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Datafile Input . : Paul M. Kankula
Submitted to Genealogy Trails By Paul M. Kankula
Transcription .. : Virginia Perry In Jun-1999

Transcription Notes:
A. = Age At Death
B. = Date Of Birth
D. = Date Of Death
H. = Husband
P. = Parents
W. = Wife

Blakney, Alvin B.
D. 14-Aug-1868, A. 23y 4m 6d, W. Of N.J. Blakney, "Unclaimed" Written Across Top Of Tombstone

Blakney, Elizabeth
D. 27-Dec-1868, A. 10m 17d, D. Of A.B. & N.J. Blakney

Boren, Tarleton
B. 3-Jul-1781, D. 27-Feb-1848, A. 66y 8m 24d

Cokley, George Marshall
B. 10-Mar-1896, D. 21-Jul-1911, S. Of Sam & Anna J. Cokley

Cunningham, Otie L.
B. 9-Jul-1908, D. 25-Oct-1908, D. Of J. & K. Cunningham

Cunningham, Carl G.
D. 15-Mar-1888, A. 51(31?)Y 28d

Cunningham, Carrell G.
B. 8-Jun-1880, D. 7-Oct-1948

Cunningham, Charles H.
D. 25-Oct-1869, A. 2m 21d, S. Of N.G. & E. Cunningham

Cunningham, W. Charles
B. 1842, D. 1916, W. Mary Cunningham.

Cunningham, Clem
B. 30-Jan-1883, D. 18-May-1948, W. Ida Cunningham

Cunningham, Cleveland
B. 18-Oct-1884, D. 24-Mar-1896

Cunningham, Eliza
B. 5-Jul-1844, D. 25-May-1910, H. Nathannel Cunningham, A. 65y 10m 20d

Cunningham, Eliza
B. 5-Jul-1844, D. 25-May-1910, A. 65y 10m 20d, H. Nathaniel G. Cunningham

Cunningham, Elsie I.
B. 5-Jul-1971

Cunningham, Elsie I.
B. 10-Aug-1880

Cunningham, Ida
B. 26-Sep-1888,D. 4-Sep-1953, H. Clem Cunningham

Cunningham, James E.
D. 15-Jan-1888, A. 15y 5m 15d, S Of Nathannel G. & Eliza Cunningham

Cunningham, Jane
B. 1841, D. 1863, 1st Or 2nd W. Of W.Charles Cunningham

Cunningham, John
D. 13-Jul-1859, A. 52y 5m 5d

Cunningham, John
B. 1768, D. 1830's

Cunningham, John G.
B. 10-Mar-1853, D. 19-Jul-1854, S. Of S. & N. Cunningham

Cunningham, Lucinda
B. 12-Mar-1857, D. 24-Aug-1899

Cunningham, Martha
B. 28-Feb-1898, D. 15-Mar-1898, D. Of C. & E. Cunningham

Cunningham, Martha
B. 31-Oct-1876, D. 2-Dec-1897, A. 21y 1m 2d, H. Charles Cunningham

Cunningham, Martha G.
D. 17-Jun-1867, A. 17y 4m 7d, D. Of J. & M.D. Cunningham

Cunningham, Mary
B. 1844, D. 1884, 1st Or 2nd W. Of W.Charles Cunningham

Cunningham, Mary
B. 28-Feb-1898, D. 13-Nov-1898, D. Of C. & E. Cunningham

Cunningham, Mary D.
D. 1-Feb-1894, A. 79y 2m 16d, H. John Cunningham

Cunningham, Mary E.
B. 8-Nov-1855, D. 21-Jan-1856, P. S. & N. Cunningham

Cunningham, Mary E.
D. 6-Feb-1918, A. 69y 10m 3d

Cunningham, Mary E.
B. 18-Sep-1882, D. 15-Jul-1971, Tombstone Next To William J. Cunningham

Cunningham, Stephen G.
B. 2-Apr-1857, D. 24-Mar-1926

Cunningham, Martha
B. 11-Oct-1870, D. 8-Dec-1895, A. 21y 1m 9d, H. Charles Cunningham

Cunningham, Martha
B. 28-May-1895, D. 15-Dec-1895, P. G. & E. Cunningham

Cunningham, Martha G.
D. Jun-1867

Cunningham, Nathannel G.
B. 23-Feb-1844, D. 16-Jan-1928(17-Oct-1915?), A. 83y 10m 18d

Cunningham, Sarah
B. 1770, D. 1830's

Cunningham, Sarah E.
B/D. 24-Apr-1812(17? 47?), D. Of J. & M. Cunningham

Cunningham, William J.
B. 19-May-1878, D. 17-May-1952

Higgins, Grant
B. 17-Apr-1864, D. 15-Nov-1901, A. 37y 8(6?)M 28d

Higgins, Charles H.
B. 7-Feb-1889, D. 24-Jul-1891, S. Of G.H. & L.H. Higgins

Higgins, Daniel
B. 19-Sep-1872, D. 23-Mar-1895, S. Of Asa & Hester Higgins, A. 22y 6m 4d

Higgins, Infant
D. 15-Mar-1919, S. Of John(Arthur?) & Ina Higgins

Higgins, Isabel
B. 7-May-1864, D. 20-Dec-1955, F. ? Wooden

Higgins, Mary Jane
B.26-Oct-1866, D. 2-Jul-1887, A. 20y 8m 6d, H. U.G. Higgins

Higgins, Mildred
B. 17-Oct-1915, D. 20-Feb-1916, D. Of E. & D.J. Higgins

Higgins, Willis
B. 13-Nov-1897, D. 25-Mar-1898, S. Of G. & L.H. Higgins, A. 4m 12d

Higgins, Willis
B. 13-Nov-1897, D. 23-Nov-1895, A. 1m 19d, P. G.D. & L.H. Higgins

Hutchinson, Clinton B.
B. 6-Aug-1852, D. 30-Mar-1912

Hutchinson, Ella R.
B. 24-Aug-1862, 17-May-1942

Hutchinson, Leslie C.
B. 14-Oct-1902, D. 9-Oct-1947

Jackson, Infant
B. 24(21?)-Jul-1911, D. 26-Jul-1913(11?), S. Of T. & M. Jackson

Jackson, Tom W.
B.1893, D. 1940

Jackson, Tom W.
B. 1890, D. 1946

Moore, Cornelius A.
D. 3-Feb-1852, A. 12y 5m 2d, S. Of George & Melana Moore

Moore, William C.
D. 28-Jan-1841, A. 11m 1(4?)D, S. Of George & Melana Moore

Russell, Robert E.
B. 31-Dec-1948, D. 16-Mar-1998

Russell, Sarah
D. 16-Dec-1853, A. 48(45?)Y, H. William H. Russell(?)

Russell, William H.
B. 27-Dec-1827, D. 25-Nov-1854, W. Sarah Russell(?)

Salisbury, Virgil Lee
B. 1924, D. 1949(40?)

Schrader, Elizabeth
B. 5-Jul-1800, D. 19-May-1844(41?), H. J.B. Schrader

Schrader, Jacob
B. 3-Dec-1797, D. 12-Jun-1862, A. 64y 6m 9d, W. Elizabeth

Schrader, John
B. 9(3?)-Jun-1827, D. 2-Jan-1844, S. Of J. & E. Schrader

Schrader, Levi
B. 20-Apr-1842, D. 3-Oct-1847, S. J. & S. Schrader

Schrader, Marie
B. 23-Nov-1841(44?), D. 3-Sep-1848, D. Of J. & E(S?). Schrader

Schrader, Permelia
D. 15-Jul-1852, A. 12(2?)Y, D. Of J. & S. Schrader

Schrader, Sarah
D. 10-Jul-1852, A. 40y, H. J. Schrader, P. J. & E. Schrader

Schnitz, Amy R.
B. 5-Mar-1900, D. 3-May-1989

Schnitz, Ernest
B/D. 12-Jul-1920

Schnitz, Herman W.
B. 14-Nov-1897, D. 20-May-1973

Schnitz, Joseph S.
B. 1867, D. 1937

Schnitz, Larry Earnest
B. 8-Jan-1947, D. 30-Jun-1947

Schnitz, Louise (Laura E.?)
B. 1869, D. 1934

Schnitz, Lucille
B/D. 23-Feb-1922

Schnitz, Pearl E.
B. 1905, D. 1987

Washburn, Infant
B. 17-Feb-1979, D. 18-Feb-1979, F. Brian Wayne Washburn

Wright, Infant
B. 7-May-1916, D. 10-May-1916, P. Owen B. & Mary E. Wright

Wright, Infant
B. 7-May-1811, D. 19-May-1811

Wright, Mary E.
B. 1894, D. 1963

Wright, Owen B.
B. 1891, D. 1951


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