923, D. 11-Mar-1990, N. Army WWII
Herron, Mildred, B. 6-Sept-1911, D. 16-Apr-1978
Higbee, Samuel F.
Higgins, Arminta, B. 29-Feb-1872, D. 17-Dec-1958, D/O W & S
Higgins, Betty D., B. 1927, D. 1947, D/O Elmer
Higgins, Elmer F., B. 1902, D. 1957
Higgins, Gilbert R., B. 1926, D. 1929, S/O Elmer
Higgins, Gladys F., B. 1903, D. 1950, H. Elmer
Higgins, Jennie L., B. 9-Aug-1873, D. 21-May-1900, H. Ransom
Higgins, Ransom, B. 11-Feb-1870, D. 2-Aug-1942
Higginson, Alice C., B. 6-Nov-1906, D. 8-Jan-1975, N. Mother Of Ethel
Hill, Alice C., B. 1850, D. 1925
Hill, Burnard S., B. 3-Apr-1865, D. 15-Mar-1866, S/O Gw & Lm
Hill, Elizabeth, B. 31-Jul-1830, D. 10-Jan-1873, H. Rb
Hill, Hurzilla I., B. 4-Feb-1855, D. 12-Oct-1859
Hill, Ira L., B. 8-Aug-1860, D. 22-Oct-1860, S/O Rb
Hill, Jasper W., B. 21-Jan-1870, D. 27-Jun-1872, S/O Rb
Hill, Joshua C., B. 13-Oct-1861, D. 9-Sept-1862, S/O Rb
Hill, R. B., B. 19-Mar-1830, D. 14-Apr-1904
Hipsher, Charles W. (Capt), B. 24-Jul-1918, D. 28-Nov-1950, N. Fighter 8th Af
Hipsher, Gertrude A., B. 16-Jan-1884, D. 27-Jan-1938, H. Leroy
Hipsher, Inez M., B. 6-Mar-1911, D. 10-Oct-1989, H. Willard
Hipsher, Jennie C., B. 23-Feb-1893, D. 19-Feb-1970, N. Leroy's 2nd Wife
Hipsher, Leroy, B. 17-Jun-1881, D. 14-May-1960
Hipsher, Margaret Jessica, B. 8-Sept-1934, D. 3-May-1936, D/O Willard
Hipsher, Willard L., B. 28-Nov-1907, D. 17-Oct-1970, S/O Leroy
Holcomb, Eva Marie Dicus, B. 26-May-1910, D. 21-Jun-1984 N. No Marker
Hollowell, Elizabeth E., B. 13-Dec-1859, D. 17-Apr-1909, H. Harvey S.
Hollowell, Eugenia, B. 1884, D. 1932
Hollowell, Harvey S., B. 7-Jan-1856, D. 20-May-1916
Hollowell, Infant
Hollowell, Robert W., B. 15-Jul-1892, D. 21-Nov-1894, S/O Harvey S
Hollowell, Robert, B. 1819, D. 24-Jun-1871
Hollowell, Sarah A., D. 13-Dec-1901, H. Robert
Holmes, Fred C., B. 22-Jan-1916, N. Pvt. 6 Inf
Holmes, Mary A. Williams, B. 14-Dec-1883, D. 23-Dec-1916
Holsen, Carrie, B. 1888, D. 1925
Holsen, Della, B. 1870, D. 1931, H. Wm. H., Sr.
Holsen, Edgar L., B. 1879, D. 1963
Holsen, Fred Jr., B. 23-Feb-1878, D. 25-Nov-1949
Holsen, Frederick Lewis, D. 24-Nov-1932, S/O Sharon
Holsen, Frederick, B. 11-Feb-1910, D. 12-Jul-1992, N. Sgt. WWII
Holsen, Harvey L., B. 1898, D. 17-Jul-1898, S/O Fred
Holsen, Infant Twin, D. 3-Feb-1937, N. Child Of Sharon
Holsen, James Harvey, B. 1918, D. 1919
Holsen, Josie Cisel, B. 12-Jul-1878, D. 13-Nov-1961, H. Fred, Jr.
Holsen, L. Sharon, B. 29-Mar-1904, D. 17-Jan-1987
Holsen, Marguerita, J., B. 28-Aug-1909, H. Frederick
Holsen, Mattie Smith, B. 1880, D. 1928, H. Edgar
Holsen, N. Stone
Holsen, Paul J., B. 3-Dec-1899, D. 23-Jan-1994, N. Pvt. Co. 308 Inf
Holsen, William H., Sr., B. 1865, D. 1932
Hood, Lucinda, B. 12-Jun-1829, D. 12-Jun-1863, H. James
Hortin, Anna K., B. 8-Jun-1897, D. 27-May-1987
Hosmer, Bonnie Lee, B. 7-May-1921, D. 3-Apr-1973, H. Clarence
Hosmer, Clarence W., B. 6-Sept-1920, D. 10-Nov-1989
Hosmer, Marilyn Sue, B. 5-Sept-1944, D. 5-Sept-1944, D/O Clarence
Houldson, Elizabeth I., B. 20-Apr-1856, D. 23-Sept-1872, D/O D & La
Houldson, Johsie J., B. 2-Jan-1875, D. 13-Aug-1883, S/O James & Alice
Houldson, Joseph M., B. 31-Dec-1861, D. 11-Mar-1867
Houldson, Lydia A., B. 1830, D. 1898
House, Charles R., B. 9-Feb-1920, D. 27-Dec-1969, N. Mar. 11/14/1942
House, June, B. 15-Aug-1927, H. Charles
Hughes, Mary, B. 27-Apr-1903, D. 1-Sept-1996, H. Maurice
Hughes, Maurice, B. 15-Jun-1901, D. 8-Jun-1960
Humes, Ethel, B. 15-Jun-1880, D. 21-Oct-1949, H. James
Humes, James Bert, B. 26-Sept-1904, D. 1-May-1985, Mar. 8/19/1935; S/O James
Humes, James, B. 31-Jan-1880, D. 6-Dec-1958, N. Mar. 5/13/1903
Humes, Jewell B. Mills, B. 1-Mar-1911, D. 4-Apr-1978, H. James B.
Humes, Ray Vern, B. 19-Jun-1915, D. 5-Feb-1917
Ireland, Edwin, B. 21-Dec-1903, D. 20-Mar-1971, Mar. 3/28/1936
Ireland, Emma, B. 9-Sept-1864, D. 10-Jun-1952, H. P. Sherman
Ireland, Florence, B. 16-Feb-1900, D. 30-Oct-1900, D/O Ps & E
Ireland, Grace, B. 27-Feb-1915, H. Edwin
Ireland, P. Sherman, B. 25-May-1866, D. 17-May-1938
Jensen, Mona M., B. 1915, D. 1965
Johnson, August, B. 1882, D. 1958
Johnson, Bonnie L., B. 22-Oct-1896, D. 23-Jun-1970, H. William Ogle
Johnson, Emma, B. 15-Feb-1888, D. 10-Sept-1890
Johnson, Florence Nadine, B. 27-Nov-1929, D. 30-Mar-1996
Johnson, Floyd, B. 6-Feb-1912
Johnson, Ganelle Clark, B. 2-Jul-1908, D. 8-Jan-1992, D/O J. Bye
Johnson, Gene, B. 4-Jan-1934, D. 1-Oct-1985, Mar. 8/27/1955
Johnson, Harriet, B. 12-Jan-1867, D. 14-Jul-1880
Johnson, Harrison, B. 5-Oct-1844, D. 29-Oct-1922
Johnson, Ida, B. 16-Dec-1871, D. 5-Nov-1878
Johnson, Infant Son, B. 5-Aug-1876, D. 5-Jan-1877
Johnson, Manerva, B. 1850, D. 1873
Johnson, Margaret, B. 31-Oct-1932, H. Gene
Johnson, Margaret, B. 7-May-1854, D. 6-Dec-1869
Johnson, Mary, A., B. 27-Aug-1850, D. 28-Oct-1876, H. J.F.
Johnson, Mcadam, B. 1900, D. 1957
Johnson, Nancy L., B. 30-Sept-1845, D. 6-Dec-1912
Johnson, Nellie, B. 21-Oct-1874, D. 3-Oct-1875
Johnson, Nora, B. 1871, D. 1958, H. August
Johnson, Rebecca, B. 25-Feb-1836, D. 17-May-1897, H. William, Sr.
Johnson, S., B. 1848, D. 1873
Johnson, Sarah L., B. 3-Feb-1862, D. 20-Mar-1941
Johnson, Sheri Walker, B. 1958, D. 17-Feb-1996, D/O Wayne
Johnson, Shirley Ann, B. 15-Jul-1939, D. 23-Jun-1945, D/O Floyd
Johnson, Thomas, B. 1869, D. 1925
Johnson, Waudeen Saltsgaver, B. 28-Jan-1909, D. 3-Feb-1971, H. Floyd
Johnson, William Ogle, B. 5-Aug-1895, D. 25-Dec-1976
Johnson, William R. Jr., B. 4-Jan-1863, D. 12-Apr-1896, S/O Wm., Sr.
Johnson, William Sr., B. 4-Aug-1831, D. 22-Feb-1882
Jones, Ada M., B. 29-Jun-1918, N. Mar. 9/30/1939
Jones, Alta Mcclain, B. 1867, D. 1900
Jones, Darwin I., B. 28-Jun-1916, D. 13-Aug-1998, N. Pfc. Us Army
Jordan, Beatta
Jordan, Bebecca, B. 22-Dec-1848, D. 8-Mar-1891, D/O William
Jordan, Caleb, B. 1795, D. 1830
Jordan, Caleb, B. 19-Nov-1838, D. 10-Dec-1838, S/O V & R
Jordan, Catharine, B. 10-May-1851, D. 19-Sept-1870, H. William W.
Jordan, Clara Agnes, B. 1862, D. 1950
Jordan, Clara F., B. 1860, D. 1860
Jordan, Dorothy J., B. 1901, N. Teacher
Jordan, Edwin J., B. 1827, D. 1891
Jordan, Elizabeth, B. 1834, D. 1861
Jordan, Emmaretta, B. 1864, D. 1884
Jordan, Infant Daughter, D. 18-Apr-1911, D/O Eli & Myrtle
Jordan, Infant, D. 1879
Jordan, Jno A., N. Lieut. 63 Il Inf
Jordan, Joseph, H., B. 9-Aug-1875, D. 27-Jan-1954, N. Father Of Dorothy
Jordan, Joshua, N. Co.I, 66th Il Inf
Jordan, Lee Roy, B. 1884, D. 1973
Jordan, Lorana, B. 11-Dec-1823, D. 23-Dec-1826, D/O Varnel & Rebecca
Jordan, Martha J., B. 1839, D. 1924
Jordan, Mary M., B. 1852, D. 1853
Jordan, Robert W., B. 21-Jun-1857, D. 1-Oct-1889
Jordan, Sarah S., B. 1870, D. 1897
Jordan, Stella E., B. 10-Apr-1884, D. 18-Aug-1963, H. Joseph
Jordan, Zorah, B. 1884, D. 1898
Keeling, Marshall C., B. 1863, D. 1935
Keeling, Mary, B. 1870, D. 1954, H. Marshal
Keen, Dennis, B. 25-Dec-1798, D. 9-Oct-1854
Keen, Edna E.,
Keen, Edward D., B. 28-Aug-1885, D. 3-Nov-1886, S/O Silvanus
Keen, George, B. 30-Oct-1889, D. 18-Dec-1889, S/O Silvanus
Keen, Harriet S., B. 1857, D. 1912, H. Silvanus
Keen, Lizzie M., B. 28-Apr-1865, D. 22-May-1869, D/O Peter
Keen, Lucia R., B. 5-Oct-1862, D. 10-Dec-1863, D/O Peter
Keen, Margaret F., B. 17-May-1809, D. 5-Mar-1893, H. Dennis
Keen, Nancy A., B. 25-Jun-1829, D. 29-Sept-1830, D/O D & M
Keen, Peter, B. 19-May-1841, D. 22-Mar-1869
Keen, Silvanus, B. 1854, D. 1935
Keen, Simeon, D. 18-Jan-1882, S/O Silvanus
Kelsey, Clarence C., B. 1909, D. 1973, M. 3/8/1930
Kelsey, Curtis Lee, B. 12-Jun-1952, D. 16-Jun-1952, S/O Clarence
Kelsey, Genevieve Smith, B. 1913, D. 1990, H. Clarence
Keneipp, Cecil, B. 19-May-1902, D. 1-Nov-1988, F/O Jack
Keneipp, Claranell S., B. 9-Nov-1945, D. 10-Jan-1996, H. Ollie
Keneipp, Forrest, B. 10-Jan-1904, D. 5-Nov-1984, S/O Franklin
Keneipp, Franklin B., B. 1868, D. 1936
Keneipp, Myrtle M., B. 1883, D. 1933, H. Franklin
Keneipp, Ollie J., B. 3-Mar-1913, Mar. 8/31/1935
Kennard, Mabel Harrington, B. 1884, D. 1957
Kepley, Glenn E., B. 20-Jul-1911, D. 30-Dec-1994, S/O Urban
Kepley, Stella M., B. 16-Oct-1885, D. 2-Jan-1973, H. Urban
Kepley, Urban E., B. 31-Oct-1887, D. 5-May-1971, Mar. 5/19/1908
Kern, Fred H., B. 8-Aug-1889, D. 26-Jun-1957
Kern, Sophia E., B. 29-Nov-1892, D. 1-Mar-1936, H. Fred
Keyser, Octavia, B. 22-Oct-1860, D. 8-Jan-1951, H. Joseph
Kibler, Michael Dean, B. 6-Nov-1957, D. 25-Jun-1981
Kieffer, Bessie, B. 2-Mar-1918, D. 9-Mar-1989
Kilm, Myrty, B. 29-Sept-1883, D. 16-Aug-1884, D/O Jm & J
King, Allen J., B. 12-Apr-1860, D. 10-Sept-1903
King, Charles M., B. 2-Dec-1866, D. 25-Jul-1912
King, Clyde, B. 1893, D. 1970
King, Emmal, B. 6-Apr-1868, D. 4-Jan-1944
King, George A., B. 11-Nov-1862, D. 5-Feb-1944
King, Mary J., B. 2-Feb-1868, D. 15-Sept-1930, D/O Lucy Courter
King, Mattie J., B. 18-Jun-1859, H. Allen
King, Mina, B. 1891, D. 1961, H. Clyde
King, Sadie E., B. 12-Jan-1873, D. 17-Apr-1957, H. Charles M.
Kleinschmidt, Ada Frances, B. 18-Sept-1914, H. Bernard
Kleinschmidt, Bernard, B. 22-Mar-1914, D. 3-Aug-1994, N. Army WWII
Kogan, Austin, B. 1863, D. 1915
Kogan, Byron J., B. 1895, D. 1931, S/O Michael
Kogan, Inda, B. 1855, D. 1935
Kogan, Infant, D. 28-Dec-1893, S/O Michael
Kogan, James, B. 1811, D. 1886
Kogan, John, B. 1853, D. 1920
Kogan, Katherine Mccarrell, B. 1870, D. 1933, H. Michael
Kogan, Michael, B. 1865, D. 1940
Kogan, Sena, B. 1828, D. 1912
Kogan, Viola, B. 9-Jan-1869, D. 3-May-1895, H. Jn Kogan
Konen, Lovila, B. 19-Jun-1854, D. 29-Nov-1893, H. J.A.
Lackey, Gilbert W., B. 1907, D. 1935
Langford, Amanda M., B. 12-Dec-1875, H. Arthur S.
Langford, Arthur S., B. 24-Jan-1875, D. 19-Apr-1947
Langford, Minnie E., B. 22-Mar-1889, D. 17-Feb-1890, D/O Ja & Ml
Langford, Rosco S., D. 24-Feb-1932, N. Pvt. 159 Depot Brig
Lanman, Cliford, B. 22-Jun-1914, D. 9-Dec-1995
Lanman, Fern, B. 1913, H. Cliford
Leathers, Laura Mae, B. 1874, D. 1950
Leathers, Margaruite, B. 1916, D. 22-Apr-1999
Leeds, Baby Daughter, D/O Dr. Leeds N. Four Months Old
Leeds, Bayard P., B. 2-Feb-1894, D. 1-Apr-1957
Leeds, Bertalene, B. 19-Jan-1914, H. Bayard P.
Leeds, Eva L. Smith, B. 29-Feb-1867, D. 10-Mar-1894, D/O Lw; Jw Price
Leeds, Infant Son, B. 2-Dec-1892, D. 10-Dec-1892, S/O Lyman
Leeds, Lyman, B. 14-Oct-1863, D. 22-Sept-1903
Leek, Francis M., B. 20-Jan-1845, D. 9-Feb-1929
Leek, Margaret, B. 17-Apr-1811, D. 17-Jan-1895, H. Robert
Leek, Robert H., B. 18-May-1809, D. 11-Jan-1877
Leek, Sarah A., B. 10-Jan-1832, D. 19-Jan-1918
Leighty, H. H., B. 1861, D. 1942
Leighty, Joe Allen, B. 17-Nov-1924, D. 20-May-1977, N. Pfc. Marine WWII
Leighty, Mack, B. 19-Oct-1886, D. 26-Apr-1977
Leighty, Mary E., B. 13-Jan-1892, D. 17-Mar-1969, H. Mack
Leighty, Max Jr., B. 1922, D. 1932, S/O Mack
Leighty, Richard E., B. 1910, D. 1923, S/O Mack
Leighty, Sarah E., B. 1865, D. 1933, H. H.H.
Lewis, A. Josephine, B. 29-Sept-1898, D. 12-Feb-1969, H. Mitchell
Lewis, Mitchell, B. 14-Sept-1894, D. 9-Dec-1982, Mar. 9/1/1920
Liddle, John S., B. 1858, D. 1940
Liddle, Lenora Fox, 1862, D. 1933, H. John S.
Litherland, Blanche, B. 21-Feb-1897, D. 10-Jun-1956, H. Zance K.
Litherland, Cathy Beth, 24-Jan-1959, 23-Dec-1981, D/O Joseph
Litherland, Cecil, B. 1888, D. 1888, D/O Wm. F. & Mary
Litherland, Elizabeth Ann, B. 17-May-1938, H. J.R.
Litherland, Ethel W., B. 1901, D. 1986, H. J. Levi
Litherland, George, B. 5-Apr-1846, D. 16-Feb-1895
Litherland, Harry S., B. 1884, D. 1891, S/O Wm.F. & Mary
Litherland, J. Levi, B. 1900, D. 1952
Litherland, Joseph R., B. 24-May-1929, D. 12-Aug-1983, S/O J. Levi; Korea
Litherland, Levi Jr., B. 7-May-1936, D. 31-Oct-1997, Mar. 12/15/1957
Litherland, Mary C., B. 1854, D. 1931, N. Grandmother
Litherland, Mary U., B. 1860, D. 1929, H. Wm. F.
Litherland, Olive Louise, B. 1867, D. 1965, H. Webb D.
Litherland, Orval F., B. 14-Oct-1938, N. 35 Inf. 18 Div
Litherland, Rose Marie, B. 27-Jan-1931, H. Joseph
Litherland, Webb D., B. 1862, D. 1925
Litherland, William F., B. 1859, D. 1905
Litherland, Zance K., B. 18-Oct-1890, D. 12-Jan-1951
Loague, Infant Son, B. 10-Feb-1935, D. 10-Feb-1935, S/O Clifton
Loeffler, Jackie Lee, B. 12-Jul-1941, D. 11-Nov-1992, S/O John; Major
Loeffler, Jo Karen, B. 6-Feb-1940, H. Keith, Mar. 6/26/1959
Loeffler, John L., B. 9-Aug-1911, D. 11-Mar-1979, N. Brother Of Dayton
Loeffler, Keith R., B. 26-Sept-1938, D. 18-Dec-1998, S/O Dayton
Loeffler, Waive, B. 13-Jul-1918, H. John
Lopez, Maria, B. 26-Jun-1909, H. P. Holsen
Marcotte, Adelard J., B. 1872, D. 1957
Marcotte, Coenet E., B. 1918, H. John N.
Marcotte, John N., B. 1917, D. 1985, S/O Adelard
Marcotte, Nora K., B. 1887, D. 1972, H. Adelard
Marrox, James Arnold, B. 13-Nov-1942, D. 28-Jun-1947, S/O Geneva Cogan
Martin, Ferne M., B. 7-Mar-1896, D. 5-Jun-1986, H. Glenn
Martin, Glenn, B. 1-May-1892, D. 5-Jul-1981
Martin, Relfia, B. 1851, D. 1925, N. Mother
Martin, Robert, N. Co. G 143 In Inf
Mccallep, Clarence, B. 30-Jun-1884, D. 24-Spet-1899, S/O Wn & Me
Mccallep, Sarah, B. 25-Jun-1893, D. 14-Aug-1893, D/O Wn & Me
Mccarrell, Amanda, B. 3-Dec-1879, D. 4-Oct-1894, D/O John
Mccarrell, David (Corpl), N. Co.E 18 Ind. Inf.
Mccarrell, Fred Douglas, B. 1867, D. 1949, Mar. 11/23/1893
Mccarrell, Harriet, B. 1848, D. 1924, N. Hershey
Mccarrell, Janettia Jane, B. 28-Aug-1866, D. 28-Jan-1954, H. Fred D.
Mccarrell, Nettie, B. 1866, D. 1954
Mcclain, Anna Sparks, B. 1888, D. 1969, H. James H.
Mcclain, Gilbert Lafayette, B. 2-Feb-1836, D. 23-May-1855
Mcclain, James Herbert, B. 1880, D. 1947
Mcclain, Lucille A., B. 1909, D. 1932, D/O James H.
Mcclain, Margaret, B. 3-Jan-1805, D. 2-May-1880, H. William
Mcclain, Marian Danelle, B. 22-Jan-1964, D. 11-Sept-1970
Mcclain, Marian J., B. 2-Jul-1917, D. 30-Oct-1982, H. Thomas
Mcclain, Mary E., B. 1908, D. 1934, H. Theodore
Mcclain, Maye, B. 7-Jun-1882, D. 28-Dec-1976, H. V. Clyde
Mcclain, Melba V., B. 1933, D. 1944, D/O Theodore
Mcclain, R. J.,
Mcclain, Sarah J., B. 1873, D. 1959, H. William J.
Mcclain, Theodore, B. 1896, D. 1964
Mcclain, Thomas Ed, B. 10-Oct-1910, D. 16-Jun-1993
Mcclain, V. Clyde, B. 2-Aug-1877, D. 15-Sept-1960
Mcclain, Victor R., B. 16-Dec-1908, D. 31-Aug-1944
Mcclain, William J., B. 1869, D. 1915
Mcclain, William, B. 17-May-1804, D. 20-Apr-1876
Mcdonald, George E., B. 1895, D. 1984, N. Veteran WWI
Mcdonald, Mary Ella, B. 1899, D. 1987, H. George; Mar. 2/23/1921
Mcfarland, Byrel F., B. 12-Aug-1906, D. 1-Jul-1984, Mar. 5/4/1929
Mcfarland, C. Oscar, B. 31-Dec-1888, D. 27-Jun-1969
Mcfarland, Mabel I., B. 20-Apr-1898, D. 4-Nov-1983, H. Oscar
Mcfarland, Mabel K. Phelps, B. 6-Jul-1908, D. 1-Jul-1996, H. Byrel
Mcfarland, Mary E., B. 26-Jun-1857, D. 3-Nov-1924
Mcfarland, Ogle A., B. 21-Jan-1877, D. 5-Apr-1880
Mcintosh, Ada May, B. 1-Nov-1864, D. 25-Sept-1865, D/O Aj & Sarah
Mcintosh, Andrew J., B. 1834, D. 1908, S/O Samuel
Mcintosh, Elenor Mathews, B. 11-Sept-1799, D. 28-Dec-1876, H. Samuel
Mcintosh, Elhanan W., B. 29-Aug-1831, D. 27-Aug-1858
Mcintosh, Elhanan, B. 29-Oct-1858, D. 29-Sept-1860
Mcintosh, Hester Holsen, B. 19-Nov-1885, D. 20-Nov-1974, H. John
Mcintosh, Jane, B. 1844, D. 1908, H. Andrew
Mcintosh, John Jackson, B. 9-Aug-1910, D. 13-May-1971
Mcintosh, John Jerome, B. 2-Jul-1881, D. 27-Jan-1961
Mcintosh, John L., B. 4-Mar-1849, D. 4-May-1861, S/O William
Mcintosh, Margaret Helen, B. 29-Apr-1913, H. John Jackson
Mcintosh, Mary J., B. 27-Aug-1838, D. 6-Mar-1866
Mcintosh, Nancy L., B. 27-Aug-1836, D. 30-Apr-1867
Mcintosh, Nancy M. Lain, B. 5-May-1822, D. 18-Jun-1859, H. William
Mcintosh, Nancy, B. 25-Aug-1824, D. 1-Nov-1826, D/O S & E
Mcintosh, Pauline, B. 5-Apr-1884, D. 19-Jul-1884, D/O Andrew
Mcintosh, Samuel, B. 25-Dec-1791, D. 16-Jun-1879, Mar. 7/22/1821
Mcintosh, Sarah I., B. 4-Mar-1850, D. 4-May-1854, D/O William
Mcintosh, Sarah J., B. 17-Feb-1865, D. 27-Apr-1867, D/O Bf & Mj
Mcintosh, Sarah, B. 1842, D. 1876
Mcintosh, William, D. 29-Jul-1852
Mcmillen, Charles E., B. 20-Sept-1914, D. 6-Oct-1970, S/O Ordesa & Joshua
Mcmillen, Doris F., B. 20-Apr-1920, D. 20-Oct-1988, H. C.E.; Mar. 1/27/1943
Mcmillen, Estes M., B. 1849, D. 1912
Mcmillen, Grace, B. 17-Jul-1886, D. 7-Jan-1907
Mcmillen, Guy, B. 1888, D. 1939
Mcmillen, Inez, B. 1893, D. 1973, H. Guy
Mcmillen, Joshua J., B. 27-Jul-1881, D. 27-Dec-1935
Mcmillen, Lee Edwin, B. 1916, D. 1928, S/O Joshua
Mcmillen, Mary Ordesa, B. 6-Apr-1884, D. 25-Jan-1967, H. Joshua
Mcmillen, Ray James, B. 10-Dec-1917, D. 18-Sept-1948, N. Killed WWII, Plane
Mcmillen, Sarah E., B. 4-Oct-1852, D. 1-Oct-1925, H. Estes M.
Mcmillen, Sarah S., B. 1919, D. 1925, D/O Joshua
Meyers, Isabel Smith, B. 1862, D. 1954
Michels, Martha W., B. 1846, D. 1881
Miller, Hyatt, B. 10-Feb-1877, D. 15-Aug-1892, S/O Mh & L
Miller, Lisa Kay, B. 11-Sept-1963, D. 9-Sept-1999, H. Bill
Mills, Edward M., B. 21-May-1872, D. 1-Aug-1947
Mills, Grace I., B. 23-Feb-1890, D. 29-Sept-1973, H. Edward
Mills, Hillory, N. Co. G. 152 Il Inf
Mills, Jesse C., B. 17-Sept-1909, D. 17-Oct-1985, S/O Edward; WWII
Mills, Mary, B. 1904, D. 1977, H. Jesse
Mills, Rebecca Lynn, B. 3-Sept-1966, D. 4-Sept-1966, D/O Ed & Linda
Minor, Aron Wells, B. 14-Feb-1848, D. 12-Oct-1858, S/O R & Ha
Moody, Ada M., B. 10-May-1886, D. 11-Apr-1887, D/O E & H
Moody, Pearley M., B. 24-Jun-1885, D. 31-May-1886, D/O E & H
Moore, Cora B., B. 10-Aug-1875, D. 14-Jul-1945, H. Jeff
Moore, Golda M., B. 31-Jan-1916, D. 5-Jun-1941, D/O Jeff
Moore, J. W.
Moore, Jeff, B. 25-Sept-1869, D. 20-Jan-1954
Moore, Wife Of J. W., B. 1859, D. 1928
Morgan, Albert E., B. 1892, D. 1948
Morgan, Calvin Douglas, B. 1913, D. 1977, S/O Albert
Morgan, Eva E., B. 1892, D. 1979, H. Albert E.
Morgan, Infant Son, B. 1915, D. 1915, S/O Albert
Motsinger, Mary A., B. 6-Feb-1837, D. 17-May-1876, H. William; D/O Mosis Long
Mullinax, Edith Cozine, B. 26-Sept-1885, D. 25-Apr-1963, H. George H.
Mullinax, George H., B. 7-Dec-1886, D. 15-Oct-1973
Mullinax, Lyman E., B. 1-Mar-1870, D. 20-Sept-1946
Mullinax, Margaret Rosa, B. 11-Sept-1872, D. 27-Dec-1963, H. Lyman
Mundy, Elizabeth, B. 31-Dec-1860, D. 13-Aug-1883, H. James
Murphy, John Oscar, B. 1893, D. 1957
Murphy, Thelma Cogan, B. 1904, D. 1982, H. John
Musser, Lou Staley, B. 1862, D. 1942, N. Mother
Myers, William C., B. 1882, D. 1953
Nanney, Verna Wyaneda, B. 7-Sept-1907, D. 8-Nov-1987
Naylor, Glen, B. 1888, D. 1918
Naylor, John N., B. 1890, D. 1976, N. 1lt. WWI, Army
Neaveill, Amy Lynn, D. 1981
Newman, Elizabeth, B. 14-May-1826, H. N. F.
Newman, Grace E., B. 19-Aug-1890, D. 21-Jul-1891
Newman, N. F., B. 15-Mar-1813, D. 9-Apr-1888
Newman, Nellie, B. 5-Sept-1869, D. 28-Apr-1892
Nunley, Elmira J., B. 7-Jan-1850, D. 28-Nov-1872, H. F.F.
Oliver, Ambris, B. 27-Feb-1925, D. 21-Mar-1997, S/O Milton
Oliver, C. Milton, B. 20-Dec-1902, D. 2-Sept-1969, Father Of Ambries
Oliver, Darryl S., B. 2-Sept-1951, D. 2-Sept-1951, S/O Ambries & Lura
Oliver, Marie, B. 23-Sept-1900, D. 17-Oct-1979, H. C. Milton
Osmon, Bernice K., B. 12-Sept-1925, H. Rollie Jr.
Osmon, Elinore Elaine, B. 9-Nov-1953, H. Wesley
Osmon, Estle, B. 30-Jul-1903, D. 30-Oct-1991, H. Rollie Sr.
Osmon, Evah Gladys, B. 6-Feb-1904, D. 13-Apr-1999, H. Thomas
Osmon, Harvey L., B. 5-Jan-1926, D. 3-Feb-1945, Killed In Germany
Osmon, Peggy Jo, B. 23-Dec-1946, D. 23-Dec-1946, D/O Rollie Jr.
Osmon, Rollie Jr., B. 26-Aug-1924, D. 12-Oct-1986, N. WWII
Osmon, Rollie, B. 12-Oct-1895, D. 27-Feb-1981, N. WWI
Osmon, Ronald Wayne, B. 24-Jan-1952, D. 29-Sept-1971, N. Vietnam Vet.
Osmon, Sharon, B. 1900, D. 1983, W. Uldeen
Osmon, Shirley M., D. 1966
Osmon, Thomas W., B. 10-Aug-1903, D. 6-Sept-1982
Osmon, Uldeen Saltsgaver, B. 1909, D. 1963, N. Sister Of Waudeen
Osmon, Wesley, B. 22-Jun-1950, D. 3-Oct-1992, Mar. 1/10/1970
Paulin, Inez, B. 21-Jan-1900, D. 21-Aug-1977, H. Otis
Paulin, John, B. 2-Jul-1860, D. 4-Oct-1944, N. Brother Of Martin
Paulin, Libbie, B. 23-Mar-1893, D. 23-Dec-1976, N. Sister Of Otis
Paulin, Martin W., B. 1853, D. 1941, N. Father
Paulin, Minnie O., B. 1-Oct-1888, D. 7-Jun-1972, N. Sister Of Otis
Paulin, Otis, B. 14-Dec-1896, D. 27-May-1972
Payne, Beulah, D/O Guary & Leah
Payne, Clinton, B. 8-Jun-1880, D. 18-Jan-1966, Mar. 6/21/1905
Payne, Ethel, B. 10-Feb-1893, D. 1-Feb-1945, H. William
Payne, Fannie E., B. 12-Apr-1882, D. 24-Feb-1973, H. Clinton
Payne, Florence Mae, B. 1893, D. 1952, H. Thomas
Payne, Guary M., B. 1873, D. 1931
Payne, Harriet, B. 16-Feb-1846, D. 27-Apr-1906, H. James
Payne, Infant, N. Infant Of Guary & Leah
Payne, James Bernard, B. 9-Apr-1895, D. 3-Dec-1970
Payne, James, B. 27-Feb-1840, D. 6-Mar-1923
Payne, Kenneth L., B. 9-Jan-1898, D. 30-Jan-1986, N. Marine, WWI; Af, WWII
Payne, Leah A., B. 1873, D. 1953, H. Guary
Payne, Myron B., B. 12-Jan-1910, D. 25-Apr-1986, Mar. 4/4/1934
Payne, Randal W., B. 23-Sept-1904, D. 8-Feb-1981, N. Brother Of Kenneth
Payne, Rose L., B. 2-Sept-1908, D. 19-Apr-1994, H. Myron
Payne, Sarah Reel, B. 16-Jan-1892, D. 19-Sept-1968, H. James
Payne, Thomas J., B. 1873, D. 1941
Payne, William G., B. 22-Oct-1885, D. 20-Mar-1951
Peach, Mary E., B. 9-Mar-1868, D. 3-Oct-1953, H. Nathaniel
Peach, Nathaniel, B. 4-Apr-1866, D. 13-Mar-1953
Peachee, Hiram S., B. 25-Mar-1858, D. 10-Sept-1889
Peachee, James, B. 17-Jun-1820, D. 30-Oct-1907
Peachee, Martha A., B. 26-Mar-1824, D. 21-Jul-1904, H. James
Pemberton, Franklin Ambrose, B. 5-Jun-1880, D. 31-Jan-1915
Pemberton, Mary Ellen, B. 18-Mar-1905, D. 20-Sept-1907
Pemberton, Nora Melinda, B. 6-Oct-1907, D. 21-Apr-1933
Pickering, Eliza H., B. 6-Feb-1854, H. Norman
Pickering, Harriet M., B. 23-Mar-1861, D. 10-Sept-1911, H. Norman
Pickering, John F., B. 12-Jun-1946, D. 12-Jun-1946, S/O John F.
Pickering, John F., B. 1910, D. 1990
Pickering, John M., B. 1840, D. 1920
Pickering, Mary Carolyn, B. 1869, D. 1943
Pickering, Norman A., B. 8-Jun-1860
Pickering, Thelma, B. 1909, D. 1991, H. John F.
Pitman, John C., B. 1-Nov-1846, D. 27-Jan-1879, S/O William
Pitman, Sarah Crosson, B. 29-Nov-1812, D. 30-Oct-1876, H. William
Pitman, William, B. 1-Dec-1808, D. 8-Dec-1875
Polk, Herbert L., B. 22-Aug-1926, D. 18-Sept-1948, N. WWII
Polk, Mary Lou, B. 30-Dec-1927, H. Herbert L.
Pope, Andrew M., B. 14-Feb-1884, D. 18-May-1955
Pope, Claude M., B. 1-Jun-1916, D. 20-Feb-1972, S/O Andrew & Lettie
Pope, Lettie F., B. 9-Mar-1884, D. 27-Sept-1946, H. Andrew M.
Potts, Abram, B. 24-Apr-1807, D. 13-Feb-1838
Potts, Allene, B. 5-Jun-1932, D. 8-May-1984, H. Robert G.
Potts, Amanda M., B. 28-Oct-1868, D. 2-Sept-1895
Potts, Blanche, 26-Mar-1895, D. 26-Mar-1982, H. Ernest
Potts, Charles Everett, B. 1890, D. 1919
Potts, Charles W., B. 1914, D. 1931, S/O Ernest
Potts, Donald Evan, B. 3-Nov-1929, D. 3-Nov-1929, S/O Joseph
Potts, Edgar, B. 1887, D. 1974
Potts, Eliza Bell, B. 1888, D. 1978, H. Edgar
Potts, Eliza Jane, B. 25-Dec-1847, D. 9-Feb-1926, H. Ethan Allen
Potts, Emaline, B. 23-Aug-1845, D. 20-Apr-1884
Potts, Ernest Manley, B. 19-Dec-1894, D. 30-Jun-1979, Mar. 4/8/1913
Potts, Ethan Allen, B. 9-May-1843, D. 1-Aug-1915
Potts, Herbert W., B. 1889, D. 1966, Brother Of Joseph
Potts, Joeandy, S/O Joseph; 9 Months, 23 Days
Potts, Larry, B. 1934, D. 1995, Mar. 8/28/1953
Potts, Mary F., B. 1925, D. 1928, D/O Herbert
Potts, Mary J., B. 28-Oct-1861, D. 22-Feb-1899
Potts, Robert Allen, B. 15-Jan-1957, D. 4-Jul-1976, S/O Larry
Potts, Robert G., B. 30-Jul-1925
Potts, Sarah Margherita, B. 5-Jun-1907, D. 15-Feb-1991, H. Joseph
Potts, Shirley, B. 24-Jan-1938, H. Larry
Potts, Susie M. Trimble, B. 1894, D. 1990, H. Herbert
Potts, W. Joseph, B. 21-Apr-1905, D. 15-Sept-1956, Brother Of Herbert
Preston, Alice, B. 13-Oct-1876, D. 26-Nov-1876, D/O Ebenezer
Preston, Ebenezer S., B. 25-Jun-1843, D. 1-Jun-1921
Preston, Elizabeth, B. 1840, D. 1916, H. Joseph
Preston, Ella J. Bass, B. 1866, D. 1943, H. William M.
Preston, Evert, B. 21-Sept-1889, D. 23-Jul-1906, S/O Ebenezer
Preston, Franklin, B. 1844, D. 1866
Preston, Joseph, B. 1839, D. 1874
Preston, Lucy, B. 1869, D. 1876, D/O Joseph
Preston, Mary L., B. 1851, D. 1860
Preston, Nancy, B. 5-Jun-1848, D. 3-Jan-1936, H. Ebenezer
Preston, Urzilla, B. 29-Oct-1818, D. 1-Mar-1899, H. William P.
Preston, William M., B. 1864, D. 1931
Preston, Wm. P., B. 25-Jan-1815, D. 2-May-1901
Price, Addie J., B. 1863, D. 1863
Price, Anna, B. 1895, D. 1919
Price, Beatrice, B. 1908, D. 1988, H. Marshall
Price, Ben F., B. 1894, D. 1971, N. Postmaster
Price, Cora Bell Tracy, B. 1872, D. 1938, H. William
Price, David H. B. 1872, D. 1947, Father Of Marshall
Price, Emma B., B. 1871, D. 1900, D/O James W.
Price, Frank M., B. 2-Feb-1897, D. 10-Jan-1966, Mar. 5/2/1926
Price, Harvey A., B. 1860, D. 1922
Price, Ida E., B. 1872, D. 1936, H. Varnel
Price, Infant, B. 24-Jul-1859, D. 24-Jul-1859, S/O Jw & J
Price, James N., B. 1876, D. 1877
Price, James Tracy, B. 1895, D. 1958
Price, James W., B. 1830, D. 1912
Price, Jane, B. 1839, D. 1863
Price, Jesse Howard, B. 12-Dec-1874, D. 1-Jan-1941
Price, John C. Sr., B. 30-Jan-1824, D. 15-Aug-1897
Price, Laura M., B. 1865, D. 1927, H. Harvey A.
Price, Lucinda, B. 19-Feb-1828, D. 11-Jan-1895, H. John C.
Price, Lula H., B. 1877, D. 1953, H. David H.
Price, Margaret, B. 2-Aug-1845, D. 14-Jul-1932, H. William
Price, Marshall D., B. 3-Oct-1906, D. 18-Mar-1991
Price, Mary C. Mullinax, B. 1-Jan-1877, D. 5-Dec-1969, H. Jesse H.
Price, Merle C., B. 27-Jun-1921, D. 14-Aug-1979
Price, Noble E., B. 2-Aug-1925, N. WWII
Price, Nora Albietz, B. 8-May-1882, D. 7-Dec-1979, H. Sharon
Price, Rose M. Fox, B. 9-Sept-1903. D. 4-Nov-1978, H. Frank
Price, Sarah I., B. 1840, D. 1924, H. James
Price, Sarah, B. 1802, D. 1876, H. B.F.
Price, Sharon H., B. 7-Mar-1878, D. 22-Mar-1953
Price, Varnel H., B. 1867, D. 1965
Price, Virginia L., B. 9-Sept-1925, H. Noble
Price, William Mcclain, B. 1869, D. 1938
Price, William S., B. 18-Apr-1845, D. 2-Jan-1928, N. Co.F, 152 Il Inf
Price, Zora Mayo, B. 1897, D. 1919, H. Ben
Pritchard, Elen, B. 1865, D. 1916, H. V.C.
Pritchard, Martha T., B. 25-Oct-1861, D. 12-Aug-1916
Pritchard, V. C., B. 1864, D. 1937
Pritchett, Everett H., B. 1904, D. 1929
Pritchett, George C., B. 1877, D. 1965
Pritchett, Sarah C., B. 1879, D. 1967
Prout, Ethel Jane, B. 1899, D. 1926
Prout, J. Ray, B. 8-Feb-1891, D. 9-Oct-1953, N. Father Of Martha Wood
Prout, John, B. 4-Feb-1838, D. 29-Apr-1904
Prout, Joseph Alexander, B. 18-Jan-1869, D. 31-May-1945
Prout, Jude Lenora, B. 1872, D. 1950
Prout, Mary L., B. 8-Jul-1900, D. 30-Jun-1978, H. J. Ray
Prout, Mary, B. 25-Mar-1841, D. 4-May-1919, H. John
Quick, Chester, D. 9-Oct-1904
Quick, Emma C., B. 1-Nov-1864, D. 17-Jun-1937, H. William
Quick, Ethel A., B. 24-Sept-1889, D. 25-Jan-1890, D/O W & E
Quick, Ogle B., B. 22-Nov-1897, D. 29-May-1898, S/O W & E
Quick, William, B. 12-Dec-1864, D. 19-Oct-1924
Quillin, Ellen F., B. 1907, D. 1977, H. Paul
Quillin, Paul R., B. 1897, D. 1975
Ramsey, Amanda E., B. 26-Aug-1899, D. 28-Mar-1905, D/O William
Ramsey, Amanda L., B. 13-Aug-1879, D. 20-Mar-1885
Ramsey, Sarah E., B. 14-Apr-1849, D. 12-Apr-1894, H. William
Ramsey, William, B. 8-May-1845, D. 9-Aug-1881
Ravatt, Alice Staley, B. 13-Jan-1861, D. 27-Nov-1931
Ravatt, Daniel S., B. 16-Nov-1848, D. 6-May-1915
Ravatt, James K., B. 18-Feb-1844, D. 3-Nov-1926
Reck, Ada, B. 13-Apr-1860, D. 30-Mar-1904, H. George
Reck, Rollie E., B. 24-Jun-1888, D. 3-Sept-1900, S/O Gw & A
Reiber, Alice, B. 1880, D. 1930
Reiber, Amanda Isabelle, B. 27-Sept-1869, D. 20-Jun-1896, H. J. H.
Reiber, Andrew, B. 1842, D. 1929, N. Co. C. 115 Il Inf.
Reiber, Anna L., B. 1880, D. 1882
Reiber, Anna M., B. 1895, D. 1991, H. Daniel
Reiber, Catherine, B. 1847, D. 1928, H. Andrew
Reiber, Daniel P., B. 1884, D. 1959, N. Brother Of George
Reiber, Frederick E., B. 23-Jul-1874, D. 12-Mar-1954, N. No Marker
Reiber, George W., B. 11-Oct-1872, D. 18-Nov-1964, N. Father Of Nelson
Reiber, Halie Talley, B. 23-Jan-1891, D. 14-May-1914, N. No Marker
Reiber, Infant
Reiber, John Henry, B. 18-Oct-1869, D. 20-Sept-1951
Reiber, Maggie, B. 15-Apr-1901, D. 28-Dec-1984, H. George
Reiber, Thorkel R., B. 17-Jun-1896, D. 3-Jul-1896, S/O J.H.
Rentschler, Alberta
Rentschler, Bessie E., B. 22-Jul-1882, D. 20-Feb-1972, H. William
Rentschler, Cecile B., B. 19-Mar-1904, D. 4-Aug-1985
Rentschler, J. Michael, B. 1908, D. 1979
Rentschler, M. Eloise, B. 1909, D. 1980, H. Michael
Rentschler, Margaret A., B. 24-Nov-1850, D. 21-May-1928, H. Michael
Rentschler, Michael, B. 15-Sept-1848, D. 26-Apr-1914
Rentschler, William M., B. 31-Aug-1883, D. 22-May-1957
Rentschler, William M., B. 6-Apr-1928, D. 22-May-1998, N. Army, WWII
Rentschler, Zula A., B. 3-Oct-1887, D. 20-Sept-1900, D/O M & Ma
Rexroat, Floss Carroll, B. 7-Jun-1895, D. 2-Apr-1975
Rice, J. A., B. 11-Nov-1854, D. 15-Sept-1873
Rice, J. F., B. 5-Sept-1856, D. 3-Jun-1872
Rice, S. E., B. 24-Jan-1865, D. 12-Sept-1865
Rice, William, B. 3-Apr-1861, D. 8-Dec-1895
Ridgley, Infant Sons, S/O Jr & Marj
Rigg, Irene A., B. 18-Jul-1916, H. Wilbert
Rigg, Wilbert H., B. 13-Jel-1904, D. 14-May-1985, N. Father Of Ken
Riordan, Martha Alice, B. 1921, D. 1994
Riordan, William G., B. 11-Nov-1916, D. 5-Nov-1996, N. WWII, Army
Ritter, Ethel, B. 25-May-1903, D. 30-May-1994
Robinson, Clifton F., B. 11-Sept-1901, D. 22-Aug-1979, N. Fremont
Robinson, Harriet E., B. 25-Aug-1886, D. 22-Aug-1968, H. James C.
Robinson, Harvey N., D. 25-Jan-1894, S/O Harvey; One Month, 17 Days
Robinson, Harvey, B. 1852, D. 1933
Robinson, Infant, N. Infant Of John
Robinson, James C., B. 21-Oct-1880, D. 22-Aug-1966, N. Father Of Conrad
Robinson, John W., D. 17-Jul-1884, N. One Year, 10 Months
Robinson, John, B. 1894, D. 1953
Robinson, Leo C., B. 9-Dec-1915, D. 2-Jun-1993, S/O John; WWII
Robinson, Lyman B., B. 13-Sept-1899, D. 6-Feb-1989, N. Brother Of Clifton
Robinson, Mae, B. 1893, D. 1948, H. John
Robinson, Mary E., B. 1862, D. 1940, H. Harvey
Robinson, N. Jean, B. 14-Oct-1921, D. 15-Apr-1988, H. Leo C.
Rodgers, Dorothy, B. 7-Oct-1913, D. 27-Oct-1996, H. Eugene
Rodgers, Thomas Eugene, B. 6-Oct-1913, D. 11-Feb-1981, WWII; Undertaker
Rosenberg, Bruce, B. 1863, D. 1921
Rosenberg, Louise A., B. 1862, D. 1943, H. Bruce
Rosenberg, Martha A., B. 6-Feb-1827, D. 9-Oct-1887, H. John E.
Rosenberg, Minnie May, B. 12-Oct-1890, D. 27-Sept-1891, D/O B & L
Sachs, Dorothy Mae, B. 14-Apr-1930, H. Gene; Mar. 11/21/1968
Sachs, Eugene, B. 2-Aug-1920, D. 8-Aug-1990, N. WWII
Saltsgaver, Alfred J., B. 1870, D. 1937
Saltsgaver, Arinda Jane, B. 1877, D. 1898
Saltsgaver, Bobbie Joe, B. 15-Jan-1927, D. 11-Apr-1999
Saltsgaver, Byrel R., B. 1907, D. 1979, N. Army
Saltsgaver, Casper David, B. 1875, D. 1889
Saltsgaver, Cora E., B. 23-Aug-1882, D. 22-Jun-1947, H. Lemuel
Saltsgaver, Danny Ray, B. 29-Aug-1954, S/O Mary V.
Saltsgaver, Earl J., B. 29-Mar-1907, D. 19-Apr-1977
Saltsgaver, Elizabeth J., D. 5-Nov-1891, H. Jacob
Saltsgaver, Elizabeth L., B. 1895, D. 1955
Saltsgaver, George A., B. 1860, D. 1942
Saltsgaver, Jacob, N. Co. K 122 Ohio Inf
Saltsgaver, James W., N. Three Months
Saltsgaver, John H., B. 19-Mar-1898, D. 28-Mar-1974
Saltsgaver, Leatha A., B. 6-Apr-1903, D. 24-Dec-1982, H. John
Saltsgaver, Lemuel B., B. 11-Oct-1873, D. 15-May-1958
Saltsgaver, Lois June, B. 12-Mar-1925, D. 22-Feb-1974, N. Mother Of James W.
Saltsgaver, Mary Virginia, B. 8-Nov-1912
Saltsgaver, Nathen F., N. Infant Of Jacob
Saltsgaver, Nedra, B. 14-Jun-1910, H. Earl
Saltsgaver, Norman Gene, B. 20-Sept-1929, 5-Nov-1957
Saltsgaver, Sarah L., B. 1874, D. 1965, H. Alfred J.
Sanders, Grover C., B. 2-Mar-1893, D. 14-Aug-1963, N. Father Of Kenneth
Sanders, James Allen, D. 28-Feb-1980, N. Infant Son Of Garland
Sanders, Kenneth C., B. 25-Aug-1913, Mar. 9/13/1942
Sanders, Maggie M., B. 25-Mar-1891, D. 16-Jun-1980, H. Grover
Sanders, Martha E., B. 14-Jan-1919, D. 18-Nov-1972, H. Kenneth
Sandlin, Fern, B. 1916, D. 1957, H. Raymond
Sandlin, Raymond, B. 1906, D. 1993
Saulmon, Ethel, B. 1881, D. 1960, H. Ross
Saulmon, Ross, B. 1882, D. 1958
Sawyer, Deanna L. Dorney, B. 5-Dec-1948
Sawyer, Earl B. Jr., B. 8-Nov-1948, D. 4-Feb-1981
Schafer, Adam H., B. 31-Jul-1876, D. 13-Mar-1953
Schafer, Adam, B. 2-Jul-1843, D. 29-Jul-1875
Schafer, Anna E., B. 1877, D. 1899
Schafer, Anna Eliza, B. 1850, D. 1888
Schafer, Anna Wave, B. 9-Aug-1913, D. 21-Sept-1985, H. C. Harvey
Schafer, B. Ray, B. 1899, D. 1970
Schafer, C. Harvey, B. 22-Dec-1912, D. 28-Mar-1987
Schafer, Christian A., B. 23-Apr-1884, D. 21-Oct-1968
Schafer, Della, B. 6-Nov-1884, D. 28-May-1976, H. Christian
Schafer, Ellen, B. 12-Jun-1847, D. 14-Jul-1904, H. Adam
Schafer, Fredrick H., B. 1888, D. 1891, S/O Fredrick
Schafer, Fredrick, B. 1851, D. 1908
Schafer, G. W., B. 1847, D. 1918
Schafer, Ganelle, B. 16-Aug-1912, D. 24-Oct-1982, H. Harry
Schafer, Harriet, B. 1854, D. 1932, H. G. W.
Schafer, Henry, B. 18-Oct-1814, D. 6-Jul-1899
Schafer, Infant Daughter, B. 9-Oct-1914, D. 9-Oct-1914, D/O William W.
Schafer, Irene, B. 10-Sept-1901, D. 26-Sept-1922, D/O Adam
Schafer, J. Harry, B. 2-Oct-1910, D. 13-Mar-1999, Mar. 1/19/1932
Schafer, Jerry K., B. 21-Jan-1937, D. 2-Apr-1978, S/O Harvey & Aw
Schafer, John H., B. 1840, D. 1919
Schafer, Margaret, B. 17-Sept-1870, D. 28-Dec-1938, H. Corrie
Schafer, Margaret, B. 1-Mar-1818, D. 10-Dec-1875, H. Henry
Schafer, Martha E., B. 1854, D. 1922, H. Fredrick
Schafer, Mary Addie, B. 15-Feb-1864, D. 11-Jul-1939, H. Michael
Schafer, Mary Ona, B. 27-Aug-1878, D. 6-Aug-1958, H. Adam
Schafer, Michael, B. 23-Jan-1853, D. 8-Apr-1935
Schafer, Nola M., B. 9-Feb-1879, D. 17-Jan-1955, H. William W.
Schafer, Nora Oldham, B. 1886, D. 1905, H. Christian
Schafer, Philip, B. 10-Mar-1849, D. 25-Nov-1908
Schafer, Sarah May, B. 1882, D. 1884
Schafer, Sondra K., B. 11-Feb-1942, H. Jerry
Schafer, William W., B. 20-Nov-1879, D. 13-Feb-1970
Schroyer, Billy R., B. 20-Dec-1925, D. 29-Mar-1986, N. Army WWII
Schroyer, Cleora M., B. 18-Feb-1907, D. 13-Feb-1961, H. Leon
Schroyer, Daniel E., B. 28-Feb-1891, D. 6-Mar-1967, N. WWI
Schroyer, Edith, B. 1892, D. 1947, H. Daniel
Schroyer, Gertie L., B. 1909, D. 1985
Schroyer, Leon E., B. 8-Feb-1905, D. 12-Nov-1984
Seaton, Patricia J., B. 15-Feb-1933, D/O Henry
Seidelman, Jennie Sue, B. 14-Dec-1946, D. 14-Dec-1946
Settlemoir, Claude James, B. 13-Jul-1912, D. 25-Feb-1913
Shackelford, Rex, B. 23-May-1924, D. 23-May-1924
Sharrett, Mina Fern, B. 13-May-1918, D. 22-Sept-1939
Sharum, Otto Thomas, B. 22-Jan-1894, D. 8-Dec-1964, N. WWI
Shaw, Aaron, B. 20-Sept-1901, D. 15-Aug-1946
Shaw, Andrew J., B. 1851, D. 1936
Shaw, Infant Son, B. 28-Jul-1879, D. 28-Jul-1879, S/O Aj & C
Shaw, Jesse Wolfe, B. 1880, D. 1959, H. Andrew
Shearer, Charles N., B. 24-Oct-1862, D. 23-Oct-1936
Shearer, Eliza R., B. 15-May-1877, D. 12-Jan-1952, H. Charles
Showalter, Clyde, B. 1875, D. 1905
Showalter, Eliza Jane, B. 25-Oct-1826, D. 3-Aug-1860, H. John
Showalter, Evalena, B. 1879, D. 1930
Shultz, James H., N. Co. D. 62 Il Inf
Shultz, James, B. 2-Oct-1844
Shultz, Sarah Eliza, B. 29-Mar-1879, D. 20-Feb-1910
Simmons, Mary E., B. 23-Nov-1910, H. Walter
Simmons, Walter, B. 11-Oct-1915, D. 23-Apr-1975, N. S2 Navy WWII
Smith, Ann, B. 1882, D. 1928
Smith, Bailey E., B. 20-Apr-1898, D. 23-Oct-1963
Smith, Betty J., B. 17-Feb-1925, N. Mar. 6/8/1945
Smith, Billy Ray, B. 30-Jul-1930, D. 4-Aug-1930
Smith, Cales B., B. 5-Jun-1828, D. 4-Jul-1847, S/O William B.
Smith, Carl S., B. 1-Sept-1921, D. 27-Dec-1997, Mar. 3/23/1949
Smith, Caroline, B. 13-Dec-1856 D. 26-Aug-1940, H. John W.
Smith, Caroline, B. 16-Dec-1829, D. 26-Jul-1918, H. Joshua J.
Smith, Charles E., B. 1873, D. 1947
Smith, Daughter, B. 9-Jul-1856, D. 2-Sept-1856, D/O S & S
Smith, Donald Ray, B. 18-Mar-1923, S/O Roy E.
Smith, Doris J., B. 13-Feb-1932, H. Carl
Smith, Edward, B. 20-Feb-1840, D. 16-Jun-1916
Smith, Eleanor, B. 19-Apr-1815, D. 16-Sept-1846, D/O William B.
Smith, Elizabeth, B. 26-Dec-1792, D. 7-Mar-1848, H. William B.
Smith, Elmer F., B. 10-Jan-1918, D. 29-Aug-1998, N. Army, WWII
Smith, Fannie G., B. 18-Jul-1880, D. 5-Jun-1906, H. C.E.
Smith, Fanny E., B. 14-Nov-1867, D. 25-Oct-1873, D/O Ira
Smith, Fawn Bevers, B. 24-Apr-1909, D. 20-Sept-1998, H. Capt. John
Smith, Flossie D., B. 1888, D. 1966, H. George
Smith, Floyd, B. 1885, D. 1950
Smith, Foney J., B. 25-Jan-1899, D. 6-Aug-1975, H. Silas
Smith, George N., B. 1888, D. 1957
Smith, Imogene Gard, B. 17-Dec-1915, D. 7-Mar-1995, H. Ralph E.
Smith, Ira K. Jr., B. 13-Feb-1876, D. 14-Oct-1876, S/O Ira
Smith, Ira K., B. 4-Feb-1823, D. 18-May-1909
Smith, J. Ralph, B. 11-Nov-1886, D. 16-Aug-1966
Smith, James B., B. 28-Oct-1849, D. 9-Sept-1897
Smith, Jessie L., B. 1884, D. 1944, H. Charles
Smith, Jewell M. Gard, B. 21-Aug-1923, D. 27-Feb-1993, H. Donald Ray
Smith, John (Capt), B. 20-Jun-1903, D. 4-Dec-1988
Smith, John Wesley, B. 7-Oct-1847, D. 10-Feb-1940
Smith, Joshua J., B. 29-Jun-1821, D. 10-Feb-1887
Smith, Julia A., B. 1864, D. 1922, H. W.B.
Smith, Justin Allen, B. 31-Mar-1981, D. 31-Mar-1981, S/O F. & K.
Smith, Louise R., B. 5-Feb-1843, D. 27-Jan-1924, H. Edward
Smith, Lydia E., B. 15-Jan-1885, D. 19-Jan-1979, H. Roy E.
Smith, Margaret A., B. 29-Nov-1855, D. 29-Apr-1924, H. James B.
Smith, Maria E., B. 15-Sept-1872, D. 5-Oct-1873, D/O Ira
Smith, Mary J. Holsen, B. 5-Mar-1912, D. 17-May-1992, H. William
Smith, May, B. 1892, D. 1935, H. Floyd
Smith, Rachel, B. 30-Sept-1829, D. 17-Aug-1854
Smith, Ralph E., B. 10-Sept-1915, D. 23-Apr-1986, S/O Roy E.
Smith, Retta May, B. 5-Feb-1885, D. 13-Jan-1962, H. J. Ralph
Smith, Roy E., B. 7-Feb-1881, D. 30-Nov-1945, N. Father Of Donald & Ralph
Smith, Sarah Emaline, B. 30-Mar-1853, D. 29-Jul-1855, D/O Ik. & R.
Smith, Sarah K., B. 2-Sept-1831, D. 9-Sept-1889, H. Ira
Smith, Silas S. B. 13-May-1894, D. 23-Jun-1968, Mar. 9/30/1916
Smith, Stella, B. 1897, D. 1899, D/O W. B.
Smith, W. B., B. 1862, D. 1897
Smith, William B., B. 4-Oct-1787, D. 21-Sept-1863
Smith, William F., B. 5-Aug-1848, D. 5-Sept-1855, S/O Ik. & R.
Smith, William H., B. 5-Mar-1902, D. 18-Jan-1992
Smith, William W., B. 5-Oct-1869, D. 13-Jun-1958
Snyder, Bonnie Mcintosh, B. 27-Sept-1914, D. 22-Mar-1993, N. (Adams) D/O John
Snyder, Harold Ray, B. 1910, D. 1994
Snyder, Mary Jane, B. 1909, D. 1974
Somerville, Henry, B. 10-Apr-1844, D. 10-Jun-1865
Somerville, Joseph H., B. 27-Feb-1810, D. 2-May-1846, W. Mj Tilton
Sparks, A.C.F., B. 27-Feb-1857, D. 15-Feb-1901
Sparks, Bessie, B. 31-Jan-1893, D. 19-Oct-1968, H. C. Harvey
Sparks, C. Harvey, B. 15-Dec-1885, D. 22-Sept-1964
Sparks, Ethel Alka, B. 18-Oct-1894, D. 27-Apr-1974, H. Harry B.
Sparks, Fred P., B. 14-Sept-1904, D. 27-Mar-1981
Sparks, Fred Wayne, B. 31-Oct-1904, D. 26-Dec-1997
Sparks, Gayle Robert, B. 30-Jul-1920, D. 6-Jan-1992, N. Usaf Korea
Sparks, Grace A., B. 30-May-1904, D. 5-Mar-1989, H. Fred P.
Sparks, Harry B., B. 19-Feb-1897, D. 10-Dec-1982
Sparks, Hubert M., B. 1895, D. 1975
Sparks, J. F., B. 17-Oct-1879, D. 29-Mar-1899, N. Fred
Sparks, James H., B. 23-May-1915, D. 1-Nov-1918, S/O C. Harvey
Stillwell, Samuel J., B. 26-Apr-1877, D. 30-Sept-1954
Stillwell, Sarah E., B. 15-Apr-1847, D. 20-May-1911
Stillwell, Sarah, B. 1867, D. 1960, H. John H.
Stillwell, Stanley R., B. 5-Dec-1909, D. 28-Dec-1977, S/O Herman
Stillwell, Susan M., B. 1836, D. 1913
Stillwell, Willie A., B. 1873, D. 1874
Stoltz, Marshall L., B. 27-Jun-1903, D. 3-Jan-1960
Stoltz, Printha, B. 15-Nov-1895, D. 17-Sept-1953, H. Marshall
Street, Herbert B., B. 6-Oct-1922, Mar. 12/27/1947
Street, Martha E., B. 25-Feb-1931, D. 2-Jan-1995, H. Herbert
Sturgeon, Perry E., B. 6-Jun-1889, D. 17-Dec-1903, S/O W & V
Sturgeon, Sarah D., B. 8-Jan-1870, D. 1-Oct-1919, H. W. V.
Sturgeon, W. V. "Tine", B. 9-Mar-1864, D. 23-Feb-1945
Sturgeon, William H., B. 7-Apr-1907, D. 4-Feb-1910, S/O W. V.
Summers, Emma, B. 21-Apr-1886, D. 2-Sept-1986, H. Oscar
Summers, John Frederick, B. 4-Aug-1923, D. 5-Dec-1987
Summers, Oscar H., B. 18-Feb-1889, D. 29-Dec-1929
Summers, Philip D., B. 2-Nov-1948, D. 24-Jun-1961
Summers, Wilma L., B. 10-Feb-1916, D. 14-May-1983, D/O Oscar
Talley, Frank Otis, B. 30-May-1899, D. 1968
Talley, John, B. 1868, D. 1935
Talley, Jonathan W., B. 25-Nov-1862, D. 22-Nov-1930
Talley, Lemira, B. 1868, D. 1903, H. John
Talley, Mattie, B. 1874, D. 1941
Talley, Nellie Elizabeth, B. 16-Jul-1875, D. 20-Jun-1938
Talley, Noble, B. 2-Apr-1894, D. 13-May-1960, N. WWI
Talley, Winnie I., B. 1897, D. 1931, H. Noble
Tarpley, Rachel R., B. 28-Feb-1866, D. 13-Dec-1880, D/O John
Tarr, Bessie N., B. 13-May-1885, D. 13-Jan-1975, H. Samuel
Tarr, Lucius, B. 1850, D. 1936
Tarr, Mabel, B. 15-Sept-1882, D. 25-Dec-1979
Tarr, Samuel, B. 15-Sept-1877, D. 3-Sept-1952
Tarr, Zora, B. 1858, D. 1936, H. Lucius
Tetidrick, George W., B. 1906, D. 1967
Tetidrick, Hazel M., B. 1897, D. 1976
Tetidrick, Ida, B. 3-Jul-1894, D. 9-Sept-1978, H. Lee
Tetidrick, James W., B. 19-Nov-1850, D. 27-Mar-1901
Tetidrick, John M., B. 1880, D. 1968
Tetidrick, Lee, B. 31-Aug-1886, D. 6-Apr-1977
Tetidrick, Mary A., B. 1886, D. 1968, H. John M.
Tetidrick, Mary E., B. 1913, D. 1929, D/O John M.
Tetidrick, Mary J., B. 28-Mar-1853, D. 22-Apr-1896, H. James W.
Thompson, Eliza J., B. 19-Feb-1879, D. 15-Feb-1907, H. J.C.
Thonert, Clarence, B. 11-Sept-1907, D. 17-Nov-1989, N. No Stone
Timmons, Forest, B. 12-Feb-1897, D. 29-May-1980
Timmons, Margaret, B. 11-Nov-1905, D. 8-Mar-1984, H. Forest
Tompson, Lenno O., B. 17-Oct-1904, D. 30-Jan-1979
Tompson, Mabel, B. 30-Jun-1905, D. 3-Jan-1986, H. Lenno
Toole, Joe W., B. 1913, D. 1980, N. Sgt. Army, WWII
Toole, Marie, B. 30-Jul-1923, H. Joe
Toole, Michael, B. 5-Apr-1943, D. 23-Aug-1968, S/O Marie
Tracy, Emma, B. 24-Oct-1864, D. 6-Feb-1934, H. Ephraim
Tracy, Ephraim, B. 13-Feb-1865, D. 26-Dec-1897
Tracy, J. Roy, B. 27-Feb-1894, D. 25-Nov-1897, S/O Ephraim
Treece, Mary R., B. 10-Sept-1860, D. 7-Mar-1865, D/O Enos
Treece, Sarah T., B. 13-Jan-1855, D. 21-Feb-1857, D/O Enos
Trimble, James E., B. 1893, D. 1897, S/O John G.
Trimble, John G., B. 1868, D. 1933
Trimble, Mary E., B. 1870, D. 1941, H. John G.
Trimble, Ruth E., B. 4-Jul-1905, D. 21-Mar-1984, H. William
Trimble, William, B. 5-Jun-1897, D. 4-Feb-1970
Tucker, Emily, B. 25-Oct-1920, D/O Hb Fox
Tucker, Louis O., B. 2-Nov-1923, D. 19-Dec-1971, W. Emily
Turner, Arthur J., B. 1880, D. 1953, N. Father Of Doris Finch
Turner, Chloe G., B. 1889, D. 1982, H. Arthur J.
Turner, Fredrick E., B. 9-Jul-1913, D. 31-Dec-1978, N. Gene
Turner, James W., B. 1927, D. 1940, S/O A.J.
Turner, Lora Edna, B. 7-May-1915, H. Fredrick
Turner, Malisa A., B. 3-Jul-1852, D. 15-Jan-1870, D/O H & E
Vanantwerp, Carol, B. 16-Dec-1950, D. 30-Dec-1950, N. Gdaug. Of Cf Cusick
Victor, Jasper, N. Co. D. 83 In Inf.
Wagener, William, B. 22-Oct-1942, D. 11-Jan-1997
Walker, John I., B. 1904, D. 1967
Walker, Louis, B. 1935, D. 1999
Walker, Louise, B. 1907, H. John
Walker, Lucinda Riley, B. 28-Apr-1858, D. 25-Feb-1945, H. Thomas
Walker, Marilyn, R., B. 18-Mar-1930, D. 10-Jun-1999
Walker, Melvin, B. 24-Oct-1919, D. 6-Dec-1997, Mar. 5/27/1950
Walker, Minnie, B. 20-May-1920, D. 10-Oct-1982, H. Melvin
Walker, Paul E., B. 1925, D. 1926
Walker, Steven Otho, B. 3-Nov-1894, D. 25-Mar-1969, N. WWI
Walker, Thomas T., B. 22-Oct-1854, D. 15-Jan-1926
Walker, Virgil C., B. 1919, D. 1978, N. WWII
Walker, Wayne, B. 16-Oct-1932, D. 13-Sept-1994, N. Usaf Korea
Walser, Elizabeth, B. 1873, D. 1942, H. John J. - First Wife
Walser, John J., B. 1882, D. 1966, S/O William D.; Minister
Walser, Marie, B. 1898, D. 1963, H. John J.
Walser, Rebecca B., B. 1860, D. 1940, H. William D.
Walser, William D., B. 1857, D. 1929, N. Father Of John J.
Wampler, Florence May, B. 4-Sept-1893, D. 13-Oct-1956
Wampler, Francis, B. 22-Mar-1927, D. 29-Sept-1987
Wampler, Laura B., B. 30-Jun-1930, D. 2-Nov-1979, H. Francis
Wampler, Lawrence A., B. 6-Sept-1921, D. 11-Apr-1990
Wampler, Marguerita, B. 1918, H. Merlin
Wampler, Mary E., B. 19-Sept-1922, D. 21-Sept-1992, H. Lawrence
Wampler, Merlin, B. 1916, D. 1988
Warren, Catherine, B. 14-Dec-1885, D. 15-Jun-1964, H. Frank W.
Warren, Donald W., B. 1914, D. 1918, S/O Fw & Catherine
Warren, Frank W., B. 6-Dec-1885, D. 15-Mar-1963
Watson, Mary L., B. 1888, D. 1955
Watson, Thomas C., B. 1882
Wease, Audrey M., B. 20-Oct-1912, D. 11-Jul-1997, H. Cecil D.
Wease, Cecil D., B. 12-Aug-1905, D. 12-Aug-1965
Wease, Cora E., B. 21-Jul-1876, D. 10-Nov-1938, H. Curtis
Wease, Curtis, B. 15-Feb-1876, D. 30-Aug-1968
Wease, Theodore F., B. 31-Jan-1901, D. 11-Nov-1982, S/O Curtis
Webb, R. Doreen, B. 1896, D. 1993, N. Missionary
Webb, Richard S. (Rev), B. 1897, D. 1966, N. Missionary
West, Carol Ann, B. 19-May-1949, D/O Dale
West, Dale, E., B. 20-Nov-1917
West, Elizabeth Smith, B. 29-Nov-1918, D. 25-Nov-1977, H. Dale
West, Emma B., B. 1890, D. 1975, H. George
West, George D., B. 18-Apr-1952, S/O Dale
West, George E., B. 1888, D. 1966, N. Father Of Dale And Homer
White, Beulah F., B. 1899, D. 1963
White, Cletus G., B. 1-Aug-1899, D. 4-Jun-1974, Mar. 11/2/1920; Us Navy
White, Gloria Lee, B. 1927, H. Sharon
White, James Jr., B. 1921, D. 1928, S/O James R.
White, James R., B. 1879, D. 1971
White, John, B. 27-Jun-1904, D. 8-Apr-1983
White, Katie, B. 1882, D. 1920, H. James R.
White, Lottie D. Barney, B. 16-May-1899, D. 3-Dec-1972, H. Cletus
White, Mabel Pearl, B. 4-Mar-1903, D. 30-May-1975, H. John
White, P. Joan, B. 11-Mar-1960, D/O Patty R.
White, Robert, B. 13-Dec-1923, D. 5-Jun-1996, S/O Cletus
White, Sharon Edgar, B. 10-Jul-1919, D. 7-Apr-1995, N. Army WWII
Whiteside, John Wiley, B. 26-Mar-1883, D. 9-Oct-1956
Whiteside, Mary J., B. 15-Feb-1884, D. 28-Jul-1959, H. John W.
Wickman, Dorothy A., B. 26-Oct-1907, D. 21-Sept-1953, H. William
Wickman, William W., B. 27-May-1906, D. 11-May-1965
Wilford, Keith L., B. 19-Aug-1951, D. 25-Jun-1983, N. Vietnam Vet
Williams, Clara, B. 1886, D. 1927
Williams, Evalena, N. 1 Yr., 8 Months, D/O J L
Williams, Harry C., B. 1-Apr-1905, D. 5-Oct-1965
Williams, Infant Daughter, B. 17-Apr-1914, D. 17-Apr-1914, D/O Joseph
Williams, John L., B. 1854, D. 1936
Williams, Joseph T., B. 24-Apr-1888, D. 6-Jan-1960, N. Father Of Richard
Williams, Mary L. Morgan, B. 8-Jan-1895, D. 12-Jan-1968, H. Joseph T.
Williams, Mary L., B. 1856, D. 1934, H. John
Williams, Nelson G., B. 1921, D. 1923
Williams, Neoma, B. 12-Jan-1908, D. 11-May-1981, H. Harry C.
Williams, Richard M., B. 3-Oct-1924, D. 22-Dec-1993, N. WWII, Us Army
Williamson, Delmar E., B. 2-Oct-1893, D. 13-Aug-1968, N. WWI
Williamson, John, N. Co. F 5 Il Cav.
Williamson, Mary Ellen, B. 1863, D. 1930, H. W. Frank
Williamson, W. Frank, B. 1866, D. 1944
Wilson, Eldon, B. 4-Jun-1913, D. 1-Oct-1913
Wilson, Eva B., B. 11-Jan-1884, D. 8-Aug-1982, H. Walter
Wilson, Samuel M., B. 1850, D. 1938
Wilson, Walter S., B. 25-Apr-1880, D. 12-Sept-1955
Wilson, Winona, B. 28-Jun-1920, D. 7-Aug-1920
Winter, Bonnie M. Potts, B. 13-Aug-1896, D. 11-Nov-1972, H. Philip H.
Winter, Crystal Mullinax, B. 4-Dec-1921, H. Edwin; Mar. 6/12/1943
Winter, Edwin C., B. 10-Jan-1889, D. 19-Dec-1959, S/O Henry
Winter, Edwin H., B. 12-Nov-1917, D. 6-Jan-1993, S/O Philip H.
Winter, Elizabeth E., B. 1863, D. 1944, H. Henry W.
Winter, Henry W., B. 1854, D. 1938
Winter, Kimberly Paul, D. 2-Jun-1955, S/O James
Winter, Mary L., B. 1927, D. 1928, D/O Edwin C.
Winter, Philip H., B. 26-Apr-1890, D. 26-May-1949, S/O Henry
Winter, Thelma Z., B. 30-Jul-1903, D. 4-Dec-1997, H. Edwin C.
Winter, Thomas Phillip, D. 30-Jan-1960, S/O James
Wise, Clyde, B. 30-May-1929, D. 30-May-1929, S/O John A.
Wise, Ella C., B. 29-Jan-1902, H. John A.
Wise, John A., B. 8-Dec-1889, D. 25-Jul-1979
Wise, Walter F., B. 21-Mar-1913, D. 8-Oct-1953, N. WWII
Wolfe, Amanda N., B. 1857, D. 1921, H. Will
Wolfe, Buron, B. 29-Jun-1896, D. 30-Jul-1896
Wolfe, Elijah F., B. 20-Aug-1889, D. 8-Apr-1961, N. Father Of Jr. Wolfe
Wolfe, Elijah Jr., B. 4-Jan-1926, D. 22-Aug-1999, Mar. 8/10/1973
Wolfe, Frank, B. 1852, D. 1935
Wolfe, Gladys, B. 14-Oct-1900, D. 7-Oct-1974, H. Rienza
Wolfe, John D., B. 21-Feb-1894, D. 30-Aug-1974, Mar. 5/6/1915
Wolfe, Margaret A., B. 24-Feb-1928, H. Jr
Wolfe, Morene Cusick, B. 12-Jun-1892, D. 13-Oct-1964, H. Elijah F.
Wolfe, Rienza, B. 22-Dec-1897, D. 21-Mar-1972, Mar. 8/1/1917
Wolfe, Ruth, B. 21-Sept-1899, D. 7-Jan-1971, H. John D.
Wolfe, Sarah E., B. 1864, D. 1933, H. Frank
Wolfe, Will, B. 1850, D. 1928
Wood, Martha L.Prout, B. 19-Sept-1921, H. Vilas, Mar. 5/3/1946
Wood, Nancy, B. 24-Oct-1834, D. 24-Mar-1864, H. Washington
Wood, Vilas, B. 25-Aug-1923, D. 3-Apr-1984, N. Army WWII
Worstell, Arthur T., B. 6-Apr-1880, D. 4-Sept-1935
Worstell, Edith B., B. 15-Jun-1880, D. 30-Aug-1951, H. Arthur T.
Wright, Andrew, B. 29-May-1838, D. 1-Sept-1841, S/O Re & R
Wright, E. D., B. 20-Jul-1861, D. 22-Nov-1929, N. Father Of Newell
Wright, Edwin B., B. 19-Sept-1898, D. 19-Jan-1900, S/O E.D.
Wright, Eliza Ann, B. 6-Jan-1832, D. 30-Apr-1899, H. Joseph
Wright, Ella Drucia, B. 19-Mar-1894, D. 10-Sept-1961, H. L. Newell
Wright, Emma L., B. 2-Feb-1887, D. 9-Aug-1971, N. Sister Of Newell
Wright, Francis, B. 28-Oct-1835, D. 5-Dec-1839, D/O Re & R
Wright, Genevieve, D. 1906, D/O Vc Wright
Wright, Gertrude, B. 1890, D. 1906, H. Vc Wright
Wright, Infant Son, B. 11-Aug-1922, D. 11-Aug-1922, S/O L. Newell
Wright, Isabel, B. 2-Feb-1837, D. 28-Nov-1839, D/O Re & R
Wright, John R., B. 3-Feb-1831, D. 9-Jun-1892
Wright, Joseph V. B., B. 14-Mar-1834, D. 16-Feb-1912
Wright, L. Newell, B. 25-Dec-1888, D. 20-May-1975
Wright, Lula M., B. 27-Nov-1895, D. 4-Oct-1965, H. Van
Wright, Maggie, B. 17-May-1891, D. 16-Jul-1899, D/O E. D.
Wright, Mary C., B. 5-Aug-1862, D. 6-May-1920, H. E. D.
Wright, Owen Jr., B. 29-Nov-1910, D. 27-Oct-1911, S/O Van
Wright, Rebecca, B. 22-Jun-1816, D. 21-Dec-1875, H. R. E.
Wright, Rosanna, B. 1835, D. 1932
Wright, Van C., B. 25-Aug-1879, D. 14-Mar-1953
Yates, Kathern R., B. 11-Nov-1935, D. 29-Feb-2000
Yelch, Helen Albietz, B. 6-Oct-1916, D. 30-Jun-1998, H. Julius
Yelch, Julius M., B. 10-Jan-1922, D. 8-Jun-1990, N. WWII, Korea


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