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aka Thomas Farm
Wabash County, IL

Datafile Input . : Mount Carmel Library / Shannon Swain In Sept-1999
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By: Paul M. Kankula
Transcription .. : Bernard J. Walter In 1930's

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

There Are Numerous Small Stones In The Area Having Only Initials On Them.
There Are Also A Few Unreadable Sandstone Markers & Bricks.

?, Rose Lavina
B. 1864, D. 1895

Albeitz, Albertur
D. 17-May-1862, A. 30y 4m 0d

Armstrong, Angie
B. 1840, D. 1918

Albeitz, Anthony
27-Jan-1797, D. 8-Apr-1859

Armstrong, Benny
D. 3-Jan-1875, A. 0y 8m 1d, P. B. & R.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Berkley
B. 19-Apr-1835, D. 19-Apr-1891, A. 46y

Armstrong, Clayborn
D. 18-Aug-1871, A. 1y 4m? 4d?, P. M.B. & J. Armstrong

Albeitz, Elizabeth
D. 26-June-1865, A. 62y 8m 15d, H. A. Albeitz

Albeitz, John
D. 9-Aug-1861, A. 29y 7m 0d

Albeitz, Joseph
D. 3-Nov-1873, A. 39y 16m 15d

Armstrong, Elizabeth Mort
A. 70y, H. John Armstrong

Armstrong, Martha
D. 19-May-1866, A. 65y 5m 27d, H. L. Armstrong

Albeitz, Mary E.
D. 14-June-1865, A. 35y 8m 19d, P. A. & S. Albeitz

Albeitz, Susan
B. 27-Mar-1805, D. 2-July-1841

Armstrong, Anna M.
B. 1862, D. 19__

Armstrong, Asenath O/D.
D. 24-Sep-1842, A. 23y 10m 16d, H. T.J. Armstrong

Armstrong, Charles W.
B. 7-Feb-1866, D. 8-Nov-1898

Armstrong, Edgar
D. 21-Dec-1927, A. 52y 6m 6d U/M

Armstrong, Emily
D. 5-Sep-1866, A. 31y 7m 18d, H. T.N. Armstrong

Armstrong, Emily J.
D. 24-Oct-1888, A. 19y 5m 9d, P. T.N. & E.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Fanny
D. 2-Sep-1869, A. 1y 2m 16d, P. W.G. & S.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Frances
D. 29-Dec-1852, 1y 2m 6d, P. J.T.L. & S. Armstrong

Armstrong, Hala
D. 4-May-1868, A. 2y 1m ?D, P. J.T.L. & S. Armstrong

Armstrong, Howard
B. 1858, D. 1926

Armstrong, Infant Son
P. L. & M. Armstrong

Armstrong, J.T.
D. 6-Apr-1871, A. 44y 7m 10d

Armstrong, James W.
D. 26-Nov-1873, A. 2y 6m 6d, P. T.N. & S.J. Armstrong

Armstrong, Jane Grayson
B. 1837, D. 1890

Armstrong, John
D. 30-Sep-1836, A. 72y

Armstrong, Lewis
D. 2-Sep-1869, A. 70y 0m 26d

Armstrong, Lewis J.
B. 5-Nov-1839, D. 15-Apr-1874

Armstrong, Lottie
B. 27-Feb-1837, D. 14-Oct-1888

Armstrong, Louisa J.
D. 1-Mar-1867, A. 11y 6m 2d, P. J.W. & M.J. Armstrong

Armstrong, Lucy A.
B. 16-Mar-1909, D. 30-Oct-1909, P. E. & V.J. Armstrong

Armstrong, Luvada
D. 26-Nov-1869, A. 0y 5m 18d, P. J.J. & M.J. Armstrong

Armstrong, Margaret C/G.
D. 13-Feb-1837, A. 24y 6m 14d, H. T.N. Armstrong

Armstrong, Martha
B. 8-Feb-1867, D. 15-Aug-1883, P. T.N. & E.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Mauda
D. 30-Sep-1881, A. 5y 11m 27d, P. W.G. & S.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Moses Bedell
B. 1833, D. 1905

Armstrong, Robert D.
B. 12-Oct-1847, D. 6-Aug-1875, P. J.T. & S. Armstrong

Armstrong, Sarah Ann
B. 3-Oct-1838, D. 19-Oct-1906

Armstrong, T.J.
B. 1870, D. 1921

Armstrong, Thomas J.
D. 20-July-1869, A. 60y 8m 7d

Armstrong, Thomas N.
D. 8-Aug-1867, A. 6y 10m 2d, P. J.T.L. & S. Armstrong

Armstrong, Thomas N.
D. 23-July-1888, A. 69y 1m 24d

Armstrong, Thomas W.
D. 17-Dec-1874, A. 2y 5?M 11d, P. W.G. & S.A. Armstrong

Armstrong, Wickliff G.
B. 19-Nov-1833, D. 20-May-1910

Bostic, Laura B.
P. D.H. & L. Bostic, D. 8-Aug-1905, A. 22y 3m 13d, P. D.H. & L. Bostic

Brown, Elijah
B. 1837, D. 1919, H. John Brown

Brown, John
B. 1828, D. 1873

Brown, Leander A.
B. 1855, D. 1872

Brown, Mary A.
B. 1851, D. 1873

Brown, Rachel A.
B. 1858, D. 1878

Buchanan, Allen
B. 25-Oct-1874, D. 11-Apr-1895

Buchanan, Amy
B. 29-Apr-1880

Buchanan, Clarica
B. 10-Nov-1853, D. 17-Nov-1930

Buchanan, Elijah
B. 18-Sep-1878, D. 10-Aug-1908

Buchanan, Eliza
B. 16-Oct-1886, D. 1-Feb-1903, R.T. & M.T. Buchanan

Buchanan, Isaah
D. 25-Dec-1877, A. 0y 2m 9d, P. R.T. & M.T. Buchanan

Buchanan, James H.
B. 20-May-1849, D. 7-Sep-1899

Buchanan, Jerry D.
B. 5-Dec-1873, D. 12-Feb-1900, A. 26y 2m 7d

Buchanan, John
B. 24-July-1880, D. 16-Feb-1899, P. R.T. & M.T. Buchanan

Buchanan, Lottie M.
B. 14-Dec-1883, D. 20-Mar-1905, P. R.T. & M.T. Buchanan

Buchanan, Mary L.
D. 1-July-1931, A. 72y 8m 0d, U/M

Buchanan, Risley
D. 14-Aug-1883, A. 2y 1m 0d, P. J.W. Buchanan

Buchanan, Risley T.
D. 17-Oct-1939, A. 76y 4m 29d, U/M

Buchanan, Ruth
B. 3-Dec-1886, D. 19-June-1907, P. J.H. & C. Buchanan

Buchanan, Ruth A.
D. 16-Sep-1874, A. 0y 8m 19d, P. J.W. & N.A. Buchanan

Buchanan, William
D. 7-Nov----, A. 5w

Cisel, Florence
A. 2y 2m 27d, P. T.B. & S. Cisel

Cisel, Infant Son
D. 20-May-1863, P. T.B. & S. Cisel

Cooper, John Walter
D. 11-Aug-1877, A. 9y 10m 0d, P. W.T. & A.M. Cooper

Cooper, Miletus E.
B. 22-Jan-1865, D. 7-Dec-1866, P. W.T. & A. Cooper

Cusick, Henry
B. 24-Oct-1851, D. 25-Oct-1851, P. H. & R. Cusick

Garner, Martha
B. 5-Nov-1825, D. 31-Oct-1847, H. Daniel Garner

Gould, Alphens
D. 26-July-1868, A. 33y 10m 9d, W. Elizabeth A. Gould

Gould, Joseph T.
D. 24-Dec-1853, A. 70y 3m 15d, W. Margaret Gould

Gould, Julius J.
D. 11-Oct-1833, A. 1y 3m 7d, P. J.T. & M. Gould

Harness, Martha E.
D. 21-July-1931, A. 83y 4m 1d U/M

Higgins, Annie
B. 12-Apr-1867, D. 20-Oct-1871

Higgins, Mary J.
B. 21-Jan-1858, D. 20-Oct-1870

Higgins, Sarah C/G.
B. 27-Dec-1849, D. 26-Sep-1871

Higgins, Sarah J.
B. 8-Sep-1828, D. 20-June-1913

Higgins, Urban
B. 3-May-1855, D. 7-June-1855

Higgins, William
D. 11-Oct-1863, A. 0y 5m 11d

Higgins, William
D. 1-Dec-1886, A. 70y 2m 7d

Hughey, Charles N.
B. 1874, D. 1933

Hume, William Hardin
Company H. 49th Indiana. U.S. Marker

Hussey, Edward C.
D. 15-Jan-1929, A. 69y 10m 11d

Keeling, Mary A.
D. 14-Aug-1886, A. 23y 11m 13d, H. M.C. Keeling

Kendal, Peter
D. 1-Oct-1875, A. 80y 9m 10d

Konen, Euretta
B. 3-July-1891, D. 27-Oct-1891, A. 0y 3m 24d, P. J.A. & L. Konen

Konen, Infant Son
B. & D. 8-July-1889, P. J.A. & L. Konen

Litherland, William M.
D. 20-May-1925, Illinois Post 22 U.S. Infantry

Miller,Nancy J.
D. 15-Apr-1859, A. 27y 0m 1d, H. J. Miller

Pan_____, James
B. 3-Oct-1919, D. 4-Oct-1920, A. 1y 0m 1d, U/M

Payne, Alfred
B. 12-Jan-1828, D. 18-Nov-1891

Payne, Cyntha
B. 16-June-1806, D. 21-June-1876, H. John Payne

Payne, Daisy O.
B. 29-Jan-1880, D. 23-June-1894, P. J.K. & L. Payne

Payne, Dennis L.
B. 24-Nov-1874, D. 18-Oct-1875, P. J.K. & L. Payne

Payne, Franklin P.
B. 29-Dec-1850, D. 21-Apr-1908

Payne, Henry
B. 17-Oct-1834, D. 27-Mar-1865

Payne, John
B. 17-Oct-1834, D. 26-Mar-1865

Payne, John
D. 24-June-1871, A. Approx 67y

Payne, Jonathan
D. 2-Feb-1874, A. 46y 11m 16d

Payne, Mary C/G
D. 9-July-1867, A. 23y 3m 18d, H. Jonathan Payne

Payne, Rachel
D. 21-July-1871, A. 39y 4m 2d

Peach, Ida C.
B. 21-Feb-1896, D. 2-Jan-1921, H. E.C. Peach

Richards, Enoch J.
B. 10-Aug-1836, D. 11-Jan-1867, P. W.J. & M.A. Richards

Robinson, Harvey N.
D. 25-Jan-1894 A. 0y 1m 17d, P. J.H. & M.E. Robinson

Robinson, John W.
D. 17-July-1884, A. 1y 10m 20d, P. J.H. & M.E. Robinson

Saudlin, Julia Ann
D. 16-Dec-1861, A. 46?Y 3m 16d, H. James Saudlin

Shearer, Carl
D. 11-Nov-1874, A. 0y 5m 7d, P. J. & S.M. Shearer

Shearer, Mary E.
D. 4-Dec-1874, A. 2y 10m 4d, P. J. & S.M. Shearer

Shearer, Thomas T.
D. 27-Oct-1868, A. 0y 1m 19d, P. J. & S. Shearer

Snider, Peter
B. 10-Jan-1802, D. 10-Apr-1849, A. 47y 3m 0d

Stice, Elizabeth
D. 11-Jan-1890, A. 34y 0m 26d, H. J.L. Stice

Stice, John B.
B. 3-Feb-1872, D. 25-Dec-1894

Stone, Minnie E.
D. 29-Aug-1891, A. 4y 0m 2d, P. C.V. & S.E. Stone

Sturman, Joseph C.
D. 8-Aug-1852, A. 1y 6m 16d, P. William & Sarah A. Sturman

Sturman, Margaret J.
B. 10-Apr-1849, D. 4-Aug-1855, A. 6y 4m 24d, P. William & Sarah Sturman

Sturman, Mary E.
D. 8-Sep-1858, A. 2y 5m 7d, P. William & Sarah Sturman

Sturman, William
D. 23-Apr-1865, A. 40y 2m 25d

Talley, Henry B.
D. 27-June-1876, A. 5y 7m 27d, P. S.W. & S. Talley

Talley, Julia
D. 22-Jan-1878, A. 13y 9m 22d, P. S.W. & S. Talley

Talley, Spencer T.
D. 23-Nov-1874, A. 42y 7m 13d

Wilkinson, Della J.
B. 1869, H. H. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Harvey
B. 1868, D. 1921

Wilkinson, John F.
Grandson A. & S. Albeitz, B. 31-Mar-1864, A. 1y 2m 26d, Gp A. & S. Albeitz

Wilkinson, John F.
D. 4-Sep-1867, A. 43y 8m 10d, W. M. Wilkinson

Wilkinson, Thomas Birtes
B. 8-July-1855, D. 3-Sep-1858, P. J.F. & M.E. Wilkinson, Gp A. & S. Albeitz

Wolf, Pearl
B. 2-Apr-1885, D. 19-June-1885

Wolf, Mary J.
B. 9-Oct-1855, D. 2-June-1885

Wright, Joseph
D. 1-May-1842, A. 64y

Wright, Margaret
D. 20-1842, A. 43y 2m 26d, H. Joseph Wright


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